Fall Wedding Attire
Eyebrows. You kind of need them.
See what I mean? Scary.
I am one of those people that have few eyebrow hairs. I need to pencil them in a bit so I don’t look like Annie up there on the right. 
Here is a video tutorial for filling in eyebrows.
*I’m using CoverGirl Eyebrow Pencil in Soft Blonde.
happy eyebrow application! 🙂


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Ideas Woman says · 10.21.11

Well ladies, born in the 60s girls only wish thicker eyebrows were fashionable in the 70’s because so much damage was done being ‘fashionable’ 🙁

Lili says · 10.21.11


Elize says · 10.21.11

Thank you so much, I am defnitely going to try this out as soon as I get home:D

Kristin says · 10.21.11

You’re right, looks totally natural! I’ve been blessed with “Anne” eyebrows, and I’ve never liked them! BUT, after seeing the pics above…I’m counting my blessings 🙂 Hope you’re having a great day Kate!

Pops says · 10.21.11

Thank you so much for the tutorial, it’s really helpfull and less painful than plucking it into shape:)

Dayna Leigh says · 10.21.11

Could your hair be any more perfect?! I mean, really!

I laughed out loud and then was a little creeped out with the no eyebrows. They make a world of difference!

Bouncy Brenna says · 10.21.11

Haha! I saw this one on pinterest…too funny! :o) Thank you for all of your amazing guidance for hair-illiterate people like me!

Team Johnson

Kate says · 10.21.11

I’ve been using the same product and giving my eyebrows a boost for almost 10 years now. gasp! However, I’ve never used a powder…what do you recommend?

Phil and Darby Hawley says · 10.21.11

lol that first picture is both scary and hilarious…..Praise the Lord for eyebrows 🙂

holly h. says · 10.21.11

I love your shirt- I have the same in grey I snatched up last weekend! And don’t even get me started on how insanely jealous I am of you hair. I was a featured blogger this past week and you definitely made my top 3 favorite blog list. 🙂

Cigar Heiress says · 10.21.11

Scary pic! I have really light eyebrows and was introduced to a great kit from Young Blood! Made a big difference!

Melanie Dorsey says · 10.21.11

How ironic! I found you through a friend’s blog “2nd Cup of Coffee.”
I’m writing a post now “3 Ways to Look Younger” and wanted to link your blog in my post for the “well kept hair” point.
I’m also including a point on grooming eyebrows!
Here’s my link to my eyebrow post.


Lindsay says · 10.21.11

This is SO great! I love how natural it looks! Tanks for sharing!

Dessiree says · 10.21.11

Whoa, Anne looks a bit crazy without the eyebrows, lol. I’m lucky to have good natural eyebrows. I just have to do a bit of occasional plucking and waxing.

Anonymous says · 10.21.11

Thanks for the tips! I am a natural blonde and have been coloring my brows for too many years. I couple years ago I discovered Brow Zings they sell it at Sephora…Ulta. Anyway, I LOVE it. It’s a little pricey, but lasts FOREVER. It has the makeup and a powder, the tools to put it on, and tweezers. It is my most favorite make-up I use! 🙂

Hillary L

ade@fortheloveofpainting says · 10.21.11

Eye brows are more important than ever… I put a huge focus on making mine look nice!
I have the same shirt in grey…gotta love Target! I love your blog! If you get a chance, visit mine at http://www.fortheloveofpainting.com

Buttercup says · 10.22.11

love, Love, LOVE your tutorials! 🙂

Shanan Strange says · 10.22.11

My eyebrows are just like yours.. they disappear mid-way! This video helps a lot! I would love a video on matching your foundation color to your skin, in the winter when it is at its’ palest. Love, love your blog!

Madame Rubies says · 10.22.11

WOW! That picture of Anne makes me grateful for my eyebrows. I will think of this next time I am frustrated with my unibrow.

Erin {Lavender and Lemon Drops} says · 10.22.11

ba ha ha OMG she looks sick lol Love your tutorial 🙂

Just Spiff It says · 10.22.11

Never really thought of what I would look like without brows! Yikes kinda scary stuff! Great tutorial (again) – thanks for sharing.

Anonymous says · 11.28.11

I have brown hair, brown eyes, brown eyebrowls but we should all remember that everyone’s browls need some love. Mine need tweezing and then trimming once a week. Trimming them makes a huge diff! I hate seeing over plucked browls especially on girls who don’t wear makeup everyday and need to use a fill in on their browls. I think a fill in kit would be good for such gals until the hairs grow back in and then use the tips you showed on here! I am going to try it even though mine show up fine, because they are a little short. -Amy-

Abbylynn says · 11.30.11

that pic is hilarious!

Anna Elder says · 12.02.11

I’m obsessed with eyebrows. I had thick brows once upon a time and over-plucked them at a young age. They never really grew back as thick as they were. I’m definitely going to have to try this technique. 🙂

Anonymous says · 07.22.12

I’m so glad you did this tutorial! My eyebrows are so light it looks like I don’t have any at all. I have tried using pencils and powders but it never looked good. I will be trying your technique tmwr! Praying it works because I don’t like looking browless!

Dawn says · 09.07.13

Thank you!!! I just discovered you blog and after being really impressed with your other tutorials, I was wondering if you had anything on eyebrows – since that is one of my biggest frustrations. My eyebrows are darker but VERY sparse – even though I have very thick, course hair (HOW does that happen?) So thank you – hoping I can duplicate this on my face.

Tanya See says · 12.28.16

I just discovered this blog! What a refreshing take on eyebrows!

Danielle says · 04.12.17

That photo of Anne Hathaway was legitimately disturbing!

Stanley Edwards says · 05.04.19

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