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This weekend, my sister and I had another Home Jewelry show at my Aunt’s house in Wisconsin. It was absolutely lovely, except for the fact that L woke up sick that morning and couldn’t make it. 🙁
But I got to “man up” and take charge and make sure she sold some jewels! And she DID! Thankfully, my mom was there to help (which was a huge help as usual) and our two second cousins helped out too. Home Jewelry shows have turned out to be really enjoyable! They have a different feel than craft shows. It seems to be more relaxed and comfortable. 
On that note, we do love craft shows too and we are considering participating in the November 2011 Designers Downtown Market. So, we have some major preparing to do for that since that is a heavy Christmas Shopping weekend!
Meanwhile, I continue to be inspired by jewelry I stumble across on pinterest(where I spend 90% of my time during the day it seems). Which of these are your favorites?
The stacking ring photo comes from Fossil. HOWEVER, L and I were shopping for our cousin in Aeropostale and we found rings that are almost an identical match! AND they were $6.00. It’s been years since I’ve walked into Aero, but I’m glad I did. They have pretty decent “vintage” style jewelry. 


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Anonymous says · 11.06.11

So I see you have family in Wi! I was just thinking I wish you lived here so I could be your client! Any stylist suggestions in the WI area that could make my hair look like yours.??? I can image your family travels to NC for you to do their hair, but I am seriously ciomsidering it!