Pink Skirt

Lisa Leonard Giveaway

Skirt: J.Crew Factory (here)
Shirt: J.Crew Outlet
Bag: Kate Spade Outlet
Shoes: Target

I love this skirt. It’s pink enough to be girly and pretty, without being too neon. And the length of it makes it comfortable and sleek without feeling too short.
Actually, it’s the first pencil skirt I’ve ever owned. I always stayed away from them because I wasn’t sure that they were flattering on me. But as soon as I realized that all I needed to do was go up a size, it immediately fit better and was flattering. That same thing happened with my skinny jeans.

Do you wear pencil skirts? 

**I’m linking up with The Pleated Poppy on WWIW (What I Wore Wednesday). Be sure to check her “WWIW” posts for tons of outfit inspiration!


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Anonymous says · 04.25.12

Is your skirt the neon rose or poppy color? Gorgeous, by the way, and such a steal!

Kate says · 04.25.12

It’s the neon rose, but definitely not too neon πŸ™‚

Leigh-Ellen says · 04.25.12

What a sweet outfit. Love the skirt!!

Rebecca says · 04.25.12

I love pencil skirts, but you’re right about going up a size. If I wear my ‘normal’ size, it looks too tight.

Melinda says · 04.25.12

I LOVE pencil skirts! They are by far the most flattering fit on me, and they just feel so good:) What a great color yours is…. I’m from Canada, but a nice bright color would be a great spring starter!!

Anonymous says · 04.25.12

I consider myself bottom heavy, and I love pencil skirts. I almost never like aline skirts – why would I want something that flares out from my widest point? It makes my whole silhoutte big.

Lori@thestonybrookhouse says · 04.25.12

Hi Kate! I absolutely ADORE your blog! I read every one! I know you are a “bigger” blog, but I just had to award you with the Versatile Blog Award.
Check it out here!


Jayda says · 04.25.12

I found the same thing with pencil skirt sizes; if I don’t go one size up, they’re really unflattering and bunchy. Love yours though! That color is perfect.

Kelly says · 04.25.12

If you don’t mind me asking, what size did you get? I want to order it online and we are the same size! (I posted the same question on Facebook!)

K @ says · 04.25.12

Adorable! But I’m almost disappointed that the skirt isn’t more neon (I’d been thinking about buying it). It’s a gorgeous color though – much more classic than neon pink would be πŸ™‚

Sarah says · 04.25.12

I love your lip color! What is it?

Kate @ Green Fashionista says · 04.25.12

Gorgeous outfit! I have a serious love for Kate Spade and JCrew πŸ™‚

Lindsey says · 04.25.12

Pencil skirts are one of my favorite things right now. I just bought the No 2. Pencil skirt from J Crew in Royal Violet (on sale!) and it might be my favorite new thing in my closet!


Kristin says · 04.25.12

Love your skirt! It’s the perfect color pink!


Sarah says · 04.25.12

I’m the same as you. I never want to try them on because I have this idea in my head that they don’t look good on me/never fit right. I’ve been seeing a lot of JCrew pencil skirts in beautiful colours on my fellow bloggers so may just have to try a few on at the outlet this weekend (in a size up)!


michelle says · 04.25.12

So cute!!! You look fab!

Monica says · 04.25.12

Very cute with all the neutrals. A super-flattering skirt, you look fantastic!

robin says · 04.25.12

This comment has been removed by the author.

Nat says · 04.25.12

Love the skirt, it’s very flattering on you! I don’t really wear them because I carry most of my weight in my backside so they tend not to fit me very well, maybe the trick is to size up like you did!

Teenie says · 04.25.12

Love your look, and your entire blog! I’m a hair colorist up in Richmond and I gotta ask, is this what you wear to work? I constantly worry about wearing my “cute clothes” cause it seems even with my apron I end up with another “work shirt” with color spots on it!

Jessica Steele says · 04.25.12

What a cute skirt! I love pencil skirts but I can never find one with pockets.

Christi says · 04.25.12

Sigh….I heart J Crew…. πŸ™‚

krys says · 04.25.12

i love the skirt – just bought it last week! i’ve always felt pencil skirts looked weird on me too…but this one is comfy.

Diana says · 04.25.12

Just last week I got a very similar skirt at Target. It is a poppy color and the pencil style. I haven’t every worn one either, and have avoided them but I really like it! I wore mine with the taupe with white polka dot sweater from target and a white t-shirt for Easter. It was really comfortable. I just might need to venture into skinny jeans next. I am a total slacker for up to date stuff! Yours looks great!!!

Brooke C says · 04.25.12

Kate, I just love reading your blog and watching your hair tutorials. You have eliminated some unnecessary purchases for me and I appreciate how you educate us readers on how to purchase the best products. I just got my clarisonic mia a couple days ago and I think I am going to really love it. You always look adorable, keep up the great posts! Happy Wednesday to you!

Jenessa says · 04.25.12

I love the skirt!! Pencil skirts are definitely my favorite. πŸ™‚ I have a bright yellow one similar to that that I got from Target, and it makes me happy whenever I wear it. πŸ™‚
I’m so glad you were able to find one for yourself!

Eva says · 04.25.12

Very pretty!! Does it go up? Every time I try one that fits my hips, it is too big around the waist and if I take it in then it rises up…can’t win with pencil skirts

Yours look so pretty, you are a beautiful woman!

Reply says · 04.25.12

kate, quick question

Can you take a pic of your hair straight… i am taking mine to be chopped in a few days, and i need to know what length it is straight ahahha

Jamie Horton says · 04.25.12

I had not thought of trying a larger size. One of my favorite skirts is a pencil skirt, though I don’t wear it much anymore -since I have gained a little weight, the fit is just not perfect anymore:) I love this skirt on you!

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries says · 04.25.12

this is such a gorgeous skirt, it looks great on you!

Rach says · 04.25.12

you look amazing! you should buy some more!!

Irisha says · 04.25.12

Great outfit, Kate! Your personal nail polish would be a good match here

{Jessica} says · 04.25.12

That coral-pink shade is my fave – think it looks great with blonde hair;)And it’s perfect for spring. The pencil skirt style looks great on you. Glad you gave it a try!

Simply Valorie says · 04.25.12

Mmm, JCrew. Isn’t basically everything they do fantastic? Love it!

Also, I think I’m late, but I love the blog redesign!

Anonymous says · 04.25.12

You look beautiful in that color! πŸ˜‰

Kacie says · 04.25.12

That pencil skirt looks great on you! Love the color!

Jenny Leigh says · 04.25.12

Got my first pencil skirt from Target!!
Didn’t want to spend a lot of money if I
thought I might not really wear it.
So surprised, I loved it.
Love the color of yours.
Hair*Beauty* Inspiration

Karen says · 04.26.12

I would have never thought about sizing up in certain items. Just thought if my “true” size didn’t look good on then it wasn’t meant to be. Also…sizing up is a little defeating for me.

Rachel Salinas says · 04.26.12

I don’t think it’s possible for you to look bad, ever! That is a gorgeously colored outfit for you!!!

Andrea Shumway says · 04.26.12

i LOVE pencil skirts. I am a Medium up top and and XLarge on bottom so it’s always hard finding skirts that slims and flatter my figure. EVERY time i wear a pencil skirt to church rather than, say, an a-line skirt, I get so many COMPLIMENTS!

Bess says · 04.26.12

I totally love your style and I have a similar body shape. I find that J Crew clothes fit women like us pretty well, I also have good luck at Banana Republic (outlet of course!). I get frustrated with pencil skirts because my bottom and hips are just a little too big and when I go a size up the whole skirt rises up when I move at all. Any suggestions?

TA says · 04.26.12

Looks gorgeous. I love that color and in a pencil skirt?? So lovely!

Henriikka Yli-SirniΓΆ says · 04.26.12

I agree that is pretty skirt and you look fashionable.

still being [molly] says · 04.26.12

SO cute! i love this skirt!! i have always struggled with how best to pull them off.

My4Boys says · 04.26.12

I just found your blog and lo and behold, you are a North Carolina girl too! I live in Burlington, which is about an hour or so west of you. I am a Christian as well, and have a blog that revolves mostly around J Crew and daily outfit inspiration. How funny is that?! :o)
Can’t wait to get home and try some of your up-do’s.

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims says · 04.26.12

This pencil skirt looks great on you! Such a fun pop of color πŸ™‚

Katie Cameron says · 04.27.12

Well, that’s it – the skirt has been purchased πŸ™‚ So, if you see a girl wandering around Durham with the same pink skirt, that’s me!! Love your blog! – Katie

Jess says · 04.28.12

I love this outfit! I just started wearing pencil skirts the past few months. Most of mine are thrifted, so I really had to learn to not get upset when some of my skirts were a size larger than I’m used to. I think I have them in 3 different sizes!


Kristen Duke Photography says · 04.29.12

I do love a pencil skirt, and this color is fabulous!

Nikki says · 06.26.12

I have an adorable and flattering dark denim pencil skirt from spring 2011 Gap collection. As a teacher it works perfectly paired with a cute cardigan.

apopofpurple says · 09.17.12

nice! I did a pink skirt blog recently too – check it out at


Stven says · 01.26.14

Red cocktail dresses are so lovely and to die for. I for sure need to buy more of them. They are just so pretty and cute !

Jessica Buurman says · 02.25.14

ohh stunning!! such a nice skirt.. check whether this one is cool or not?

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