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My mom and two 2nd cousins are in town for a little girls weekend! I enjoy having company, especially when my mom comes, and I really took time to think through and prepare some “comforts” for my guests. 
One of the great things about Birchbox is that I have a box full of trial size cosmetics that I can set out for my guests! I had fun digging through it finding face wash, face cream, bath oil, etc. to set out for my mom to try. (My cousins are young, so they wouldn’t care too much about that sort of thing!) 

I placed some bath oil, body lotion, face serum, and fragrance in a dish for her to try.

Below that, I filled a bowl of cotton balls, left some toothpaste & floss for her, and a lint roller. There is nothing worse than going to a friends house, sitting on their couch, and being covered in animal hair. And I KNOW that our guests experience that at our house too sometimes, so I always have a lint roller available (the lint roller is from the $1.00 section at Target and came 2 to a package. I bought 3 packs. They are great to throw in your purse too.)

Extra toilet paper is a must!

I also put up her magnified mirror. She bought that specifically to leave at my house and it only goes up when she arrives. 🙂
Finally, I made sure I had plenty of towels and wash cloths available for her and the girls to use.

Some tips for house guests:
1. Make items visible or very easy to find. I’m sure you’ve seen towels folded on guests beds–that way they don’t need to search through bathroom cabinets to find them.
2. Add some *nice* items for your guests to enjoy like sample-size fragrance, a pitcher of cold water with a few glasses, slippers, wonderful smelling hand lotion, etc.
3. Always provide plenty of towels, toilet paper, kleenex and maybe a flashlight if they are unfamiliar with your home.

Ironically, my moms luggage didn’t arrive on time so it worked out perfectly that I had all these cleansers and lotions for her use until her bag gets here!  (Notice I’m not using the word “if”. I’m pretending to be completely confident that it will, in fact, arrive.)

Enjoy your weekend! I’m sure we’ll be busy busy busy running around town all weekend! 


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Anonymous says · 01.27.12

I had wrote a whole comment (long!) and I think it got deleted but basically this post reminds me of when my fiance and I lost our luggage on the way to PA. We went to visit his grandma and flew all day and had a rough time getting there then lost our luggage! She helped us feel at home w many little surprises like you have ready for your mom and it helped so much more than you think! It was so nice and we really appreciated it and felt comfort like we were at home even tho our luggage took days to get there!!! So thoughtful!

Erin and Andrew Dodson says · 01.27.12

You’re so organized! Our place is a little small for guests… but it’s such a great idea! You’re really giving your a family a hotel experience. Have a great weekend!


Motivated Mommy of two says · 01.27.12

Thanks for the idea next time I have guest I will put a little more effort it making them feel comfortable.


Emily B says · 01.27.12

Have fun with your fam! That’s so sweet of you to provide all those things for them; it really does make company feel more welcomed and relaxed. I hope your mom’s luggage shows up soon! (This is why I try to never check my luggage, I’m always afraid they’ll lose it. Carry on all the way!)

~em @

Andrea B @ Vegvacious says · 01.27.12

How do you like that Ahava lotion? My boss brought me some back after a trip to Tel Aviv. I also have an exfoliating body scrub. Love!

Hi, I'm Kate says · 01.27.12

@andrea B @ Vegvacious: I got it in a Birchbox!

Brittney says · 01.27.12

What a great idea…I’ve been trying to come up with something to do with all my Birchbox leftovers! I think I’ll do the same.

Yana's Diary says · 01.27.12

Thats really nice!! Im gonna try to do this more often!! Thanks for the idea 🙂

Shannon says · 01.27.12

Great tips! Thanks. Birchbox is the best!

Diana says · 01.27.12

I love being able to give my guest some extras they might not have. There is nothing worse than going to someone’s home and not finding a towel! I always put a fresh complete set on the bed. Great ideas !!!

diditeach says · 01.27.12

Have a wonderful weeekend !! I am going away this weekend with my Mom, 2 sisters and my niece, to celebrate my older sister’s retirement. I wonder if our hotel will be as nice as your house sounds 🙂

Laura says · 01.27.12

You’re such a thoughtful hose! I bet she really appreciated it! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.


LauraCaffeine says · 01.27.12

I got that Ahava lotion in one of my Birchboxes and I LOVE IT! Thanks for the tips, I plan on using them once we get our guest bedroom up and running!

Mrs. Baker says · 01.27.12

so thoughtful! i need to find those lint rollers! my pups like to leave fur gifts on our guests too! have a great weekend!

Lisa says · 01.27.12

I wonder if that body lotion has any Jewish ties, because “Ahava” is Hebrew for “love.”

Heather says · 01.27.12


Ashley says · 01.27.12

Great post and what a nice idea for guests! I’m curious where you got the magnified mirror. My mom was talking about wanting that the other day because if her eyes.
You can email me at or post to my blog! Thanks!

Kate says · 01.30.12

I believe she picked it up at Target!

susanna says · 01.27.12

That all looks very nice. When we have company stay I like to put Dove chocolates on their pillows or in a pretty white dish on the counter or dresser. It makes their time pretty fun.
Also, when my family moved we started a guestbook for company to sign. It is so much fun to look back and see who all has been at your house.

Robyn says · 01.27.12

Have a wonderful weekend with your mom and cousins Kate!.. Wanted to let you know and I hope it’s OK, I just did my first feature Friday on my blog where I am going to feature a new blog each week and today I picked yours because I love it..Have a great weekend! 🙂


Amanda Harper says · 01.28.12

My friend did this for me a few years back when I was house/dog sitting for her. It was such a nice surprise! She even put mints on the pillows.

Kim says · 01.28.12

This is a great idea for house guests! Something you don’t always think about when it is your family coming over. I always like to have “the good” coffee in the house and cute mugs (not just our everyday mugs) for guests to enjoy! 🙂


Unknown says · 01.28.12

Ok Kate so I know this is going to sound really silly but lets just say I care and need to say something. I spend my days sucking spit. I’m a dental assistant and I urge you and your beautiful family not to use Glide Floss. It is easy to use I know but it is not doing anything for your teeth. Johnson & Johnson Reach Gum Care Woven Floss is what you want to use. So many of our patients are so faithful to floss each day with Glide and then come in for a checkup and they have decay in-between their back molars because the Glide floss “glides” right over the decay. And they are so discouraged that they have tried so hard to floss and have not received good results. I know that I have said all this and that is probably just a sample that you put out for your mom and you and your hubby use the good stuff. If so I’m sorry that I rambled. Thanks for what you do!! XXOO

Michelle Peoples says · 01.28.12

What thoughtful ideas! I love having visitors over, but had never thought of placing the sample “goodies” out for them to use. Lint roller = BRILLIANT!! Thanks for the post 🙂

Charis says · 01.28.12

great ideas! I want to comes stay at your house! 🙂

Erin {Lavender and Lemon Drops} says · 01.28.12

Awww your such a great daugheter 🙂 Enjoy your girls weekend with your momma and cousins! P.S. Birchbox always says “sold out” when I try to join. I’m super bummed!

Lindsay says · 01.28.12

that’s super cute!

Ashley M. Sponsel says · 01.28.12

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ashley M. Sponsel says · 01.28.12

Ashley M. Sponsel said…
Hi Kate-
I saw your blog about having guests and making them feel comfortable… and it reminded me about something I blogged about a few months ago… the blog post that refers to how to display cotton swabs and qtips – it’s so cute – check it out… I just happened to mention your blog too in this post!


Davis and Laura says · 01.28.12

found your tutorials allllll over pinterest and just did a little post on your blog over at my blog….check it out if you like! thanks. 🙂

Fashionable Shenanigans says · 01.29.12

LOVE doing things like this for my guests! Colin Cowie has a wonderful book that gives little ideas about how to spoil your house guests that are insanely genius! Following your blog, it is amazing.
xoxo, Brooke

Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs says · 01.30.12

I love your scarf — such a great color!
Hope you had a great weekend with your house guests 🙂

StephanieLouise says · 01.31.12

I am part of the BlogHer network & love your blog! I’m on your sidebar for the Taupe Eyeshadow look right now (yay!) but I so love this post! I did a blog post about setting up a guest bathroom awhile back. Have you ever done soap shavings? They look so fancy but pretty! This is what I do with most of my samples too! XOXO

Nicole says · 02.01.12

i LOVE this post!!! you’re seriously so thoughtful and creative..thank you for everything you share! i just started my own blog and hope to one day be as helpful and successful as you 🙂 much love!

Mrs. Mandy Catez says · 04.26.12

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clifton park dentistry says · 08.14.12

Im using the same toothpaste as shown on your picture. Its feels perfect using them. Its also good to know that you have this things prepared for your guests just in case they weren’t able to bring toiletries along with them.

Sandra says · 12.30.13

I don’t know what a Birchbox is, but a great idea for all those leftover samples (I send hotel ones) is to package them up in a box lined with facecloth(s) to a womens sanctuary. You’d be surprised how many cities have a sanctuary/retreat for women. Quite often a woman (sometimes with her children) has to leave the marital home in the middle of the night, with nothing packed. These little “gifts” are welcomed, I am sure.

Sandra says · 12.30.13

I don’t know what a Birchbox is, but a great idea for all those leftover samples (I send hotel ones) is to package them up in a box lined with facecloth(s) to a womens sanctuary. You’d be surprised how many cities have a sanctuary/retreat for women. Quite often a woman (sometimes with her children) has to leave the marital home in the middle of the night, with nothing packed. These little “gifts” are welcomed, I am sure.

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Shofiul Shohag says · 02.07.14

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