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Pink Polka
I was feeling the urge to spruce up the house a bit. . .call it spring fever/cleaning. So thanks to T.J. Maxx, Target & some Christmas gifts I have yet to share. . . .sprucing accomplished! 

I added this little wire basket, from T.J Maxx ( or Home Goods. . .) in an empty corner.

This rug, from Target, was perfect for adding some spice to my kitchen.
It’s a repetative pattern that I buy and decorate in repetitive patterns. See what I mean?
This lovely mixer decal was  a gift from my mom Christmas. Isn’t it lovely? I love it. It went on like a breeze and hasn’t budged. Click here if you would like one for yourself!

My mom also bought me this extra large cookie jar for, well, cookies. But I try to keep those out of my house. So I turned it around (it said “cookies” on the front) and I filled it with my Kcups. If you don’t know, Kcups are the prepackaged coffee grinds made for your Keurig. I seriously love my Keurig. And my new Kcup container. 

So, while these are just minor changes and updates, it feels good to change things up every once in awhile. 🙂


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Melissa W. says · 02.16.12

Very nice!! I love the repetitive patterns & thanks so much for all of your hair tips & tutorials. I absolutely LOVE your blog!!

P.S. Any tips for me – I have long, fairly thick hair. I’ve recently started doing the “sock bun” at night which is producing very nice curls for me, but they seem to fall out really quick – or over a few hours. Is there anything you can recommend to me that would be light weight (not hairspray-ee) but produce a lasting hold?

Thanks so much!!


Samantha Lynne says · 02.16.12

Love it! Looks great!

Natalie says · 02.16.12

what a great idea for the k-cups! I have an empty cookie jar right beside my keurig and I have honestly never thought to use it for that purpose lol

amy says · 02.16.12

How recently did you purchase the rug from Target? I’ve been remodeling the kitchen and need a new rug for the new floor and that looks like something I’d like!

Melissa says · 02.16.12

I did e same thing a couple of weeks except I went cah-razy in Ikea!

Happy Thursday!

Melissa from Grin and Barrett blog

Melissa says · 02.16.12

*the same thing {oops!}

Aline @ Tamed Musings says · 02.16.12

Very nice! I love adding new touches to the house, for some reason it makes me feel like everything is new. 🙂

Laura says · 02.16.12

I love the cookie jar k-cup container! It looks so tidy but it’s still easy access for you to get to your coffee EASILY in the morning 🙂 I absolutely love getting more organized! Even if it’s something really simple!

Courtney says · 02.16.12

I love how the little things can totally change your mood about your home 🙂

Leigh Anne says · 02.16.12

The mixer decal is so cute!

Leigh Anne

One Girl says · 02.16.12

I love my Keurig too! That’s a good idea for Kcups – chic!

Andrea @ Vegvacious says · 02.16.12

I love that mixer decal-your yellow KitchenAid is AWESOME!

Thanks for the great storage idea for my K-cups – my dad brought me a huge box of new K-cups to try over the holidays and I really need a better way to store them while keeping them out so people can see their choices.

Sara S says · 02.16.12

Looks great! I NEED to go shopping, I’m just waiting for the hubs to give me the okay! Love your blog!

Lindsay says · 02.16.12

where did you get the matt under your keurig? I love my keurig!

Cheerful Homemaker says · 02.16.12

I ♥ my Keurig! I don’t really have a good solution for storing my k cups right now, though.

Breanna Veth says · 02.16.12

This comment has been removed by the author.

LauraCaffeine says · 02.16.12

Everyone I know LOVES their Keurig. I would probably invest in one if I only drank one cup, but I usually down one or more pots of coffee a day.

I LOVE HOMEGOODS! I have never walked out of there without buying something to spruce up my house!

Clara says · 02.16.12

I love this blog!!! I’ve been following it a while now, and just decided to comment today! I just wanted to ask you…what stylist school did you go to? Is there one that you recommend more than others? (yes, I want to be a beautician;)
And I looove the mixer:)

Lana says · 02.16.12

I did a similar thing with my K cups last week only I used an ice bucket that’s been hiding in a cabinet.

Jessie Ann Mathison says · 02.16.12

I love it! I am excited, I was able to sing up for Birchbox the other day. I cannot wait for it to come in March!

Megan @ Tales of an HBS Wife says · 02.16.12

all these little changes look great and I know how much they can spruce up a home!

Lisa says · 02.16.12

Love your style girl! The rug is super cute 🙂 Like the idea for the cookie jar too. However, I won’t be buying a Keurig b/c the little cups aren’t recyclable 🙁 Maybe someday they will be and that will be a day worth celebrating!

Lana says · 02.16.12

They do make a reusable K-cup to put your own coffee in. 🙂

Eizley's Mommy says · 02.17.12

They do. You can buy them at Target, Kohl’s, or Walmart. I am sure other stores have them as well they are metal.

Lisa says · 02.19.12

Seriously?! How could I not have known this? Thanks so much for the heads up ladies – now I go shopping 😀

Shayna Embry says · 02.16.12

It’s amazing how just a few small additions or changes can make such a big difference! They all look great!


Whitney says · 02.16.12

I just bought that rug for my kitchen also a few weeks ago and I love it! The K-Cups are great too, I can’t live without my Keurig!

Kelli @ Life at 818 says · 02.16.12

Cute stuff!

Simply Valorie says · 02.16.12

The little changes do always feel good. One or two small changes can absolutely spruce up a home!

Beth @ Design Your Dwelling says · 02.16.12

Great updates! I love how you kept it simple and yet it feels like the perfect spruce up! 🙂

Crystal says · 02.16.12

Oh absolutely, I love to change things up from time to time. You get sick of seeing the same things over and over. It all looks very nice. I really like that decal for your stand mixer!

Natalia Lynn says · 02.16.12

Little changes can be such a happy thing! Everything look so cute. And btw I have a yellow kitchen aid! Not many people go for yellow, right?! I love mine!- Christie

Rustic Comfort says · 02.16.12

I love my K Cups too and I just have to say that great minds think a like because I am currently sipping the same brew 🙂 I love the mixer decal too. Simply adorable!

Chrissy says · 02.16.12

Changing things up always makes me feel good! Everything looks great!

Mrs. Baker says · 02.16.12

very cute! I need to do some updates too!

kristen marie says · 02.16.12

I LOVE this… i also need to do this…tink we heart the same keurig! i love ours! SO great for us and guests! 🙂

Caitlin Weaver says · 02.16.12

Oh my goodness. The Keurig is probably the best thing ever invented. Love that mixer decal too! So cute!

JZGrebe says · 02.16.12

LOVE the cookie jar idea for K-cups. I have yet to see a true k-cup holder I like and I am totally copying this idea. Thanks!!

newbalancenicole.com says · 02.16.12

How fun! I always love adding little improvements around the house for cheap!

acupofsass says · 02.16.12

in LOVE with the kitchen rug. and the idea of filling the cookie jar with other things – super fun!

Blane181 says · 02.16.12

Love the mixer decal!

Allyson says · 02.16.12

Oh this is all so cute! I love that stand mixer!


susanna says · 02.17.12

I love your mixer decals!! they are so cute!!

Jillian Kate says · 02.17.12

Love the pattern of the rug!! I have a matching shower curtain that I am in LOVE with!


Todd and Sara Davis says · 02.17.12

ha I just bought the SAME wire basket on Monday to put towels in for my guests that are coming this weekend. makes me so happy to see that someone else thought the same.

Myers says · 02.17.12

Its always fun decorating or rearranging things around. Makes the place spark.

Hailey says · 02.17.12

LOVE the yellow mixer with the cute decal 🙂


Anonymous says · 02.17.12

Love the updates…but what I love more are the STARBUCKS K-CUPS! Why don’t we have those in Canada???!!! WHY?!? I KNOW I can put the grounds in the my K-cup…yada, yada…it’s just not the same!!! Thanks for the temptations Kate…LOL! THANKS A LOT! (Oh…and I gotta get me one of those decals for my mixer..that is AWESOME!)
L 🙂

Lil' Woman says · 02.17.12

Love the new rug and pretty much that pattern in general! 🙂

Bart and Jennifer Clendenin says · 02.17.12

Love the updates! I think I saw that rug at Target the other day, right? Also, great idea with the cookie er, K cup jar! 🙂 I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get those K cup boxes out of my pantry! I’ll definitely implement that in my home. 🙂 (And I LOVE my Keurig too!)

Anonymous says · 02.18.12

Funny I have the exact yellow mixer and cookie jar in my kitchen.

Robyn says · 02.18.12

I LOVE what you did with the house! and I must get one of those decals for my kitchen aid mixer which is white.. what a great idea.. thanks for sharing the link!

Rebecca says · 02.18.12

I love your blog! Did you get that rug from Target? Can’t seem to find at Target stores near me. =(

rwoosley says · 02.26.12

I love that rug too! I can’t find it at Target or online : (