Family Weekend


The hubs, sister and I just returned from a wonderful weekend in Wisconsin with my family. Unfortunate circumstances brought us together, my grandma dying, but it was truly a celebration of her life and how wonderful she is!
We made some of her signature danish dishes (which all involve dough and powdered sugar) and reflected on our favorite memories of her.
She was quite the baker! My uncle Brian told us that sometimes she would make 2 pies, one apple, one blueberry, for just a Monday night dessert. That’s my kind of baking! Dessert for no apparent reason!
We flew back to NC on the 4th of July and saw an amazing fireworks show from our airplane window. From every angle, you could watch individual shows. Then, as we took off, the fireworks began to resemble jelly fish in the ocean floating up into the sky. It was incredible.

Hope you had a great 4th of July! 


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IronButterfly says · 11.23.11

I followed one of the links to this post and I just wanted to say I’m sorry about your grandmother. My husband’s grandma passed away at the end of June and we spent 4th of July weekend in his home state for the funeral as well. Thoughts and prayers to your family this holiday season.