Homemade Donut Holes

Pizza Dip Recipe
Are you a sucker for donuts like I am?
Check out my sister’s blog, Free Bird Journal, for this homemade donut hole recipe! She said they were really easy!
I ate one last night, and it was to die for. The perfect donut hole can turn any day from bad to good. And I was having a bad day yesterday. I’ll post about it next week. Let me just leave you with these key factors: iphone, cat, coffee cup. 
Enjoy your weekend!


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hi, i'm lauren says · 09.24.11

thanks for the little shout out, lenny!

Brittany says · 09.24.11

Yummy! These look incredible!

Karen says · 09.24.11

Those look so delicious!! I’m afraid to try them, they look so good I’ll become addicted!

Annika says · 09.24.11

Those look so good! And we just got a deep fryer too!!! Perfect timing 🙂

A Sweet Release

Liz says · 09.24.11

Yum! Sisters are the best 🙂

Katie says · 09.24.11

Those look delicious! I had a cat, chili, new carpet incident this week 🙁 Hope next week is better for you!

Stephanie says · 09.25.11

That does NOT sound like a good combination!

Karen P says · 09.25.11

Mine the other day was countertop, iPhone, and dog water bowl. Can’t wait to try the donuts!

Laura says · 09.26.11

If your iPhone cat coffee cup situation was anything like my open laptop, cat, hairball situation, I’m guessing things were pretty messy!

gluten free beer says · 11.02.12

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