It’s Friday

March Birchbox

Friday is here!

This ended up being a long week for me because I was sick over the weekend! I either got what Justin had, which means he may not have had food poisoning, or I acquired the Norovirus myself. Either way, we were both miserably sick recently BUT it was at separate times so we could really take care of each other. I know, mushy love stuff. But he’s really good at taking care of me while I’m sick. 

Here are my top 5 things of the week!

1. Taking a walk with Justin on Monday night.
-I was exhausted from my sickly weekend but had a 9-5p continuing education class in Durham that day. My brain was mush when I got home, but the weather was beautiful so out we went. It was so nice to let the stress of the day melt away.

2. My Real Simple magazine arrived. It has yet to be cracked open, but I am so looking forward to reading it.

3. Got to have dinner with my friend Carrie! I stopped working evenings at the studio and it’s really nice to be able to have more normal work hours–so I can do things like grab dinner with a friend on a Wednesday. 

4. I got my new growth touched up by my colorist Kelli. See ya later, dark roots. And I mean that literally.

5. Beautiful, beautiful summer weather with low humidity. It’s lovely. 

How was your week? Do you have 5 things that you enjoyed this week? Write a blog post and link up with my sister at From My Grey Desk


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M says · 03.16.12

My husband and I started going on a few walks a week when it is nice outside and I have to say its one of the best things. You have a chance to catch up with each other while getting in 30 minutes of exercise!

Glad to hear y’all are both well again!

Jordan says · 03.16.12

Kate, just stumbled upon your blog from a Pinterest picture, and I’m sure enjoying it so far! Love everything from the tutorials to the anti-Duke sentiments (even though I have them going pretty far in my bracket)… Hope you get some time to settle down and enjoy your Real Simple mag this weekend πŸ™‚

Kate says · 03.16.12

You may be confused–I am PRO Duke!

Erin says · 03.16.12

Yes! Walks in this weather are the greatest! My husband and I did the same thing this week πŸ™‚

happy friday!

Erin @ life as a Losey

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire says · 03.16.12

I have to tell you that I love your #1! My husband and I just found out that we’re moving in two to a little house we fell in LOVE with last weekend. It has a very rural, “out in the sticks” feel, but all the modern conveniences are less than 15 minutes away. It’s HEAVEN on Earth! I can’t wait to talk walks with him — tall trees, horse ranches, parks, fresh air!

AND… I’ve linked up with Lauren every Friday since I started blogging! I ADORE her! (It must be the little sister connection!)

Happy Friday, Kate aka Pinterest Hair Queen!

Monica @ CreativeGator says · 03.16.12

So glad you are feeling better! Stomach viruses are the worst. I can’t wait to dig into my latest Martha Stewart Living magazine with all the Easter goodies. I also got to spend some time at the salon this week. Hope you have a great weekend Kate!

BobbieG says · 03.16.12

Just wondering if you tried the lemon juice trick on yourself? And if it worked or not? Glad you are feeling better. Stomach bugs are the WORST. And just want to tell you I LOVE your blog. Hope to get my hair cut similar to yours next week! πŸ™‚

Anonymous says · 03.16.12

It has been unseasonably warm in Iowa (and pretty much everywhere across our great nation), so we have been able to go outside at night and play catch, frisbee, ride bikes, and play with sidewalk chalk. I love to hear the kids outside laughing and playing again!! Spring/summer has sprung πŸ™‚

Melissa {Grin and Barrett} says · 03.16.12

Glad you’re feeling better! We have walked almost every night this week because of the beautiful weather in Georgia!

Hope your weekend is much better this week!

Melissa from Grin and Barrett Blog

Gabyash says · 03.16.12

1. This week the weather was delicious, I could out run was new.
2. I went to my English classes and as always them enjoy much
3. I did my Orange chicken recipe and it was very rich.
4. Yesterday I went shopping for my next trip, I can’t wait!  
5. I saw with my husband the film the descendants and was more than endearing.

Tour blog is very Nice!

Laura says · 03.16.12

I can totally relate with you on getting the roots done!! Changes my whole attitude (in a positive way) when I get them touched up! πŸ™‚
Have a great Friday!

Debi Russell says · 03.16.12

My number one this week was my baby girl’s dental surgery going well, praise God!
Number two was beginning my own blog, having taken inspiration from yours and a few other great blogs! Time will tell if I’m going to be a “dabbling” blogger or a serious blogger but for now, it’s been a fun addition to my week.
In middle TN, the weather has been lovely as well, so that’s my number three.

Loving your blog and especially the hair tutorials as I have always been quite hair-styling-challenged!

Anonymous says · 03.16.12

I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago, and found your sister’s blog last week. I thought that she looked a lot like you, but didn’t know till your post today that you were really related!! lol too funny

Cindy says · 03.16.12

Sorry you got sick too! But I’m glad y’all are both are feeling better and were sick at separate times. Me and both my kids got sick with the stomach virus at the SAME time last week, and my hubby had to stay home from work one day to help take care of us all.

Lindsey @ The Powells Perspective says · 03.16.12

So thankful for Friday! The weather this week has absolutely been a highlight. Walks with the husband are highly valued as they are few and far between without the kiddos these days!Real Simple is always my favorite read. This month is great!

Glad you are feeling better! We have a house full of sick little ones now πŸ™‚

Therese Given says · 03.16.12

Thanks for introducing me to High Five for Friday. Just the motivation I needed for a new post!!

Melissa Duckett says · 03.16.12

I took my 16 month old daughter on a walk to the park Monday. Unfortunately, it’s kind of far and I didn’t estimate the energy I’d also expend playing in said park with daughter before packing up to return. Haha, it was absolutely beautiful out, so I didn’t mind… much! You need to start a family so you can give tips on how to do hair in ten minutes or less with a toddler stealing items left and right out of your bathroom. On second thought, that sounds like a good tutorial for me to make…

Kristine says · 03.17.12

I had a pretty rough week, it was nice to see you put the positive on something that was rough for you (being sick) my 5 are:
1. On Monday my husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary!
2.The beautiful weather
3. God opening up some doors to the future this week
4. It was payday so I got to buy some stuff I’ve been wanting
5. Getting new hours at work, which makes me get home in the afternoon instead of the evening!

Harpers-shadow says · 03.17.12

What a nice post! It’s so refreshing to read something so simple and sweet.

5 Things I enjoyed this week were:

1.) Got my first Birchbox EVER
2.) I have started the process of getting my blog professionally designed
3.) My boyfriend and I’s 6 year anniversary was Thursday (he got my #2 as my present! =)
4.) I got paid this week! lol
5.) I laid around really lazy on my days off and played with my puppy <3

Thank you for asking!

You’re week sounds so nice. The weather here in Seattle stinks right now =(

Harpers-shadow says · 03.17.12

your* ahhh, sorry can’t stand bad grammar!

Megan W says · 03.18.12

I love love love Real Simple! I feel a little like my mom because we both subscribe, but it’s the best! It’s for ladies of all ages πŸ™‚

Suz says · 03.18.12

Oh no! I hope you didn’t have the Nora virus! That was going around Virginia like crazy. And I agree..this weather has been amazing!!

Jacy says · 03.19.12

Just found your blog… I like it already πŸ™‚ Off to check out your sisters too!

Val says · 03.22.12

I recently flipped through the April issue of Real Simple and I came across the new Goody curling iron. I was going to send you a note and ask you what your thoughts are on it, but now that I know you also receive Real Simple you can check it out for yourself. Let me know if you think it’s worth it or if it’s just a scheme πŸ™‚

Ps. Love your blog, you and your sister remind me of me and mine! Lucky you live in the same town as yours.

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