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I’m sitting in my parents cottage in Bluffton, South Carolina right now, peering through the huge glass patio doors at the sun outside. This place has quickly become a retreat. Coming down here usually means shopping, eating in, pool time, work-out time and lots and lots of leisure. And while we are approximately 20 minutes from Hilton Head Island and the beach, I almost never go there unless I am with the dog and he needs a walk! Simply put, I’m not a beach lover. I know I know, I can already hear the gasps coming from my friends in Greenville (“She doesn’t the like beach? What is wrong with her? Is she sick?”). 
But my idea of enjoying nature is more of a mountain type. I haven’t always been this way. It’s been developing over the years. Maybe it’s been all the baby oil sun burns, and the sun poisoning + salt water torture from my youth? Who knows.
If it was between the beach or the mountains, this is where I would rather be. . 

But most of all, coming down here to Bluffton is a continual reminder of the day I married my favorite person. We recently celebrated 2 years of marriage, and it has been the most enjoyable 2 years of my life. I cannot imagine my life without him and I’m so very grateful that the Lord allowed us to find each other so soon and easily! 
For me, marriage has brought a suprising level of comfort and placidity that I didn’t expect would arrive so soon. Here’s how I can explain it: Imagine you have been out running around all day. . .Awake at 5:30am, quick breakfast, out the door, run to the post office (uhg), then the grocery store, then you have to pick something up downtown, then you need gas and it’s raining sidways (oh wait, we are not in the midwest anymore), maybe it’s windy and blazing hot, you spent twenty minutes on your hair and it has melted, your starving but it’s too late to get lunch without ruining dinner, so you head home, put away the groceries, pull off a chunk of that french bread you got at the grocery store and collapse into the couch. Oh the couch. And you never, ever want to get up again. Your shoes slide off and you close your eyes, so very thankful that you have a couch that is overstuffed. 
Well that feeling of “ahhhhh” as you sit and rest and just be, that is what has come with marriage for me.
Justin is the couch at the end of a long day. <–Hmm. If you look at this sentence alone that sounds really really creepy! Sure hope you read the preceding paragraph. 
So enough of the sentimental gushing, here is a photo from our day:


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Lauryn's Loosin It says · 12.27.11

What a beautiful bride you were!! And I totally know what you mean about marriage is like a comphy couch…lol

Anonymous says · 03.02.12

I was just looking back at some posts you made before I started following your blog and stumbled across this one. I love it! They way you talked about marriage reminds me exactly of me and my husband. We have been married a year and 8 months and it has been wonderful! Thanks for all your posts! They brighten my day!