highlight and lowlight

Christmas Gift Ideas
Highlight of the week:

Going to my first Duke game at Cameron Indoor with my man. 
I am a “fan with iPad” at the house. Meaning: I watch the game. . .but you can guarantee that I will have my iPad on my lap and I will be checking emails/blogging/etc. My husband and sister are true fans. They actually watch the game. Justin is so proud of Lauren for becoming a Duke fan. She knows all the main players’ last names and numbers. She remembers players from last year. I mean she’s a true Duke fan! 

So for her Christmas gift, she and Justin are going to a game in about a week. They will have a blast. 

We got there about 1 1/2 hours early and this was the line.

We were sitting in the student section, and that was so much fun. 

(I wish this was my view during the game. I held my phone up in the air to take this photo.)

The Graduate section was hilarious. Especially the Blue guy.

And Crazy Towel Guy! Justin informed me about him on the way. Do you know about him?

(he’s the one with the white towel on his shoulder)

So proud in my Duke shirt! 

Lowlight of the week:

Actually a “highlight”, but it’s about my lowlight so I had to call it lowlight. Do you follow?

I had my wonderful colorist Kelli put a darker lowlight in my hair.

Usually it’s about 0.40 7g + 0.60 9nb in Shades EQ (which makes for a beautiful lowlight by the way), but this time I had her pump it up to 0.75 7g + 0.25 9nb. So a little darker. A little warmer. But when mixed with a light highlight, it’s still plenty blonde.  

(awkward face. I know)

This photo shows it well. I LOVE it. Perfect for winter to add some warmth to my hair. 

*While this color works perfectly for me, it may not look quite the same on your hair. If you want a color like this, go ahead and take a photo to your stylist (you can even mention the formula I mentioned above), but he/she may tailor it a little bit to work for you!

So really I had 2 highlights and a lowlight for the week! Ironically, that is the frequency of highlight and lowlight I get in my hair (1 lowlight color every 2 highlights). 

That is Cameron crazy! 

(too much with the jokes and irony? Okay.)


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Kate says · 12.21.11

looks gorgeous! 🙂

somewhereinthyme says · 12.21.11

Gorgeous! I add a bit darker low lights in the winter and go brighter in the summer. Just what my hair would do naturally. Enjoying your blog.

Closet Scraper says · 12.21.11

Just found your blod this week through pinterest. I’m a mom of 2 (5 & 2) and having my 3rd this Spring. I haven’t been doing much with my hair, but thanks to you and your blog….I’m excited to start looking human again. I love the lowlights. Your hair makes me want to go blond again. I’m making an appointment for after Christmas. Thanks:).

Shannon says · 12.21.11

Your low lights look amazing! I have brunette hair and always wonder if I can even do low lights.

Whitney says · 12.21.11

beautiful hair!

Payne-less Photography says · 12.21.11

Super cute hair! I love the feel of your blog! I found your blog on Pinterest and it’s really cute. The colors on my blog are also gray and yellow such an amazing color combo.

Kate says · 12.21.11

looks good! go duke!

Lauren says · 12.21.11

I love your hair! I am constantly going back and forth with mine, and for some reason when I tell my stylist to add lowlights they end up chunky or too dark. I might suggest this next time, although i’m hoping it won’t end up chunky! Any suggestions on somehow telling her no chunks without doing so? I tried that last time, but I still ended up with chunks and big stripes.

Cheerful Homemaker says · 12.21.11

I’ve wanted to get high/low lights, but I’m not sure what shades would look good in my hair.

Your hair looks gorgeous, btw!

Elizabeth says · 12.21.11

What a fun time! I went to a Duke game before, but it was when they came here to play MD. That game was crazy!

You are just too cute! Can I just take all of your hair and put it on top of my head? Haha! Hope you are having a good week!


Anonymous says · 12.21.11

I am a mom of 2 (5 & 3) and I found your blog through Pinterest. I am actually also a hair stylist!!! I have found that by the time I do 2 other heads of hair in the morning I don’t much feel like doing anything with myself. Your blog has inspired me to put a little more effort into myself. Even on the days I throw it back into a pony, I have been adding a braid or a flower or turning into a “messy” pony!! I feel human agian!! Thanks for that!!!
When you lowlight with Shades do you add a color thickener to it?? I find it hard and messy when I try to use it as a lowlight!!

Stephanie says · 12.21.11

Kate – do you follow any other hairstylist blogs? Which ones? I am going to cosmetology next year (career change) . . .

Anonymous says · 12.21.11

I’m still wondering how you get such get lift at your crown?! That never looks as good for me! Please make a tutorial of that!

Emily says · 12.21.11

How do you get the “poof” in the back of your hair? My hair always gets flat no matter what I try .. I am so tired of having boring hair! 😉

Anonymous says · 12.22.11

Kate – my name is also Kate, I have shoulder length, fine to normal blond hair, and although I live in Texas my sister lives in NC! I just found your blog through pinterest and I am obsessed! Lately, I have been working long hours, followed by a lot of chores and errands to run for home and I have been doing nothing with my hair. I just bought my aquage today and am so excited to try your hairstyles!!!! Thank you and please never stop blogging!

Lynday Gregory says · 12.22.11

Just found your blog from the leaky boob on facebook. Your hair is gorgeous and I love your ideas! We were at the Duke game the other night. Are you in Durham? Are you a hair stylist? If so where do you work? I need a new one.

{ lauren } says · 12.22.11


Marti says · 12.22.11

SO JEALOUS!! A Duke game at Cameron Indoor is on my bucket list, preferably when they play UNC but that’ll never happen!

Katie says · 12.22.11

I love your hair! I am getting mine done Friday and hope it is as pretty as yours!

Melissa says · 12.22.11

I like your highlights and your lowlights…you’re so whitty! Your hair looks great! I’m convinced it never looks bad!!!! I love reading your blog and watching your videos! Thanks so much for doing them!!!

Marika says · 12.22.11

I just discovered your blog yesterday. And today you post that you are a Duke fan. I graduated from Duke in 2004. I knew I was right to add you to my google reader! I love your hair videos – I can’t wait to start trying out some of the styles!

Janice says · 12.22.11

Love the low lights … I am in the process of getting my hair colored, again. I went blonde last month … but it came out PLATINUM. I am very pregnant and do not know if the hormones helped this change, but I can promise you being in my 3rd trimester pregnant, I do not feel PLATINUM. LOL any suggestions on how to tame the beast?

Tricia says · 12.22.11

I love your blog, and love you even more that you’re a Duke fan! Let’s go Duke!

Anonymous says · 12.22.11

Love your blog now that I have long hair I have tons of ideas besides a ponytail 🙂 Isn’t Cameron stadium filled with energy, our family is huge Duke fans we got to see JJ Redick beat the all time scoring record the building shook!

Liz Brown says · 12.23.11

Always wanted to try lowlights but never got around to it. Yours look superb. 🙂