Help me win!

Stella and Dot Giveaway

You all know how much I love Birchbox, right? Well I love them even more now because they invited me to be a part of the coolest contest.
They teamed up with Zoya Nail Polish and chose 12 beauty bloggers to come up with their own mood/inspiration board for a hot shade of polish this spring. Then, there is a week of voting and at the end of it they will choose 3 winners!

Here is my board: 


If I win, they will use my mood/inspiration board to inspire a new shade of polish!

how cool is that?

So here is where you come in. I need you to vote. Everyday. Because I really want to win. 🙂

You must “like” Birchbox on Facebook and then you will be able to vote! 

Click here to Vote!

Thank you SO much!


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Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron says · 02.07.12

I finally got my birchbox invitation! woohoo!

♥ Jen
The Teachers’ Cauldron

vineyard prep says · 02.07.12

How long did you have to wait?!!

Rebecca says · 02.07.12

That’s awesome!! I love Birchbox. 🙂

I voted for you!

ctlogcabin says · 02.07.12

Great Inspiration Board …. Love the Color !!
Good Luck !! Hugs ~ Connie xox

Lindsey says · 02.07.12

Finally got off the wait list and my first Birch Box ships 2-15-12!! Can’t wait!!

Heather says · 02.07.12

Just voted! Good luck!

Lynn @ Order in the Kitchen says · 02.07.12

Just Voted!!! Good luck! Love the board you made! hopefully you will win and represent us all here in Raleigh! woot woot!

Mrs. Baker says · 02.07.12

Love the color! Good luck!

PolkaDot says · 02.07.12

Absolutely love the colors!! This would make a gorgeous nail polish! I voted for you today 🙂 Good Luck.


btw I am having a giveaway at my blog

mrs.t talking says · 02.07.12

I just got my birchbox invite toO! So excited!!

the organic kitchen says · 02.07.12

I just wanted to tell you your hair tutorials were a lifesaver for me! I used your tutorials to do my hair for my cooking tutorials! I think I did a pretty good job on most (there are a couple epic fails…) Thanks for making the videos so easy to follow. I can finally make a messy bun without looking homeless! ~ Linda Spiker

eliz says · 02.07.12

I voted! I hope you win!

Amber says · 02.07.12

Happy to vote!

gjtodd says · 02.07.12

This comment has been removed by the author.

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire says · 02.07.12

Done and done!

mmeredith says · 02.07.12

You’re color choice is awesome! I would totally buy it! And i voted for you!

Katie says · 02.07.12

I voted for you before I even knew it was your board – great color!

Beth says · 02.07.12

Your mood board makes me almost as happy as your blog does! Of course I’ll vote!

Hailey says · 02.07.12

I definitely voted – this would be amazing and I genuinely love the colour inspiration you’ve chosen. And, having checked out all the others it is actually my favorite {though there are of course a couple others I like as well}.

What a fun contest – I would love to blog about it if that’s okay?

Melanie says · 02.07.12

I love that orange and pink purse! My favorite color combo! Where is it from?

Ali says · 02.07.12

This color would be great!! I voted!

kristinwithani says · 02.07.12

It was so fun to see you highlighted on the Birchbox site!

Katrina says · 02.07.12

What a lovely color!! I would definitely wear that shade this spring!

I would love to vote for you but don’t have a FB…urgh! ah well, I am voting for your color in spirit!

Joy says · 02.07.12

voted for you!!! hope you win!

Paige says · 02.07.12

Ok– so I voted for you! But, what I really wanted to tell you is that while I was there I checked out all the other bloggers who have entered, and this made me realize that your blog is by far the best out there! I love how relatable you are! You’re classy but funny – not too diva-ish, if you know what I mean?! keep up the awesome blog, and keep your love for God strong and true! 🙂

Ashley says · 02.08.12

I just got my Birchbox invite yesterday and signed up for an entire year! I cannot wait for the first one to arrive! Thanks so much for sharing. Now off to vote!


Dee Dee says · 02.08.12

Just voted for you!

Janelle says · 02.08.12

I can’t believe you’re from Wheaton?! I remember your post about Naperville, which got me excited! I’m from Wheaton as well and I’m a regular to your blog! Keep blogging! 🙂

Jamey says · 02.08.12

I don’t have a Facebook but I still hope I have a chance to win!! I love your Blog and have shared it with SOOO many of my co-workers. For summer I’m excited to wear greens and oranges, oooo and open-toes shoes! Yay sunshine, even up here in Alaska. 🙂 email: [email protected]

Kat says · 02.08.12

Awesome – I voted for this earlier and just read that it’s yours!! Love your blog! You’ve taught me how to style my hair (only took me 29 years)! I’ve referred lots of my girlfriends to your blog as well – you’ve now got a fan club in nor-cal : )

Rachel says · 02.08.12

Vote complete!! 🙂 Get it, girlll

Maranda says · 02.08.12

Voted! That will make a gorgeous color of polish. 🙂

katiebohn says · 02.08.12

I was your 2,000th vote! Good luck!

Rachellabelle says · 02.09.12

Just voted. Good luck! 🙂

notable09 says · 02.09.12

Juest voted! Good luck!

Krissie says · 02.10.12

love, Love, LOVE IT!!! I voted!!! Be sure to tell us WHEN you win so I can jet to the store to buy it!

- - - - - - - says · 02.21.12

Congrats on your win! Such a gorgeous color choice. Can’t wait to get it!