The Small Things

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The small things.

Sometimes, change is a good thing. I’ve been using Posterous as my blog host for some time now and lately I’ve been missing some things that blogger offers. For example,  separate pages and an easier to navigate archive. So, the time has finally come to switch over to blogger.

I also renamed the site. Lemon Sugar was not available on blogger. It represented two things that I love : the color yellow and, simply put, sugar! So, I’ve renamed this blog “it’s the small things” because it will still be a place where I can write about the little things in life that I love.

So, what you’ll find here is the “small things” that I enjoy. From recipes to crafts, funny videos to new products, tutorials to inspirational photos.

Now that I can organize among other pages, I am going to feature a Monthly Hair product that I love so maybe you can discover a new product for yourself!

Also, I just signed up for my monthly BirchBox. I am really excited about this one! It’s a once monthly box of 4-5 sample size cosmetics delivered to your door. It’s a great idea since it allows you to try out approx 30 products each year for a fraction of full price.  I’ll have a page dedicated to BirchBox goodies so I can review them + keep track of the things I really like!

So I hope you follow me over here to blogger!


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