Bright Stripes


I don’t often go for a lot of pattern in my wardrobe BUT stripes are my one exception. I love a striped top so much.

I know they aren’t the most flattering options from times, but sometimes you need to throw style “rules” out the window and major on what you feel GOOD in and enjoy wearing.

I found this bright firery coral striped top at J.Crew recently and immediately grabbed it to try it on. It hits slightly above the hips and would look cute it a front tuck as well. I keep my wardrobe pretty casual so I knew this would be on repeat all spring long.

I’m going on year 2 of my white leather Vince slip ons. I wear this so often during the week, and all year long. They could use a little love around the base (which you can use a Magic Eraser for!!) but they are otherwise in fantastic condition.

Outfit: 10 Inch High Rise denim, Stripe top, Cuyana bag, similar jacket , Earrings, Lip color in shade “Punch” 

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  1. Posted February 12, 2019

    I’m the same, Kate – I don’t usually wear patterned tops but stripes are an exception. I only have white and black or navy striped shirts, though, and not a bright red one! I think your top looks great on you! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Tammy says
    Posted February 12, 2019

    Wal*Mart has a lot of cute options like this! (JCrew is out of my style range lol.) Love this uberbasic combo so inspiring!

  3. Celerie says
    Posted February 12, 2019

    Hmm. The website model shows a relaxed fit and yours looks way more fitted, especially in the arms. I can’t stand shirts with pencil arms. It’s hard to get a good sense of this shirt’s overall fit from two sit down photos. (Nice location!) Unfortunately, pass.

  4. Marta says
    Posted February 12, 2019

    That’s a really cute top and that colour looks really good with your hair colour.

  5. Posted February 12, 2019

    What an adorable top! Perfect for Valentine’s Day! xo

    Sarah Lillian |

  6. Jennifer Vespa says
    Posted February 12, 2019

    My sister and I seem to have a wee bit of a strip addiction. I never even clued in until one day my sister inlaw said “you sure like stripped tops”. And I replied “I sure do!” 😉
    Love your shoes!

  7. Steph C says
    Posted February 12, 2019

    I love stripe tops too. I just bought one from Old Navy a couple of weeks ago with similar colors but a thin stripe & wore it on our cruise vacation. Loved it – looked great in pictures too. Go with what you love!

  8. Posted February 12, 2019

    Who cares about what you “should” wear?
    Wear what you love!

  9. Debbie says
    Posted February 12, 2019

    Hi Kate- I clicked on the link for the jeans and saw that they are the Tencel Edition High-Rise Jeans in Danny Wash from Madewell. Just curious what you think of them compared to the Roadtripper jeans you have said you love before. I am seriously considering buying a pair of Madewell jeans and want to make the right choice! Thanks.

    • Kate says
      Posted February 13, 2019

      I actually have a breakdown that may be helpful on my IG highlights! Watch those!

  10. Lorena Batson says
    Posted February 13, 2019

    Hi Kate,
    Love your posts. Just a tip…you can also use nail polish remover to clean along the base of your Vince slip ons. 🙂