Utah Ski Trip

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 Our ski trip is coming to an end. In fact, we are heading back home today. We had a fantastic week of skiing. The only bummer: mom fell the second day and was pretty sore the whole week. Other than that, no major injuries despite reckless skiing down the runs. ::anything for good ski videos::

We walked around downtown Park City a few nights. The lights are pretty cool to look at.

Here we are on the first day:

Stu and I before the Jazz game! 

The three girls: 

There will be more pics to come next week!


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Anonymous says · 01.06.12

Look at how beautiful your Mom is!!! Now I know where you and your sister get your beauty from. Love your blog! Happy New Year!!

Megan Muller says · 01.06.12

Your mom could definitely pose as your sister. Unbelievable! Looks like you guys had a great time (I follow you on Twitter). Can’t wait to see more pictures!


kathy w. says · 01.06.12

You don’t know me, but I found your blog through your hair tutorials.

Anyway, I live in UT and I’m so happy you visited. Sorry we didn’t have more snow!

Kara says · 01.06.12

I love your sister’s infinity scarf? Would you mind sharing where she got it? Thanks!

Hi, I'm Kate says · 01.06.12

@kara: it’s from World Market. I’ve been searching for one too. I love it!

Natalie says · 01.06.12

Found your blog through pinterest (great hair tutorials btw). I live in UT and I love to see people visit. Park City is so lovely this time of year. Looks like you had a blast.

sorry our snow sucks this year.

Bucky5 says · 01.06.12

If that is your mom then she looks AMAZING!!! You’re all so pretty! When I first glanced at the first pic of you I could totally see a celebrity’s face but I can’t remember my own name so I can’t think of who you look like!! lol….I need a break! Safe travels home! 🙂

About Me says · 01.06.12

Great pictures, I love the lights!

So I have to share with you…just to get the prayers rolling. I saw this and immediately thought of my friend Caleb. He was in a HORRID ski accident yesterday and was flown to the Colorado hospital where he was immediately put into brain surgery. He has been in a coma for 24 and they say that the next 24 hours are critical. They are shooting on his oxygen levels in his brain to increased to 20…he is at 19.


On a lighter note, you girls are beautiful. I can’t wait to go skiing soon. Be careful out there though!

Happy Vacations 😉

Andrea @ Vegvacious says · 01.06.12

Great pictures! It’s always nice to stretch out the holiday season with a little post-Christmas getaway. Have a safe trip home!

THE ABBEYS says · 01.06.12

Kate, thanks for the consistency of your blog. Even while vacaying…you are thinking of us…ha! I despise going to a blog and not finding any recent posts. Boring! Thanks for keeping yours alive and well!

Anonymous says · 01.06.12

Kate –you are adorable–hope you had a wonderful ski vacation–would you mind sharing where you got your striped turtleneck–I love it….also is it black and grey? Thanks so much….I love your blog and hair tutorials!

Non-sensible says · 01.06.12

Have a safe trip home! Try not to be too bummed about going back to normal life… I know I always am after a vacation…. Great pics!


Samantha says · 01.07.12

OK, you and your hubby….super cute!! And that must be your sister…? I love candid pics! Looks like so much fun.

Kristen Duke Photography says · 01.07.12

How fun to take a trip with your family! I love utah and the snow, but I’m not coordinated enough for skiing! I’ve been a few times in my life and that’s good enough for me…;)

Anonymous says · 01.07.12

Your mom is gorgeous!!! I double the comment that she could pass for your sister!

Anonymous says · 01.08.12

WOW! I can see that you hear all the time how amazing you and your hair styles are and I sooo appreciate that you take the time to do tutorials! So my question is that often my hair gets a lot of static Ive tried smoothing serum and pomade and I just havent found anything that really works. . and sugggestions?

Amber says · 01.08.12

I can’t believe you were here in Utah! We are glad to have you. 😉 Hope you enjoyed yourselves, despite it being the worst year of no snow we’ve had in a long time.

Anonymous says · 01.09.12

I’m glad you had a great time in Utah. Being from Utah, it was pretty exciting to see you blog about it. Cristee Trowbridge

colleen laquay urbaniuk says · 01.09.12

just found your blog through Pinterest when i was checking out hairstyles. i love the tutorials (i’m totally a visual person) and i love your blog!!! i started writing a blog last year too ( http://www.thegiftofmondays.com ) but i kind of lost my way with it a couple of months ago. like you, i live to give glory to God and finding your blog has inspired me to do more with mine. thanks!!!

Belinda says · 01.09.12

My family also visited Park City the week of Christmas. Beautiful!

Nicki says · 01.09.12

Welcome to Utah; my part of the country!

Lacy says · 01.29.12

A friend was showing me your pictures because your friend looks like me. It is very true. My husband even freaked out at the resemblance. I need to send your friend a picture to show how freaky it is.

SOTR says · 02.16.12

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun skiing in Utah