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A meal that I can always be talked into for dinner is burgers and fries. Especially homemade. And my husband feels the same. He requested these the other night and I want to share the recipe with you! 
WARNING: PHOTOS OF RAW MEAT AHEAD. It ain’t pretty folks. . .

1 lb. lean ground beef (for about 5 burgers)
1 tbsp Weber’s Chicago Steak seasoning
1/4 c plain bread crumbs
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon salt (you can add more or none at all. . .not a huge difference maker)

1. Throw all of the ingredients in a large bowl. Squish together with your hands.
This brings great flavor to a burger. It’s delicious on steaks too. 

                   2. Form into patties and grill until desired doneness (a few minutes on each side). 
Look at those juicy burgers! Hungry yet?
Finish off your burgers with desired toppings!

I like mine with ketchup, mustard, onion, pickle and bacon. 

My husband, however, adds bacon, barbecue sauce and two different kinds of cheese. High maintenance, right? Usually he is happy with just american. . .but we had pepper jack so he threw that on there too.

Then devour.

Like we did.


 Evidenced by the fact that there is not a “completed burger with fries on the side” photo. But I’m sure you can imagine what that would look like. 🙂


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Hilary Anna says · 01.13.12

yummy! that looks delish. It’s only 8am and i’m hungry for hamburgers already! lol

Lindsey says · 01.13.12

I’m going to have to suggest this to the husband! Looks amazing! Thank you!

bnfunky says · 01.13.12

These look AMAZING! I HAVE to make these 🙂

Megan Muller says · 01.13.12

Those look delicious! And everything tastes better with bacon 😉


Lauren says · 01.13.12

Looks yummy! Never thought of putting an egg in hamburgers. I’ve only done that when I make meatloaf..will have to try!

Jeanne says · 01.13.12

Putting the egg in the mixture before frying helps keep the burger from crumbling. Great tip!

TheYellowRose says · 01.13.12

This looks sooo good! Between you posting this and pioneer woman posting french fries, my chances of keeping with my diet today are getting slim (ha!).

Lucinda says · 01.13.12 Reply
Rhonda @ Abide at Home says · 01.13.12

Ooooh….I LOVE burgers! I’ve never tried the Weber seasoning – we swear by a seasoning called Sure Shot Sid’s that is HARD for us to find here in Alabama, but we LOVVVVEEEE it! We use an egg also, as some of the other commenters suggest. I will have to try adding the bread crumbs!

Mollie D says · 01.13.12

Never thought of egg & breadcrumbs in burgers, it’s like meatloaf burgers. Sounds yummy

THE ABBEYS says · 01.13.12

Not sure where to post this…totally off the subject of burgers..could you teach us how to clean our flat irons and curling irons. I’ve tried several ways but they don’t seem to work. I especially want to care for my new Hot Tools curling Iron. :). Now for the burgers…thanks for the recipe…my husband is a burger connisseur and I never know how to fix them at home.

Patty says · 01.13.12

those do sound yummy! Our favorite ones are Turkey burgers:
– 1 lb ground turkey
– 1 packet of onion soup mix (powdered)
– 1 small bag of shredded sharp cheddar cheese
– 3/4 of a packet of frozen spinach (thawed – can do more or less depending on preference)
– a few generous dashes of Worcestershire sauce

get your hands dirty and mix up in bowl make patties and grill…they are super yummy too! Can’t wait to try your recipe! (:

Kristy says · 01.13.12

What a beautiful plate that the cooked burgers are on… where’s it from?

Whitney says · 01.14.12

Looks Tasty! This newlywed thanks you (I have a lot to learn)! =)

simplykristiblog.com says · 01.14.12

Yum! There’s just something about a delicious burger. I just made some chicken burgers the other night that turned out really good too.

Mrs. Jenna Lou says · 01.14.12

Those look yummy!

Erika says · 01.14.12

Yum! Are you still juicing?

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Katie says · 01.14.12

Yum! We love making turkey burgers with lots of cilantro.. so good!

Allie-bee says · 01.14.12

So hungry now.

Tallulah Eulallie says · 01.15.12

Oh, I want one of those! Have you tried toasting the bun? It’ll take your burger to a whole other level.You can do it right on the stovetop. Just butter the cut sides of the bun and place them face-down in a hot skillet. Let them toast until they’re nice and crispy.Mmmmmm…

d81bd806-3f1f-11e1-a8ba-000bcdcb2996 says · 01.15.12

I might have to try that by the way I really enjoy your blog it’s very helpful & it helps to learn something different. Thanks & keep up the good work. -Nina

Kelli @ Life at 818 says · 01.15.12

thanks I think we’ll give that a try :o)

sarah@totalbassetcase.com says · 01.16.12

I have that Weber seasoning too…SO good!

Jenni says · 01.17.12

Delicious! My husband and kids devoured them! Definitely will keep this recipe on hand for a quick yummy meal.

catering Fort Lauderdale says · 07.24.12

While others simply buy already-made patties, there are those who want to make their very own patties at home so that they could add various herbs and spices to make the meat more tasty and flavorful. The burgers to be served will be like no other for they are prepared with taste and health in mind.