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It was quite warm here a few days ago, so I thought it was time to unleash my pale legs to the world. 
The light blue sweater I’m wearing has become one of my favorites. It’s 3/4 length sleeves is my favorite part, since I spend my days washing hair and I hate wet sleeves. It’s also pretty versatile and I can wear it with a lot of my clothes. 

I also wore this dress again. You may remember this post from awhile back when I learned my dress was navy instead of black. 

Dress: Francesca’s
Sweater: Nordstroms
Belt: J.Crew
Shoes: Target


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MICHELLE CURRY says · 03.06.12

I love this!! Your hair is always amazing. Mine is so thick and heavy holding a style for a long period of time is next to impossible.Your outfit is gorgeous. Love the shoes, I have searched my Target up and down and I can’t find those shoes.

LettuceCook says · 03.06.12

Michelle – my hair is super thick too! It’s fine and thick so curls usually don’t stand a chance! I tried the blow dry method this morning and it added time on!


MICHELLE CURRY says · 03.07.12

I know how you feel!! Blow drying is such a chore for me…I feel like it never gets fully dry. I have my hair trained to wash every 2 to 3 days, depending on the products I use.

Amanda says · 03.06.12

Love it! Pale is beautiful and you are helping prove that! THANK YOU!

Luckygirl322 says · 03.06.12

That color looks fabulous on you-and yes, you are having an amazing hair day, as usual! Wear more color, it always looks good on you.

Beth says · 03.06.12

Love it all, but my eye was immediately drawn to your wedges. I am a SUCKER for wedges. Such a versitile color!

Michelle says · 03.06.12

Cute ! Cute! Love the pairing of the dress and sweater. Your blog is such and inspiration! I hav a similar haircut already. Now you give me ideas what else can I do with it. Glad I found your blog.

Anonymous says · 03.06.12

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has to twist the end of belt around my waist!

wendiw80 says · 03.06.12

that is so cute! I try to do that but I always look weird! my body looks weird when I put on a belt 🙁

PolkaDot says · 03.06.12

I love the color/patterns! They mix and match so well together!

Camille says · 03.06.12

Love that blue on you. The whole outfit is gorgeous. And rock those pale legs girl! Still to chilly in Toronto for bare legs … but I can’t wait to unleash my pale ones too!

Christi says · 03.06.12

Can I suggest a product that I use on my very pale legs? It is Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs. It is a one-time use self tanner and washes off easily in the shower. I love it!! I get mine at CVS.

I love your blog! So many great tips & tutorials!

Tennille says · 03.06.12

LOVE your outfit (and your blog)!!!

Kristin says · 03.06.12

So cute! After reading your blog I came across Francesca’s when I was shopping the other day. I never noticed it before. Went inside and found a lot of cute stuff. Thanks!

Amy says · 03.06.12

You are so beautiful & stylish! I love it!
Check out my blog if you’re interested!

Rheana says · 03.06.12

Gorgeous outfit! The blue pops wonderfully! 🙂

Mrs. Baker says · 03.06.12

love the color pop!

{ lauren } says · 03.06.12


Every Day with Hazel Mae says · 03.06.12

Beautiful! I love the Navy and Turquoise together! I never would have thought to do that. Navy is a neutral after all 🙂

JMa says · 03.06.12

Great outfit! I really like the dress! What a pitty but we don´t have Francesca over here in Germany and they don´t ship internationally at the moment.

kristi says · 03.06.12

Cute! And my legs are uber white right now!

gabyash says · 03.06.12

I love your shoes!

happygranny says · 03.06.12

I bought two of those Norstrom 3/4 slv sweaters yesterday! I love the turquoise with your navy dress! A pop of color really changes it up!

Diana says · 03.06.12

Those are great colors. I really like the dress print. The 3/4 sleeve sweaters are fabulous! I have a zillion from Target that I wear with everything year round. I don’t do the belt much but every time I do it works. Need to find a new longer belt to twist the ends around just right.

Kate says · 03.06.12

love this! you are just too cute 🙂

Anonymous says · 03.06.12


Brody and Jen says · 03.06.12

I just found your blog and I am so glad I did. I am excited to style my hair in new ways. I am calling all my sisters right now to have them check out your blog. Thanks so much!

Michaele Razi says · 03.07.12

Super cute!

Kelly says · 03.07.12

Is your sweater from the Juniors department? I think I found it online:

Kate says · 03.07.12

I think it was. . .I almost never shop at Nordstrom. I believe it was in Bp though!

Amanda @ Let Me Be Whats Underneath says · 03.07.12

Love your outfit here! Simple, but so cute 🙂

Rebecca Abbey says · 03.07.12

Love that you and your sister both did posts today, wearing Francescas dresses. It’s bound to happen to twinkies! 🙂
I have that sweater in deep pink, coral, gray, and black…I could wear them every day! (Mine are the Madison brand from Belk. Love them because the top part lays flat and doesn’t flop over.)
Oh, and I use a piece of rolled up scotch tape to keep my belt from flapping…unless I decide to tuck it, like you did, which looks cute too!
Now to find some cute dresses…I am tall (long legs, long torso) so most are very short on me! 🙁

Ces'Ari Garcia says · 03.07.12

I love your style posts. I am so tired of looking like a boring teacher…I usually wear black. My students even commented on the fact that I wear black constantly. You inspired me to bring some color into my wardrobe again!

Ashton says · 03.07.12

Super cute!! We seem to have a similar shape,I love cardigans but I like showing off my waist, I never thought about belting it.. duh!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

brookem says · 03.07.12

I love that color teal! It looks nice with your hair and coloring too 🙂

Shauna says · 03.09.12

I love your haircut and style. Love it.

Nicole says · 03.10.12

We have such similar taste…. well I LOVE Target! I can totally pick out what is from there! And Francesca’s is AMAZING! It just opened up in the mall I work in and hellooo mall discount!

Lets just build a house! says · 03.11.12

I have those shoes and I flipping love them. I might buy another pair if they have them again this fall for a backup I love them so much!

Jules says · 03.11.12

Love the sweater color and belt combo and of course your blog. Going to add your button to mine if you don’t mind 🙂