Weekend in Boydton

Ruffle Flower Tutorial

We just got back from a hot weekend in Virginia, where Justin is from. His parents and sister live there and it’s only a short drive for us to get up there.
My mother-in-law is quite the gardener. This summer, though, has been hot and dry, but I was able to get a few photos of the flourishing flowers that are able to take the heat!

Tallest sunflower plant EVER.

Yummy grapes.

This is a cardinal flower. The red is vibrant!
This weekend was also spent working at my sister-in-laws house! Let me be more specific: Justin and his dad spent saturday on the roof, while the rest of us spent saturday under the roof.Oh and it was only about 100 degrees. 

There’s my man up there! My heart was beating fast because they were only attached to the chimney with a thin blue rope! But if I have learned one thing at all about my father-in-law, it’s that he usually knows what he’s doing. 🙂


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Anonymous says · 01.07.12

OMG…I am from Clarksville, VA which is right near the little town of Boydton. I love your hair and want to find out how you do all those neat things with it. Oh and we are going skiing in a couple of weeks to CO. We love Park City too, especially Deer Valley!