Quick Skillet Chicken
Organization. Uhg. For me, it’s a challenge. I find myself needing to make conscious choices to put things away as I walk past them. 
Luckily, it’s become “cool” to come up with creative organizing ideas like this one.
And I discovered this wonderful blog called IHeart Organizing. She has wonderful ideas for organization and also DIY home projects. Genius. 
Hope you are more organized than ME and you get inspired by Jen @IHeart Organizing.  🙂


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Anonymous says · 02.18.12

OMG i’m like in luv, I live in Japan, with this blog i keep up to date everyday. Keep up the good work. (^.~)

Brandi says · 06.20.12

I heart Organizing is amazing. I want thier house!! 🙂

Taryn Keck says · 03.18.14

hey just wanted to let u know the link n pic no longer works 🙁