A simple, swept braid



I’m having a really hard time classifying this as a full tutorial because it’s just.so.basic. However it’s an easy way to “fatten up” a low braid on otherwise thin hair and it’s so quick to do I just filmed a short tutorial to show you.

soft braid-1

soft braid-2

soft braid-6top: Loft (online only but I can’t find it!)


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  1. Laura says
    Posted June 8, 2015

    So smart! I’ve never thought about leaving the left side out of the braid and use about a million pins to keep it in place. I’m doing this today!


  2. Posted June 8, 2015

    Now this is something I can do! I am all about the easy, basic hairstyles! Thanks for sharing!

    x. Morgan / http://www.morningappleblog.com

  3. Victoria says
    Posted June 8, 2015

    What do I tell my hair stylist when I tell her the number color of your hair? Because the info you have given in FQA is different, and how do I explain the cut besides bringing a pic, I want to be able to say the hair cut and color you have (p.s. I am an upcoming senior and plan to go into cosmetology, so you are like my idol:)) jk,….but I really admire you:)

  4. Danielle says
    Posted June 8, 2015

    Love this! I think it will also help for those who have layers because we won’t have all these little poky ends sticking out of the braid. Simple idea with great results! Thanks!

  5. Posted June 8, 2015

    I would always use a loads of pins instead of leaving a section out of the braid too – such a great technique! 🙂


  6. Michelle says
    Posted June 8, 2015

    So sneaky and smart! Perfect for my current length hair and perfect for a nurse who can’t worry about redoing her braid 10 times throughout the day. Thanks for the tutorial, Kate! Hope you and your family are doing well. I love following you and your sister on your blogs and Instagram

  7. Posted June 8, 2015

    Ooh! I love this. My hair is almost long enough for this!
    I love your tutorials, Kate!

    Kristi | Be Loverly

  8. Jen says
    Posted June 8, 2015

    Oh this is such a simple and super cute hairstyle! I am definitely going to try this today! Thanks for sharing!

    Jen from appledapplepancakes.blogspot.com

  9. Posted June 8, 2015

    Super cute! I love side braids and I’ve been itching for a side braid since I’m growing my hair back out! I used to do them with my long hair, and I’m just getting to that point where I can do fun things with it again!

    Keep it Classy, Keep it Country,
    Gretta Patrick <3

  10. Posted June 8, 2015

    This post makes me excited to realize that my hair is all one length again. Therefore, it will be much easier to put into a braid. Can’t wait to try!

  11. Olya says
    Posted June 9, 2015

    Oh, so simple, yet beautiful!

    Thank you for this tutorial♥

    Olya, x

  12. ZSS says
    Posted June 9, 2015

    awesome tip with the section left over!
    would never have thought of that
    as usual, simple and effective
    just what I love 🙂

  13. Nicole says
    Posted June 9, 2015

    What a neat trick! I am going to do this next time I do a side braid. I have tried side braids before but have always thought they looked awkward on me because there was that gap, but now I know how to “hide” that.
    Also, I have missed watching your hair tutorials! Glad you have been able to do a couple of them here and there. 🙂

  14. Nancy says
    Posted June 9, 2015

    This is a great tip and looks so cute and soft. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to try it!

  15. Tamara Raterink says
    Posted June 9, 2015

    Do you recall what lipstick you are wearing in the side swept braid? It is really flattering. I love your blog so much.

  16. Posted June 10, 2015

    I love your earrings!! Where did you get them? Love everything you do…<3

  17. Laura says
    Posted June 11, 2015

    Hi! I try today to do the swept braid and the final look wasn’t what I expect. There was a gap between the braid and the hair that comes from the back. I don’t know what I could have done wrong… 🙁

  18. Beth Crisler says
    Posted June 11, 2015

    I am having the same problem that Laura described. Looks ok from the back, but when I turn a certain way, you can see the clear separation from the front. What am I doing wrong?

  19. Posted July 1, 2015

    I’m a new new reader – what a charming style blog! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Also wondering – do you remember what lipstick you were wearing in this Side Swept Braid post? Is it Mac LoveLorn? Thanks again & Blessings, emily

  20. Layla says
    Posted September 28, 2015

    I love you so much Kate all of your hairdos are amaze.

  21. Layla says
    Posted September 28, 2015

    Why are you so pretty? I’m so jealous.

  22. Kalynn says
    Posted October 12, 2016

    I did this today and it worked surprisingly well for my crazy thick hair! Only took a couple minutes and I got lots of compliments!! Thanks for al of the hair inspiration!!!

  23. Catherine says
    Posted March 21, 2020

    Love this