My favorite candle

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This candle is one of the best smelling candles I have ever experienced. It’s a subtle fragrance that will fill a room in no time. 
And it was a mere $16.00. 
Just one more reason why I love Francescas


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Jessica says · 09.17.11

I love those candles!! As I was looking at the pic I thought… I know those from somewhere 😉

Anonymous says · 01.03.12

Anthropolgie actually sells those, and many more of that brand, as well as the blue/red volcano candles which Francescas copied.

Camron Roo says · 02.03.12

I also like those candles that create good fragrance and pleasant ambience in our home.

Emily says · 05.08.12

That’s my favorite, too! We sell them at the boutique in Naperville that I work in. I’m going to buy that exact one!

Emily says · 05.08.12

P.S. didn’t you work in Naperville for a while? Go Western Suburbs of Chicago! 😛


Amber Brownie says · 01.02.13

I was fortunate enough to receive Voluspa’s Santiago Huckleberry as a birthday gift last month. OH MY WORD! These are the best candles ever! My friend Geremy sat on my couch sniffing the yet to be lit candle for about 15 minutes on New Year’s Eve. Strange but true. I let it burn for most of the afternoon yesterday while having a movie/crochet day and the entire house (including upstairs) smelled AMAZING! Love, love, love!

Melange Jolie says · 02.17.13

I love the voluspa candles! My favorite is Bella Sucra!