Would you have your wedding rings remade?



I’ve always had sensitive skin that was prone to irritation. I used to get terrible sun poisoning in the summertime, and struggle with psoriasis on my scalp.

Since moving south, to a more humid environment, the skin dryness hasn’t been that bad.

But after having babies my skin has been more unpredictable and sensitive than normal. I didn’t notice many dramatic changes with my pregnancy with David, nor afterwards, but I have noticed quite a few changes since having Luke.

The skin on my face is just thirsty. I can’t hydrate it enough. I’m sure I need to drink more water too, but I have persistent dryness year round.

The biggest change has been a near inability to wear my wedding rings. I’ve developed an allergy to the metal that causes a very itchy rash to show under my rings. It lasts a few days and then subsides if I don’t wear them, but within a few days of wearing them I’ll get the rash again.

Originally, my jeweler thought I may be allergic to the solder. I had my engagement ring and wedding ring soldered together until my pregnancy with Luke when I had them taken apart to rule out the solder allergy. The third band was a gift from Justin a few years ago.

Removing the solder didn’t help the rash, and even cleaning the rings regularly doesn’t help it. I’ve deduced that it’s a material allergy.

Recently, Justin and I were talking about trying to have the rings remade on a different material. The rings are made of palladium right now, a step down from platinum that doesn’t grey like platinum can. I know that my fingers do not react to gold, as I’ve worn a few gold rings from Chinchar Maloney. I’ve never worn a platinum ring so I don’t know how I would react to that as well.

In thinking about it, though, I waver between interest in seeing the rings remade — and perhaps restyled — on new bands and disappointment about potentially changing the originals. I’m not a very sentimental person, but my rings are very dear to me. But if I keep them as they are, I won’t really be able to wear them!

What would you do? Would you change your wedding rings?

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  1. Chantall says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I’ve been thinking about changing my engagement ring. It’s a beautiful white gold one with 9 diamonds, but it doesn’t fit my finger well. It keeps turning in circles around my finger. Having it remade into earings has crossed my mind. But it will definately feel different. It won’t be my engagement ring anymore. So I’ve decided to keep it in its box until I know what to do with it.

    • Audrey says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      There is an option so that your ring doesn’t turn anymore. A goldsmit can put 2 small balls in your ring, or a bridge. I am a goldsmith and we do it a lot for cliΓ«nts.
      (sorry for my bad english)


      • Chantall says
        Posted January 18, 2016

        Hi Audrey,

        That might be a good idea! I’ll ask around. Maybe the jeweler where it was bought does that too.

        Your English isn’t bad at all. I’m not American or English either πŸ˜›

    • Stephanie Re says
      Posted January 19, 2016

      I would if I couldn’t wear them, absolutely.

      And have you tried oil cleansing for skin? I have adult breakouts and have seen dermatologist for years suffering with flaky skin and acne. I started mixing cocunut, castor and frankincense and lavendar. Wash face and then add drop frank to gentle lotion. Skin is amazing! Not having regarding breakouts and wearing very little makeup.

    • Ann says
      Posted January 21, 2016

      Hey Ladies,
      Great news! There is a solution. My daughter had the same thing happen to her. It is a reaction to a certain metal in the ring. She takes her rings to the jeweler two times a year and has them coated. It has completely stopped the reaction. Ask your jeweler to coat the rings because you are having a reaction. They will know what you mean. It cost about $20. Good luck.

  2. Erika B says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Having them remade is a tough one! My husband and I wear his grandparents wedding rings that his grandpa designed when they first got married so they are very old and obviously special. I have an 18 month old and I’m constantly got my hands in something with him and I’ve been paranoid about possibly losing a stone or something happening to the rings since they’re so old. I got with my jeweler and the best thing they thought up was getting something less expensive than diamonds (crazy thought right? Wedding rings with no diamonds?!) mostly because if something were to happen, I wouldn’t be losing diamonds and the rings would be way less expensive to replace in the event that something happen. So, I ended up with a sterling set of three rings with white sapphires and the third band to represent my son has his birthstone in it too. Not getting new ones because of a reaction or anything but thought I’d share anyway to maybe give another option.

    • April says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      Originally my rings were yellow gold. I work in health care, and after a few years my finger started doing the same as yours. I would use an antibiotic cream on my finger, it would clear up only to do the same thing after a few days. I reset my rings in platinum afraid that if a only reset in white gold it would do the same thing. I choose to keep my setting the same. I’m just sentimental like that. My ring finger has never broke out again. I wear my ring to work, beach, exercise and wash dishes…EVERYTHING! Couldn’t be happier:)

      • Heather says
        Posted January 18, 2016

        Mine were white gold and I had terrible rashes. I had them redone in platinum as well – never had another issue. I was told platinum is hypoallergenic and it seems to be true (I have very sensitive skin). I kept the same settings for sentimental reasons.

    • Kelli says
      Posted January 19, 2016

      You have it insured, right? It’s very inexpensive and saved us once when I lost a small stone from mine. And my ring is not outrageously valuable, but like you said– replacing diamonds out of pocket is expensive!

  3. Cynthia says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My wedding ring is incredibly special to me and if I are going through this, I would definitely get a new ring. My ability to wear my ring trumps all sentimentality.

    • Kate says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      I sort of feel that way too! I miss wearing them regularly!

      • Amanda says
        Posted January 18, 2016

        I have the exact same skin complaints as you Kate, plus the same ring issues. I took my rings to a goldsmith to ask about having something done to them. He pointed out that as I wore white gold earrings, bangle etc., it was unlikely that I had a metal allergy. He told me that it was most likely detergent, soap and the like that were sticking to my rings when I did laundry and washed my hands. He was right, I remove my rings before laundry tasks and hand washing, (being very careful I don’t forget them!) then slathering on a good hand cream before putting them back on. I give my rings a good wash and leave them to dry each night. Of course, I do forget to do this from time to time and the itchy rash is back.

        • Tracy says
          Posted January 18, 2016

          I had this very same problem. Antibacterial soap was the cause. I don’t use it at home but that is all that is available in many places, such as work. I would strongly suggest any person having problems with their rings cutting antibacterial soap before changing their rings. If you’re unsure a visit to an allergist can give you a definite answer.

          • Km says
            Posted January 18, 2016

            This happens to me too. Google “wedding ring rash”. It is generally from soap and other irritants trapped under your ring. I think it is because I am constantly washing my hands, dishes, etc. now.

        • Shelly says
          Posted January 18, 2016

          I was just about to mention this. It’s similar to a yeast overgrowth on the skin. I take both of mine off immediately to dry my hands after any contact with water. Aside from that- I wear mine constantly. Never taking them off.

        • Jen J says
          Posted January 18, 2016

          Same issue here – talked to my jeweler, who suggested it wasn’t the metal on the rings, but an issue of not drying my hands well under the rings. I make sure I dry my rings and fingers and no more problems.

          I’m not sentimental either, but no need to change if not really needed. I would try these options first for a while before making a decision.

        • Jenny says
          Posted January 19, 2016

          I am a dermatologist & I concur with most of the comments here about the rash you get being less likely and allergic reaction and more of an irritant contact dermatitis from soap and lack of air to the area. You really do have to make sure to remove them and dry the are well after washing with any soap, especially harsh, drying, antibacterial varieties and also MOISTURIZE afterwards to help with prevent drying and to act as a barrier. I most commonly recommend CeraVe moisturizing cream and more specifically the hand cream to all my patients!?

          • Alison says
            Posted March 30, 2016

            My jeweler said the same thing! The area just stays wet because we mom’s wash our hands so much more and then the rash develops. i take off my rings now whenever I was my hands and take them off whenever I’m home to give them a break and it’s made a HUGE difference!

      • Rachel Wilson says
        Posted January 18, 2016

        I had this same problem after I had my girls. I didn’t want to change my rings, I love that face that my husband picked them out for me! I took my rings to the jeweler and they put platinum in just the inside of my rings. Took care of the problem 100%

        • Jenny in Wellington, NZ says
          Posted January 19, 2016

          I was just going to suggest whether a coating of platinum or something could be applied to the inside of the rings! Great that it worked for you.

          I don’t wear my rings when I’m home because I don’t want detergent and gunk to build up inside my diamond settings etc. So my rings are only worn outside the house. My wedding rings are 18ct gold and I’ve never had an issue with them. My other dress rings are 9 or 10 ct gold and they’re fine too. I have issues with non -precious metals but the “good” metals are fine.

          Would I have them remade? Yes, if coating wasn’t an option. I’d keep the same style tho but just in a non allergic material. You may need to test what you aren’t allergic too tho. Could someone lend you a platinum ring to try for a while? Would be awful to have everything remade and find you’re still allergic.

      • Mindy says
        Posted January 18, 2016

        I too had this problem. It was soap. I removed my rings everytime I washed my hands, did the dishes, did the laundry, bathed myself or my children. The rash went away and stayed away. Doesn’t happen anymore.

      • Rebecca Kolodzie says
        Posted January 19, 2016

        Is re-dipping them in white gold (rhodium) not an option? Very inexpensive when I had mine done. Same ring just a new coating.

  4. Breanna says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My husband got his grandmothers set for me to have and both were well worn especially on the band both bands were very thin. We had a jeweler remake the band to rose gold and then his band was made from the same bar of rose gold to match. They look really good and I would think any good jeweler would have some suggestions as to help solve your problem.

    • Kate says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      That’s encouraging!

  5. Molly says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I say have them remade. You and your husband can design it together, which will make the new rings special and more meaningful. In my opinion, wearing your old diamonds in a new ring is better than not wearing your old rings at all. Plus, you’re doing it for a medical reason . . . not because you want to upgrade or don’t like your rings anymore.

    • Kate says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      Yeah, that’s a good point. The diamonds wouldn’t change, just the material. I’m just having a hard time deciding!

      • Kimberly says
        Posted January 18, 2016

        I understand this part of it too. For me it is a “these were our original marriage vows thing”.. Just a thought but you could always ask the minister in your church to say a private blessing for you and Justin to continue to bind your marriage… Something like that. My husband and I discussed this when deciding to add more bands to my original ring.

  6. Donje says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Do you wash your hands or put your hands in water with them on? I also have sensitive skin. I had a rash for a long time because water would get caught up under my rings (just a tiny, tiny bit!). It doesn’t happen with a single ring because there isn’t that little groove for the water to hang out in. Could you try wearing a single ring for a bit and see if you have the same reaction? If you do you will know it’s the metal, but it might be the two or three rings together. In which case I have to take off my rings even to touch water and dry throughly before “re-ringing”.

    • Kate says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      Water definitely can get trapped under there, but I make sure to dry it out when it does otherwise I know for sure the rash will set in quickly!

      • Stacey says
        Posted January 18, 2016

        I had something similar happen to me, during/after my first pregnancy. I’d get an itchy rash under my wedding band. I know it sounds like it wouldn’t make a difference but I believe it was because the band was too tight. My engagement ring didn’t do it and it was just slightly bigger on my finger. So I got my band resized by less than half a size and it totally went away. Might want to give that a shot before making a huge/expensive change.

      • Lauren Pinson says
        Posted January 18, 2016

        Hey Kate! Sooooo this year I actually lost my engagement ring which had an heirloom stone in it because of having rashes under my ring. My fingers were really breaking out all over but under my ring seems to be the biggest issue. I found that it is irritated by the water/soap trapped and makes me break out. Have you ever considered that it might be eczema? Look up dishydrotic eczema or pompholys and see if that rings any bells. I also get it occasionally from sweat on my wrist with my Apple Watch and on some toes. But I’ve found I can control my fingers by keeping them dry and clean and controlling my allergies overall. Perhaps try using some cetaphil soap (even if it’s not for hands, but the big pump kind) for awhile and make sure to dry off around your rings really well! I doubt it’s a metal allergy though, it could be but I’d give your fingers a week or so to heal with no ring and then start wearing it again. If you have to go as far to get them redone, have you asked to see if they can just replate your rings first?

        I love my new ring, but I’d give anything to find my old ring πŸ™

    • BECKY says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      I notice this happens when I use handsoaps from Bath and Bodyworks….terrible, ITCHY rash under my rings. I was given some for Christmas that I just couldn’t resist putting at the sinks. I quickly had to return to something milder again. It’s too much of a hassle to remove my rings every time I wash my hands…especially as a busy mother.

      • Rachel says
        Posted January 18, 2016

        I have the exact same problem and only with the B&B scented soaps! Red itchy rash only on the spot of my rings. I’ve finally figured that out this winter when I got one as a gift and it happened again.

  7. Carrie says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    For my 10th anniversary we had my diamonds put in a new setting. I went back and forth about changing them, but went forward with it. I love my new setting, and I have my original diamondss still! Sentimentally, it sort of reminds me of marriage, it changes, and sometimes you just have to adjust life and go with it! I would much rather have my rings in a different setting than not have them on at all!

    • Kate says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      I like that analogy!

  8. Corinne says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    After I had my youngest, I started getting a rash under my rings that would only go away after not wearing them for a few days. It turned out to be from moisture getting trapped between the rings and my skin. I was washing my hands SO much (because newborn!), plus they were a little too big (I has gotten them resized while pregnant to accommodate swelling :)) and I think they were able to move around on my finger too much and that caused some chafing. I started making sure to ALWAYS take them off to wash my hands, do dishes, shower, put on lotion, ect and make sure my hands were completely dry before putting them back on. That combined with getting them resized a little smaller made all the difference!

    • Posted January 18, 2016

      I had the same thing happen. I lost quite a bit of weight after getting married and my rings were too big for me. My jeweler said it was either moisture getting trapped under the ring from excessive hand washing (newborn diaper changes) or a gold allergy. We decided to try getting the rings resized and it worked.

      Also, around that same time I found out that I have a dairy intolerance and stopped eating it. I believe that has contributed to helping many of my postpartum skin changes because during my last pregnancy and postpartum period I haven’t had as many issues with my skin as I had with my previous two pregnancies.

  9. Samantha Wian says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Try having them rhodium plated. Rhodium is hypoallergenic and is what my jeweler recommended as I was having an allergy to my yellow gold. It will keep it a beautiful white gold color and cost me about $25 to do.

    • Shannon says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      This what I did. A year after we married I was constantly getting the itchy rash everyone is describing. The jeweler suggested we have them ‘re-dipped’ as the tiny amount of medal in the ring was causing a reaction. It’s been 3 years since I’ve had it done and I haven’t had a problem since. I would try this before changing your rings.

      • Samantha Wian says
        Posted January 20, 2016

        I had a rash for years. I work in a hospital and had to resort to not wearing them at all for quite some time. I finally took them to be rhodium plated and the blister on my finger has cleared up in days! I was so relieved. I had my engagement ring reset (third times a charm) this time in a setting that is raised in hopes this would help to eliminate further issues. My gold necklace would always turn my neck black, and any white or light tops despite having them professionally cleaned frequently.

  10. Ginger says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I developed allergies to my ring, as well. We had it reset in platinum a year ago. Same diamond, but a similar setting with a halo. I love it and haven’t had any issues!

  11. alexis says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Palladium is supposed to be allergy free. I worked at a high end jewelry store and palladium and platinum were what we recommended if someone mentioned they had an allergy to metal.

    I did not get my rings remade, I bought and entirely new set. When we first got married we didn’t have much money, my husband was in the military and we got married after he came home from deployment. After we had been married a whIle and I started working at a nice jewelry store we were able to uparade. I got the same style of ring that I had originally. Just much better quality and larger diamonds. I don’t hold any sentimental value to the original rings. They were from kay jewelers and we’re always causing me problems. I still have them. But they sit in my jewlery box until i need to get my bands cleaned or i gain weight due to pregnancy and can not wear my new ones. I had the old set sized up a size larger so I could wear them when I was pregnant. I hate it wearing a ring. Hope you figure out your ring issue! You might try having them dipped in rhodium. That would help to seal the metal from touching your finger.

  12. Alysia Merriman says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Have you tried using the Alchemy spray on them? It lasts for about 3 days, and works perfectly for me!

  13. Sabrina says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I would definitely have the rings remade, but I would keep the exact design that they are now. Doing this will allow you to wear your rings while keeping the same design that Justin chose for you when he proposed.

  14. Tiffany says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have basically an identical set of rings with the same issue. I always chalk it up to water staying in the channels underneath the rings though, but maybe it is an allergy? Mine got really bad a few years in to doing hair professionally and then again right after I had my first child. I have been sitting on the fence about what to do though. My instinct is to take my center stone and rework it into one substantial ring that is solid underneath so nothing can get under it. But I just can’t seem to pull the trigger for whatever reason! Mine is platinum by the way.

  15. Jenn S. says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    In your shoes, Kate, I would definitely change then so I would be able to wear them and carry them with me.

    When my now-husband first proposed, he was adamant about me choosing my ring since I was the one who would be wearing it; he didn’t want me to have something I wasn’t comfortable wearing. So, because we were younger, at a different place in our careers, etc., I chose a modest 3-stone blue diamond ring.

    As time passed, I realized I made a bad pick. Even though I like the ring, it didn’t look or ‘feel’ like an engagement ring to me. People routinely asked if it was a, “promise,” ring (and while I’m not knocking promise rings, I feel like an engagement ring carries a bit more weight in what it symbolizes), and it made me feel bad. At one point I started looking into bands, too, and realized that basically nothing would go well with the band style.

    We ultimately got me a different ring. I’m partial to blue stones, so we got me a sapphire set in white gold with channel-set diamonds along the sides of it on the band. And my wedding band was much easier to purchase, too.

    In the future, once we hit milestones, I wouldn’t be opposed to changing it – but it isn’t on my mind right now. If I ever developed an allergy to the gold, I would have it changed as soon as I could because I would much rather wear it than not.

  16. Leigh Ann says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Yes, by all means! How sad for them just to sit there unworn! You can make them look exactly the same, just go with gold, since you know it works.

  17. Katie says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have the same problem after pregnancy. It is just on my ring finger and pinky next to my ring. I have gone to the dermatologist about it and nothing seems to help, other than putting cortizone on it. I use their eczema lotion after washing my hands.

  18. Kim says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have been married 28 years this year and about 8 years ago, the husband gave me a bigger stone than my original as an anniversary gift. I had sentimental attachment to the smaller stone though, and wanted to find a way to wear them both. I worked with a jeweler who came up with a great design. I now where them in a three stone ring in white gold (my original was yellow gold) and I love my ring. It’s still all the stones my husband gave me but just redesigned to reflect our growth in our marriage and life. Thats the way i look at it!

  19. chelsea says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I had mine “dipped” in the rhodium plating to change them from yellow gold to white gold. I wonder if that would work? It only costs around $25 and lasts well over a year. Worth a try!

  20. Maryn says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My husband had this same issue with his band just a few months after we were married and I was heartbroken! He has a beautiful Tiffany platinum band and I couldn’t imagine replacing it. I searched high and low and came across this method of treating the rings to prevent the rash: Go to Google > search “how to get rid of rash under wedding rings” > First result should be from the site ‘These Little Moments”

    I was SO skeptical but was willing to try anything. Boiling the ring and soaking it in the peroxide solution worked like a charm and he remained rash-free for about six months. Whenever his finger starts to get a little itchy again, I use the same method and it subsides for many more months. I’m so thankful that such an inexpensive, easy solution kept us from having to give up such a meaningful symbol of our marriage.

    Hope you’ll try it and let me know if it works for you!

    • Maryn says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      Sorry! The article is actually titled “How to get rid of a rash under your wedding rings”. Hope you’re able to find it!

      • Lisa says
        Posted January 18, 2016

        A few years ago I was getting a dry red patch under my wedding ring and red about boiling it too. Worked like a charm and haven’t had any problems since.

  21. Crissy says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    For our 20th anniversary my husband got me an entirely new wedding band and engagement set in a very different style than the original that is more similar to the style that I wear now. I took my original set to my favorite jeweler and they made it into a beautiful pendant that I wear on almost a daily basis on a gold chain around my neck. So, really I have the best of both worlds. I get lots of comments on my pendant and everyone just ahhhhs when I tell them what the diamonds represent.

    • StephVG says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      I love this idea! When we married 15 years ago, my husband had his mom’s set (she died when he was a boy, and his other siblings – significantly older – were all already married). It’s a beautiful set, but not really my style, so we’ve talked about getting a new set for our upcoming anniversary, and I’ve been so conflicted; although my rings are only a symbol of my marriage, I feel this strange sense of guilt, as if new rings are somehow a betrayal of the original ones. Odd. Anyway, he gave me a pendant with my daughter’s birthstone in it for my first Mother’s Day, but we’re missing my son’s, which just happens to be a diamond. Getting a new pendant made that includes the diamond from the original set is genius!

  22. Stefanie says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I had my engagement ring remade recently, because it didn’t match my wedding ring. I hesitated talking about it to my husband because he’s the one who picked it out for me. He said: the stone is what makes the ring, the shape is not important. I feel the same way about the material, if you can’t wear it because it gives you a rash, I’d have the same ring re-made in new material. It will be the same ring, except it will be wearable!

  23. Robyn says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I JUST got a new wedding rings (something I never thought I would do after 16 years of marriage). My husband and I changed from yellow gold to white gold. I will keep the others but my hubby even did a little ceremony (with the kids watching) of putting the new rings on my finger. I would definitely try to get something that you can wear.

  24. Alyssa says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I would change them if it meant I could wear them again. That’s so sad that it gives you a rash! You do look lovely in gold!

    Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

  25. Heather says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    It sounds like contact dermatitis. Before you go through the expense of remaking, I encourage you to talk to a dermatologist. You need to make sure that whatever new metal you choose won’t eventually also cause a reaction after repeated log term exposure. 14 and even 18k gold are not pure gold, they have a bit of something added to them for hardness. I would assume palladium is the same. Once they help you determine the best option for material,I wouldn’t hesitate to have them remade into something you can wear.

  26. Alk says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have simular problem few months after I married. But then, I found that it is due to the water and soap that trapped between my ring and finger that caused allergy reaction.

    I would now removed my ring before I washed my hand or wash dishes, and make sure it is dry before I wear my ring back. It is completely fine for me.

    I think a wedding ring is super important to me and would love to keep it instead of changing it, but if you can’t even wear it, then found an anniversary day or one special day to have your husband give it to you. It adds a little meaning to the ring and signify another mile stone you two have achieved.

    Hope this would help. πŸ™‚

  27. Holly V. says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have had the exact same problem! I went to a dermatologist and he said the issue was a combination of irritation from frequent hand-washing (so many diapers!) and the design of the ring itself. So many women have rings with diamonds channel set along the band. The opening in back allows light to catch the stones for the most sparkle but also can trap moisture and that moisture just sits on your skin and causes irritation. He said to stop using antibacterial soaps bc they are too harsh and make sure the rings and skin are really dry after hand washing. It made such a difference for me. I did get a prescription cream for those times it’s really bad and uncomfortable, but a little cream is way cheaper than redoing the rings (which is what I was sure we were going to have to do). Hope this helps!

  28. Rebecca says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    That’s a tough one! I love my rings and would be upset to change them. However, I would also hate not wearing them. I love our jeweler, and I think if you have a good one that you love and trust, you could get the metal changed and be happy with the results.

  29. Posted January 18, 2016

    Yep! I had mine redone. Well it was a surprise from the mister so I didn’t have much say but I love them!

    My only request was that my original diamonds were used. I had a 1 carat princess cut solitaire with a plain band and then my wedding band has diamonds all around. We removed the solitaire and, put it in another set that had 2 next to it (represents our 2 kids) and the rest of the band now has diamonds to match the wedding band. They also joined the 2 bands so they don’t twist.

    I was torn in the beginning about whether I wanted to change it- it was so sentimental. But in the end I love my new even even more. And I love that the diamonds l had on our wedding day are still the diamonds I wear daily! Also I have white gold. I too have very sensitive skin and can’t wear stud earrings because they cause irritation. My lymph nodes swell like crazy in my neck when it happens. Crazy stuff.

  30. Ashley S says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My husband’s original wedding ring was tungsten and he had the same reaction. Turns out they use nickle as a filler and he is allergic to nickel. If he is sitting for long periods (he used to be a truck driver) and his belt buckle touches his skin, he gets a rash! We ended up getting a white gold band as a replacement and he’s never had any rash issues.

  31. Jillian says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Hi Kate! My wedding bands have tiny diamonds on them and unfortunately were not well made, the diamonds pop out a lot. I have gone to a new jeweler the past few years and the loose diamonds have not been as bad but I still lose one or two periodically. I wrestled for a long time (we’ve been married almost 5 years) with the idea of getting new bands mainly for everyday wear. I’m a kindergarten teacher and gymnastics coach and those wedding bands are so fragile. I was very sentimental about my wedding bands- given to me by my husband, he designed them, blessed by the priest etc. I felt bad every time I had to go back to the jeweler to replace missing stones and my husband felt bad too so I recently had plain white Gold bands made to wear every day and I’m very happy with them!! They look great and I’m not as worried during the day. I would definitely get yours redone bc I missed wearing mine! Good luck!!!

  32. Jen says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Exact same thing I’m going through. My second is a few days younger than Luke and I get an awful, blister rash from my rings now. I haven’t worn them in over a year. At first I thought they were too tight but they fit now and everytime I wear them I get the burning itchy rash. My rings are yellow gold and we figure nickel allergy. I actually ordered a stainless steel band to test and have worn that for 6 months no problem (I also missed having a band on). We just talked yesterday and decided the reset. I miss my rings and hate that they are just sitting in my jewelry box. I’m keeping my band (it is solid plain gold) but resetting my engagement and getting a new band. I felt bad but my husband said he doesn’t want it just sitting not being able to be worn. I’m hopeful to renew my vows with them.

  33. Carrie says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I had the same thing happen to me. I got that rash mostly In the winter time and I moved my rings to the other hand. I have a similar setting in white gold but the moisture setting in between I think was the cause but once that rash started it was hard to get rid of. Plus I think my fingers swelled from pregnancy and were a bit too tight. I got my engagement ring resized and I had to get a new wedding band because the other couldn’t be resized. It was a little heartbreaking to have to get a new wedding band but I kept it and wear it on my other hand. I am so happy with my new set and even more happier to wear both rings on the correct hand and no more rash.

  34. Kim says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I’d love to hear the follow up of this and what works if you try some of the suggestions or if you get new rings. I have white gold rhodium plated but need to get it redone as I occasionally get rashes under it too and it does seem to be related to getting soap/water stuck under it.

  35. Kim says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    What a tough situation! I always say personally I’d always want my original rings since they mean so much to me (which they obviously do to you, too), but you can’t really help it if your skin is allergic. I’d say yes, so you can actually wear them!


    http://trendkeeper.me .. Seville OOTD!

  36. Mandy Kelley says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I had the same issues. Recurring blisters under my rings. I thought they would need to be remade in a different material. We actually found a jeweler who just redid the inner band. It was a lot of custom work, but it really worked! Now I wear my rings daily with no issues.

  37. Abby says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    The same thing happens to me. My dermatologist says its from water getting trapped under the rings. He suggested removing them before showering and washing hands and to be very sure to keep very dry under them. He also prescribed a cream that corrects it. No further problems. So it’s not the material of the rings, just the fact that the rings exist…

  38. Leah says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I would have them remade for sure. I had to get a new wedding band and at first I felt bad, but I am over that now!

  39. Leah says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Totally have them remade. You will still be wearing a ring from your husband regardless of WHEN they were made. It may even be more special and draw you closer together. Definitely do not have any guilt over remaking them..especially when you can’t bare to wear the ones you have because of a issue you can’t control!!! And I’m sure your hubby would want you to wear a wedding ring anyway lol

  40. Laura McDaniel says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I had mine remade for a structural reason. The jeweler that did the first setting did a poor job and the diamond kept coming loose. Obviously I didn’t want to lose it, as it is antique. My husband added a matching diamond band to either side when we had it remade as a surprise because we couldn’t afford them when we got married. I’m so happy with it and I think I like it better knowing it’s safe! Besides, you’re relationship changes and grows, why can’t your ring? ?

  41. Jamie says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Exact same thing here! Happened after my second pregnancy. I’m going to try the boiling and peroxide solution. Keep us posted if you find something that works!

  42. Lauren says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My wedding set is so dear to me! Maybe it’s because my husband and I have been married about 7 months, but I couldn’t imagine what you’re going through! I would have such a hard time deciding, but I think that wearing my wedding bands would eventually trump the issues of having them remade. I’m a white gold person, so my bands are white gold. Maybe that would work for you? If not, yellow gold looks beautiful with your skin tone!

  43. Jessica says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Hello Kate,
    I also have a rash problem with my rings and we have decided to do something sentimental with some of the diamonds. We decided to take my bands that have spaces in them and make them solid, then we are taking one of the diamonds and making our daughter a promise ring that her father will present her when the Lord lays it on our hearts. It puts a beautiful twist on a hard choice.

  44. Teresa Wright says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    It is quite possible that you are just developing a dermatitis from water and maybe soap that get trapped under your rings when you wash your hands (which moms tend to do a lot more than before the babies). Before you do anything drastic to your rings, try making sure you dry the skin under your rings (and your rings) really well after washing so moisture is never trapped under there. (I’m a dermatologist.)

  45. Amber says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I had the same problem and it was the lotions I was using to hydrate by skin + the rings that caused the rashes. My rash also went away after not wearing them for a few days and come back when I wore them again. I started using the Ava Anderson Diaper cream as hand lotion. It sounds weird but it is super hydrating and doesn’t have that diaper cream smell.

  46. Sarah says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I say just get it plated with a new material. That way the setting remains the same and they won’t FEEL like new rings. But I agree that you should do something so that you can wear them again!

  47. Lauren says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I work in a dermatology office and see this a lot… We always tell people to take turns wearing one ring at a time to see if you can determine if the reaction is caused by all rings or just one. There can often be impurities in the metal, so it’s probably not the palladium you’re allergic to, but minute additives. If you find that you are allergic to one band in particular, or heck even the whole thing, I say get it reset! I think you’d be so much happier with a set you can proudly wear day in and day out! No shame in getting a reset for medical reasons.

  48. Tara says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    If neither of you feel too attached to the design and the rings, you don’t see yourselves having regrets, and you are excited to have them redone, then change them.

  49. Lauren says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Hi Kate,
    I work in a dermatology office and see this a lot… We always tell people to take turns wearing one ring at a time to see if you can determine if the reaction is caused by all rings or just one. There can often be impurities in the metal, so it’s probably not the palladium you’re allergic to, but minute additives. If you find that you are allergic to one band in particular, or heck even the whole thing, I say get it reset! I think you’d be so much happier with a set you can proudly wear day in and day out! No shame in getting a reset for medical reasons.

  50. Anna Teague says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I am sentimental, but more about the marriage than the ring! Since it’s not a family heirloom….. change it! You’ll enjoy having a new ring to stare at like you did when you first received your others. Consider this: get a comfort fit so the insides are slightly rounded; no edges to dig in means no irritation.

  51. Katie says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Where is your cute cat ring tray from? I love it!

  52. Sharon says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I was having the same issue. I took my rings to a jeweler and had him tell me what the cost would be to remake my exact ring but change to platinum. I also felt funny about it but knowing it would look exactly the same made me feel better about it. However we decided to wait because we are in the middle of some house projects. So her “dipped” it or whatever they do with the rhodium and it has been fine since. I had this done in the past and it worked then as well. It just wears off. My cost was $35/ring. So much cheaper for us for now until we finish our house project. Good luck!!

  53. Marlena says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I smashed my finger against a handrail and it pushed my diamond down into the setting on my engagement ring. I took it to the jewelers and to get it fixed was almost as much as getting a new setting. I was very pleased with the end result and even though it wasn’t my original ring, I was glad that I did it. My husband and I would have been more upset if I lost the stone!

  54. Summer says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I’m really relieved to see so many others experiencing this. The rash I got was like no other I had ever had (blisters, and red, scaly skin) and I have pretty sensitive skin in general. I took mine to a goldsmith and talked to him about replicating my setting in a different material. It was such a tough decision, I couldn’t decide. He suggested I talk to my doctor about a nickel allergy (like many other have mentioned). Before I could make a decision he passed away (Debbie downer!) so that option was off the table. But as time has gone on its actually gotten better, but I think it’s partially because I wear gloves while doing dishes, I clean them regularly, and I think my fingers have gotten a little smaller. I don’t really know. I’m just thankful each day that it hasn’t happened in a while! πŸ™‚

    So all that to say I completely understand what a hard decision it is. I think others have made some good analogies justifying a redesign.

    • Kate says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      That sounds exactly like my rash! I should probably wear gloves doing dishes too : /

    • Megan says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      I have a nickel allergy. It’s most noticeable if I wear a belt – the metal buckle rubs on my skin and leaves a red, itchy, blister-like rash. For that reason, I only wear high quality metal materials – either stainless steel (for earrings) or gold/white gold. I’ve never had an issue with these metals.

      Kate, I know you like wearing earrings and whatnot from lots of etsy sellers, and some of those are bound to be made out or nickel or another cheap metal. If they don’t bother you, I highly doubt palladian will. I have also gotten rashes under my wedding rings (white gold). I try to remove my rings if I know I’m going to have my hands in water a lot, and I don’t use antibacterial soaps at home. I also try to dry under my rings when I wash my hands. This helps a lot, and I haven’t had any problems since. I’d be more likely to guess this is your issue rather than a metal allergy, at least to palladian. Though, if you’re not sentimental, and you want a new set made from platinum, go ahead and get one πŸ™‚ I’d reuse the diamonds from the original set just to keep a little bit of the sentiment though.

  55. Nancy Flemming says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    If it meant the difference between wearing them and not wearing them, I would definitely have them remade! I would probably see if I could get our priest to bless the new ones though, since the originals were blessed at our wedding.

  56. Sabrina says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Try coating the inside of the rings with clear nail polish, it won’t damage the rings and may save you having to reset
    I have platinum since I have super sensitive skin and have had no issues

    • Megan says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      I used to do this with belt buckles (nickel allergy), and it worked like a charm! I’d just add a new coat when the old one wore off.

    • adrianne says
      Posted January 19, 2016

      I do this will all of my watches – a clear coat on the inside keeps away the itchiness.

  57. Emily P. says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Hi Kate,
    I haven’t read through the other comments, so someone else may have mentioned this. Have you tried having the rings sized up? When mine are too tight (or fit like most people would want them to) I get the most incredible rash. Simply sizing them up a little bit has kept my fingers rash free for years now. Yes the rings spin a little more than I would like, but it’s worth it to me to be able to wear them. They still aren’t loose enough to slide off of my knuckle without help.

    To answer your original question: yes, I’d consider a restyle, but I’d want my husband to be a part of it, just as he was part of the original selection process.

  58. Crystal says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I had a similiar experience. My original rings were white gold and my body broke the rings back down to yellow within a month of wearing them. I would get them dipped and a month later they would be back yellow again. We ended up on deciding to go platinum but the style I had was not able to be made in platinum so I had to pick out new a new style but was able to keep the original diamond. I am very pleased with platinum and haven’t had any issues. I do send them off a couple times a year to get the scratches buffed out and it comes back looking brand new.

  59. Posted January 18, 2016

    It would be more heartbreaking to never be able to wear my rings again than to get them remade into something wearable. I totally understand the hesitation to not want to change them and keep the originals. But you’re keeping the diamonds, so they’ll be essentially the same. Be careful if you switch to white gold. They may have to be dipped every few years depending on how acidic your skin is (I even had to get my engagement ring dipped before getting married a year later so it was the same color as my engagement bands). You’re skin looks so pretty in gold colors, rose and yellow, have you considered using one of those metals?

    • Kate says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      I have considered rose gold actually but I’m concerned that it’s too trendy!

  60. Amy says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have the same problem. My twins were born almost nine years ago and I started to get a terrible rash under my rings. I had platinum rings so I didn’t think it was an allergy, but we bought a new set anyway to try. I still have problems and have gone to the dermatologist several times. They always give me a steroid cream and it will clear it up, but when I wash dishes or my hands are in warm water(even without the rings on) it comes back! Good luck! I’m following this thread to see any suggestions that I haven’t tried yet!

  61. Megan Bradshaw says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Take them to your jeweller and have them rhodium plated! I had the same isssue, its the nickel in the white gold!! No rash now.

  62. Kerry says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    If you decide to reset, I look forward to seeing what and how you decided to reset your rings. I can’t wear my white gold wedding rings because of the same problem. I’m afraid that I’ll be allergic to whatever the new metal is, too! From what I’ve researched, 24k gold is the most non-allergenic choice. I would definitely get them reset so that you could wear them! Please keep us updated- good luck!

  63. Kaileigh says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My rings are 19k white gold so I thought I would be fine but as soon as I got married and was wearing both rings I had the same reaction as you on my fingers. I ended up having to get them rhodium plated and that seems to stop the reaction. The plating lasted me 2 years before they reacted again. I also usually take my rings off to sleep and shower as I found my fingers swelling at night was making it worse. Good luck with whatever you decide. I hated not being able to wear my rings!

  64. Jen says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Changing your wedding rings would be tough….but not wearing them would be even harder! Maybe just think of them evolving as your lives and relationship has evolved? And there is nothing wrong with that! πŸ™‚

  65. Heather says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have Platinum, and I love it. Apparently, platinum is hypoallergenic so you shouldn’t have a reaction. Platinum is really heavy too which I like the feel of. Gold rings are never 100% gold, no you will want to make sure exactly what you’re reacting to so its not in there. Platinum is completely pure. Good luck, beautiful rings!

  66. Madeline says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Your options are having them remade or not wearing them at all, right? Doesn’t sound like much of a decision. I think people put too much emphasis on items themselves, when it’s the meaning behind the item. My wedding ring was stolen by, we think, the nanny we had at the time. I couldn’t wear it because I was pregnant and then it was gone. Anyway, my husband and I picked out a new one and I don’t find it less meaningful than what I had.

  67. Sara says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have the same trouble. I am allergic to nickel. Even though my ring is gold there is still trace amounts of nickel. It’s a struggle! The dermatologist gave me some cream that keeps the rash at bay and I am usually alright if I don’t take off for an extended time. If I don’t wear it for a while the rash will return almost immediately when I put it back on.

  68. Jacqueline says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    As an Illinois girl (no longer) displaced in the South, I also had to change from white gold to platinum–after baby #1. My jeweler (understanding this issue) gave me three choices: yellow gold or platinum (few are allergic to either of these) or stainless steel (even fewer to none are allergic, hence medical tools are made from stainless). I chose platinum and have no issues since. After the price spent on the original stone, it was a worthy cause to continue wearing the sentiment. Best wishes!

  69. Jennelle says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Yes, absolutely! If it meant I could wear them, I would have no qualms about changing them. I’d love to upgrade my center stone, but that’s much less drastic. I’m hoping to do that for our ten year anniversary. πŸ™‚

  70. Kristina Fisk says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My wedding ring sat in a box unworn for the last five years because it was yellow gold, something I don’t wear much of anymore, and because the prongs often caught on sweaters, nylons, etc. I bought a cheap band and wore that instead. It bummed me out though that my beautiful diamond sat unworn in a drawer. This last fall, I took it to a local jeweler and had it reset in white gold (much more cost effective than platinum) with a prongless setting, and I couldn’t be happier to wear my wedding ring again. I chose a custom design, so that was an extra cost, but was able to use the old gold for trade in value. I would go for it….

  71. Laurel says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I got mine redone in platinum and what I did was I had the engagement ring and the wedding band remade in platinum but I kept the original gold wedding band for sentimental “this was what you gave me on my wedding day” reasons. To keep the wedding band was cheap. I’m really happy with my decision

  72. Stacy says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Hi Kate! I had the same issue after my 2nd and 3rd babies were born. We went through the list of potential allergies with my dermatologist and eventually came to the conclusion that it was likely water/soap reside not getting dry underneath the rings. With little ones, you know how much time you spend with your hands in water – washing dishes, bottles, or simply just cleaning your hands. That area under your rings doesn’t get completely dry. Mine got itchy, red, and flaky. Just a thought. May not be what you’re experiencing at all but thought I would throw it out there.

  73. Page says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I think I would definitely have them remade. While the sentimentality of your original rings is important, having them remade so that you can actually wear them is a symbol of the changing journey that you are on throughout your life and marriage.

    • Kate says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      I like your thinking on that!

    • Posted January 18, 2016

      Emotionally, it would be hard for me to remake my rings; but, if I clear my head, what is truly unchangeable is the commitment, the meaning behind the rings. Even if you hadn’t developed a rash to the rings, your finger size might change somewhere down the road, which might lead to having to alter your rings in some way or another. With that being said, I agree with what Page said up above; It’s important to be able to actually wear your rings so you could demonstrate the changing journey you’re on as you live life as husband and wife! πŸ™‚

  74. Michelle H. says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Your rings are dear to you because they are the rings Justin gave to you when he asked you to be his wife and the day he promised to love you and support you forever. Engagement and wedding rings are so special. It’s definitely a tough decision. One option I might suggest before you completely alter your rings forever, is looking into having them dipped into gold (is white gold an option for you, as opposed to yellow gold?). That way the original material stays in place, but the gold coating on the outside of the ring should protect your skin. You’ll likely have to get the rings re-done every so often as the gold coating may start to wear. But it may be a better option than completely melting down your rings and having something new made. Otherwise, if dipping the rings is not a good fit for you, then I would definitely suggest having them completely redone. You’ll still have your original diamonds, and maybe you could have the palladium made into something interesting – a keepsake of some kind. Good luck.

  75. Amanda says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    The same thing happened to me after pregnancy! I’ve been getting my rings rhodium plated from the jeweler every 6 months. It costs about $40 and was a complete life changer for me. Ever since doing this, I’ve never had a problem with that ugly rash. My rings look awesome because it will take the dullness out of the white gold.

  76. Posted January 18, 2016

    If you love them as they are, I would suggest maybe just getting them remade (to appear the same) but with a different metal. Be it gold or white gold, or whatever you find works best with your body chemistry.

    My husband has the same issue with metals. We originally purchased a wooden wedding band for him, it was SO cool… but way too delicate for a man day to day. He went through 4 different rings in 1 year!!! Thank you Etsy for replacements πŸ˜‰

    He now has a titanium ring – he purchased it from Ebay, himself, he felt bad that I spent so much on replacing the wooden bands for him. He hasn’t had any issues and other metal gives him fits. (He once had to stop wearing a belt buckle or falling asleep in his jeans (if it sat on his skin for too long on his stomach he’d have the same issue as you do on your finger). Granted we’re in our 30’s now, we don’t really pass out in our clothes after a fun night anymore πŸ˜‰

    Good luck with this! If you don’t get them redone, maybe just have a new set made and keep these, they always look lovely, to me, on a necklace as well. ox

  77. Ashley Beth says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I would absolutely have them remade! There’s nothing wrong with crafting a ring that doesn’t give you a rash. When we got married at ages 18 & 19 (15 years ago), the only ring my husband could afford was a simple, small stone. He always said that he wanted to give me something a little nicer when we were older and had made a way for ourselves. After the birth of our second son, it was just us in the delivery room with our new baby boy. My husband pulled out a ring box with a beautiful new ring that he had picked out himself. It was very sentimental and sweet. I still have my original ring to possibly give to one of our children or to just keep forever for myself. Wedding rings can evolve as your marriage does and still be just as special as the day he put it on your finger.

  78. Tricia says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My sister had the same issue as you and thought she was allergic to the metal also. She went to the dermatologist and the allergist and learned that the problem is her sensitive skin when water trapped under her rings against the skin when she washes her hands. Now she is meticulous about taking off her rings and thoroughly drying her hands. There is also medicine that she uses now that gets rid of her flare-ups in one day. It has made a big difference to her! I would hate for you to redo your rings and discover the problem isn’t the metal at all.

  79. Charise says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I don’t have any of the issues you’re having except for when water gets trapped under my rings, it does cause a slight rash on my finger. I would say get them reset, you’d have your original stones in a new setting that you could wear everyday and not have to worry about it breaking you out into a rash. For me, we had a bad experience when purchasing my engagement ring/wedding band set and we are going to be replacing both as soon as we can afford it hopefully this year by trading them in for the new set. When we do, I won’t have my original set…I’m not sure how I feel about that yet, but I’m excited to have a set that will have better memories attached to it and a set that I actually love. My current band doesn’t lay symmetrically against my engagement ring and it drives me insane to look at it! I didn’t notice that until months after we purchased them and it was too late to return them by then.

  80. Vikki says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have this problem too. My doctor told me that it is contact dermatitis. I live in a hot humid environment (Brisbane Australia) and it only seems to affect me in the summer when my fingers swell up. I just take them off for a few days when it happens and then put them on well it has healed up. Love my rings though and wouldn’t get them remade..

  81. Katie says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My nephew’s wife had the same issue with palladium rings. She has 3 rings (engagement with bands on either side) but made as one. She thought she had a palladium allergy but the jeweler who made the rings (he lives in Durham) gave her instructions to dip the rings in boiling water every so often to kill bacteria and to keep them dry and she hasn’t had a problem since.

  82. Kristin says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have this same problem! I’ve found soaking my rigs in a solution of 1 part peroxide to 2 part vinegar helps so much. I will still get the rash from time to time, but this lessens It. Soak for 15 minutes, rinse clean, and then dry.

  83. Erin says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    It may not be your rings! I too developed a rash under my rings shortly after getting engaged seven years ago. I thought I might be allergic to the platinum but since I was newly engaged I decided to suffer the itch and wear it anyway. Eventually, the rash spread all over my hands and I wore my rings intermittently. Then, the rash moved to my right hand, where I didn’t wear any rings. (This was over a year later). Long story short, after years or trying different creams and being told it was just eczema but it never truly clearing up a light bulb went off. I started thinking, what else changed when I started wearing the rings…I moved in with my husband and started drinking Diet Coke something I rarely ever drank previously.
    It has been five months since I gave up drinking Diet Coke and I am rash free!!!
    I’ll hope it is something this simple for you too. Best of luck!

  84. Beth says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Can you have them dipped? My friend wanted to wear her grandmother’s ring for her wedding, but it was yellow gold, which just wasn’t her thing. She took it to a jeweler and they dipped it so it appeared to be white gold. Maybe that would help you? If that didn’t work I would have my rings remade with different metal, but the same setting. I’m sentimental and wouldn’t want them to look very different but I would want to wear them. I never take mine off so not wearing them would really bother me.

  85. Nichole M says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    This happens to me as well when I wear a wide band ring. You may want to try taking your rings off before washing your hands, and making sure you dry your hands really well before putting your rings back on. As one poster above said, you may also want to try changing the antibacterial soap too. I would try these changes before I had my precious rings remade.

  86. Nicki says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have been married for 25 years and am on my 3rd wedding ring. I got my hand caught with my first ring when I was pregnant and to get myself free I ruined my ring. The second setting I got I used the same diamond but chose a whole new design. Well, that lasted 4 years and then I unfortunately got it caught again and messed it up beyond fixing because of the design. I was without a ring for the next 10 years just wearing a cheap ring on my finger because I could not decide on what I wanted to do about a ring. I finally chose a flat band with diamonds about 2 years ago and I love it. Even though I don’t wear the original ring that my husband gave to me–I feel that this ring is just as special. The funny thing is, no one actually realized that I have changed rings 3 times throughout the last 25 years! I say, do what you can to be able to wear a ring again. It is worth it! Good Luck!

  87. Shannon says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I say go for the change if it allows you to wear them! Absolutely.

  88. Posted January 18, 2016

    Change them! I have been married 27 years and I have reset my ring at least twice. I wear different bands with my wedding band and engagement ring too? Yes, they are sentimental pieces but it’s just jewelry. It doesn’t change the love and commitment you have with your spouse. It’s not like you are being a jerk-you have an allergy and would like to wear your rings!

  89. Jocelyn says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I would definitely get them remade, once I knew what metal would not trigger the allergic reaction. I get not wanting to mess with the sentiment of the rings as they were given to you, but I would just want to wear them. To me, that’s a greater testament to what they stand for and their personal significance than the fact that they stay exactly the same as the moment they were given — especially because the reason behind it is health-related. And your rings are beautiful too!

  90. Lindsey S says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Hi, I see that you have a lot of comments but I wanted to let you know some info from a person who worked in the jewelry industry for some time. The chance that you are allergic to the metal is extremely unlikely since you have palladium, platinum would be is sister metal as you mention but both are very sterile materials. Many people who would come in talking about allergies actually had the same issue as you. It’s the water that is trapped under the ring causes the irritation. You should get a steroid or rash cream over the counter works or an aloe Vera moisture based creams. Depending on how your skin heels it could take up to 6weeks -2months to heal. When you take it off and then put it back on you are re-irritating the skin causing any of the healing that did take place to be reversed. Lastly, get your rings professionally cleaned so that any irritants like lotions or soap aren’t under the “grooves ” of the rings by the diamonds. I know this was long but I hope this helps.

  91. Gwenn says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My mom has the same kind of allergy. If it were me, I’d have them remade in white gold. You get the same look without the itch.

  92. Posted January 18, 2016

    Dear Kate,

    My name is Janie and I am working at the family business (St-Onge Jeweller) in the high-end jewellery manufacturing business and we are located in Montreal, Canada. We have been working with Palladium alloy ONLY for the last 10 years so I am 100% aware or what you are going through because you are not the first one we hear that has this issue.

    I can tell you one thing…you most probably are allergic to some nickel that must be in your ring even if it is made in Palladium. Believe it or not, even if stores sell jewellery in that they say is in Palladium, it is not 100% sure that it is 100% Nickel Free. What I can tell you also is that more than 12% of the population is allergic to nickel. Unfortunately most of the jewellery on the market is made in China and they need to cut any place the can in order to lower their costs. Palladium is WAY more expensive than Nickel.

    The worst part is that if someone is not allergic to nickel, just wearing a ring with Nickel can trigger allergies. It is a really toxic material. Nickel is now forbidden in all Europe. We had a lady coming to us last year….she was wearing her rings that she bought I don’t know where without any problem…then she had twins…then she tried putting back her rings after her pregnancy but she had major allergies. She came to us because she saw on internet that we do special designs. We made an exact replica of her ring in palladium and now she has no problem at all. We cannot put our finger on exactly what causes that but it is very very frequent. In our company, all our pieces of jewellery are made with Palladium that is 100% NICKEL FREE….yes it exists! We do our own design and casting and production ourselves in Montreal so we know exactly what we put in our products. If you want to read a little bit more about it here is a link to our website page:


    Unfortunately, your solution would have to have it redone because the rash won’t go by itself. The other solution would be another color of gold, like yellow or pink because in these there is no nickel at all.

    Hope this helps ! Don’t hesitate if you need more info…

  93. Ashley Foresman says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Have you tried having them plated? We took my mom’s ring to the jeweler and had it plated with white gold, that way it maintains the original look of the ring but may not irritate you since it will be the gold that touches your skin? It was only about $30 to have her ring plated in white gold so it could be a cost-effective option you could try πŸ™‚

  94. Christina says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I had your exact problem about five years ago, and I had mine replated with rhodium. It cost less than 200$ and it worked like a charm. You can’t tell they’ve been plated. I haven’t had any problems since, although the plating does wear eventually. I would look into it!

  95. Heather says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I actually just went through a similar dilemma. Not the allergy (though I do have a nickel allergy that causes the same symptoms you described – no costume jewelry for this girl, unfortunately!) part, but the remaking struggle. My husband’s mom passed away about 6 years ago. When she did, my husband inherited his mom’s engagement ring and his grandmother’s engagement ring. The diamonds were very sentimental to him and he had been asking me to have them added to my ring for quite some time. I struggled because my ring is MY ring, but I also wanted to honor him and his family as well. In any case, we finally went to our jeweler in December and I ended up having them add the two diamonds to either side of my engagement ring (luckily they were both about the same size so this worked for us). Then they used the diamonds from the band on my engagement ring to make an identical third ring to match my wedding band- like yours! My husband actually convinced me by saying he liked the representation of the engagement ring, the wedding band and the third band representing us starting a family and the three stone engagement ring representing past, present and forever. It was very sweet. I was nervous going to pick up the new set, but I LOVE it. I’m so glad I did it and I don’t regret it for one second. Good luck making your decision!

  96. Nicole says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I ran into the same problem. My wedding band was platinum and engagement ring, white gold. I went over a year wearing my rings only on special occasions because a rash would form under the chambers. I chalked it up to the water staying in the chambers and irritating my skin, so my husband gave me his blessing to completely change my ring. I have a solitary diamond now – a ring with no chambers that sits above my skin, and I have never regretted it nor have experienced the persistent rash!

  97. Kristen says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My husband bought me an antique ring form Belgium. Incredibly gorgeous but incredibly fragile! We have a jeweler who has reinforced it 3 different times to try to strengthen it but it is just the way it was constructed. I haven’t been able to wear it in about, 3 years or so. We recently thought about either buying a new one or taking out the diamonds and have a new ring made. I ended up buying a new one entirely and keeping my old ring but I may use those diamonds to make something for my children when they get older.

  98. Katy says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I recently got engaged. My fiancees mom had gotten her ring remade a few years ago so when he went to buy a ring for me he took her original band and they were able to repair it and add a new stone. Now I’m wearing the band that my future father and mother in law picked out together 30 years ago. It’s a special way to bring two families together. Even if you get it remade, your bands may have a second life with your boys down the road πŸ™‚

  99. Melissa says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    What if you had the stones removed and re-set into identical bands made from a different metal? That’s probably what I would do. Your rings are a simple enough design that there is probably a jeweler out there who could do it for you.

    My skin fuh-REAKED out after I had my babies! Especially my first. It dried up like the Sahara, broke out in severe acne, AND became super sensitive – it was physically painful or at least uncomfortable every single day. I had two severe allergic reactions while searching for solutions – my entire face turned tomato red, burned like the dickens, and flaked like crazy as it healed. I figure it was my crazy hormones that affected my skin so badly, and in the end all I could do was just wait for my body to normalize. I was kind of bitter that I had to deal with that while I was trying to enjoy my new baby. That sounds bad, I know, but it’s the truth. My skin was THAT bad. πŸ™ So I really feel for new moms whose bodies go nuts on them after having a baby. A new baby is enough of an adjustment on its own – having to re-learn your own body in the midst of that can be pretty frustrating.

  100. Amelia says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    This exact thing happened to me, only with gold. It was actually one of the signs I was pregnant. My poor finger broke out in a rash and I haven’t been able to wear gold again. I’d like to set them in a different metal, but I’m not sure what wouldn’t bother my skin???

  101. Nancy says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I say change them if it makes you happy! You are still married to the same guy, so any ring you wear will work!!! My story about rashes and wedding rings is so far out there, but I thought I’d mention it. I had rashes that started under my rings after I had my second child. It got so bad that my fingers swelled up and I couldn’t wear my rings. I always made sure I dried under them well and did everything I could think of to make it stop. I went to dermo’s for several years trying different things to combat the rash. As time went on, the rash moved between most of my fingers. It was so bad that just putting my hands in water was PAINFUL! I had to wear gloves to give the kids baths because of the pain. Long story short-after about a year, I got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Dry skin (as well as many other symptoms that dr’s did not put together) was a huge symptom. Within one week, ONE WEEK of starting to take thyroid medicine, my rash cleared up and has never come back! Doctors and many things I have read say that many thyroid problems start after giving birth. Not to say that is your problem, but you never know! πŸ™‚

  102. Tara says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    you just described me to a T. I have very dry sink all year round, very bad psoriasis on my scalp(I get steroid injections to help). I noticed about 1.5 years after I was married that I was getting this really bad rash under my ring; they are platinum. I couldn’t wear them I would get this really bad flakey rash. I’d stop wearing them for a few days rash would go away and same storey for the next 10 months. I kept them off for about 3 weeks and them cleaned them put them back on and made sure to take them off to dry hands to take away moisture, no showering with them. The biggest helper for me was not to sleep with them at night anymore. I have been doing this for 6.5 yrs now and have not had a problem since. My thought is if you can’t wear them then that is not good as they represent something very special, if you and your husband are in agreement get them switched out and then have them blessed again.
    Hope it all works out for you!

  103. Jennifer Ellis says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I lost my rings in a house fire 7 years ago, from that I’ve learned (always knew as I’m sure you do too) better that things aren’t so important. I now wear a fake set I bought for $20 as I have come to realize it is the sentiment behind the rings, the commitment, that matters to me not the rings themselves. My husband has bought me many thoughtful gifts since then that I treasure, but if I lose them again, it’s all ok:) Things aren’t meant to last forever, people are. That may not help you at all and I totally understand the struggle and the sentiment, but letting go of that guilt from it can be very freeing.

  104. Amy says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I had a similar experience after the birth of my daughter, I got a terrible rash on my hands (within days of having her)..it was awful (I also have psoriasis as well). The rash subsided after a few weeks, but my finger was very sensitive to my engagement and wedding ring..I would get a terribly itchy rash within an hour of putting them on. I got them cleaned a couple of times by the jeweler that made them, and it would be good for a week or two, then the irritation would begin again. I did not have my rings re-made, and thankfully after a few years the itchiness from the rings has pretty much gone away – it does rear it’s head every now and then, but doesn’t stay nearly as long or as often.

    My mother in law did have her ring re-made for their 40th anniversary and she absolutely loves it. I probably would have done the same eventually if mine hadn’t gotten better. I did notice a difference if I wore only my wedding band (mine are not soldered) and it didn’t seem to rash compared to when I wore both. I hated not wearing my engagement ring, but it was better than nothing for me. πŸ™‚ I hope you find a solution.

  105. Michelle says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I developed the same problem with my second pregnancy. I’ve started wearing my rings only when going out, not just around the house. My wedding band is very narrow so if I wear it alone it tends to not be as bad as wearing both rings. I’m hoping my body chemistry will shift again and the allergy will subside.

  106. Monica says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I had the EXACT same thing happen after I had children. Go to a jewelry store and ask them to coat the inside of the ring in rhodium. I did this and it worked perfectly and it’s cheap and I got to keep my rings the same.

  107. Rae says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have to be very careful with jewelry as I am allergic to nickle and it is a common additive to metals. It’s the reason why I can no longer wear earrings in one of my ears. I never had this allergy until after my first pregnancy, so maybe something similar happened?

  108. Mindy says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My two cents: Yes of course get them remade! It’s the marriage relationship that is dear to you, not the rings. The rings are just the symbol. I had to sell my engagement ring and our wedding bands to put food on the table while my husband was out of work. That was about 3 years ago and it was sooo difficult at the time to do but it was our only option. Not having them opened my eyes to realize how not important they are. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like diamonds πŸ™‚ and someday we will probably replace them, but it’s just a thing. It would make more sense for you to have them in a setting you can enjoy and wear then to have them sitting in a drawer unwearable. Trust me, once they are reset and you are wearing them, you won’t be pining for the old set.

  109. Justine says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Kate, I know my jeweler told me that when a woman is pregnant and even after, the pH balance of the skin changes. I was married 3 years prior to my son, and didn’t get the rash until he was 2. I opted to just have my ring resized up a 1/4, making sure I dry it well when washing….never got a rash again, my son is now 5. Now I never take mine off! My ring is also set in Palladium. But, I agree with some that resetting your diamonds in something that represents who you are now with two boys and the journey you and Justin have been on, it’s sentimental. Design it together. I think changing to rose gold would be too trendy, I would stick with the silver. ?

  110. Michelle N. says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Ok so off the ring subject for a minute ( but I think getting them reset in a different material and having your minister pray over them and the two of you is a wonderful idea) and let me ask you about the psoriasis of the scalp. My 12 year old daughter suffers from this and I’m at a lose of how to treat it. She has long curly hair which is dry to begin with and then the medicated products add to that. Do you have any recommendations?

  111. Kate S. says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I would absolutely have them remade and wouldn’t hesitate to have them restyled. I did that very thing, for far more selfish reasons–my original engagement ring was a beautiful pear cut blue topaz. The stone was exactly what I wanted except for the shape. When I needed to have it resized a few years later, I also chose to replace the stone with a blue topaz that was emerald cut. I love my rings even more now and they still hold the same symbolism for me.

  112. Shanda says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    From the picture it looks like your rings have an open channel under the diamonds. Mine did too and I would get a red rash under my rings from water and soap getting caught. I took them back and had the channels filled with white gold. It didn’t affect the sparkle, but I haven’t had problems with my rings for the past 12 years.

  113. Becky says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Gosh. That is a tough decision. If it were me, I would probably have them re-set. I like the sentiment behind the engagement and wedding bands. The romanticism behind it is just so endearing to me. I say if you can’t wear them the way they are, go have them re-set. It would be fun to pick out something new. Good luck with your decision!

  114. adrianne says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I simply had the band on my engagement ring switched out for a comfort fit band (same metal, etc) and I had tons of heartache over that. I understand the hesitation! In the end, I bet you will be happier having a wedding set you can wear.

  115. Laura says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Eek! Tough decision. If I was allergic to the metal in my rings, I would try to get them duplicated in a different metal if possible. If not, it might be fun to take your husband to look at new styles. A change isn’t a bad thing, either!

  116. Brittany says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    If you want to wear them all the time, I would absolutely have them remade. I have a slight nickle allergy that I discovered when I had my college class ring made out of 10K white gold. Along with that ring I also have a 14K white gold engagement ring, and 14K white gold diamond stud earrings that I love and wear every single day. However, to prevent any sort of allergic reaction I take my rings off and my earrings out at night. It allows the skin under the rings and earrings to breathe, and when I wash my hands and clean my face it allows me to really clean that skin that would otherwise be covered. Taking them off also gives me the chance to give my jewels a gentle soak in jewelry cleaner to keep them sparkling.

    I joke with my fiance that I’m not engaged anymore when I my ring off and I’ll be re-engaged in the morning. Sometimes I’ll forget before I go to the gym and he will see my ring still on the dresser and go “did you forget to be engaged today?”

  117. Amy says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    You can just get them dipped in platinum to test it out but as a hair stylist all my co-workers have the same problem, its not an allergy, its eczema from dampness from water getting trapped under your rings and staying damp and making the rash. Because you have thick bands from all 3 and washing your hands a lot from changing diapers. Take your rings off at night and apply hydrocortizone in that spot and you won’t have a problem and sometimes wear only your engagement ring for breathing room.

  118. Lisa Leonard says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I’m not sure if palladium can be dipped in rhodium, but I would speak with your jeweler and if so, try going that route first. If not, I say get them remade and restyled if there is a different setting you and Justin love. An idea for the metal your original rings were made of: have it melted down and styled into a pendant of some sort, maybe even engrave your wedding date on it. You won’t wear a necklace as often as your wedding set, so it would be a way to keep the original metal meaningful and wearable without the issue of a rash.

  119. Samara says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Do you use hand sanitizer? I kept getting bad rashes under my rings right after my second was born. It was due to using hand sanitizer without taking my rings off first (they are platinum). I started removing my rings before I hand sanitized and I never had a problem after that. It’s funny how something so “normal” can become a problem after pregnancy because our bodies change so much. Just a thought:). Do whatever you need to do with your rings to make you feel good!

  120. Jillian says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have always felt that same sentimentality about not changing my wedding rings, so I totally understand how you feel. But under these circumstances I would change them. Being able to wear them would be the most important thing to me, and I am sure that you can find you find a jeweler who could make them look the same as before. Once I could wear them every day again I am sure it would be worth it! Just pray for peace about the right decision. πŸ™‚

  121. Alexis S says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My white gold ring will give me a rash if I don’t get it re-dipped (not sure the proper term) every two years. The nickel in the ring will come through and irritate my skin. Maybe they can apply a different metal to your existing rings? Very frustrating not being able to wear them, good luck!

  122. Anneka says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Hard choice! I live wearing my ring, so I would probably have it remade in a different metal, but keep the original design. I hope you are able to come to a decision that makes you happy.

  123. Morgan says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My fingers used to get like this where I wear my rings and a lot of it was because they would trap moisture after I washed my hands – which was constantly (I worked in a hospital). I’m sure you do, too, with two little ones and diaper changes and runny noses and general stickiness that comes with little boys! Now I am very conscious about sliding them up and completely drying the skin underneath and putting on lotion after every hand washing and I haven’t had the issue since.

  124. Candy says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    If you can’t wear them, change the material they are set in so you can. It’s a shame just to tuck them away.

  125. Diana says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I’ve had the exact same issues. It sounds like we have a very similar skin story. I also have psoriasis on my scalp. I have platinum rings, and last year my finger and hand developed an itchy rash. I had them professionally cleaned several times to help the issue. The doctor finally prescribed Fluocinonide. It’s a gel that I put on my scalp and hand. I only used it on my scalp two or three times, and after using everything you could possibly imagine to heal it, I haven’t had any issues after using the gel. It also cleared up my hand! Hope you find the solution that best fits your needs.

  126. April says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I used to think that I could NOT part with my originals. After 28 years, we went and bought me a rose gold ring, no band, yet. My originals are put away. On days that I feel ‘sentimental” I simply wear my originals. My original set, too, is very small. My new one, a ROCK! Its all a personal preference πŸ˜‰ Good luck with the sensitivity.

  127. Rachel says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I personally would not change it, but I know SO many people who have. If you’re changing it for a legitimate reason, I totally agree. If it’s to upgrade to “show off” to your friends or be part of some competitive girl game, that’s a no πŸ™‚

  128. Laura says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I’m not sure if this is the solution but it’s worth asking your jeweler about before making such a drastic change… Look into having your rings re-dipped, or replated, with a different metal, such as gold. I know a number of people that have done that when they decided they wanted a white gold look on a yellow gold ring. You may have to get it re-done every few years but I think it’s relatively inexpensive So that may be the perfect solution until you really want to make the commitment to resetting your stones. I’m pretty sentimental, as well, so I can understand your dilemma. Good luck!

  129. Blakley says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Something about my body chemicals eat the finish off of precious metals, sterling silver and gold. It will eat it down to it being rough and dark. I’m not sure why. But a jeweler recommended that I paint the band with clear fingernail polish to create a barrier between the metal and the skin. It works perfectly! You can’t see it and if it starts to peel off slightly over time you just repainted it. I do it to all my rings and earring posts because my ear holes are sensitive as well. It’s worth a try.

  130. Amber says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My platinum wedding ring did not come with a matching band. We found a very similar one that was made out of white gold. What i found after my second pregnancy was that I was allergic to the white gold band, but not the platinum ring! I actually ended up loosing the band when I took it off at work after it started making my finger itch πŸ™ So now we are saving up enough funds to have a platinum band custom designed to match my wedding ring. If you are still having issues with the rash and the palladium is very similar to platinum, I say you should try and borrow a friends platinum or white gold ring or buy a very cheap one (cheap is a relative term when it comes to platinum/gold) and see if you get a rash before going through the trouble of having them remade. I do think the rash will lessen as time goes on, I feel like I am not as sensitive to the gold now that my son is 5 year old as I was after pregnancy.

  131. Posted January 18, 2016

    I think I’d be very emotional about having my rings remade. I am not an overly sentimental person either, but there is something special about my engagement ring, especially, as it was the start of a serious commitment.

    I would hate to not be able to wear it though, in which case, I probably would have it remade so that I could.

  132. Carrie says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I say, a good marriage is able to evolve and if your rings represent that it only shows the flexibility and love in your marriage.

  133. Naz says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    if you are having your rings remade into platinum, please be aware that there are different grades of platinum as well. to ensure the best possible outcome, you should use at least 95% platinum for your ring. that is the most hypoallergenic v. other purity levels of platinum or metals. If you ever head back to Chicago, I know a great jeweler there and he can redo your rings for you in 95 Platinum. he can make an exact copy if you don’t really want to change the ring look. msg me if you want his contact.

    • Naz says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      also, yes it is eczema and it’s caused by the metal, dampness, soup, lotion etc. You have to take your rings off and not get them wet. Good luck!!!!

  134. Stephanie says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Speaking as an extremely sentimental person, I would get them remade. I was extremely attached to my rings, until my engagement ring was stolen a few years ago. Now, I have the ability to change things up and try a different metal (not allergic, just replacing). For me, the ability to wear them every day would trump the sentiment (though I wasn’t exactly given a choice in that), and I’d still have my original wedding band. My husband replaced his band after he misplaced his original (which we then found) so we would still have that sentimental attachment, just with a different every day set. Maybe you could keep your original band for sentimentality and not wear it, then get a new set made for every day?

  135. Cassie Barry says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I’m anxious to hear what you do because I’ve had the EXACT same problems since I had my baby girl 6 months ago – my face is always dry and “thirsty”-feeling no matter what I try, and I can’t wear my wedding rings anymore because of a red, itchy rash. It’s hard to think of replacing the ring that was placed on your finger on your wedding day! I’m not sure what to do about it.

  136. Wendy says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Same problem with my white gold anniversary ring. I haven’t tried this yet but my jeweler suggested boiling it. She said all kinds of bacteria can get stuck in there, even staph. Might be worth a shot!

  137. Posted January 18, 2016

    Yes, have them remade! I’m not sure if it’s the same way for you, Kate, but part of sentimentality of my engagement ring is that my husband picked it out for. You could use the same diamonds from your current ring, but maybe have your husband pick out the design of the new ring? Or if you stick with the current design, but just in a different material, it will still have a similar feel to the originals. I am an extremely sentimental person and it would be difficult for me to not have the exact same rings from our wedding day, but there’s no way I could go without wearing a wedding ring for a long period of time!

  138. Emily says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I would want to enjoy the rings every day, so I would get them remade! This might sound really random, but I started getting little bumps around my wedding ring after having a baby… it was because I was washing my hands sooooo much more often and water would get trapped and cause the bumps. If I take my ring off every time I wash my hands and take it off before bed, I don’t have any issues. Yours is probably a metal allergy, but I thought I’d throw that out there in case you have what I had!

  139. Amanda says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I hope I am not repeating people over and over, but I had the same issue after baby #1. Even the smallest amount of water trapped under your rings will cause this. I have a stack of 4 bands and find putting a little diaper rash cream on the rash clears it right up! I then got the last band on my finger sized up 1/2 of a size so they could move a little easier up and down my finger and water could dry up. I now haven’t had the rash in over a year! I promise try a little diaper rash cream and it will clear right up. I found out through my mommy group in Atlanta that this is a pretty common issue with mamma’s of little ones πŸ™‚

  140. Alicia says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Oh man. What a bummer.

    I have one platinum and one palladium and thankfully no issues with either. I’m not overly sentimental either but I’d have a HARD time with this decision.

    Is it possible to have them played with gold? Or maybe have them remade in different metal but same design?

  141. Sue says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I’m kind of sentimental, but if I was unable to wear my rings, I would probably go ahead and have them remade. Being able to wear them would trump their original state, for me.
    Do you remember where you got your kitty ring tray? TOOOO CUTE!

  142. Alicia says
    Posted January 18, 2016


  143. Stephanie Harrold says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Definitely- have your wedding rings reset in Platinum. I have very sensitive skin and I have never had a problem with platinum. When my children were young, I didn’t wear the wedding ring very much- just the bands unless I was going to a party etc. This way my hands kept dry under the band. The more rings that are stacked on the finger, the harder it is to dry out under them.
    I had my ring reset once and I loved to new look!
    It would be sad to never wear such beauties again

  144. Cindy says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I would love to but the cost is stopping me right now.

  145. Erin Moore says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Hey Kate! I’ve had the same issues with my rings. I have three kids and it got progressively worse with each child. What helped with mine was changing my diet. I did a round of Whole30 and all of my weird skin issues disappeared (I also lost 15 lbs!). Just thought I would share what worked for me:)
    My engagement ring is also set very high (I was constantly scratching my kids!), so my husband got my a Qalo ring for Christmas and it has been great to wear around the house. But it’s also such a comfort to know that I can wear my original set rash free!

  146. Ann B. says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Heck yes! My husband & I have been married 43 years, & my ring is being “overhauled” as we speak πŸ™‚ I’ve done this several times thru the years. Think of it this way – our marriage has gotten bigger & better over the years, & so has my ring! πŸ™‚

  147. Dana Smith says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    We’ve been married for 20 years. For our 15th anniversary, we both chose new bands. I used the diamond from my engagement ring in the setting for the new ring. Styles change and it was time for an update. And since it’s the original stone, I really didn’t think twice about it! I still have the yellow gold original bands and I’m still not quite sure how to utilize them…

  148. jessica says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I had this exact same thing happen, and I have SUPER sensitive skin, usually anything less than 24K gold is an issue. I know, wah, poor me πŸ™‚
    My jeweler suggested to have them dipped every few years in rhodium. I ended up not doing it because I actually was more interested in switching to a plain yellow gold band and just wearing my “fancy” rings for special occasions. Which I’m sure my husband just loves…

  149. Donna V says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have a very bad reaction to earrings (even the “good” ones). I had recently read a suggestion to paint the earring posts with liquid bandage (looks like a little bottle of nail polish). I have been doing that and I can wear my earrings again! I re-apply the liquid bandage every few wears. I don’t know if you could try that with your wedding rings. Maybe coating just the inside and tops of the bands (and not the diamonds) would work.

  150. Posted January 18, 2016

    Well, my husband lost his wedding ring in the ocean on 4th of July several years ago. We saved up for a year and went shopping at Zales when they had a huge pre-owned sale with all wedding bands 50% off. His original was gold with a row of diamonds. We were able to upgrade his ring to a white gold band with a row of larger diamonds! It’s gorgeous and he constantly gets compliments!! My bands are similar to yours but gold. If I were you, I’d compare the costs of having them remade to buying a similar set in a metal that you aren’t allergic to AND to buying a set that’s more to your design liking if this isn’t it. Then decide what you both are happy about.

  151. Krista says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I also get a rash under my bands. I’m sure someone has already mentioned it but (for me) it’s usually due to water being trapped under my rings. I’m constant washing my hands with having a newborn and my ring finger can’t catch a break so I rarely wear them at home. It seems to help-plus now when I wear them I feel like they’re “new” all over again:)

  152. Evelyn says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    First of all, they are beautiful! Can you have them bathed in white gold?

    I never wear mine at home (funny enough, that’s what my grandparents did, they would get home and take them off right away), I like to apply moisturizer all the time and I feel like this saves them from more scratches. I don’t know how you do with yours, but if you put on only when you go out, it may help with the rash!

  153. Pamela says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I can’t wear my rings anymore for longer than a day or 2 a week. Didn’t take them off for 5 years, and the allergy started before my first pregnancy. I’ve heard many different reasons. The most plausible to me is there is nickle in the white gold. I Think these days they’ve gotten rid of it, but it’s likely what is the problem. I can usually wear them for a while after they’ve been freshly rhodium plated, so it makes sense.
    Another thing I’ve heard that hasn’t been mentioned on here, is that you can be reacting to your own perspiration getting trapped under your rings.

  154. Jamie says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Had this issue with my diamond studs after my second baby. They were set in white gold and it turns out that white gold contains 5% nickel which is irritating to my skin. Had the posts changed out for a small amount of money and it seems much better. I’d definitely do it!

  155. Lee Ann says
    Posted January 18, 2016


    This has NOTHING to do with your wedding rings. I’m not much help there because I am not married.

    But, you mentioned psoriasis on your scalp. I have terrible eczema and I am always so embarrassed when I visit my stylist. Do you have any tips for helping with this? Or, for how to approach the issue with your stylist? I don’t want her to think I don’t wash my hair or have bugs or anything. My scalp flakes non-stop. I HATE it.

    Thank you!

    • Jessica says
      Posted January 18, 2016

      Oh my goodness, me too!! It’s SO embarrassing!

      I’d love to hear if there’s anything that works, because I feel like I’ve tried everything known to man!

      Please help, Kate! πŸ™‚

  156. Amy says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Parts of your story remind me of mine own – my ring was bugging me, my skin was really dry. Then I got viral hepatitis and during the many blood tests to determine the cause, I had a positive antibody and after more tests it was a positive SS-B antibody. I was sent to the rheumatologist and diagnosed with Sjogren’s. http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/sjogrens-syndrome/basics/definition/con-20020275

    It isn’t all that common but it does occur mostly in women and it is often triggered by something. In my case maybe the viral hepatitis (we will never really know) but (and I’m totally not a doctor) I’ve heard others say they think their auto-immune issue might have been triggered by pregnancy.

    I just wanted to share the link with you in case you have other symptoms. Good luck with your ring!

  157. Amey says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Hi Kate! Before my daughter was born, I worked for a dermatologist who specializes in rashes and skin allergies. It can be very difficult to find the trigger for a rash, but I would recommend finding a dermatologist in your area who offers Patch Testing and make sure that they order the metals panel for you. The test consists of a series of 3-4 appointments over the course of a week. At the first appointment, they will apply patches with specific allergens to your back and you leave them on for that day and the next day. On the third day, you return to the office and they will remove the patches and mark any reaction that had occurred. In addition to the metals, they will also likely test for common allergens found in chemicals and fibers. I would highly recommend having this test done before you have your rings remade. You may find that it’s not the metal, but something else you’re coming in contact with. I would suggest finding a dermatologist that is accredited with the American Academy of Dermatology. I believe their website is http://www.aad.org and you can search on there for a provider nearby using your zip code. Best of luck!!

  158. Aileen says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Hey Kate! I had a similar reaction after having my daughter. I have three rings too and never had problems before. I went to a dermatologist, and it was a fungal infection. I tried a few strong creams she prescribed and it’s gone! I don’t wear my rings at night and occasionally put a cream on before bed. Might be worth a try before remaking your rings πŸ™‚

  159. Courtney says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I had a similar problem when my boys were little. I thought I also might be allergic to the metal and even saw my dermatologist. I used a cream that would help but not completely resolve the problem. Like you I was careful to keep them as dry as possible. I started taking my rings off when I shower and at night when I sleep this allowed my hand time to breath. This helped a lot.

    I would struggle with resetting or replacing my rings. I know it is silly but this is THE ring he gave me and THE ring he put on my finger when we were married.

  160. Teresa says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Started married life with only a lovely gold wedding band. At 5 years, we were able to afford a lovely diamond ring and I wore those together until our 10th anniversary! At 10 years, I had the ring remade using that diamond and adding 9 more smaller diamonds to celebrate that anniversary!
    I am sure your marriage is constantly changing, so I wouldn’t be too upset by having to make a change so that you can wear your rings everyday! I have been married for 31 1/2 years and I love wearing my wedding ring each day!
    Good luck finding the problem! I would be so frustrated!

  161. Kate says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Any chance you could do a post on what you do for your scalp psoriasis? I’m a new sufferer and am at a complete loss for what to do. Your hair always looks so pretty and full I never would have guessed you suffer from this.

    • Beth says
      Posted January 19, 2016

      I also would like a post about your scalp psoriasis. I just was diagnosed and have been struggling with medications and my hair thinning.

  162. Posted January 18, 2016

    I have had the same problem, couldn’t wear my rings for years. Initially thought it was a water/soap issue and it would get better here and there until it got so bad that I had to completely stop wearing them. Last year I started a no grain, no sugar, no processed food eating plan to help with my ulcerative colitis…not only has it healed my colitis but I am wearing my wedding bands again!! So glad I stuck it out, it’s been 7 months now and I have no problems so not only am I feeling SPECTACULAR but I saved money by not needing to go platinum and break my husband’s heart by not being able to wear the rings he bought. BTW, my husband also chose to do the diet with me and his cholesterol dropped SEVENTY points!! WIN, WiN, wiNNNN!!

  163. Jennifer P. says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My ring is platinum and I had the same problem. But I stopped wearing my ring to wash dishes and removed it when I washed my hands. Just as other people have stated above it was linked to soap and wet hands. I haven’t had a rash since I’ve changed my habits.

  164. Jessica says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    My ring is platinum and I love it. I have very sensitive skin and have never had a problem with it. I used to have white gold but it can wear off and expose yellow gold so I was consistently having to get it re-dipped, which was a hassle. I’ve had my platinum ring over a year and haven’t noticed it graying.

  165. Megan Jones-Smith says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    There are so many comments out there already but hopefully you’re able to read this one too (or maybe someone else has said it already) – IT’S NOT YOUR RINGS!! I have this issue with my skin too under my rings and so do many of my mom friends, all with rings made of different materials. What’s happening is a reaction in your skin to water that’s getting caught under your rings from washing hands/dishes/etc/etc. That’s why it stops if you take off your rings and why it’s worse if you wear wedding & engagement together. Your dermatologist can prescribe you a steroid cream that will deal with the problem in a few days. Mine recurs in dry weather but just a few applications and everything’s back to normal.

    If you want to upgrade your rings too, go for it. But for the redness, get the cream!

  166. Karen says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have the same problem with my platinum rings and like others, believe it’s a soap rash.

  167. Madeline says
    Posted January 18, 2016


  168. Denise says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I would definitely get a new ring set made. I think I would probably get it made exactly the same, just the different metal.

    I know you mentioned having luck with other gold rings, but I think I would purposely wear a gold ring on that finger for a couple weeks, through normal daily wear, to make sure another reaction doesn’t occur!

  169. Meagan says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Can you get them dipped in white gold or is that not possible over another metal? If not, I would personally get them remade on thinner bands without the border (not for aesthetic reasons, just for less metal in case it were to happen again!) but keep the design the same otherwise. Would be a shame for you to not wear them otherwise!

  170. Lynette says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have a true allergy to metal. My ears, neck, chest, anywhere specific metals touch will burn and become red and irritated. I would get allergy tested before you have your ring changed. One trick I use often if I really want to wear jewelry, like date night. I paint the underside that touches my skin with clear nail polish. It works for me. Of course it wears off but it’s cheap.

  171. Amanda says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Kate, this is slightly off topic, but I would be very interested to hear your professional solution to a psoriasis flaky scalp! My preteen daughter’s psoriasis has been flaring up like crazy on her head lately, and the doctor told us the best thing we can do is use Neutragena T-gel shampoo. It helps more than anything else, but she still gets flaky patches (maybe where she missed a spot?). I’d love to hear how you handle it as a professional hairdresser!

    Also, do you have sensitivity to earrings as well? My daughter can’t wear any earrings except for the studs she was pierced with. All others really bother her skin.

  172. Sarah says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    The same thing started happening to me a few years ago after my husband got me an additional band. I never had an issue until I was wearing three rings on that finger. At the end of last year we had my engagement ring reset with a thinner band so that it was more comfortable to wear together with the other two. I was a little sentimental about it at first, but we decided to see it as a life marker (we had our first son in March) – a new setting for a new phase of our life as a family. I haven’t had any problems since (my settings are all white gold).

  173. Posted January 18, 2016

    When my husband and I got married, coming up 2 years ago, we couldn’t afford to get the band I wanted – well we could, but that would mean my husband would have to get a cheaper band for himself and I refused to let that happen. I liked the band we ended up getting for me, but my husband said in a few years he’d upgrade me to the band I wanted or a new one I like.

    Now that we are coming up on 2 years married…I look at my band and think “Nope. I’m never taking this off. It’s MINE” – of course I wouldn’t mine getting a 3rd band to add to my collection (Engagement ring, Original Wedding band, & a new one)…but I couldn’t imagine my finger without my original band…

    with that being said, I don’t have the same problem you’re having. I can definitely see where you’re feeling conflicted. However, I’d freak out if I wasn’t able to wear my rings at all. I’d definitely try to take the diamond from your original and get a new band.

  174. Megan says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I’m in the same boat. I have two eternity bands and am always losing diamonds out of them since there is nothing around the diamonds to protect them. The jeweler has offered to replace them with different bands but I am attached to these bands since one was given to me on our wedding day and one was given to me when our daughter was born. But I also hate the hassle of having to drop them off and be without them for a week or more every couple of months.
    If I was unable to wear them at all, like you are right now, I would definitely get them replaced. Good luck!

  175. Mallory says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I would 100% have them re-done. My ring means so much to me, it was my late grandmother’s and I love it dearly. If I wasn’t able to wear it I would be heartbroken and definitely have it re-made to fix the problem.

  176. Julie says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    If you cannot wear them very often, then I would suggest remaking them… Just remember they are a symbol and once you get used to looking at the new bands, it will me a memory and you will probably be thrilled that you can wear your ring any day/every day. Good luck in your decision.

  177. Jasmin says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    HI Kate,
    I use clear nailpolish for my earrings That i react Allergic to.
    Maybe that will work for You too.
    Allergies may Change over the Time.
    I got two children and it Took my Body several year recover.
    Excuse my Bad english
    Greetings from Germany to You

  178. Lindsay says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have platinum bands which are supposed to be hypoallergenic. After baby #3 I started getting a terribly itchy, blustery rash under my rings. I have done lots of tests and yep, my rings are too tight plus water trapped underneath. It is a yeast type reaction. Try clotrimazole and make sure you dry your fingers well. It doesn’t happen when your rings are looser because there is more air flow underneath.

  179. Amanda says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Personally, I wouldn’t be able to change mine- I love them too much and they have a lot of sentimental value to me! I’ve heard of people (mostly guys) who have had skin irritations from their rings put clear nail polish on the inside of the bands, and that seems to work! Try it out before making a big change, and fingers crossed it will work for you too! : )

  180. Nichole K says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Oh my gosh, I thought it was just me! My rings have been giving me a bad rash too after my son was born! It kills me not to be able to wear my rings, and I would absolutely consider having them redone. I was thinking about getting them re-rhodium plated (they’re white gold and the rhodium is what makes them silver, rather than yellow), but I’m not sure that will help. Earrings or a necklace are a good idea too if you go with a whole new set – or move the stones to a new setting made of different metal.

  181. Kristin says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I don’t know if this was already mentioned, but have you considered that it may be from your rings being ‘hallow’ on the underside? (If they are that style) My wedding bands are and it allows moisture to sit in there (and body/ hair products I’m sure) and causes irritation.

  182. Tanya says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I did not read all the other comments, so don’t know if this is a repeat. I had the same problem with my ring (gold) after having my 2 kids 18 months apart. After my youngest was about 1, I was able to wear my rings again with no rash. This led me to believe it might be something hormonal.

    So my advice might be to wait a few months to see if things improve with time.

  183. Maggie says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    IMHO a remade ring you can wear bets the heck out of an original you can’t.

  184. Courtney says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I also have the same problem with a skin irritation under my rings especially after being in water for a long period of time. Whether it’s from cleaning, doing dishes or swimming. My allergy doctor told me it was because of a build up of soap and other chemicals that get under my rings and don’t get any air to dry out. He prescribed me a topical ointment to use when the break outs are really bad. Other then that I try to be mindful and remember to take of my rings when I will be cleaning, doing dishes or having my hands in water for long periods of time. After these times I make sure to let my hands dry completely and then moisturize with a really good hand cream. I hope this advice helps.

  185. Sara says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    You may want to get tested for metal allergies before deciding–I did that and discovered I was allergic to nickel, copper, and iron. During my first pregnancy I developed a nickel allergy and, like you, was unable to wear my wedding rings. My second pregnancy seems to have made the allergy milder, as I am able to wear my rings again unless it is really hot and humid and I am sweaty. So I’d say there is hope that someday this won’t be such a bother for you.

  186. Posted January 18, 2016

    I’ve had the same problem after having my second baby 5 months ago. It’s called ring dermatitis and it’s such a bummer. I think it’s a hormone thing for me. I go weeks without wearing my rings, and just a few hours or a day wearing them again and it comes back. For our wedding anniversary last year my husband and I got simple “bands” tattooed on our ring fingers. So I like having that during the time I can’t wear my rings.

  187. Marilyn says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I would get a new setting with your old stone. change it up and have fun πŸ™‚ It does sound like the water and detergent might be the cause of your skin condition. I let my rings dry out after washing hands before putting back on.
    Palladium is not a lower quality though less expensive. It is actually less malleable and safer than platinum so the stone doesn’t fall out.
    We all would love to see what your new ring looks like if/when you change.

  188. Marilyn says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    After 29 years of marriage, I recently had my stones remounted . I have no regrets. I really struggled with the decision because I am so sentimental but now I love my rings and wear them proudly. We made a big deal about it and took a little trip and went to a nice dinner and celebrated as if renewing our vows and commitment to each other all over again. Your new rings will be just as meaningful as the day you were married.

  189. Chris says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Interesting to hear others have this issue. I’m not allergic to marriage?! I only wear my rings when out of the house. This has helped, but I still always have a few bumps and itchiness. I will be removing B&B soap to see if that helps. I do have a backup plain band I wear when the rash gets irritating. I’ve already told my husband I want the rings reset at year 10. Styles change and I’m excited to explore something different.

  190. Stacey Esek says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I actually just had my wedding rings remade last year for my 10th anniversary, my husband’s idea. I was VERY hesitant about changing them, and actually kept the wedding band. We used all diamonds from the original engagement ring, and made two new bands that fit together. Yellow gold, somehow still looks modern. It did take me awhile to get used to it, but now over a year later I absolutely love them. We also had it done custom by a local jeweler who we were in constant contact with through the process. I would definitely recommend this, good luck!

  191. elizabeth says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I had a very similar experience several years ago. I first asked my regular doctor who suggested it was an allergy to the metal and gave me a cream to clear it up. This did not help at all and the weirdest thing was that. I could wear a ring on the other hand and have no problems. I would suggest cleaning your rings very, very well in something antibacterial and trying them for a few days on another finger because when the cream did not help and I’d taken off my rings, I made an appointment with my dermatologist. It wasn’t an allergy after all and I was easily able to treat it with an antibiotic steroid cream and then the rash was gone forever. So, maybe asking your dermatologist as well. My big advice for that is to make sure you go when your finger has the rash because different rashes mean different things so they need to see it.

    If it truly is a metal allergy, we saw some of those when I worked in jewelry retail and often when we dipped the ring in rhodium the coating would prevent the rash. This is usually done for white gold rings to make them look shiny and silvery but you can use it for other metals too. It is usually fairly inexpensive ($50 or so) and can be done in a day or two if your jeweler does repair work in-house. It may need to be re-done every year but it’s a small price to pay if it works to protect your finger.

  192. Sue says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I would have them remade in white gold. You need to wear them!!

  193. Crystal says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I am having this same issue! When I wear them regularly the rash comes back and when I do wear them the rash goes away. I had thought maybe it was from where I wash my hands 1947 times a day and maybe I’m not drying my hands, especially my fingers and the moisture was causing a rash?? I never thought about an allergic reaction issue because it just started a few months ago and I’ve been wearing these since 2008. My son is 2, so I don’t know that it could be hormonal. Would this be a good question for a dermatologist? It kind of looks gross when it’s full on.. But I don’t want to stop wearing my rings and I’m also hesitant about having them remade or getting new ones.

  194. Evelina says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I’m sure someone already mentioned this but would you be able to have them dipper in white gold? That’s what mine are and I love them! I definitely think you need to do something because not wearing them at all is heartbreaking!

  195. Martha says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Yes I definitely would. I had mine redone years ago. I have been married nearly 29 years. My band kept breaking in the back and my jeweler said that the band was too thin, especially for the size diamond I had. I finally had the diamond remounted on a much thicker band. Since my husband had lost his wedding band playing volleyball at a church picnic, we decided to get matching bands at that point. It was no big deal to us. I actually like my new rings better.

  196. Kb says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I had the exact same issue. I now have to bathe my kiddos with disposable gloves on. Even if I’m not wearing the rings I’ll still get the rash if I bathe the kids with no gloves. It took me forever to find the issue because I was using such a mild soap for babies. Seriously, how could that be harmful.

  197. Sara says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I had the same issue in the wintertime in New England when we lived there, it was awful and I had several friends who couldn’t wear their rings in the winter but it was super dry there. I think having them remade just because would be one thing but having them redone so they’re wearable is another. My engagement ring is just what we could afford and I always envisioned upgrading, but now that we can I don’t want to. A good friend lost her wedding set a few years ago and was devastated-but the replacement is absolutely gorgeous and she loves them now. If you can’t wear them as they are then maybe try a gold band first to see if you have the same issues and you a) didn’t change your set until you’re sure and b) have a ring to wear. I hope you get it sorted!

  198. Jessica says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I had the same issue with my rings. I would get a bumpy rash under my rings and/or my finger would itch like crazy. I ended up taking them off. I stopped using antibacterial soap and put frankincense essential oil on the rash every day for a week or so. In two weeks, the rash and itching was completely gone. It has not come back since and that was over a year ago. I can now wear my rings without any issues.

  199. Heather says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have also been toying with resetting my engagement ring, but haven’t been able to justify the expense since there isn’t anything “wrong” with them. I have a friend that wanted a ring that was white gold originally but she wanted it in yellow and the jeweler was able to plate the ring in yellow gold. I believe they removed the stones, replated it, and put the stones back in. Might be an option for you! If I wasn’t able to wear mine I would definitely take action!

  200. Alli says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    I have a horrendous, itchy rash from my rings, too! (White gold) My grandmother went through every single type of metal available at the time, she remembers trying sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold and platinum- she reacted to all. I have to clean mine in a mixture of water and ammonia weekly and the rash is SO much better. I have diamonds surrounding my bands with the small holes beneath each stone, they get filthy and I have really noticed that the dirtier my ring, the worse the rash. (This includes lotion residue) I wash my hands at least fifty times more since having three young kids and that is the biggest change, I can’t get my rings off currently (oops!) so I’m using an rx cream every other day that does help keep it at bay. I say try cleaning weekly and see if it helps- ask a jeweler for the best way. Ours said the ammonia and water boiled and to never use a store bought solution, but you know everyone has a different opinion πŸ˜‰

  201. Darcie Atchley says
    Posted January 18, 2016

    Hi Kate!
    I had a similar reaction to my rings years ago. Mine are yellow gold and look very similar to yours…except I don’t have the third band…yet ? What I found that worked is taking them off at night and rubbing Neutrogena lotion (the thick Vaseline type) on my hands before bed. After about a week of doing that I haven’t had a rash pop up ever again. Hope this helps so maybe you don’t have to get a new setting at all!

  202. Lisa says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    I would absolutely have them remade if I were in your situation. I love my rings and would be heartbroken if I was unable to wear them. It was bad enough to wear them on a necklace during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. But I would have them remade to look exactly like the originals. I feel they tell an entire story about who we were at that moment in our lives.

  203. Becky says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    THIS HAPPENED TO ME FOR YEARS! I tried everything. One day it just went away and now I SWEAR it was hormonally triggered. I was on birth control the whole time my rings caused me problems. I went off the pill 4 years ago to have my babies and havent been back on it and had a problem since!

  204. Rosa says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    I am sorry to hear about your skin condition. I would take picture of the current rings and then think about other options, that way I will always have the rings in the memory.

    You can definitely think about choosing a different material and still having the same design, if you want to keep the current design. I think doing anything to resolve the skin problem should be the first priority.

    I hope this helps!


  205. Priscilla says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    My wedding ring did that to me also at one point. I can’t remember if it was during a hormonal time like a pregnancy or after a pregnancy but I just know it did go away on its own. Maybe before redoing your rings you could wait it out a little longer and see if it clears up? It might take some time. In the meantime, you could wear a backup.

  206. Stellina says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    I would leave original rings as they are, and keep them for your children (or their brides, daughters…) and I would buy a new set for myself to wear, making sure, of course, that you choose materiasl you are not sensitive to.

  207. Kelly says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    I had a rash like what you described with my first wedding set and nothing cleared it up (except not wearing the rings). I eventually redesigned my ring into just one ring and it did the trick! I also went from platinum to white gold, so perhaps that is what helped clear up my rash. I’ve been very happy with it ever since and have not looked back. I’m pretty sentimental, but as long as it was the same stones, I didn’t mind that we were changing the setting. We even added a few extra pave diamonds in there! I love it πŸ™‚

  208. Lauren says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    You may want to try having your rings played with rhodium. It’s a sister metal to platinum, and may create a layer of hypo allergenic protection for you. The rhodium does wear off over time, so you’d have to have them redipped periodically, but it may save you from having to wear new rings.

  209. Nikki says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    My husband and I recently changed my rings. The new ones are a completely different style and I was very sentimental about my old rings and really really struggled with the idea of changing them … that is, until the new rings were on for two days or so. For me, the key was that we picked them out together and got exactly what I’ve wanted all these years and in his eyes, the new ones are even more special because of that. I remember the guilt and agony while I waited for my new rings to be sized but man that passed quickly. I still can’t believe I’m sitting here thinking “go for it”!, but really, Go For It! Get exactly what you want in a metal that won’t irritate you and once it’s done you’ll be very happy πŸ™‚

  210. Brandi Stalvey says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    I have the same issue sometimes. Mine seems to be related to moisture and other buildup, but it seems like you’ve ruled that out as a cause. I use DoTerra Frankincense EO to help when I do get the rash. Maybe give that a try if you have it in your collection! (You have to get used to the woodsy smell, though). I love love love the cat plate you have your rings on in this photo! Any chance you remember where you got it? I really think I need that in my life!! πŸ˜€

  211. Posted January 19, 2016

    Hi Kate,

    I have to share this because I think I have had this same experience. I got married last May, never had any issues with my engagement ring at that point. After I started wearing my wedding band with my engagement ring, I was okay for a couple months, until the weather got dry in the fall. At that point, i started getting an awful red, dry rash under my rings. (I also have very fair, sensitive skin. I still get sun poisoning.) I thought it was an allergy but refused to believe that because I have never had a reaction to gold. Someone told me it could be that soap was getting trapped under my rings, causing irritation – combined with the dry weather. So, I started taking my rings off to wash my hands and dry them before putting my rings back on. I also started sleeping with a humidifier in my room. Those two things combined have fixed the problem! And, usually once a day before I put my rings on, I put a little bit of Burt’s Bees Hand Salve on my ring finger just to keep it super hydrated. You might try that before getting new rings.

    Also, in the midst of this issue, I did have to get my engagement ring replaced for other reasons. I kept losing diamonds out of the band on my engagement ring – it as just too delicate of a ring as much as I loved it. I am a sentimental person so I was hesitant to have it replaced, but I love the new ring 100 times more than the old one! I kept the center stone, simply had it re-set. It still has sentiment because the center stone is the most valuable part of the ring and it’s the one my husband proposed to me with.

    Hope this helps:)

  212. Carrie Talbott says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    Hi Kate! I know a lot of people have already replied with similar info but I have had that same issue with my wedding rings in the past. I got patch tested for other skin allergy issues I was having and am allergic to, among other things, palladium. I thought that was the cause of my wedding ring rash but my jeweler says my white gold rings are made with nickel, not palladium (although my allergist said those with palladium allergy are usually allergic to nickel as well). Anyway, I have found that having them rhodium dipped, as others have suggested, helps a lot, as does always taking it off when I shower and usually not wearing it overnight as well. But, to answer your original question, I would definitely remake my wedding bands if it meant the difference between not being able to wear them and being able to! I had thought a lot about if when I was having so many issues and it was a hard thing to consider since my rings have a lot of sentimental value. But I think the benefit of being able to actually wear them would win out for me :). Good luck!!

  213. Luanne says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    I say redo them. Maybe keep the settings though and do something fun with them! Maybe have a necklace made, or something – to hang on to them for just memory’s sake! πŸ™‚

  214. Luisa says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    Dear Kate, from a scientist-view I would rule out a platinum allergy before getting new rings. because scientists always try all possibilities πŸ˜‰
    What about buying a platinum ring or borrowing one from a friend/family member and wear it a while? Because it would be a bummer if that is not the problem and you get new rings done. I guess you could also do test at a … (what is the word for skin doctor?!)- I’ve not heard of Platinum allergy as this metal is usually not critical for making allergies. Sometimes rings have a coating that will be removed after some years of wearing. It’s the so called Rhodium plating and an allergy often occurs especially in the case of nickel-allergy. maybe a new coating could be the key.
    Another reason for the rash could be maybe sweating or water collection between the rings and skin after washing your hands? I am very sensitiv to water and get rashed a lot of times when my skin stays in water a long time, after skyiing and having wet socks for example or cleaning…

    maybe this could be helpul πŸ™‚ Good luck

  215. Trish says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    My mom is allergic to certain metals. All she does is coat them with clear nail polish. It works for her.

  216. Stacey Myers says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    My ring was like yours. I had mine replaced into a different band. I hated the different bands and even had them soldered too, so I picked out one thick band setting so I didn’t have the three rings. I love it! It’s so much easier to wear and it still looks like 3 different rings with the diamonds all in the three rows and it’s just one band. Water doesn’t get trapped and my finger isn’t itchy anymore!

  217. Luisa says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    Hello kate, sorry – I switched up Palladium and Platinum. I would still rule out the allergy, but it seems like that some people do have allergies against this metal, but as I said, with Platinum it is usually not.

  218. Camille says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    I would strongly encourage you to get allergy tested before you make any changes so that you ensure that you don’t change your rings to another metal that you may be allergic to. Also, I have similar sensitive and very dry skin issues and I recently tested positive for Propylene Glycol allergy. Propylene Glycol has tons of different names and is in almost everything from makeups to lotions to soaps to foods! Once I removed PG from my products my skin has been MUCH better. And I also recommend trying Cerave cream lotion – it is amazing!

  219. Alyssa Gailey says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    Kate, I had the exact same issues under my wedding rings. I went to the dermatologist and she told me that it was a yeast infection from water getting stuck under the rings. She gave me a prescription cream and I use it whenever I see symptoms coming back. It’s worked like a charm and might be a good option before getting your rings redone!

  220. KatyO says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    Sounds like you have a case of the “ring rot.”

    It’s a real thing. Even with platinum rings. I currently nursing a case of it right now. I hate to see you spend the $$ on upgrading to platinum when the metal isn’t the cause.

    I was a 24/7 ring wearer until my first round of the rot. Now I only wear my rings out of the house. I take them off first thing when I get home and don’t put them on again until I leave (so I am ring free for dishes, bathing, taking care of baby, cleaning, etc). We were out of town this weekend and I had my rings on all day/night (I don’t take them off unless I’m home) and BOOM – the rot strikes. It’s the combination of soap, moisture, bacteria, whatever getting trapped under the stones. My friends with solid bands don’t seem to have near as much trouble as those with stones in the bands.

    Maybe try a cycle of less wearing and see if that helps?

    • Sherry says
      Posted January 19, 2016

      I have lived this, too! When traveling I know I’m going to get the “rot” and dread it! But like you, won’t remove my rings out of town. (See my comments below for more detail.)

  221. Darryl says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    I had a similar problem with my rings giving me a terrible rash. I started cleaning them using this method and it’s done wonders to help!!

  222. Sherry says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    I’ve had this problem for years – as has my sister and many of our friends – and it seems that no matter what material the rings are made from, whether they are soldered or not, or designed so they don’t trap moisture (like a filigree style), the rash remains. Climate hasn’t made the symptoms any different either. It seems like me, most of the ladies (and men) I know, have resorted to only wearing our rings only when we go out. Even wearing them to work has become tough because of all the hand washing.

    I’ve had three different sets of rings and nothing has helped. I have had my rings soldered, taken apart. I’ve tried wearing just a skinny band (like yours) and I’ve tried the filigree style to allow air to pass freely and reduce the moisture trappings. I’ve had gold, silver, sterling – you name it. I’ve tried powder under my rings, lotion each time I wash my hands.

    I really hesitated getting that first set of new rings, but knew I needed relief, so I had my engagement ring made into a right hand cocktail ring by simply resizing it. I was able to retain the sentimental value without ditching or changing the ring. Perhaps this is something you can consider. I suspect, however, that with two little ones at home and changing skin, you are likely going to deal with the rash regardless of new rings. At least that’s been my experience. Some of us are just “lucky” I guess!

    Good luck!!

  223. Aislin Reddin says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    I have the EXACT same thing! My dermatologist prescribes me a topical ointment for it. There is an actual name for the rash, but can’t remember what it is called. As soon as I use the ointment, the rash clears up in a day or two. I hardly get it anymore at all!

  224. Pam Green says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    Hello! I’ve also had a problem wearing my new white gold rings. They are also a ‘channel set’ style and I’m a hairdresser as well. Curious, have you taken your rings to be professionally cleaned?? I was told (and saw with a magnifying glass) that I had very tiny little hair cuttings in my ring! I had it cleaned out very well and it’s a LOT better! I think the little hairs were irritating my finger! (I also have the two little balls welded on the inside of the ring so that they wouldn’t swing around. They use them for sizing but, this didn’t help me.) The cleaning of the little hairs did!

  225. Jolene says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    I had the same thing happen with my rings after I had been pregnant and after a few months the rash stopped happening. have no issues now.

  226. Posted January 19, 2016

    Can you blog about your regime for psoriasis? I struggle with the same thing, but only AFTER having my kids…. as well as the skin irritation from my wedding rings. I initially thought it was due to the rings being dirty, but now I’m thinking its something else.

  227. Jackie says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    All of those who have said that platinum is hypoallergenic are correct. Additionally, rhodium is in the platinum family and has many of the same properties. You might consider having your rings rhodium plated before taking further steps, to minimize your costs (unless, of course, that isn’t a major concern). Also, you may want to have your finger sized. It’s not uncommon for a woman’s ring size to change after pregnancy, and wearing a ring that doesn’t fit properly may be trapping extra moisture against your skin, causing an uncomfortable rash.

  228. Emily H says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    I had the same issue with my engagement ring. It was white gold and my finger kept breaking out. I had the exact ring remade in platinum and it has never been an issue again. The jeweler just took the stones out of my original ring and cast the exact same ring in platinum and put my stones back in. Luckily we figured this all out before we got married so I only had to replace the engagement ring. My jeweler did the band I picked out in platinum. The only difference I noticed is platinum is heavier than white gold otherwise it was the same.

  229. Lauren says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    I was thinking about it for awhile. Same situation here; I didn’t have any issues (with my ringa) during my first pregnancy,but for my second i started having horrible chemical burn type reactions to my white gold ring. I did wear them for over a year because of this. Then I would try them and it would burn again, then after awhile, I noticed it stopped reacting all the time and it was more tied to my menstrual cycle. Now I can wear my rings without any reaction again. I know it takes a long time for hormones to return to normal after a pregnancy… Maybe hang in there a little longer. You never know! My second is 14 months.

  230. Angela says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    Hello Kate!
    I also suffer from psoriasis and know how damaging the effects can be in numerous areas of life (e.g. skin, self-esteem,etc.). I know that many people who suffer from psoriasis also have nickel sensitivities; however, eliminating nickel from your daily routine and diet can be quite exhausting. These sensitivities can easily be tested. For what it is worth, I would recommend a new wedding band. Perhaps you could get Justin to help you design or select one to still make it meaningful? I would rather wear them as rings, a symbol of my marriage, than not at all, or in any other form.

  231. Holly says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    This happened to me as well! I had a terrible skin reaction to my wedding set after my third pregnancy- my OB even prescribed something for Contact Dermatitis that worked for a while but as soon as I wore the rings for longer than a couple hours, the rash returned. My husband bought me a Sterling Silver Infinity ring from Tiffany’s and I pretty much gave up on my wedding set. A mom at our church mom’s group said she had the same problem and suggested I take the set to a jeweler and request a Rhodium dip. I did and it worked! My ring looks brand new and I can wear it 24/7 again. I’m not sure if this is an option with the material your ring is made of, but its worth inquiring with your jeweler about before having to re-do the set. Good luck!

  232. Sydni says
    Posted January 19, 2016

    If you can’t wear them anymore, don’t feel bad about getting new ones! Otherwise there’s no point, ya know? I’m not that sentimental either though…

  233. Posted January 19, 2016

    Sounds to me like you might have a yeast overgrowth. A lot of times, skin issues (like psoriasis, chronic dryness, eczema) can be from that. You should research gut health. It has changed my life. I had terrible rosacea until I started Plexus’s Gut Health products. I didn’t know anything about gut health until I joined Plexus. It could make a big difference. Good luck with whatever you decide with your rings.

  234. Sandy says
    Posted January 20, 2016

    Have a ring guard that they fit down into made. That way you can wear them but sentimentally you arent changing the actual original rings.

  235. Katie says
    Posted January 20, 2016

    Sorry I don’t have time to read ALL The comments, so this might have been said already – have you tried having them re-dipped in white gold? The white gold can rub off and the other metals it’s mixed with are exposed to your skin, causing the irritation. So, having them re-dipped (I think it cost me about $80) could hold you over until you have them re-set (if that’s what you decide to do).

    • Katie says
      Posted January 20, 2016

      Oh it’s rhodium that it gets dipped in – not white gold! It worked perfectly for me!

  236. Kathy says
    Posted January 20, 2016
  237. Andrea says
    Posted January 20, 2016

    I’ve been having this same issue Kate! It all started when my now 7 month son was born and I was washing bottles and breast pump parts 8+ times a day, all with my wedding rings on. This lead me to believe it was a water getting trapped under the rings issue, but even when I stopped wearing the rings for several months, the rash persisted. I finally asked my doctor for help and he prescribed some sort of steroid cream to put on my finger for a week. I did that and the rash went away, but when I put my rings back on….the rash came back!! I’m now thinking I may need to try this: http://www.huckleberryprairie.com/ring-cleaning-avoid-the-ring-finger-rash or get my rings re-plated. It’s a bummer because I love wearing my rings too, but haven’t really been able too. Best of luck to you in deciding what to do! It’s not an easy decision!

  238. sherri says
    Posted January 20, 2016

    I wore my yellow gold rings for nearly 20 years and suddenly developed the same rash you describe. After a lot of research it seems to be a nickel allergy. Most metals have nickel in them. I’ve tried white gold, works if I have it rhodium plated about once a year. I tried platinum but it doesn’t work for me either. The only metal that seems to work for me is stainless steel. You might want to test out the the gold you want to us 24/7 for a longer period of time to make sure it works for you. Just wanted to share my experience before you make the investment.

  239. Stephanie says
    Posted January 21, 2016

    My Mom had similar issues and she kept her original wedding ring and got a plain gold band that she was worn my whole life.

  240. Tracy says
    Posted January 21, 2016

    Hi Kate!

    A friend of mine was having a similar problem with her platinum bands. I believe she is still struggling with it. Another friend mentioned that she is actually allergic to her own sweat. When it collects under rings, sports bras, anything really she gets a rash.

    I am going to echo everyone here, make sure it is the metal before going and changing those rings! πŸ™‚ Hope it gets better soon.

  241. Desiree says
    Posted January 21, 2016

    I have the same problem so I get mine “dipped” every 6 months and that seems to help.

  242. Brittany says
    Posted January 21, 2016

    I’m sure others have said this already (I haven’t read all 200 comments but just want to share what I’ve heard). After time the palladium will wear down or wear off from hand washing, wearing everyday, etc. and you can have them dipped to be replated. Also, when you wash your hands it’s best to take your rings off because soap could get trapped under the ring and cause a rash as well. I really hope this helps!!

  243. Keri says
    Posted January 21, 2016

    Like every one else said the same thing happened to me after pregnancy! Exactly as you described! Having them cleaned professionally and re dipped. Then I had to stop getting them wet!! If I accidentally forget and wash my hands that stinking itchy rash comes back! Drives me freaking nuts! It was only after my second baby too. I used to wear them all the time, shower and all. Not anymore

  244. Janessa says
    Posted January 21, 2016

    I am married and do not have wedding rings. After my second baby I went through the EXACT same skin issues as you. It really bothered me not being able to wear them. Although, after awhile it bothered me less and less. I actually ended up giving them to my Aunt, who’s rings were stolen years ago. She loves them and it makes me happy to see her enjoy them. A lot of people can’t believe I did that, and will say “I could never do that, my rings mean so much to me.” I completely understand their perspective and know certain things mean more to different people. My rings were beautiful and special but I came to find for me, they were just rings at the end of the day. I have so much in my life to remind me of the special vow I made to my husband and God five years ago : ) I hope you find a solution and are able to wear your rings again!

  245. Bailey says
    Posted January 22, 2016

    I’ve had the same issues with my wedding rings and my GP diagnosed it as a fungal infection. It cleared up with an antifungal cream but it reoccurs often, probably because I live in a really humid climate.

    I also have similar skin issues that you mentioned and I’ve come to the conclusion that, in addition to having super sensitive skin in general, my skin hates preservatives. Which is unfortunate because pretty much every commercial facial product has preservatives in it. I have finally found a face wash/moisturizer that is made from oils and essential oils and my skin is as good as it’s been since I was a preteen. I also gave up eating wheat a few years ago to try and solve some health issues and -surprise!- my eczema pretty much disappeared. Not one of the handful of doctors I’d seen for it over the years ever recommended treating my skin issues with a diet.

  246. Andrea B says
    Posted January 23, 2016

    I have the same problem but it’s from water getting trapped in between my bands. Have you tried a hydro cortisone cream otc? It made a huge difference!!!

  247. Danielle O. says
    Posted January 23, 2016

    I am so sorry you are struggling with this! I had the same issue, my allergy was to nickel, but luckily we caught it before getting engaged and my now husband researched to the ends of earth and went with platinum for ring/band. It’s been two years and I have not had any issues! PTL bc that rash is annoying! Making sure you getting true platinum (making sure there are NO filler metals) is key which is why trusting your jeweler is extremely important. I highly recommend Finks at North Hills, it’s going to cost you a little more but it’s done right.

    Good luck!

  248. Lindsay Shields says
    Posted January 23, 2016

    This is quite the dilemma. I have to say that while it is enticing to play with new ring designs, ultimately you would loose the sentiment in the rings. Personally I would keep everything the same except the metal and it will be essentially as if you never had this problem at all. You also have to take into consideration that your ring is a beautiful classic design that never gets dated. Some day a daughter or granddaughter could happily wear this ring as well.

  249. SueR says
    Posted January 23, 2016

    I had that same rash on my ring finger for awhile post pregnancy. It was concluded it was a result of soap getting caught under my rings and irritating my skin. It took awhile to clear up and not happen again but try changing your soap to a sensitive formula , I also recall that it take longer then you think ( aka when the rash disappears) for the reason it was caused to actually be gone – meaning don’t wear your rings for 3 weeks after the last time the rash is seen , also alway dry your entire finger and rinse your ring , dry them throughly before placing them on your hand once you do start wearing them again. My rash has not appeared in a very long time but I still remeber how much it hurt. Honestly any metal is going to do the same thing – I tried white gold, yellow gold , etc… It didn’t help.

  250. Allison says
    Posted January 23, 2016

    I have had reactions to white gold in the past. I think it is the nickel that hey use to make it white or something. So my husband I actually picked a setting in silver, just because I was scared that I would have a reaction to my rings. I hope you can find a solution to help. I saw someone suggested the rodium plating to help. I have had that on my sterling silver rings and it doesn’t irritate me so that could be an easy thing to try…plus it makes you rings look shiny and new πŸ™‚

  251. Linda S. says
    Posted January 25, 2016

    Holy Cow ! You have lots of wisdom in the other comments but I’ll leave my bit anyway ! I had a ring rash for several months years ago – It actually resolve on its own and I have never had a problem again but I have learned in my quest for the most beautiful ring on the planet that a jeweler that manufactures and repairs jewelry can use your old rings as a mold and make it into a new set in a metal that is not so irritating- My favorite is white gold – it appears silverish, not dull and no reactions ! Good luck on your quest Kate – we’ll all be anxious to see / hear what you decide to do !

  252. Steph P says
    Posted February 1, 2016

    The same thing happens to me but it’s actually eczema. I wear my rings when I go anywhere but leave them off at home. At night I rub Smiths Rosebud Salve on it before bed and after about a week of that it was gone. Now I do it every night because I’ve noticed if I don’t the eczema patch comes back. I’ve always had super mild eczema but it flared up there and on my knees ever since my pregnancy. Now j have to be super diligent about moisturizing. Honest Co body oil applied in the shower after washing has been great for me. Good luck. Try this before you hange your wedding rings! πŸ™‚

  253. Lauren says
    Posted February 2, 2016

    If I were you I’d get them remade and set in a gold setting. At least you will be looking at the same diamonds and be able to wear them. Go for it, girl!

  254. Caitlin says
    Posted February 3, 2016

    If your face is really dry, you should try the facial mask from It Works! SUPER hydrating. πŸ™‚

  255. lisa says
    Posted February 4, 2016

    hi, I had the same problem with my rings. I had a yellow gold wedding eternity band, solitaire set with small diamonds on each side in yellow gold, and a yellow gold anniversary eternity band. My ring finger used to get irritated and itchy under the bands. My mom kept telling me to reset my rings in platinum. We found someone who took out all the small diamonds and reset them in platinum…problem solved. Good Luck!

  256. Posted February 5, 2016

    This may have been suggested already but a TEMPORARY fix is getting clear nail polish and lining the inside of the rings with the polish as a barrier between the metal and your skin. If a repeat suggestion, I apologize!

  257. Posted February 8, 2016

    It is very unusual – but possible – to have an allergic reaction to palladium. I would have your jeweler loan you a solid palladium band to test. If there are holes where the diamonds sit, your skin is likely to react to the dirt and moisture that gets caught in there. Perhaps those holes can be filled with palladium to make the metal solid underneath – assuming no reaction to the solid band. Or, have new settings made without the holes.

  258. Marcella says
    Posted February 10, 2016

    Don’t get platinum. They will charge you more because it is a more expensive metal but it is “softer” so it scratches very easily and it also bends. My ring was platinum and I had just the ring part redone by a jeweler friend and she told me that platinum for rings is not a good option. I also had the ring shape slightly changed but the stone is the same of course.

  259. T.J. says
    Posted April 11, 2016

    I would say yes, but only if you know for sure that there is an allergy involved.

    I am getting a new wedding band because I have never been able to wear my white gold band for more than a couple of consecutive days without getting a rash or even cracked skin on my ring finger. I know it’s one of the metals in the ring and not just soap because if it has been a while since it’s had a rhodium dip then it starts to itch as soon as I put it on in the morning. I did a little legwork and figured out that for the cost of having it rhodium dipped twice a year for the rest of my life, I might as well buy a setting that won’t cause that problem in the first place.

    I was assuming that my problem was nickel and that palladium or platinum would solve my problem, but when I went to talk to the jeweler, they asked me if I knew for sure that was the source of my sensitivity because they had just had someone in who found out she can’t wear platinum because she is allergic to one of the alloys that is commonly found in platinum rings (most platinum jewelry is not 100% pure platinum, but contains other metals like iridium, palladium, cobalt…). I have it in my head that it was cobalt this lady was allergic to. Anyway, if your problem is related to an allergy, you’d want to know that the metal you’re allergic to is not also found in your new set or you’ll find yourself in the same boat.

    Here’s an overview about the alloys used in jewelry that I found helpful: http://www.pricescope.com/journal/overview_common_alloys_used_jewelry

  260. Posted August 31, 2016

    My wedding ring had turned obsolete and I had skipped wearing it, for which my partner used to feel sad. I had no clue of modifying it as per today’s trends. Your idea really worked. I have got it transformed and love wearing it infact. The old gold ring with so many diamonds has now been changed into the ring having a single precious stone, giving an outstanding look. Thanks for the advice I really liked the idea of changing it.

  261. Tara Ray says
    Posted October 19, 2016

    I have done some changes on my my engagement ring, I was thinking that it was bad idea, but it was fine, 14k engagement rings or 18k are amazing.

  262. Jean Warren says
    Posted October 21, 2016

    I have redone few of my diamond rings, but I still didn’t change my wedding ring, I don’t think that I should change it. I like the way it is even if it’s not perfect.

  263. Posted October 13, 2017

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