Spring Loves


 Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Angelic Nude

We have had some of the best weather in Raleigh over the past few weeks. The mornings and evenings are still a bit cool, but the days are full of sun, warmth and the aroma of summer.

I love taking David outside to sit on a blanket and play with some toys. On walks he always looks at the trees, and he loves the wind blowing on his face.

“Comfortable and simple” is my wardrobe motto these days. I wear flats or sandals every day, and find myself grabbing smaller, casual jewelry as well.

On repeat most days is pink lipstick (see above), druzy studs, and t-shirts with feminine details.


 Gilded Triangle Druzy Studs



 Embroidered Flutter Sleeve Tee from Loft




Saressa Designs is kindly giving away a $100 store credit! And for the month of May, you can get 25% off your order by using code “smallthings”. Enter using the giveaway tool below. Open internationally! 
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  1. Caitlin N says

    I would love to have those same earrings for myself…and perhaps buy a little treat for one of my dear friends as well!

  2. Katy says

    I was going to say that I would buy presents with it until I checked out the website. Holy cow that stuff’s cute! Feeling very pregnant at the moment so it would all be for me!

  3. Glenda Rogers says

    There are so so many pop up ads on your site since the new changes. It’s even embedded in the text of your post making reading the blog difficulty. Just thought I’d give you a heads up in case you weren’t aware! Loving the earrings and delicacy of all things spring! Unfortunately, here at the moment the ground is still covered with snow :( hoping for reprieve soon :)

  4. Ally says

    I would get something for myself or my sister! I love those earrings they look gorgeous on you.

  5. Jennifer Smith says

    Your earrings are so sweet. Pretty sure I would be using the gift card on myself. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Ryanne says

    I would like to expand my very small jewelry collection. For a long time, I would wear the same earrings everyday, no necklace and only my wedding rings. I’m falling in love with delicate jewelry and want to start a collection!

  7. Alexandra Fresh says

    The jewelry is gorgeous! I’m
    Obsessed with the Druzy line! I desperately need new jewelry.

  8. Kristin D says

    I love your earrings!! Winning would be awesome, but I think I’m goin shopping either way!

  9. Whitney says

    I would use it for myself and for a present. Both me and my sister want a pair of the druzy studs! I’m turning 30 this year so it would be an awesome present!!

  10. Brooke says

    Beautiful jewelry! Would love those earrings but if I win I think I might go for the chocolate druzy necklace and something for my mom!

  11. Chrissy says

    I would love those stud earrings for myself but noticed a lot of unique gifts if can get for others!

  12. Valerie says

    While it would be nice to spend the credit on gifts for others, I would totally spend it on myself! Ha!

  13. Mylene says

    Love, LOVE the jeweleries :) Stud earring would me great my LO is always grabbing my ears, glasses, necklace…

  14. Stephanie says

    I know that I would give it to my husband who would turnaround and give it to me for Mother’s Day. He often needs help with gift giving.

  15. Kacie says

    I am getting married in October, and am starting to look for bridesmaid gifts – and an earring or necklace from this collection seems like a perfect gift! If any of the credit was leftover, I’d definitely buy myself something nice as well. :)

  16. Heather says

    Thanks for the chance to win! I would spend the credit on myself. I seem to be lacking earrings that my baby won’t pull on!

  17. Tina says

    I would save it for something special! When someone is have a bad day I could just send them something fun :)

  18. Amy H. says

    I would love to buy a little something for myself, and for my mom and mother-in-law! Love the jewelry, thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Sarah R says

    The druzy earrings are just beautiful! I would love to use a $100 gift card to stock up on a pretty pieces to compliment my work wardrobe.

  20. Suzanne S says

    I’d buy something for me and something for my mom –she would love this jewelry, too. Gorgeous!

  21. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    I bought buy a little something for myself and a little something for my daughter!

  22. Samantha Marie says

    I would spend it on my mom! She just gave me the most beautiful baby shower on Sunday and this Sunday is Mother’s Day! So it would be great :)

  23. Shannon says

    Your earrings are lovely- I’m also drooling over some of their necklaces! Yay for pretty, delicate jewelry! :)

  24. Nicole says

    Oh, I love the beautiful things in this shoppe. I’m thinking I may need to be selfish and get a new pair of earrings for myself!

  25. Caitlyn says

    Would love some of this beautiful jewelry to give as gifts.. and some for myself of course!

  26. Lanae says

    As a new mom as well, I’m always looking for simple jewelry to reflect my new mor casual look!

  27. Kathleen Reichle says

    I would use the gift card for myself and my daughter. She is graduating in a couple of weeks and some new jewelry to wear to her graduation would be a great gift!

  28. Ambrelle Palmer says

    I love those earrings! I would probably split it and buy something for me and something for my sister who specifically asked me to get her jewelry for her upcoming birthday.

  29. Lisa-Marie says

    I love your blog, outfits and jewellery. Saressas jewellery looks amazing, I would love to win.
    I have a little problem though, I am not able to follow her on instagram, because i do not have it and my phone isn’t able to run the app. Can I enter anyways?

  30. Angela DeBacker says

    Since I am a mother of two beauties, I would treat myself to half of this gift card and give the other half to my best friend, my sister!

  31. Angela R says

    I am loving those studs! I really need some more stud earrings because my son is always trying to pull my dangles!

  32. Ashley C says

    Those earrings are super adorable! I think I would have to get a matching pair with the store credit!

  33. Heather says

    I would put the money towards getting identical pieces of jewelry for me, my mom and my sister. We have several pieces like that and since we don’t live close by one another, it gives us a way to feel a little closer every now and then!

  34. Emily says

    I would probably get a little something for me and a gift for my bestie, her birthday is coming up!!

  35. Cheryl D. says

    Funny…I just bought my mom a necklace before I saw this post! :). So….I would spend the $100 on me this time! :)

  36. Kate B says

    The jewelry is beautiful! I’m always looking for simple, elegant pieces like those. I especially like the Circlet Necklace

  37. says

    I can’t decide what I would get! I just love it all! I also just ordered my first tarte lipstick per your recommendations! I can’t wait for it to arrive.

  38. says

    I would use it for myself and get a little something for my mom. She’s on a bracelet kick these days! Beautiful, simple jewelry!!!

  39. Abbie Sivertson says

    Love this jewelry line! I would buy earrings for my mom and myself for my birthday this week :)

  40. Erin says

    These would make the most beautiful gift. I love the idea of giving these to a friend and seeing their face light up. They are absolutely stunning!!

  41. Nicole B. says

    That lipstick color looks like it would be flattering on a variety of skin colors – so pretty!

    Nicole B.

  42. Anna says

    Very cute earrings! And I’ve been wanting to pick up a new spring lip color, and I have one other tarte lip butter which I love, may have to try the angelic nude. Thanks!

  43. Chantall says

    What a great give away!
    I’d love to buy some earrings for myself, but I also love to get my sister some!

  44. Jaime G says

    If I won, I would buy something for myself and something to give to my sister in law for her birthday this month. I really like the Sail Away Necklace.

  45. Kathryn B says

    ermagherd, those earrings are awesome!! i’m really leaning toward more studs these days, and i’m pretty sure i need those in my jewelry box stat.

  46. Erin says

    Love the earrings and the pretty shirt – I wish we had Loft in Canada! If I won I’d buy something for me and something for my sis :)

  47. Julie says

    I am disappointed that your posts do not have much content anymore. Yours was my very favorite blog to follow for quite a long time but now it’s all just fluff. I had hoped after your little conference you’d have a renewed zeal but really it’s just the same ol’ filler. Very sad, Kate, because you used to be the best blog around!

  48. says

    I just hopped over to the website, and the jewelry designs are amazing. I think I’d spend it on a bracelet for myself and maybe some earrings for a gift. Best of both worlds, right?

  49. Andrea says

    So cute. I’m having another baby so i’ll have to pack away my go-to hoops for awhile (irresistable to little hands)and go back to studs!

  50. says

    I bought your favorite moonstone earrings from Saressa Designs after you featured them on your blog. I love them! So lightweight and perfect. I’ve been drooling over all the druzy items for awhile now. So that is definitely what I would buy myself for Mother’s Day. :) and hopefully pick up my mom something too!

  51. Patti says

    I’ve been pretty frugal the last few months as my husband and I saved to buy our first house – I would definitely be spending the credit on myself!

  52. Brooke says

    I would probably buy something for myself or for my mom. We both love jewelry and simple things so this would go to great use!!

  53. Christie Burlett says

    Those earrings are adorable! I don’t think I could resist buying myself a pair if I won! 😉

  54. Kristen B. says

    Love, Love , Love the earrings! They are already sold out!!! Hopefully they will restock soon!

  55. Meredith M. says

    I love Saressa Designs and the Small Things Blog! So glad you guys have teamed up! Her jewelry is beautiful. I would order the new Agate Slice cuff and a pair of cobalt blue druzy earrings :-)

  56. Mary says

    I love how practical your blog is. It’s nice to hear how a stay at home mom keeps herself from falling into a style rut. Thanks for sharing the “silliest” of details. It just goes to show that a kid friendly look doesn’t need to be something you’re not proud of.

  57. Erin G says

    I own several of her designs and have my eye on many more! The Druzy studs are definitely on that list!

  58. Dana Gross says

    I, too, find myself putting on my smaller earrings as opposed to my bigger/heavier ones. I really like the earrings you’re wearing in the picture!

  59. Brittany Pearson says

    I LOVE the Triangle Druzy Studs in Cobalt. They are simply stunning for a stud. I would absolutely LOVE to add the earrings and coordinating Druzy Bezel Pendant Necklaces to my jewelry collection.

  60. Nina says

    I would love to be unselfish and say that I’d use it to by gifts, but I’d probably end up spending it on myself lol. I love jewelry!!!

  61. Maureen Williams says

    My mom and sister have birthdays in the next month so I would love to get them some stud earrings.

  62. Rebecca says

    I would try to do both with the credit! I am loving studs these days so would love to pick up a cute pair, but also would buy a pair for my mom because I think she deserves to be spoiled sometimes and doesn’t spoil herself enough :)

  63. nicole says

    I would do both!! I am a single mom and could not do it with out the help of my best friend!! Mother’s day gift for myself, and a thanks for all you do gift for her!!

  64. Noel M says

    I would definitely get some of the Druzy Pebble Studs! In fact, I have some sitting on my “wish list” board on pinterest right now!

  65. Danielle says

    I’d love to share the credit with my selfless mother. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I’d love to put a little something extra in her gift. Thanks and Happy early Mother’s Day!!

  66. joanne kang says

    i’ve always loved simple, small pieces of jewelry. easy to wear to fancy occasions and casual outings.

  67. says

    Simple jewelry is the best!! My style is simple so that is all I wear. I really like your earrings so most likely would get a pair of those if I would win. I also may pick something for my daughter’s as well.

  68. Sarah o'toole says

    I love this jewelry! I’ve been looking for smaller but pretty pieces to add to my jewelry collection and these designs are beautiful!

  69. Julie says

    I would buy my mom some new jewelry because she does so much for our family and is always willing to help out!

  70. Heather says

    So beautiful! I used to NEVER wear earrings, but in the past year studs have become my new go to accessory!

  71. Taylor C says

    I would use the credit for Mother’s Day gifts or bridesmaid gifts. What beautiful jewelry they have!

  72. says

    I love love this jewelery! I would use it to buy a couple of gifts, and maybe a little something for myself. It would be perfect as a wedding gift for my mom and future MIL for my wedding at the end of this month!!

  73. Lindsey says

    I would love to have an excuse to add to my jewelry collection! Jewelry is often times the last thing that I will spend money on- so this would be wonderful!

  74. Rebecca says

    I would spend the store credit to buy something for myself and something for a friend. Beautiful jewelry!

  75. Tina says

    I would definitely get some sort of simply stated necklace. Can’t go wrong with that for the summer.

  76. says

    I have lots of friends getting married this summer and would certainly love to gift them with something special for their special day!

  77. Melissa says

    If I win, I would use the store credit on myself! I am still working to build my career wardrobe and am in need of some jewelry for work!

  78. Megan says

    I would buy for myself – my wardrobe is in desperate need of an accessories make over – and the Mothers Day shopping is already taken care of for my mom and MIL!

  79. Allison says

    I would buy a pair of earrings for my self and I would buy my bridal party earrings and necklaces for our big day in September!

  80. Corinne says

    Well, I would love to paint myself as a kind and loving person by saying I would buy gifts with the store credit, but….I would be very tempted to use it for myself :) And for my mom as her birthday and Mother’s Day is coming up

  81. Jean Kronzer says

    I love the daintiness of this jewelery! I’d use the credit to get a college graduation gift for my only daughter Katie who graduates May 17th! If there was any left over, I’d get my self some earrings too! Thank you for this giveaway!

  82. Kathy says

    I would buy something for myself, and a gift for my girlfriend who hardly ever buys treats for herself!

  83. LB says

    I would buy one or two things for me, but I’d also buy a few things for gifts for friends. Thank you for this wonderful contest!

  84. Jennifer Chiddenton says

    I would by those studs! I have bought a few things from Saressa and love all of it!

  85. Erin V says

    As a mom of three this summer, I am heading towards comfort and simple also. I am also trying to lose weight and I love simple jewelry with yoga pants lol :)

  86. says

    I would probably have to split and gift myself and someone special with something glittery! Would make a perfect Mother’s day gift.

  87. Catie J Buck says

    Since I just started my career Id love to buy for myself. But perhaps I would give a little gift to my coworker and boss. :)

  88. Jessica says

    I would use it on myself. I’m a bride on Saturday and our honeymoon is shortly after and some new jewelry would be great!

  89. Laura says

    I would be tempted to buy it all, but I think I would start with those earrings. I’m on the lookout for some fun studs!

  90. Hannah D. says

    The selfish part of me would love to splurge on myself since the only jewelry I have is Wal-Mart studs, my wedding band & engagement ring. But it would also be nice to get my mom & I something matching :)

  91. Emily M says

    I would be selfish and buy something for myself. I have been wanting some druzy jewelry for a long, long time.

  92. Katelyn M says

    I would LOVE to purchase the “Druzy Bezel Pendent Necklace”- it is SO beautiful and delicate! Thanks for the opportunity!! xox

  93. Courtney says

    I would buy gifts! One for my teaching partner that is moving after four years of working together!

  94. Tracy says

    I would use the credit for myself. I don’t buy jewelry for myself often and I spotted a few beautiful studs that I would love to own.

  95. Cat Ryan says

    Great give-a-way! I just celebrated my 30th birthday, so would use this to by myself a late present or two.

  96. Jody says

    Very tempted to get some studs for myself, but with Mother’s Day right around the corner, I would treat my mom to a much deserved gift!

  97. says

    I love that lipstick! Been meaning to try one of Tartes colors for a while now. I would spend it on my mom. She never spends the money on herself and always comments on my jewelry saying how certain things are so cute and she wishes she could find cute items like that. I’d love to be able to surprise her!

  98. says

    I love long necklaces and small delicate earrings but it’s been a while since I bought some jewelry. Thanks for the giveaway! God bless you :-)

  99. Lauren says

    I would use this to buy birthday gifts for my best friend! Her birthday is July 4th and there are a few items that just scream her name!

  100. Amy Duke says

    I would most likely buy a pair of those cute studs you’re wearing in the photo and another pair for my BFF. :)

  101. Andrea says

    Love those earrings. Just my style – simple, casual but still pretty and feminine. Perfect for everyday use. They are a nice addition to an outfit without feeling ‘in the way’

  102. says

    You do so many great give-aways Kate! And so such beautiful Jewelry too! If I won I’d by something for my sister and myself, probably one of those gorgeous necklaces.

  103. Krista says

    I think I would use the credit for earrings for my wedding day – I’m trying to find the perfect pair and some of these look gorgeous!

  104. Ashley says

    I would buy the Druzy triangle studs and matching ring for sure! Probably another pair of the studs for my mother because she’s an earring-a-holic. :)

  105. Liz says

    Thanks for great opportunity to win a great prize! I would find something for myself and something for someone who deserves something nice.

  106. Lauren Johnson says

    Honestly I would spend a little on myself, as a new mom, and a little on my mom as a gift. We all need a little more sparkle in our lives!

  107. Maegan says

    If I were to win the jewelry card, I would spend it on my mom who just lost her job. She’s the jewelry lover in our family and something pretty would make her feel special. Which she is. To me and a lot of other people.

  108. Kristen says

    I would use the gift card on myself! I never think to buy myself jewlery so it would be fun to browse and get something new!

  109. Tiffany Legato says

    stud earrings are what I go for now-a-days…my one year old is constantly grabbing for anything that dangles! :)

  110. Marianthi Kartsakli says

    I would try to buy something for myself and a little gift for my mother since mother’s day is approaching! :)

  111. says

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    I’ve started a blog recently and I would love for you to take a look, it would mean the world to me!
    I recently posted my favorite looks from the Met Ball, and would love to hear about your favorite looks!
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  112. Carrie B says

    Although I should say I would buy a gift, I would selfishly get something for myself. I just had a baby in February and never buy things for myself anymore! Since she doesn’t wear jewelry yet, I won’t be tempted to spend it on the baby instead 😉

  113. Megan says

    I would use the gift card for probably 70% myself and 30% for others. My sister’s birthday is coming up, so she would likely get the 30%. haha

  114. says

    I love Rachel! I’ve known her for a few years and her work is awesome! I would probably buy myself something first and then get my mom and/ or Mother in Law something…. if there was any left…

  115. Sarah says

    I love those earrings. I would probably buy myself a pair then a pair for my friend who has been going through a trying time.

  116. Bianca says

    i’d love to win, and i’d buy something for myself and my best friend who lives in a different country.

  117. Leslie Marvin says

    I usually wear the same few pairs of basic silver earrings or my pearls; it would be fun to add some color in!

  118. Natalie B. says

    Love the earrings and shirt! I would love to win the giveaway!! Would use it buy a gift for my mom with mother’s day coming up!!

  119. Joselle says

    BEAUTIFUL Jewelry! I would use the credit to buy my sister some of her wedding jewelry, perhaps something for my daughter who is getting her ears pierced soon, and maybe something for myself!

  120. Lesley says

    I would buy me a little something maybe some new earrings and then a gift for my sister. Thanks!!

  121. Sam says

    I love those earrings! They are simple enough to wear every day but not plain at all, and would match pretty much anything.

  122. Bianca says

    so beautiful! It seems as though most of my extra money goes toward other people these days. I think this time i would use it to give my wardrobe a little update. :)

  123. mary says

    yikes i don’t even know where to start with what i would buy…
    to start with the EVERGREEN DRUZY NECKLACE

  124. Erica M. says

    beautiful earrings! I would be tempted to use it all on myself, but would probably end up using it to get something for my Mom (but maybe there would be some left over for me!)

  125. Lori L. says

    I have 3 weddings this summer so this will certainly come in handy! I like the Aspen necklace!

  126. Sarah Blackstock says

    Love the earrings! As a fellow stay at home mom, it’s so nice to have simple items that the kids can’t pull on!!

  127. Samantha Bowman says

    I would love to win the store credit. I would buy a simple pair of stud earrings for myself and a pair for my mom!

  128. Julie McLaughlin says

    Love your earrings! I’d like to say I’d use the store credit on others … but I probably wouldn’t ’cause I need me some of that ‘sparkle’. :)

  129. Katie Jones Guroian says

    The jewelry is really neat. I checked out their website and would make great use of the Evergreen Druzy Necklace; it reminds me of the Emerald City! However, I really love the pink lip gloss that you are wearing in the photo that highlights the earrings-what is that shade???

  130. Jessica H says

    It might be difficult to share because there are SO many cute things! BUT, her prices are good enough that sharing would be easy!! :) The earrings are irresistible!

  131. says

    Ummm, I would absolutely spend it on myself. Although, I might spend some on gifts for others. I have a real tendency to fall in love with earrings, and, since I don’t have pierced ears, my friends receive earrings for gifts, more often than not 😉

  132. Marissa says

    Beautiful, simple yet elegant jewelry! I would use the credit toward Druzy stud earrings for myself and would get a matching pair for my toddler daughter as “special” earrings for her to wear in the future.

  133. Rachel says

    I love the petite round druzy studs! <3 Are they solid gold? Because I'm allergic to anything else. : (

  134. Stephanie Kosik says

    Love her pieces! My little (25 or not!) sister would love them even more! Gifts for sure! We recently moved to Raleigh and are loving this beautiful weather! :)

  135. says

    I think I’d use it on myself. Now that my girls are getting bigger, I can wear bigger jewelry again without them pulling on it, but I got rid of most of what I had.

  136. Christina Gathright says

    I’d use it on myself. Actually I have several different pairs of earrings pinned as hints for my hubby for mother’s day lol :)

  137. Abby F says

    Super cute jewelry!! It would be really hard to not spend this on myself, but I would possibly use some of it for gifts and then do something small for myself. :) So cute!!

  138. Jennie Heflin says

    I love this jewelry.. it is so pretty and feminine! I need some new pieces to wear for summer.

  139. Sarah says

    Wow! It’s all so adorable, it would be tough to decide! Probably earrings for me and a necklace for my sister :)

  140. Jessica Harmon says

    I’m getting married in October and would love to use this for some interesting wedding jewelry!

  141. Elizabeth Rae says

    How fun! I would have to buy my wonderful mother something new. If there is something left over, I might buy something for myself.

  142. says

    Love the stud earrings! Delicate with a little bit of sparkle – just my style. (And that pink lipstick looks fantastic on you!).

  143. Sarah Stefaniak says

    I own a pair of the “Dew” earrings and they are gorgeous! If I won I’d buy something for myself and something for my sister : )

  144. Jessica says

    I love this jewelry and would have a hard time deciding what to pick if I won. Some of my favorites were the Druzy Triangle rings, Chrysoprase Bezel necklace and the Hand stamped keepsake necklace.

  145. Wendy says

    If only I would be so lucky…I would get my daughter some nice jewelery for her weddingday! Wouldn’t that make a great memory?

  146. says

    I would love a new pair of casual earrings because like you, I always tend to keep it casual and not too fancy in this area. Mother’s Day is also coming up, so some gifts for mom would be fantastic!

  147. Hannah says

    I’m loving the druzy earring trend and would be so excited to get a pair for myself and my sister!

  148. Stephanie Cabe says

    As much as I would love to spend it on myself; I know that I could find a great gift for my Mom’s upcoming birthday.

  149. judy says

    the earrings the definition of elegant – classy, timeless & beautiful! a staple for every lady :)

  150. Carrie Owen says

    Being a mom, navy wife, an pediatric nurse, I love buying myself little trinkets that make me look pretty and simple without being overdone. She makes the perfect jewelry to do just that! Love it!!

  151. Meghan says

    I would spend a little on myself and spend the rest on gifts for my family! Thanks for the giveaway!

  152. Maegan Chant says

    Let my first say that I love your site ! I go on it everyday :) its so simple and lovely. I would use the gift card for me and for gifts. The jewellery looks simply stunning :)

  153. Katy E says

    I would do both. Pick out some druzy earring for myself and as a gift for my mom and sisters.

  154. MaryEllen says

    I have purchased Saressa Designs jewelry before, on recommendation from you! LOVE my earrings!

  155. crystal m. says

    thanks for the chance to win. I would probably keep something for myself and give something away.

  156. Michiko says

    I would like to think I would spend it on a mother’s day gift. However, I’ll probably end up buying something for myself as well…

  157. Caroline says

    Thanks Saressa, and Kate! I would probably use it to buy myself earrings and a necklace.
    Lovely lipstick and top, by the way :)

  158. Jordana says

    Thanks for the contest. It would be great to win the store credit, but- full disclosure- I went and purchased the druzy studs AND ring right after reading the post! (The discount was much appreciated!)

  159. Carolyn says

    I’m loving how your style is evolving… Really beautiful and with a distinct flair, but so different than before Le bebe!

  160. Kylie says

    I would be using it for myself. Just went through my one and only failed IVF cycle. I could really use it to treat myself.

  161. Cami says

    Just ordered a necklace from their site last week – might need to get some earrings soon after seeing these! Obviously, I would spend the money on myself 😉

  162. Rachel says

    Looove those earrings! I think that a decent portion of that store credit would end up being just for me!

  163. Evonne Stephenson says

    I would use the gift card to get the same earrings you are wearing and buy another pair for my friend, Bea.

  164. Laura says

    Such beautiful earrings! I would definitely buy myself a pair and use the balance for a gift for my mom & sister :)

  165. Allie S says

    I would spend it on myself and on gifts, if possible! I find myself wishing for a few simpler pieces to pull an outfit together and… my sister has a birthday coming up!

  166. Courtney says

    I would love if you could do some blog posts about where you get a lot of your jewelry from! I know that your sister and mom both have stores on etsy and I frequent them a lot. I also see that you typically put a link in the beauty posts about jewelry that you wear but having it all in one spot would be convenient. I feel that we have very similar styles (comfort, not a ton of color, and we like the same stores). I am looking for more places to get jewelry and always am inspired by your blog!

  167. Jordan O'Brien says

    Those earrings are gorgeous yet subtle, which I love! I would have no problem finding things to #weareveryday on that site!

  168. Mika says

    The druzy studs are divine!!! I would definitely share the goodies with my momma and best friend.

  169. Jennie says

    Probably both… $100 is a lot of money, but this Mama doesn’t usually treat herself, so I would get a littke something for myself.

    Good luck, everyone!

  170. Tara W. says

    I admit it: I’d split the prize. My best friend is getting her Masters degree, so I’d certainly spoil her a bit– but I’m getting my Masters, too! Surely I deserve some pretty arrowhead drop earrings!!

  171. says

    I never win anything but its so nice that you do that. I am going to comment anyways because I love your blog!
    i love the lip color and the studs! definitely have the spring feel to it!

  172. Veranda says

    While I am itching to get my hands on a pair of those gorge earrings, I’d probably use my gift card on purchasing gifts for my bridesmaids. I have 7 girls standing up for me so I have a lot to buy!

    P.S. My wedding is in October! Oh, how I love fall!

  173. Andi Cassell says

    Thank u for this contest. I would spend the credit on me and my 14 year old daughter. Love her so much!!!

  174. Susan S says

    I need to expand my jewelry collection, so I would spend it on myself! I might buy my mom a pair of those earrings though, I have been eyeing them for weeks!

  175. Tuare says

    I browsed through the earrings section to find a favorite pair BUT I CAN’T! They’re all absolutely fabulous!!

  176. Julie says

    I would be very tempted to spend it on myself, but my sister’s birthday is coming up so I’d use it to buy her something pretty :)

  177. Suzanne says

    Love Saressa Designs! My jewelry wardrobe could certainly use a spring treat! Thanks for the giveaway.

  178. Mary says

    Beautiful! I would definitely love to purchase something for myself and then for others in the future.

  179. jennifer says

    I was just pinning druzy studs the other day, now you are featuring an artist that makes beautiful ones. I feel like its meant to be:) I have to go buy myself some!
    I’m planning to get some for my little sister to celebrate her new job. Nothing like a pair of earrings to make you feel pretty on your first day on the job!

  180. Lauren fountain says

    I absolutely love the grey/ silver Druze studs. I am a stay at home mom of 2 girls so I would probably splurge on myself since I don’t normally get too.