Grits’ attempt to escape. . .I think. . .

The Green Chair Project
If you’ve read a few posts on here, you’ve seen me talk about Grits, our crazy loveable kitten. Poor Gravy ( our other cat ) gets no love on the blog. . .because, well, he’s normal.
Grits is the entertainer.
So here was my morning entertainment. This has become a habit and happens every single morning from anywhere from 1 minute to 3 minutes. 
I would love to know his thoughts while this is going on. 
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Have a great weekend!


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whit says · 10.01.11

lol i love this! what a silly little guy.

grifaldo says · 10.01.11

Thats to funny… My dog barks at himself in the mirror!!

Domanique says · 10.01.11

That is too funny, it looks like he is playing patty-cakes with the mirror

kinseymahan says · 10.01.11

Adorable. I love cat antics.

Julie Reed says · 10.01.11

Ohh Grits…

P.S. I love your cat posts! 😉

Lauren says · 10.01.11

haha that’s hilarious. Does he scratch the mirror when he does that? What an entertainer! 🙂

Whitney says · 10.01.11

omg, my cat Precious would always do this to the front door! Hilarious!

Emily says · 10.01.11

So… Grits looks like he’s at least part siamese. I have a cat, Mitzy, that is half siamese and she does the SAME thing to mirrors! I always ask if she’s done too. Crazy kitties!

Sarah-Life is what you make it says · 10.02.11

oh my word that is too funny!

Chelsea says · 10.02.11

Our cat does the same thing! We joke that she’s trying to find the secret door to the Friskies land because in the commercial the cat goes through a mirror. It’s so funny!!

joanna.ruth. says · 10.03.11

we have a Siamese mix too and he does this type of thing all the time! he also “digs” at the bed on a daily basis—it sure is fun to have an entertaining cat around 🙂

Lenore says · 02.06.12

It looks like he is trying to groom the cat in the mirror! lol…

melsweetie84 says · 02.12.12

He’s so cute! I always look forward to seeing where Grits will pop up in your videos…kind of a modern day “Where’s Waldo”. lol I figured he was trying to high-five that sexy beast in the mirror (himself)!!!

Rachel says · 04.12.12

I know this is an older post, but I had to share (commiserate?). Our cat does this, too! Mirrors or glass. It’s truly bewildering. They like the feel on their paws, I guess, but WHY? I guess I should just be glad no nails are involved!

Esther says · 10.14.15

Hi – I just came across your blog – I was looking to cover my back part, then got involved in watching your other videos, which I love. I hope you still have Grits. We have a flamepoint Siamese as well; her name is Paisley. She is about 4 years old and she looks a lot like Grits, same markings, same size, same length, except for the markings that Grits has on her nose. Thank you for your blogs, I will continue to follow you.