Jewelry Storage

I’m always looking for new ways to store my jewelry. Sometimes hidden storage is the easiest way to make your room look cleaner, and other times cute displays can double as “art” for a bedroom. I just found this photo and had to share it. A rake repurposed to be a necklace holder. Genius. 



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Anonymous says · 11.16.11

Such a cute idea! I’ve also seen these rakes used as wine glass holders (wine glass upside down with the stem between the rake tines). Both are super cute ways to repurpose an old tool!

Kavita says · 07.10.14

I went to the Houston Rodeo once & it was a blast! I would totally go again if I’m ever in town that week. :)Jealous that you cuhgat up on all the PLL episodes. I don’t want to buy the rest of them but I also don’t want to start the new ones till I’m all cuhgat up–what a conundrum! So sorry you’ve been sick for so long–how annoying! We swear by Zinc around here. I hope you feel better soon!As for the books . . . girl, I am in awe of you. I can’t imagine how you find time to read all those books but I am SO impressed! I’m still on my SECOND book of the new year, LOL.

Mark says · 07.26.14

So sorry to hear you were sick last week, it’s horrible this year!! I’ve read 12 books this year so far!! I think can hdlane reading 52 books! ha! I’m looking forward to your book reviews!! Don’t even get me started on The Bachelor… these girls are just a new form of crazy!!