To Write

Here’s what I think: the cuter the journal, the better the writing. Don’t you agree? No but seriously, there are some amazingly cute journals/notebooks out in the world these days that you almost don’t want to write in they are so cute. So cute you almost shed a tear when you look at ’em. Here are a few of my my top picks. . .




This last one isn’t much of a journal at all. . .but I had to share these new “Organizher” products from Target. They are genius and so cute. I just bought the bright pink Grocery List/Coupon Organizer. You can specify which store to purchase what groceries at. For example, a Costco list AND a Kroger list. AND they are perforated so you can tear those little suckers right out and take them with you. It EVEN has a place for each Grocery store card. So cute. Go get it.


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