Styling Fine Hair



We are ending the week with the follow up video to Rebecca’s haircut from a few weeks ago! I wanted to separate the haircut and the styling because even if you don’t have fine hair, I think you could still really learn a thing or two on how to style your hair from this video!

And I’m fresh off another Hair Class and it was all about styling so I’ve got that on my mind!



My biggest take away with styling fine hair is to look for the perfect product to work with. Whether it’s foam, a lifting spray, or a cream, if you find the right product to help your hair become manageable, you’ll enjoy styling it so much more!

Products mentioned in the video:

Cricket Pro 35 Comb

Aquage Uplifting Foam

Kevin Murphy’s Anti-Gravity Oil-Free Volumizer

Amika Touchable Hair Spray

Bumble & Bumble Dry Spun Finish Texture Spray

Kenra Volume 25 Hair Spray

Amika Un.Done Texture Spray 

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Comments (59)

  1. Melissa G says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    I don’t have fine hair, but watched anyway! I had watched your previous video of cutting her hair also. What a great transformation!! That is a great style for her. The soft curls/ waves at her face work very well for her!!

    How about a tutorial for thick, textured, shoulder length hair to get a beach wave. I love that look…like your sisters! But I end up with too tight a curl!!

  2. Cheryl says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    great video. Can you tell me where you got the little piece that you have your tools and products on?

  3. Allie says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    Great video! I have fine hair and have no idea how to style it. This was very helpful. Do you have any recommendations for shampoo and conditioner? You mentioned using a good quality conditioner in the shower instead of a leave in but I have had a really hard time finding one that leaves my hair soft and conditioned. Right now I’m using It’s a 10 leave in every day.

    • Morgan says
      Posted October 23, 2015

      I would also love to hear some suggestions for shampoo and conditioner. I currently love using its a 10 to help with fly aways and static in the winter. Can anything used in the shower help with this problem?

      • Rachel says
        Posted October 24, 2015

        I really like Redken volume shampoo & conditioner for fine hair. It really, really works. I also love the smell! My hair is fine and oily, and with dry shampoo I can make it 4-5 days between washings which is absolutely unheard of for me. I was previously using Loreal Everpure volume for fine hair and even with dry shampoo the end of day 2 my hair was just flat and felt gross.

  4. Deb Cadovius says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    She looks stunning!!

  5. Posted October 23, 2015

    Great video! My daughter has a lot of fine hair as well so this really helps me out. I on the other hand have a lot of thick, corse hair. I hope you are able to do more videos on other hair types. I enjoy leaning from you!

  6. Ramona says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    Good morning! I love your blog, it is such a blessing. In your video, you mentioned that you would list your favorite products for fine hair. Am I just totally overlooking the list/link?
    Have a great day!

    • Lisa says
      Posted October 24, 2015

      Yes, I’d like the list of suggested products as well. Can’t seem to find it. Thanks for the informative video, fine hair has its challenges.

  7. Catherine says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    Will teasing damage fine hair? What is the best way to get tangles out afterwards (shampoo, condition, then try to comb them out?)

    • Alisha says
      Posted October 26, 2015

      Yes! Whenever I tease my hair it seems like the tease ends up at the ends of my hair by the end of the day. Since I have a lot of fine, oily hair I try to wash e/o day and it is a rats nest and there is a TON of breakage when I try to comb through it before showering. How do I avoid/remedy this?

      Great video, Rebecca is gorgeous!

  8. Kate says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    Love this video and the one of you cutting her hair. I would never want you to stop doing the more informal / vlog style tutorials, but these videos were a fun change of pace and I really enjoyed seeing a new person with different hair needs. I think it would be fun to see you do some make up tutorials on other people as well. Keep up the great work, kate!!

  9. Lauren says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    I wondered if you could recommend a volume boosting product for very fine hair that won’t make my scalp and neck break out. Even if I wash my hair every day, every single hair product that I try makes my scalp and the back of my neck break out if I use it over a week. Sensitive skin + fine hair= sucky combo!

    • auntsarie says
      Posted October 23, 2015

      Have you tried Wen Cleansing Conditioner!? I swear by the stuff–just have to follow directions precisely.

    • Christine says
      Posted October 25, 2015

      I have the same problem – sensitive scalp and fine hair. I have been using Neuma shampoo and conditioner for six months, and I haven’t had a problem. It’s sulfate-free, but does a great job of cleansing my hair without over-drying my scalp.

  10. Jennifer says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    Please, oh please, do videos on cutting and styling thick hair!

    • Carrie says
      Posted November 8, 2015

      I second this!!!! I am a huge fan…and I need to get my haircut but I don’t know what to tell my stylist!!! I have thick hair, and I’d like to have it cut like yours, but not sure how to tell them to do it. Can you provide some tips please?

  11. Jen says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    Great video…love the tips…I really need help picking out a new hair dryer for fine thin hair???

  12. Angela says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    I’d love to see a picture of the products for fine hair. It’s always nice
    when you post the pictures of product to know what I’m looking for!

  13. January says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    Ooh, I have been eagerly awaiting the follow-up video! Thanks!

  14. Julie says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    She looks beautiful! Love this style and love her color too. Thanks for the styling and product tips for fine hair. Very helpful!

  15. Jessica says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    In the video you said you were going to list the products you used, and I’m not seeing that. Could you list those? I really loved the tutorial! I have hair just like hers!

  16. Dianne says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    Not finding the product list. Please share I need every one of them!!! LOL

  17. Nida says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    Hi Kate,

    Great video! Could you please list the products you used?

    Thank you!

  18. Evelyn Nunes says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    Great video! I’d also like if you did one on fine but curly hair. In that case volume is not a big issue, but frizz and unruliness is.

  19. Posted October 23, 2015

    This is always a struggle for me. Cute look!

    Her Heartland Soul

  20. Ashley says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    I second the first comment, please do a video for shoulder length, thick hair. My curls always end up too tight or way too big! Help

  21. Deanne Boonstra says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    what is the spray name ? Bun something? Thanks Deanne

    • Breanne says
      Posted October 23, 2015

      Bumble and bumble dry spun thickening spray

  22. Posted October 23, 2015

    Looks great, good job!!

  23. Donna says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    Beautiful. How long can she expect this style to last. I have a shoulder length thin hair but a lot of hair. If I style my hair at 6:30 in the morning, I’m noticing my style starts to fade by 2 or 3. Do you have any tips for freshening up my style mid-day? Thank you

  24. Katherine says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    As always, great tips! I have fine hair, but a lot of it, and I find that curling my hair keeps the fullness better throughout the day than drying it straight. Even with teasing, my hair tends to flatten out as the day goes on, so keeping the volume is always a challenge. Also, for anyone who may be interested, I’m finding the Pureology Sulfate-Free Volumizing Shampoo to work well, along with their hydrating conditioner or Alterna’s hydrating conditioner, used only on the ends.

  25. Jeri schille says
    Posted October 23, 2015

    What is the Kevin Murphy product you mentioned and where can it be purchased?

  26. Sallyhp says
    Posted October 24, 2015

    Could she be any cuter?! Her hair is so similar to mine and I recently got a similar trim-thanks for the trading tips, I use all those same products! ( I go to a bumble salon) have you tried r+co Death Valley? It’s a dry shampoo paste-a tiny dab rubbed between your fingers then you just get your hands in your hair and work it into your scalp/roots and an amazing amount of grab/texture is created with almost nothing!

  27. Mary says
    Posted October 24, 2015

    Could you please list the products? Thx!

  28. Megan says
    Posted October 24, 2015

    Sorry if this has already been asked in some way or another,

    I have thick hair, but it is fine at the same time, so I have trouble with it becoming flat after not very long and second day hair, especially after curling is just limp and yuck…

    what do you recommend? Maybe a shorter cut like this? i’m lost..

    Thanks in advance!!

  29. Brittany says
    Posted October 24, 2015

    Totally love the cut and style but the first thing I noticed is Rebecca has seriously good posture lol.

  30. Shasta says
    Posted October 26, 2015

    Wonderful hair style! I have fine, thin hair…and every time I try wavy hair I feel like I look, weird. I think I’m just not used to doing it, which is why I need to continue practicing.

  31. Lisa says
    Posted October 26, 2015

    I love this!! Thank you for posting a fine hair tutorial!!! My hair is very similar, I have a ton of new growth coming in that is about 2 inches long, it sticks straight up. Any suggestions on a product I can use to smooth those suckers out without flattening my fine hair to my head?

  32. Kelly says
    Posted October 27, 2015

    I would love to see this type of video on someone with really thick hair.

  33. Kari says
    Posted October 27, 2015

    Please add me to your blog email list.

  34. Samantha says
    Posted October 29, 2015

    Does anyone know how to do a messy bun with fine, thin hair to make it look more full?

  35. Claire says
    Posted October 31, 2015

    After reading (and enjoying!) your blog for a few years and seeing the styling tools you use, I’ve had my eye on a 1 1/4 inch curling iron for a while. And my husband recently bought me a Hot Tools 1 1/4 inch curling iron after “mentioning” it a few times and I love it! My hair is really fine and thin, much like Rebecca’s, so I loved this tutorial, and found it super helpful! Thank you for posting it!
    When I use my curling iron, the curls like to morph together, especially in at the back of my head, and it looks pretty weird. I do separate the curls with my fingers after they have cooled off. Any suggestions?

  36. B. says
    Posted October 31, 2015

    What curling iron would you recommend for fine hair? I see you mention that you used a 1 1/4 Inch barrel, but I would love to know what you used/would recommend. I want to buy a curling iron and am overwhelmed by all of the options available. I am not too concerned over the cost as I know a good curling iron would last several years, but I don’t want to end up buying a product that isn’t very good. Thanks for sharing your tips for those of us with fine hair!

  37. Posted December 30, 2015

    Do you.have suggestions for hair loss regimens? I have massive shedding from major surgery I had in October. I use aquage and texture spray. I also just bought a minoxidil regimen. I used to have the thickest hair but very fine hair. It is so discouraging to have all this shedding. I had to buy a drain catcher because I have clogged the drain several times. Thanks and I love your blog!! I also love this type of video where you give the make overs and tips and tricks. You’re the best!!

  38. Posted March 1, 2016

    I have a lot of fine hair, I can always see my back combing, which I hate. I try to use the spray at the root in the crown but unfortunately that area is kind of fine and thin so it shows up there even more.. I really like the style you gave in the video.
    I enjoy reading your blogs.

  39. Barbara Angele says
    Posted April 17, 2016

    Lots of great questions by the commentors…..but no answers. Dang. I hate it when that happens.

  40. Posted July 3, 2017

    Hi, Good Morning. I have watched the video and it is very helpful for the ladies/girls who have fine hair and luckily I am one of them. I have fine hair but really don’t know how to style them. But above video shows the very interesting tips for styling.

    Thanks for the helpful tips Author. Keep posting…

  41. Posted July 3, 2017

    Hi, Good Morning. I have watched the video and it is very helpful for the ladies/girls who have fine hair and luckily I am one of them. I have fine hair but really don’t know how to style them. But above video shows the very interesting tips for styling.

    Great video.

  42. Stacey says
    Posted July 25, 2017

    Hello love your videos .. I’m a hairdresser and I get so frustrated that I can’t get a lot of these products at any beauty supply .. Any suggestions.. I usually end up ordering them off of amazon but I’m never disappointed in the products ,,Thanks for the great tips..

  43. Ashley Reichert says
    Posted July 5, 2018

    Amazing Info – I am a fine feathered haired sister! Love all the tips I can get! =D

  44. Monica says
    Posted July 7, 2018

    Thanks for sharing this easy styling guide.. Loved it!

  45. Tejashvi says
    Posted May 23, 2019

    Thank you for the blog to know more about hair treatment visit

  46. Carole Girvan says
    Posted October 2, 2019

    I’ve tried every hair spray on the market. Nothing holds my fine hair.
    What is the strongest hold spray?

  47. Posted January 21, 2020

    It is amazing site share all kind of hair style with the all.