Things Are Looking Different Around Here. . .

The Messy Side Updo

If you have been reading my blog before yesterday, then you may remember it being white, bland, plain, simple, and. . .well. . .boring.

But not anymore!

What do you think of the new design? Jackie @ Memories By Design created this beautiful blog design for me! And I love it!

In case you haven’t been through this process before, or were curious to see how it works, I thought I would share a bit about it!

First, Jackie sent me a questionnaire to figure out my style and what I was looking for in my blog design. There were about 10 questions, and I answered most with lengthy descriptions of what I liked. I also included examples of blogs that I liked the look of.

I sent her this photo as a basic color palette inspiration.

I liked the repetitive geometric pattern of the bedspread. I liked the grey and yellow. I liked the crisp and clean look to it. And I even liked the pink on the chair.

So from this, and a few other photos and details that I explained, she came up with what you are looking at now. I mean, it’s right on!

Yesterday was installation day. That consisted of a lot of emailing back and forth to organize the blog as it was being installed. We probably sent over 20 emails to each other with quick questions and answers.

At one point, I wanted to see what it would look like to add a little pink to the blog, like in the photo above. So I sent her this:

She changed the color for me of the “visited site” link, but after seeing it live I realized it was too colorful. It sort of lost the clean and simple look. So we went back to classic grey and I’m glad we did. Story of my life. 🙂

So in total, with all my specific requests and organizing everything it took only a few hours yesterday afternoon! 

I’m so excited to have what feels like a REAL blog now! 

I could not recommend Jackie more. She was an absolute delight to work with. Quick to respond, extremely helpful, clear and organized. And she hit the nail on the head with the design in the first shot! It was easier than I ever could have imagined.

Be sure to stop by her site to check out her portfolio! She books quickly–so if you are looking for a blog design, contact her soon! She is only taking on 2 more clients for 2011, so hurry! And if you don’t get her in time, it’s worth the wait. Trust me! 


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Rach H @ FamilyEverAfter says · 10.18.11

I absolutely love the look of your new site!!! Its refreshing and easy on the eyes, and adorable. I love your color scheme. Nice work!

Hi, I'm Kate says · 10.18.11

Thanks Rach! Hope the Blogiversary is going well!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs says · 10.18.11

Kate your new blog designs is awesome girl!! I love it!
Isn’t it cool when someone can take your ideas and likes and create a blog that is so you!

A Pretty Life in the Suburbs says · 10.18.11

Looks gorgeous!!

Kristen@fit2feelbetter says · 10.18.11

It looks great!

[email protected] says · 10.18.11

Looks great! So chic and simple!

Stephanie says · 10.18.11

Very, very pretty 🙂

Tina says · 10.18.11

Looks amazing! Isn’t it always so refreshing updating your online look? Kudos!

suzyhomemaker says · 10.18.11

Your new blog looks great and thanks for posting about the process. I would like to update the look of my blog as well but I was afraid of how difficult it might be. It was nice to hear it was an easy process.

suzyhomemaker says · 10.18.11

Oh I do have one quick question, is this blog still hosted by blogger? I wasn’t sure how it works in terms of design if it is a blogger blog.

Thanks again!

Kristin says · 10.18.11

What a beautiful design! So warm and welcoming…your designer really did a great job Kate! Happy Tuesday!

genelle says · 10.18.11

It looks wonderful!!
The crisp gray is great with the light yellow.

Crystal Seed says · 10.18.11

I love your new look!! It’s fab!! Have you seen mine?? It’s great to have MY OWN blog design! It does feel like I have a REAL blog now!! I love it!!

Belly B says · 10.18.11

It looks gorgeous!!! She did a fantastic job on turning that photo into a website!

Belly B 🙂

Vanessa says · 10.18.11

It looks beautiful..I love grey/yellow combo’s!

Allison says · 10.18.11

Love it! You both did a great job. I love yellow and grey, my bedroom is done in those colors.

An Enchanted Evening says · 10.18.11

Love the new layout! So cute… im really loving the gray with a pop of color lately! Love your blog!! <3


Sara says · 10.18.11

I love the color scheme! I am new to your blog but I love it! Every thing that you post is helpful is one way or another!


Lindsay says · 10.18.11

I LOVE the new look! So fresh & clean. Perfect for your amazing blog!

By the way, loved meeting you last night! Check your email for the picture that I sent you. Can’t wait to get together again!

Shannon Dew says · 10.18.11

Oohhh I love it! Yellow & grey is my favorite color combo right now! So pretty! Love the font too!

Hi, I'm Kate says · 10.18.11

Suzy: Yes I’m still on blogger, but I have my own domain (without the “”. Blogger is great!

Anonymous says · 10.18.11

I love your site and subscribe via email so I never have to miss a hair tutorial. 🙂 I think the new design is beautiful … loving the clean look and color combo … but yellow is a very hard color for me to “read” if that makes any sense. I didn’t see anybody else comment on that so it must just be me. 🙂

P.S. Thanks to your excellent advice and tutorials, I get compliments on my hair all the time now! I started using the products you recommended and am a big fan of the big barrel curling iron. XOXO

Digger says · 10.18.11

The blog looks great!! I couldn’t love grey and yellow more!!! Simple and classy! Looks amazing!

To The Moon and Back says · 10.18.11

Wow! love the new look, simple and classy!

Anonymous says · 10.18.11

I do like the new look, but I’m with anonymous..unfortunately these eyes be needing “cheaters” soon because I also have trouble reading yellow.



Joanna @ Southern Daisy says · 10.18.11

Loving the new blog design. The grey and yellow are beautiful!

SkyBluPink Creations says · 10.18.11

I WANT ONE!! Just emailed her. Praying she has time to take me on.

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: says · 10.18.11

Your blog looks great – love the gray and yellow!

Chelsey V says · 10.18.11

So lovely! Grey and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations too. I just discovered your blog and am already reading on a daily basis! keep on being fabulous!

Candace says · 10.19.11

How pretty!! And I love it! In fact I just had a blog makeover very recently and went with a gray and yellow theme too!! I am loving that combination right now!! 🙂

Sincerely Anna says · 10.19.11

It looks great, I love the thumbnails of your etsy products. Jackie does such nice work and is a really sweet person, like you said.

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} says · 10.19.11

This is pretty, Kate! I love the colors. 🙂

Allison says · 10.19.11

Thank you for sharing the referral! I was able to snag her last spot of the year!

kristinwithani says · 10.22.11

Laughing because I sent your OLD format to a designer friend (Meredith grad) as one I loved.

Though I love the upgrade even more.

Shasta says · 10.24.11

Love the new look!!! Grey and Yellow are my favorites!!!

KelliLuna says · 10.25.11

I am excited to follow your blog!!!

Anonymous says · 01.20.12

I recently coloured my hair following the information you provided and I have never had so many compliments after highlights. Thank you. Love your blog.

Anonymous says · 04.11.12

Hmmm….what yellow? It looks orange to me? Am I seeing things?

Anonymous says · 04.27.12

Hello from Tokyo, Japan. I love your blog, even though I’m 14, I still like to read what’s going on in people’s lives!! ^_^

Sparkle & Shine says · 12.08.12

Hi: Is this a room from your house? I’m looking for that gray paint color 🙂