New Fabric for pouches!

Here lately, yarn crafts have been catching my eye. Initially the yarn flowers in the vases was going to be the next craft. . .but now that I’ve done a bit more searching for other yarn crafts, there have been more and more added to the list!
The great thing about yarn crafts, is they are relatively cheap and if you pick a neutral color, you can use it over and over!

Each photo is linked back to it’s Pin on Pinterest, so just click on it to be taken to the website where it originated. There you can usually find a DIY step by step!
In other news, I’m headed to Peach Day at the local farmers market in Raleigh. Last year we went and get the most amazing peaches. I have high hopes for this year. 
I’m also going to attempt my first peach pie. Wish me luck!


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Seamus Lowe says · 12.18.13

It’s amazing what you can do with yarn. My friend actually taught me to crochet and now I want to learn how to use circular knitting needles.