I’ve Got Terrible News

The Winner is Announced
I’ve got terrible, terrible news.
I now work across the street from this little clothes shrinking monster.
YoMo, as I like to call it, has delicious fro yo. I mean, this is the good stuff. None of that “frozen yoplait or dannon”. This is ice cream masquerading as fro yo. 
Not only are their fro yo flavors amazing, and plentiful, but so are their toppings!
(I don’t know him.)

( a better view of the toppings)
So here’s what happened:
Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Cake Batter–not like the rich you want to die after one bite from Coldstone, but more like TCBY {RIP tcby. I loved you} White Chocolate Mousse. Yum.

Then I added, reese pieces, m&m’s, snickers, sprinkles, and cookie dough bites.

Then this happened:

I’m going to have to try really hard to not stop there everyday after work. It was delicious! Be sure to go to YoMo (Yogurt Mountain) if you get a chance. You’ll thank me. Or you may hate me for ruining your diet. {sorry!}


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suzyhomemaker says · 10.11.11

This post made me giggle.

JenB says · 10.11.11

There’s a YoMo at Concord Mills Mall, which we go to a lot. My favorite! I’d be in big trouble if I had the opportunity to go every day though. BIG!

Simple Dwellings says · 10.11.11

That looked delicious! Bad things would happen if I had that shop nearby! 🙂 I also miss TCBY- I always had their shivvers! They were so good. Happy to find your blog. 🙂 I am your newest follower!

Lauren says · 10.11.11

This is hilarious!! I miss TCBY as well, and we don’t have a YoMo, but we do have something just like this but it’s called “Jandy’s” it’s SOOO good, and I know what you mean. Luckily, it’s not really close to me, but it is VERY tempting. The white chocolate mousse is to die for!

Jessica_NBaker says · 10.11.11

We have two of fro yo places *very* close to my apartment and across the street from campus! My roommate and I have a yogurt date once a week so we can catch up with each other. My personal favorite is red velvet with dark chocolate and cookie dough bites.

P.s. I love your blog! You have awesome hair and really great tutorials!

Amy's Avenue Blog! says · 10.11.11

I just stumbled across your blog from Pinterest. I love your tutorials! And guess what? I totally went to church camp with your hubby!!! Random! I can’t wait to read more!

jennifer lynn says · 10.11.11

Love fro yo! I feel like now that my wedding is over I can start feeling less guilty about eating stuff like that. Now that I don’t have a wedding dress to fit into lol. BTW I love your blog 🙂

Katherine says · 10.11.11

We love Yogurt Mountain!! We go with our small group a lot.

Lindsay R says · 10.11.11

yum yum yum… i am equally as addicted. haha i love how you say they masquerade it. so true.


Anonymous says · 10.11.11

THANK YOU KATE!!! I have been on the hunt for a frozen yogurt place in Raleigh!!!


Lindsay says · 10.11.11

Yay, I am so excited that I can actually check this place out! Thanks for the heads up! I will google it to see how far away it is from me. 🙂

Tamara says · 10.11.11

I live just down the road from that exact Yogurt Mountain… my husband and I discovered it right after we moved and we are addicted! The red velvet is my absolute favorite, YUM!

Angie says · 10.11.11

If I ever worked beside such a glorious place I’d have to quit my job or else I’d be way overweight! Yum, that looks so good 🙂

Tina says · 10.11.11

I’ll have to make a stop here next time I’m in Raleigh – I miss TCBY too!!

Ashlyn says · 10.11.11

I love this place!!! I was addicted for a while but have tried to lay off of it for a while 😉

Jessica says · 10.11.11

Thank goodness there isn’t one even in the general vicinity of Michigan. The topping bar alone looks absolutely amazing! Can’t imagine how it all actually tastes

Michelle says · 10.11.11

Wanted to tell you that I did a trash the dress session on Sunday and I had my hair styled curly like you do. Loved it!!!!!! Thanks for your inspiring blog!!!

Andrea @ Love is... says · 10.11.11

Ha, this made my laugh!

Stay stong!! = )

Kelly says · 10.11.11

Ahh Yogurt Mountain! They opened one up in Charleston last year. So many flavors! Off-topic hair question (of course)…can you tell me what brand of comb and hairbrush you use?? Also, when you use the CAT protein stuff and conditioner, do you apply it all over your head (like the hair on your scalp too) or just the lower section? Thank you SO much for your tutorials- they are life-changing lol!

Alayna says · 10.11.11

don’t you LOVE yogurt mountain? we have one as part of a books-a-million and it’s addicting. there’s also a sweet-n-swirly (i think it’s a southern Indiana thing) that has a lot more toppings to choose from so i prefer it.

love your blog! thanks for sharing. 😀

tanniesmith says · 10.12.11

Aw man, Now I am craving some Fro Yo for myself.

Buttercup says · 10.12.11

Hi! I just found your blog today and LOVE it! Keep writing. 🙂

Laura says · 10.12.11

What? We need one of these!

Anonymous says · 10.12.11

Just found a link to a free yogurt on your birthday!


Kristin says · 10.13.11

Oh yes, yes, yes. All these froyo stores popping up are going to be the death of me (and my current wardrobe). Sooo good! I’ve come up with a little invention that I think they need to adopt though: divided cups. That way you can get several flavor combos without them all mixing together. Whaddya think?

Elaine says · 10.13.11

Haha! I love that you put this in your blog. I remember us talking about it when I was there last weekend, but I literally just laughed out loud when I saw your post. And I love allllllll of the toppings you got 🙂 I look forward to seeing you again soon! Hope you had fun in Hilton Head!

Crystal Seed says · 10.16.11

Ok, so that seriously looks like it might have stopped your heart after eating it all…it looked SOOOO good though! I don’t think we have a YoMo in Michigan, but we DO have a Coldstone, and that I do love every once in awhile. It’s one of my guilty pleasures.

KatieP says · 11.09.11

Hi Kate,

I found your blog over the weekend and love all you tutorials. I lived in Raleigh for the past five years and would have loved to have you as my stylist, too bad I didn’t find out about you sooner. I don’t know where you live in Raleigh, but I just wanted to let you know that there is a TCBY in the area. If you go to Triangle Town Center Mall on the upstairs level near Sears, it’s on the corner and has Great American Cookie Company on one side and TCBY on the other. The last time I was there was back in March, and to the best of my knowledge they had no plans on closing. They also had the White Chocolate Mousse that you were talking about. Good luck!


Anonymous says · 11.28.11

I too am a TCBY fan! This is a lot like the Orange Leaf we have here. So good. I wish our toppings were more organized like yours though! I love to get flavors like birthday cake, vanilla, choco, coffee, even coconut! The coconut is more vanilla like and is tasty with the coffee and choco! -Amy-

Anonymous says · 11.30.11

I just found your blog through Pinterest. I also live in Raleigh but haven’t been to Yogurt Mountain. I must google it so I can locate it. The THIRD frozen yogurt place just opened up by us (that now puts 3 frozen yogurt places within 2 miles of our house) but I haven’t checked it out yet. Frozen yogurt is like crack to me – I must stay away – I have a wedding dress to fit into!

Anonymous says · 01.31.12

Oh my goodness! We have the same thing in my town here in Ohio, but called the Silver Spoon. It opened up last summer & is so good & reasonably priced! My kids love it! Like you said, it takes me back to the TCBY days when I was a kid.


Ciarra317 says · 03.14.12

just to let you know (and hopefully spread my excitement) TCBY is making a come back!!!! I live in Pensacola, Fl and they just recently opened up one with the same idea as YoMo!!! It a super hip spot which has become a favorite of local college students!