Jose Eber Product Review

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The Jose Eber company sent me some products to try!

I’ve loved my 1 inch GHD professional iron and my Rusk Speed Freak Blow Dryer for years now. But I do enjoy trying new tools about as much as I like to try new styling products! 

The “Worlds Fastest Styling Iron” by Jose Eber is a great iron. It truly heats up to the maximum temperature in 5 seconds! The plates are smooth and glide over the hair, and it also has a heat dial which prevents you from using unnecessary heat.
The InfraRed Blow Dryer by Jose Eber is a high quality blow dryer. It’s hefty and has all the settings you need. Plus a “cool shot” so you can cool your hair down after a blow dry.

Check out this video to hear a little bit more about these products, and also how they compare to my favorite tools.

*The GHD Professional iron does get to 450 degrees!

Favorite feature of the Worlds Fastest Styling Iron? The heat dial. I like being able to control the temperature of the iron.
Favorite feature of the InfraRed Blow Dryer? The infrared light! I think , if used regularly, you could really see an improvement in your hair’s frizziness.

Do I still love my GHD and Speed Freak? Of course. But it’s always great to know what other tools are out there!

This is a review of two hair products from Jose Eber.
I was not compensated for this review, and this is just my honest opinion.


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whatnowtina says · 03.08.12

How awesome getting to try new hair products for free! I envy you lol

They look like great products!

Lindsay Nicole says · 03.08.12

Thanks SO much for this review! I have incredibly thick hair – and A lot of it! And frizziness is my biggest issue. It takes me usually around 15 minutes to blow dry my hair and 45-60 to flat iron which takes up A LOT of time. So I definitely want to check these products out. I also use Super Skinny by Paul Mitchell – but any advice you could give me on best products would be great. – I am usually blonde but went dark for the winter and am now transitioning back – unfortunately its been harsh on my hair as one of the stylists accidentally did a permanent rather than semi when I was dark. Would love your advice!


Anonymous says · 03.08.12

I’m not a professinal or anything but I do have a lot of thick hair! I know exactly what you mean! I have used several different flat irons and just switched to Remington Wet to Straight flat iron. It is the best I have ever used. I don’t straighten when I have wet hair though. I also use Biolage heat protector before straightening and then Biosilk after. My hair has never looked so good!! I have tried a lot of different products before these too. Best of luck!!

MICHELLE CURRY says · 03.10.12

I have thick hair, I like Bed Heads After Party to help fight the frizz.

MommaPeach says · 03.08.12

Wow! The perks of being a fantastic blogger are infinite! I’m in search of new tools and your reviews are very helpful.

Lacy Mullin says · 03.08.12

what are those two attachments that come with the blow dryer? Mine has something like that but I never know if I should be using it or not!

Kristy says · 03.08.12

You mentioned the heat dial on the flat iron… I always wonder how you know what temp to set it on. I’m sure it’s different for different hair types but how do can you tell if you have it right?

IronButterfly says · 03.08.12

Kate, I’m sorry it’s off topic, but what editing software do you use for your videos?

Anonymous says · 03.08.12

How can I order the earrings that you are wearing in this video?

A Nerd and A Free Spirit says · 03.08.12

Okay but have you used the jose eber curling wand? That thing is unreal.


Anonymous says · 03.09.12

Yes, I’m also curious what to do with the concentrator and pick attachments that came with my new hair dryer. Thank you for sharing all your information- you are like the big sister I never had! 😉

Harpers-shadow says · 03.09.12

I’ve never heard of this line before. Looks nice. I am always in the market for a better iron. Anything to tame frizziness and less damaging on my hair! <3

emswizard says · 03.09.12

I would like to get the best use of my hair dryer. Does this one last long. I don’t want to have to use IT Consulting Los Angeles later.

laura hejl says · 03.09.12

ok I’ve been reading your blog for two days and im hooked 🙂 Here’s the problem with aquage is that in our area we don’t carry it professionally because it was being found in all our drug stores 🙁 do you still have it at your beauty stores? how can I get it, my clients (and i) miss it!! other than online….

Crady says · 03.09.12

I watched your whole video, and really just want to know what color nail polish you are wearing. It’s really cute.

Katie says · 03.12.12

Have you ever tried the KQC flat iron? I am using it now, but thing I will be heading back to the GHD.

du says · 04.12.12

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Anonymous says · 07.03.12

Hi Kate,
So which flat iron do you honestly recommend–the GHD or the Jose? Can you provide a link to where we can find one–I feel when I google GHD I get many different kinds-even if it says “Classic” or “Professional”.

Looking to finally upgrade to a new flat iron, but afraid of only one heat setting-maybe it really doesn’t matter?? Thanks!

jamal tasmamat says · 04.22.14 Reply
Sandra says · 03.28.15

How do I know if I’m buying the real deal, like GHD can you confirm with the code that what you have brought is genuine???

Jenny Whiteley says · 11.19.22

Hi there!

Really weird question I know it’s been a long time but do you still have the InfraRed Blow Dryer by Jose Eber? The specific model that you were referencing in this review with the infrared feature?

Reason I ask is that I was absolutely in love with mine and my hubs dropped it, and now it’s broken 🙁

They make a smaller version now which isn’t as powerful and I have a lot of hair so I’m trying to find one that’s the same as the one I had 🙂 would you be willing to part with yours if you do still have it? Thank you so so so sooo much!