The Dyson Airwrap (my first experience!!)


I tried the new Dyson Airwrap and I have some thoughts. This post + demonstration video is all about it!

For a little backstory, I did not like the original Dyson blowdryer when I first tried it. I can’t really put my finger on why other than I felt like the air flow was too strong and whipped my hair around too much. My hair dried really quickly but felt like it was in rough shape when it was dry!

I was so intrigued by the Dyson Airwrap because I’ve never seen anything like it before. You can read more about it here but the basic concept is the airflow pattern pushes your hair around the barrel and that is what curls it. It was so cool to see a demonstration so I was thrilled to finally get my hands on one!

In the video I demonstrated using the tool with all 4 attachments! I thought that was the best way to give you a thorough picture of all the styling options the tool offers!

The video is going to give you the best impressions of how the tool worked for me but I’ll break it down a little bit for you here!

I liked the tool, it was really fun to use and it did dry my hair quickly! I liked the smoothing brush and was able to get crazy, crazy volume with the round brush attachment. It was actually the most volumized my hair has ever been post-blowdry.

The curling part was fun and mind-blowing. The curls were bouncy and light, and I was able to get a ton of volume in my hair! It did not create a modern curl shape as it was more of a curled up from the ends curl. It brushed out nicely and left me with what felt like a soft, bouncy blowout.

If you are looking for a tool to create undone, loose waves, this may not be the right tool for you. It can probably be done, but you’ll have to fish out the ends of your hair from the barrel after the air has wrapped them up to keep them from becoming curled.

If you love your Dyson or are looking for a speedy blowdryer with some functional attachments, I think you may really like this tool! It costs a pretty penny but it certainly delivers great results.

If you need a budget option, the Revlon One Step tool is pretty dang good as well. It does not offer the curling barrels but it is a blowdryer within a round brush for creating a smooth blow out.  My main complaint with it was that it was LOUD and very, very hot. The Dyson Airwrap tool is extremely quiet and the temperature did not feel like it was burning my hair.

So for me, it was fun to use and I’m planning on using it again with wet hair to create curls from damp hair, but it’s not going to replace any of my other tools.

Have you tried it? What do you think?! 

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  1. Posted November 21, 2018

    I really like the finished look after curling your hair with the Dyson Airwrap! It sounds wonderful too! Thank you for the review 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Michele says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    I’ve recently embraced-ish the concept of second day hair, as well as dry shampoo and using hair appliances to straighten/curl my hair (thanks to tutorials from you and your sister…hi, Lauren!). Since my hair is fine, I feel like I need to use dry shampoo for second day hair. My question is, do you use it before or after styling? I’ve been using it before and found that my flatiron (preferred fir curling because it’s so darned easy and I love the irony of using a flatiron to curl) or curling wand stalls when running it through my hair, leaving weird crimpy places. Should I be using dry shampoo after?

    • Sara says
      Posted November 21, 2018

      I’m no Kate, but I use my dry shampoo after I curl- then use my fingers to massage it in and break apart the curls.

      • Michele says
        Posted November 21, 2018

        Thanks! Hey, when I post a question, I have no problem with others chiming in…ANY ideas are better than NO ideas!

    • Krista says
      Posted November 21, 2018

      I have fine straight hair that wants to get oily quickly. I put the dry shampoo at my roots (mostly right around my ears and side of face), let it sit for about a minute, and then work it in before styling. That keeps me from overworking the curls. Then I’ll add a couple quick sprays after through the lower section of my hair to get a bit more texture.

    • Shelley Scott says
      Posted December 21, 2018

      I’ll chime in too…I hit my hair with a blow dryer after the dry shampoo real quick, using my fingers. I’ll use a brush if I have a weird spot to smooth out. Then I curl with no problems.

      • Kate says
        Posted December 21, 2018

        great idea

  3. Suzanne says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    That was an excellent review! I also feel like it was a great tutorial to see how you’d dry your hair with it. Thanks!

  4. Janelle Leslie says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    I have been using the Revlon round brush in one and it is hot and loud!

    Do you think skipping the brush attachments and using the curling wand on wet hair would produce better curls? I’m all about the one step process haha 🙂

    Thanks for this review! Great info.

    • Angie says
      Posted November 21, 2018

      That is actually how it is supposed to be used. You use the hair dryer attachment to get towel dry hair, so it is not dripping wet. Then you curl the damp hair and it dries the curl, you then set it with a blast of cold. I am in humid Florida and my hair would lose curl by end of the day with product. I used the Dyson with only a tiny bit of mousse and my curls lasted for two days.

  5. Michele says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    I think your hair looks great like that! Loved your review and tutorial. I’m currently waiting for my Air Wrap to be delivered and now I’m even more excited to receive it!

  6. Jordan says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    I probably won’t buy one but I’ve been dying to see you use one since the saphora shipping fail!! My hair is so short I think I’d get too much volume!

  7. Amy Cochran says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    Hi Kate! Thank you for the video. I always love the way your hair looks. I’ve watched several tutorials on the dyson air wrap and they all used it with wet hair. Have you tried that to see if you get a different curl? Thanks so much for all of your videos!

  8. Becxa says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    If I had extra money laying I would defintley be trying one of these! I love my hair curled but cannot get it to curl with a curling iron without it crimping funny or something going wrong. This seems more fool proof!

  9. Meghan says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    Have you tried the Drybar 3 Day Bender? I was trying to choose between that and the Dyson. If you have tried the 3 day bender could you share your opinion on how it performs in comparison with the Dyson?


  10. Courtney Howard says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    I wonder if the curl would be more beach-y if you used the wand from the root to tip…like, hold the device above your head instead of under? I’m very curious…if you happen to try that I’d love to know the results b/c the product looks great.

    • Kate says
      Posted November 21, 2018

      I wonder too! I will continue to use it and try it on wet hair as well!

  11. Lynn says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    So do you keep it or do you send it back? Very expensive for something you won’t use.

  12. Paige says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have been dying to see what you think of this product, especially the brush and dryer portions. I’m tried and true with my curling wand, but would you say it’s worth it for the blow dryer portion itself and the blow out brushes? I have long hair that lacks volume at the roots, and just can’t seem to get comfortable with round brushing myself.

  13. Tiffany says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    Could you tell us what temperature you used to achieve this look?

  14. Angela says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    It would have been more hopeful to use this more than once before posting your thoughts. This is a first impression, not a review.

    And I have the same question as another poster, will you be sending it back since it isn’t better than your other tools?

    I think it made your hair look smoother than ever!

  15. Valerie Harvey says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    I love this tutorial – thank you! Question though – aren’t you supposed to use the curling component when your hair is damp and not after it has been dried? I think it would achieve even tighter curls, which I don’t think you would like, but all the other tutorials I have seen did the curling with damp hair.

    • Kate says
      Posted November 21, 2018

      Yes you can for sure! I need to try it again with damp hair to create curls!

  16. Samantha says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    I’m still so baffled at your review of the original Dyson, especially since it has so many airflow settings.

    • Kate says
      Posted November 21, 2018

      Yeah it just wasn’t right for my texture.

  17. Erin says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    Have you seen the T3 Featherweight Luxe2i hair dryer on sale at Costco? Any thoughts?

  18. Andi says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    DIs your curls last with the Dyson airwrap? Mine fell out quickly!! It sure doesn’t have the staying power of my T3 whirl wand. I’m curious to see if your curls lasted?

    • Kate says
      Posted November 21, 2018

      They didn’t BUT I did curl on dry hair. I want to try curling with wet hair to see if they last longer!

  19. Ana Bonilla says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    Mine came in two days ago, and I haven’t had a chance to play with the curling attachments yet, but I love the smoothing brush! I usually flat iron my hair and this saved me so much time and gives almost the same results as my GHD flat iron. My hair feels super soft today and doesn’t smell fried haha. I love it 🙂

    • Kate says
      Posted November 21, 2018


  20. Morgan Fleischaeur says
    Posted November 21, 2018

    Hi Kate,
    This was a great review. Can you post a link to the root lifter spray?

  21. Connie says
    Posted November 22, 2018

    I’m wondering about doing curls on damp hair. Because I thought that was the point. To dry and curl at once saving time and perhaps setting better.

  22. Rachele says
    Posted November 22, 2018

    Regarding the cost…

    If I add up what I have paid for a good hairdryer, a good straightener, a good curling iron, and a spinning round brush dryer, I am not too far off from the cost of this all in one tool. I guess the issue is that I have already spent the money on these things over time, and so add in this Dyson and the spend gets a bit out of control, since I would exceed $1000, and my tools are still working great. Wish it was around when I bought 5 separate tools, as the outlay of cash would have been about the same. Maybe when it’s time to replace some of my tools, it will make sense to buy this one instead.

    By then, the hyped up swipe ups will have subsided a bit with the influencers as well, and the product may be more readily available. For the influencers, this is indeed an investment, even in Kate’s case when she has bought the product with her own money, commission from a single $500 affiliate link is pretty nice, and they make their livings from influencing people to buy products, so there is an ROI for sure. Correct term used IMHO!

    (And this is not a snark. Kate has made it clear that she supports her family with her online presence, so making this statement is no different than someone pointing out that I make a commission or bonus from an insurance sale. Peace and Love!)

    All of this said…

    In my experience, the higher priced tools can make a difference, as they tend to offer more control in terms of heat settings, airflow, and they are just manufactured from better quality materials. So if I am able to achieve the looks I want more effectively, I would also drop the word investment. I work outside the home in a client facing business environment, and so when I feel good about myself, I am more effective in my professional life, and the right tools can save time and frustration.

    I liked Kate’s review…since she purchased it with her own money I feel like it was a bit more grounded than others who were gifted their product and went all goo goo gah gah over it. I also appreciate that Kate’s review demonstrated that a new tool like this is going to have a learning curve, and that all in ones tend to do some things well, and other things not as effectively, so it may not replace all of those tools after all.

    Great job, Kate! Thank you!

  23. Angela says
    Posted November 22, 2018

    So glad you tested this on video! I’ve been considering getting one but not sure if I should take the plunge. I have coarser hair now that I have more grays and curling irons sometimes make my frizzies come out more.

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

  24. Jenelle says
    Posted November 23, 2018

    I just want one so bad! I curl my hair twice a week with irons and I hate how much damage it does to my hair. Love the Supersonic though, it makes my hair so shiny.
    xx Jenelle |

  25. Tina Vo says
    Posted November 23, 2018

    Thank you for the review. I love your video.

  26. Mia says
    Posted November 24, 2018

    Thanks for the review. Airwrap very hard to find these days! Can you tell me where you got your earrings from? Thanks!

  27. Sheila says
    Posted November 29, 2018

    Thanks for this tutorial. I think its overall too much work for me! I was curious to known what lipstick you are wearing in this video? Stunning color and your lips look so smooth!

  28. parishioner says
    Posted December 1, 2018

    Before you give it away, it seems like you should maybe try it again. I have hair that is much longer than yours, and so I searched for a demo with someone with hair similar to mine. Ariba Pervaiz has a video in which she uses it differently than you. She shows the best position to hold the section of hair in order for it to load onto the barrel properly, and she shows that you need to turn off the air flow before releasing the curl, etc. I think maybe you are used to using certain techniques with the tools you already own, and you need to treat this tool differently. Give it some more tries (without drying your hair completely with the brush accessory) with the curling barrels, and see what you think and then post another video after you’ve worked out the issues? Thanks…

  29. Betty says
    Posted December 6, 2018

    Im getting confused on which one you have. Just need the serial number and model number so I will be sure and buy the right one. Just to re sure ‘m getting the right one. Thanks Betty Carter PS is their any discounts or coupons just asking

  30. Kate says
    Posted December 6, 2018

    I have super fine hair that on most days refuses to hold a curl. Typically to get any sort of volume or curls, I use the Kenra hot set spray with a 1″ curling wand and I pin the curls up to cool. Even then they usually fall within an hour. I have been contemplating getting the Airwrap (mostly for the volumizing brush – hoping for a miracle worker here) but also to try out the curling wands. Do you think it would work on hair like mine? Are there products you would recommend to help it keep the curl? I’m fine with even having loose beachy waves if they actually stay in place! I’m just real bored with super flat, straight hair.

    • Maria says
      Posted December 10, 2018

      Hi i think you should try it..and you still have money back garrantie

  31. Sofia says
    Posted December 21, 2018

    What kind of volume lifter did you use the foam one? does it leave an oily residue i have oily hair.

  32. Andrea Livoti says
    Posted December 21, 2018

    ITS called AQuage uplifting foam and it’s great! It won’t make your hair oily at all. You can barely tell it’s in there except it gives your volume.

  33. Posted January 22, 2019

    thanks for shearing this pictures..

  34. Rose says
    Posted January 28, 2019

    Kate, have you tried again? Are you keeping the Airwrap?

  35. Rose Phillips says
    Posted January 31, 2019

    Kate did you keep the Airwrap??? I’m trying to utilize mine to its fullest. Please answer:)))))) Rose

    • Kate says
      Posted January 31, 2019

      Hi Rose! I do still have it but I haven’t used it in a long time.

      • Rose says
        Posted February 1, 2019

        If you come up with additional tips let know know! The struggle is real Every. Day. 😳