Sonia Kashuk Spring Beauty + Giveaway

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If you’ve visited my blog before, you’ve probably seen me mention something about the Sonia Kashuk line at Target. I’m such a big fan of her brushes, and seriously love the Pink Innocencia fragrance from her new line.
I got the opportunity to try out a few other products of hers, and unsurprisingly, they are equally as impressive! 
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The Eye Couture Palette in Eye on Neutral Shimmer is probably the only palette anyone could ever need. The shades are just shimmery enough to provide a bit of reflection on the lid, but they aren’t too iridescent for everyday wear. 
They blend together beautifully, and there are tons of options for mixing the wide variety of shades. I typically wear neutrals on a daily basis, so adding even more neutrals into my makeup collection is always a win for me.
The Chic Luminosity Blush/Bronzer duo in Glimmer is simply beautiful. This is a wonderful time of year to start wearing a bit of a “glow” on your face, and this product lets you do just that. I like that it’s two “separate” products that can easily be blended together. If you want to cut a little bit of the brightness from the pink blush, simply swirl your brush into the bronzer right before you apply it to your cheeks. 
I use the Sonia Kashuk Tools Dense Blush/Powder Brush No. 24 for applying this blush and bronzer duo. I like to press into the bronzer first, and create a bit of depth under my cheekbone. Then, I’ll tap off any excess product and swirl the brush into the blush color. The beauty is that these two colors already coordinate, so if they mix a bit you can’t go wrong.
Pink Innocencia Eau de Toilette is what I wear daily. I always avoid super strong perfumes because they tend to give me a headache, but this fragrance is subtle enough to deliver a gentle scent. 
Here is a short video where I go into a little more detail about the products:


While I do enjoy shopping in large cosmetic stores, there’s something nice about the convenience of Target to pick up new beauty items. It’s one less stop that I need to make, and you simply cannot beat the prices for the quality. You have a chance to do some Target shopping of your own by entering to win a $100 Target GiftCard® – just leave a comment below letting me know which beauty items you are excited to try this spring and you’ll be entered to win!
Learn more at and visit the Sonia Kashuk page at

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  1. Caitlin N says

    Hi Kate– I am excited to try the Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture Palette in Neutral Shimmer. I am always using neutral shades on my eyes, and I’d love to try this palette. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Laurie says

    I love the Maybelline color show nail lacquers in pastels for Spring and a soft pink blush for the cheeks.

  3. Ronda Hudson says

    I recently tried the Innocencia lotion & absolutely loved it. Thanks for the recommendation! I also do not like most perfumes because I tend to get headaches from them too. I love your blog!

  4. mary holzum says

    I just love your new updated blog and I too love Target. I will be heading there soon to check out the Sonia products. This spring I am really loving Jam Berry Nails. They come in great colors and designs and last over two weeks.

  5. Chris says

    OOOh I’m looking for new eyeshadows and, I love neutrals almost as much as you do- no surprise, we have almost the exact same coloring my eyes are just a grayer blue. So you can imagine my delight. If I don’t win I think a trip to target is in my future. That’s dangerous you know…(really dangerous…you can see Target from our house…can you imagine the temptation?)

  6. Audrey Buck says

    I’ve been searching for a new blush brush and the one you have here might be the one I’ve been waiting for!

  7. Tiffany Roberts says

    I would love to try these products! I’ve been looking for a new bronzer and this one seems perfect! Love the packaging on her products also!

  8. Linda says

    I started buying Sonia products at target after reading your blog. Recently bought a set of her brushes, absolutely love them!

  9. Karley says

    I would like to try the Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation you mentioned in a previous post!

  10. says

    I could use a new blush brush and would love to try the one you mention in the post. I also really want to try the Pink Innocencia scent. And I’d love a pretty new lip gloss for spring!

  11. Taylor Joyner says

    I love all of her products! Especially the body care and brushes! Never used bronzed much so I am excited to try that this summer!

  12. Bethany says

    I’d love to try the fragrance! I prefer something light for summer, and it sounds perfect!

  13. Taylee says

    I’d love to try the eye colour palette! I’m in need of some new eyeshadow. Also, love the new blog design!

  14. Danielle says

    I would love to add to my brush collection. I have the basics, but would enjoy being able to get some more! The perfume you enjoy has intrigued me every time you mention it, I will have to check it out at Target next time I’m there!

  15. Meagan says

    I just bought the Sonia Kashuk Yellow Alluriana body lotion the other day and I absolutely LOVE the scent. I’d love to try more :)

  16. SS says

    This spring I want to find a perfume to wear on a regular basis. Strong scents also give me a headache so I’m really interested in checking out Pink Innocencia.

  17. Brooke says

    I love Sonia Kashuk products. The brushes are awesome. I definitely want to try theEye Couture Palette in Neutral Shimmer. Love the colors!

  18. Valerie says

    The blush and eyeshadows are both really pretty! For spring it’s always about my favorite polish color to toes–Cajun Shrimp by OPI. It’s just the right coral with a touch of red!

  19. Kellee Burke says

    I would love to try the Blush/bronzer duo, also I am desperate need of a good set of brushes!

  20. Nicole says

    I’m always up for trying new makeup products as I usually keep my routine pretty simple. The less products I have laying around the better so an all in on pallette would be so nice! The blush/bronzer combo also looks amazing! And who doens’t love something that you can grab at Target?

  21. Abbie Sivertson says

    I am in need of new brushes and would love to give these Sonia Kashuk brushes a try!!

  22. Whitney Russ says

    Love, love, love th Sonia products!! I have also been looking for that scent that is also pictures but my Targets aren’t carrying it!!!

  23. Stephanie says

    Target is a must stop for me anyway…even though right now the closest one is over an hour away from us :(. Looks like there’s a few more things to add to my list!

  24. Lindsay says

    On your advice, I stopped by Target to check out the new Sonia Kashuk fragrances, and I LOVE Red Promisia. It’s such a unique fragrance in a season where all the new scents seem to be very similar florals. I also adore my Sonia Kashuk brushes, the quality is outstanding.

  25. Allison says

    I am so excited to try the blush/bronzer duo! I love a bright face, and that is perfect! I’m also pumped to try the Innocencia fragrance, I bet it smells heavenly and Spring-y.

  26. Jessica says

    I would love to try the blush/bronzer! I am always on the lookout for great blush products!

  27. Jen says

    I’m excited to try the Pink Innocencia Eau de Toilette. I’m always looking for a nice, subtle perfume.

  28. Kim Becker says

    I can’t wait to try the blush/bronzer! I love that fragrance, I use body wash and lotion in that scent. Great for spring!

  29. Robin says

    I would like to try a lighter Tinted Moisturizer/BB Cream and the Dewy Luxe Lip and Cheek Balm in Enchanted.

  30. Laurin Vonada says

    I’m excited about using more pops of color for the spring. The blush would be perfect for that pop of pink on my cheeks!

  31. Kate says

    Hi Kate!
    I’m new to under-eye concealer and I’m still trying to find some that doesn’t crease. I would also love some new bronzer now that it’s warm out!

  32. amberO says

    I can’t wait to try some Sonia Kashuk brushes! That eye palette may jump into my cart as well.

  33. Traci Hartmann says

    OOhh, can’t wait to try the shimmer line!!! We don’t have a target in my town, but everytime I go to a city with Target, it is a MUST stop!!!

  34. says

    I love Sonia Kashuk nail polishes. There is one called Mango Tango, and another called Sweet Dreams that I’ve been waiting to try!

  35. Kristin O says

    I would love to try the Sonia Kushuk line of fragrances. I have smelled them all every time I go to Target and I cannot decide which one to try they all smell awesome! This would allow me to try them all!!

  36. Shannon Chojnicki says

    I am in LOVE with Sonia Kashuk brushes. Would love to be able to try a few more of them as well as her new cream bronzer and some of those eye shadow palettes.

  37. Ashley says

    I cant wait to try the neutrals eye palette. I a in need of a new neutral and this one would be perfect. Plus I love Target!!

  38. Mina says

    I’m excited to try that Sonia Kashuk eye palette! My Target is usually sold out of most of her stuff. I’m going to stop by after work, I also need a new blush brush, going to look for the one you mentioned as well!


  39. Kristina says

    I have been having trouble finding eye shadows that are “daytime appropriate”, so I am definitely going to try the neutral eyeshadows. I also am suffering from tan envy from all those lucky ducks that went away for spring break, so the bronzes/blush duo sounds like just what I need!!!!

  40. Natasha says

    Love!! I was tempted to pick up this blush/bronzer but didn’t. Now I’m going to have to!

  41. Christine says

    I’m on the prowl for new self-tanner. It’s been a few summers since I’ve bought it so I’m eager to see what’s new! And I have a feeling the Chic Luminosity Blush/Bronzer duo in Glimmer might end up in my cart too! :)

  42. Ashley S. says

    That neutral pallet is amazing! I may have to head out for it today. I’m looking forward to finding/trying some fun, bright nail polishes this spring/summer.

  43. Desiree says

    The eyeshadow palette is gorgeous! I love neutrals when it comes to make and this would be perfect for me!

  44. Jenn says

    That new palette looks gorgeous! Do they have a good mascara, too? I have tried for years and cannot find the perfect mascara.

  45. Tina says

    Love Target! I’m excited to try this line. The blush bronzed duo looks like a good place to start!

  46. Stacie says

    I have heard great things about the eye palette from other beauty bloggers as well! I’d love to give it a try! And Target is my favorite store!

  47. Cherie Winstead says

    I would love to try all the products mentioned in today’s post. The palette really looks like a great combo of neutrals that I can’t wait to try!

  48. Holly says

    This year, I’m going to figure out bronzer, I swear! The SK one in this post looks like a great starter.

  49. Lisa says

    That eye palette looks amazing! I’ve been looking for the perfect neutral palette and that’s it. I’m always at Target, so it will be easy to pick one up!

  50. Dana says

    I definitely am in need of new brushes, but as a stay at home mom who doesn’t wear makeup daily, spending an arm & a leg just isn’t practical. SK brushes would be perfect!

  51. Frances says

    I used to love her tuberose scent. It smelled just like the flowers in my mother’s garden as a kid. I’d love to try all of the above products, but scents connected to fond memories are my favorite :)

  52. says

    I’ve been encouraged to try the sonia kashuk brushes because you seem to be consistently pleased with them. I did try an eye palette that you recommended some months ago. Loved it. Because the nearest Target is 115 miles away I very rarely get the opportunity to drool over the S.K. section. I did however, pop in to Target 2 months ago & very lovingly caressed all the display brushes. At the risk of appearing a little creepy, I’m afraid… BTW, I love the new blog. Great work. Always a joy!

  53. Melissa M. says

    I would love to try the eye shadow palette. I have been looking for some new brushes as well.

  54. Kylie says

    I’m honestly excited to try all these products mentioned today! Especially the eye palette and the perfume!

  55. Ashley Miller says

    I would love to try some of her brushes as well as find a great BB cream for these upcoming beach days! :)

  56. Molly says

    Looks like some lovely items. Looking forward to checking them out at Target, especially the bronzer duo!

  57. Amy Parrish says

    Love Target and I look forward to trying out the Sonia Kashuk Blush/Bronzer for a bit of sparkle this summer!

  58. Tiffany says

    I love Sonia Kashuk brushes too! I didn’t know she had perfume – I am definitely going to check it out.

  59. Courtney Doremus says

    I’m looking forward to Try a new lip stain with all these summer weddings coning.

  60. Kara says

    I’ve been reading back through your posts trying to find an inexpensive foundation or powder so this is perfect!! I’m going to head to Target soon!!

  61. Catherine R. says

    I am looking forward to trying out that eye shadow! It looks like a less expensive alternative to a Naked Palette. I just bought two SK brushes and I am loving them. They are my first by her. They seem very nice.

  62. Gaby Dee says

    Love-Love-LOVE Sonia Kashuk’s line. Thank you for introducing me to these newest products. They look positively beautiful.

  63. Lauren H. says

    Can’t wait to try the Blush/Bronzer duo! My sister just grabbed one of her lip glosses and loves it. I’ll have to try that too! Who doesn’t love Target!?

  64. Cora Conklin says

    I just purchased the Sonia Kashuk concealer brush. Love it! Thanks for all your recommendations on beauty products.

  65. Michelle W. says

    I really need new brushes and will definitely check these out. I will definitely check out Pink Innocencia, too. With little kids at home, I am always looking for something light, just enough to remind myself I’m still a woman and not just a messy Mom!

  66. Alissa says

    The eyeshadow look beautiful! I’m not a fan of blush, but it looks like that one is pretty neutral… Might get me started on it! 😉

  67. AmieS says

    I would love to try some new makeup brushes! I have had mine too long!! Also, a new eye palette is always exciting as well as a new powder foundation!

  68. Katherine says

    The chic luminosity blush/bronzer duo in glimmer looks perfect for my skin tone. I enjoy using a little bronzer on my face this time of the year, and this duo could not be more convenient! I love shopping at Target too. :)

  69. Geri-Lynn says

    I would love to try this neutral palette. I too wear neutrals and shimmer, so I’m always looking for colors that compliment my eyes. I think the Eye Couture Palette would be perfect. Thank you for the giveaway.

  70. michelle orum says

    I’ve found myself stuck I the same makeup routine for years. Would love to try Sonia’s line. Thanks for the recommendation. Hope to win!

  71. Taylor C says

    I’ve always wanted to try the Sonia Kashuk brushes. That blush & bronzer duo looks wonderful, too.

  72. Rachael Schroeder says

    I’d love to try that bronzer. I love big name brands but there is something awesome about finding something at the drugstore or retailer!

  73. Kristen B. says

    I would love to try the blush/bronzer! I just purchased the
    Pink Innocencia Eau de Toilette for my daughter for her bridal shower!

  74. Jen says

    I would love to try all of these products but especially the fragrance! I have been looking for something neutral enough for everyday wear. Thanks for the giveaway Kate! I love your blog and have tried some amazing products that I may have otherwise passed up thanks to it.

  75. Dayna G. says

    I want to try those eyeshadows. I’m getting bored with what I normally wear and all of those shades look like they would work pretty well for my skin color.

  76. Raeanne Macklin says

    I love Sonia’s line! I have been looking for new eyeshadow and this palette would be perfect.

  77. Nicole says

    I absolutely love Target. It’s my happy place! I have been loving blush and bronzer this spring.

  78. Jennifer says

    Hi Kate – I rushed out to buy the Pink Innocencia fragrance after I read a review on your blog and I absolutely love it and use it everyday. I would love to try the eye shadow palette and the bronzer/blush duo also!!

  79. Meg says

    I would LOVE to try that fragrance – I have been looking for something new!! But also, that bronze/blush combo looks awesome! I love 2 in 1 – it makes life easier :)

  80. Stephanie Herbert says

    I am excited to learn about the Sonia Kashuk blush/bronzer. I can’t wait to check it out! Thanks for sharing!

  81. Bethany says

    I have been bouncing around between eye shadows and haven’t found the perfect pallet…but this one looks great!!!!

  82. Jessica says

    Hi Kate! Congrats on a beautiful new site. I’ve never tried blush because of my rosacea prone skin, but am curious about the blush/bronzer combo!

  83. Donna says

    The cosmetic section in target seems to call my name. I own one of the pallets already but looks like this one will be added as well as the blush brush. Thanks for the opportunity.

  84. Denise says

    I want to head to Target right after work and pick up The Eye Couture Palette in Eye on Neutral Shimmer!!! Thanks for sharing this on your blog! (also looking for a nice bronzer)

  85. Kim says

    Wow Kate, what a great offer! The eye palette looks like it would compliment so many eye colors and skin tones. By the way, the blog “re-do” is just fantastic! I look forward to your new entries everyday :)

  86. Robin Goldinger says

    The eye shadow looks amazing! I’m always looking for fun eyeshadow. I love your blog and all of your hair tutorials!

  87. megan says

    I would love to try some new eye shadows, I am in kind-of a rut…same colors for the last few years so I know I need to change it up.

  88. Natalie says

    Love the new Sonia Kashuk bath & body line. Currently searching for a bronzer and this fits perfect! Thank you, Kate!

  89. Rebecca says

    I would love to try the spray and some of her makeup! I haven’t tried any of these products before. Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. Shannon says

    The eyeshadows look great. i’m getting to the end of the one I’ve been using so maybe this palette will be next for me.

  91. Ashley Mwale says

    I love trying new scents especially in the summer, I am going to Target today to check out Pink Innocencia!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  92. says

    can’t go into the Target beauty section without smelling Pink Innocencia! I’m actually getting married next February and I’m planning on getting it to wear on my wedding day! I also would love to try the body cream in this scent.

  93. Leslie says

    I love Sonia Kashuk make-up brushes! I’ve been using the collapsable travel blush brush for years! I have been looking for a light perfume for summer and would like to try Pink Innocencia. P.S. I LOVE TARGET!

  94. Harriet says

    I’ve never tried a luminizing powder because I am scarred from all the glitter we used to wear to middle school dances but I think this compact is a great, affordable way to ease back in and get some shimmer in for summer!

  95. Kate M says

    I’m excited to try a new blush/bronze duo, coincidentally just like the Sonia Kashuk one you reviewed here!

  96. says

    Wow! That blush/bronzer duo looks like just the thing I need for the summer! I’m also excited to find a fun Essie nail polish in a fresh summer shade. I keep my makeup simple and clean, so nails end are my way to show off a bold color! Thanks for the giveaway, Kate! (And, sidenote, your new blog design looks FANTASTIC!)

  97. Joni Casady says

    I am excited to try this new eye shadow pallet. I love neutrals for my eyes too, and this looks like the perfect collection to use for a variety of looks.

  98. says

    I am ready to try some lighter foundations this spring – either powders or BB creams. I’m tired of my liquid foundation and am looking for great coverage in a lightweight formula.

  99. Jen says

    I have already fallen in love with the brush kits that she offers, looks like I need to get that eye pallet!!

  100. Amy H. says

    I would love to try Eye Couture Palette in Eye on Neutral Shimmer, and I wouldn’t mind buying a few new Essie nail polishes!

  101. Martha says

    I’m always excited to try new lipsticks, and I’ve been looking for a new summer foundation, too!

  102. Ali says

    I love SK lip color. Always so moisturizing with subtle hue. I would love to try the new bronzer/blush como!

  103. Brandi Lang says

    I Love Target! The clothes, makeup, and well… everything! I’ve had SK brushes in the past but never the big blush brush – it looks FAB.

  104. Michelle says

    I hadn’t seen the Sonia Kashuk neutral eye palette. Next time I’m at Target I’ll have to check that out.

    I’m most excited for the return of bright fun nail polish colors. Can’t wait to see what Essie has in store for us this summer!

  105. Laura says

    I love blushes and bronzers, so I definitely want to try that! I’m also always looking for good new brushes.

  106. Carrie says

    Absolutely right on about the Sonia Kusek line! Amazing products! The chic luminosity palette is gorgeous!

  107. Michelle H says

    I have been wanting to play with eye make up (I never wear any) and that palette looks perfect!

  108. Cara says

    Those products all look great! The neutral pallet eye shadow is definitely one I would love to try soon!

  109. Noel M says

    I am eager to try Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls from Target! Would also love for you to do a review on it since I have seen it around the blog-a-sphere!

  110. Patti says

    I’m in dire need of some new makeup brushes and your ringing endorsements of the Sonia K. line are making me want to run to Target right now!

  111. says

    Thanks for hosting! I would love to buy some more Sonia Kashuk brushes, I love the three I own! I would love to try the blush/bronzer duo, too!

  112. NeuroNerd says

    I would love to try Sonia brushes! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect foundation,concealer , and contouring brushes.

  113. Erika says

    I would love to try a new shade of blush – something brighter than I normally wear. I’m also thinking about trying dry shampoo.

  114. Kimberly says

    I normally just use Chapstick for my lips but am anxious to venture out and actually purchase some color (whether it just be a gloss or full on lipstick).

  115. Becky says

    I’d love to try the bronzer/blush duo or the fragrance spray! I love Target, they have some of the best cosmetics for a great price!

  116. Beverly says

    I have yet to try any Sonia Kashuk products… Target is a little off the beaten path for us… But I need some new bronzer and the brushes sound intriguing… Definitely need to make the trip to Target soon and check these out!

  117. Marissa says

    I have been wanting to try the SK line for a while as I have heard so many great things! Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway op! :)

  118. Mindy says

    I love the eye on neutral 02 matte palette and would love to try the shimmer one! Thanks for the giveaway.

  119. Alice V says

    I’m inspired to try her brushes based on your comments, and the eye shadows look interesting, too.

  120. Kelly says

    Super excited to try the new Tarte sunless tanner. I’ve heard 2 separate beauty bloggers rave about it already and it’s only the beginning of May!!

  121. ash says

    I’m always excited to try something new from Pixi– their products always look so pretty & natural, but since they are priced a little higher, they’re definitely a splurge!

  122. Christina T says

    I love the Sonia Kashuk line, and there’s always super cute, fun printed brushes as well. :-)

    I’d love to try the blush/bronzer. With fair skin, I’m always intimidated by anything that adds more “glow” to my face.

  123. Nicole says

    The blush/bronzer for sure! I noticed just the other day how lifeless and dull my skin looks after this long long winter

  124. Annaliza R says

    I would love to try the Chic Luminosity Bronzer/Blush and the Hidden Agenda Concealer palette.

  125. Jennifer Odell says

    I love the Sonia Kashuk line as well. I’d love to browse and pick up some new fun products!

  126. Megan M. says

    I’ve wanted to try the Sonia Kashuk line at Target for ages, but I’ve always been intimidated by makeup. I finally feel ready to start wearing some, and SK feels like a great place to start.

  127. Jamie Simon says

    Beautiful pallet – I’ve been looking for a decent pallet to use on upcoming trips (I don’t want to travel with my Naked 2 pallet) and this looks like it might do the trick! Thanks!

  128. Krissy says

    I would love to go shopping “guilt free” at Target and try out some of S.K. brushes and shadows!

  129. Jackie says

    Hi Kate – I would love to try the bronzer/blush duo or maybe even a new eye shadow color! Thanks for the giveaway!

  130. Diane Brooks says

    I love Benfits Coralista blush for spring! But I have never tried any Sonia Kashuk, but I would absolutely love too!

  131. holly says

    Love the new site. I would like to try some new brushes and the bronzer. Love to try new things:)

  132. Arkie says

    I am looking to try out the Pixi line at Target and also pick up a few new colors of the Revlon lip butters!

  133. Julie says

    Excited to try the fragrance! I don’t like over powering perfumes, so this looks like a great option!

  134. says

    I would LOVE to try the makeup brushes! Some of mine are nice, but most are super cheap, and I could definitely use an upgrade. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  135. Carrie Hughes says

    I just bought a new face wash for pore minimizing that I’m hoping for great results! I’m also looking to change my entire make up line, because I’m not pleased with how my face looks lately. Hoping Target will be a part of it.

  136. Lynne says

    I’m excited to try out a new blush/bronzer. I’m the palest of pales in the winter, but tan well in the summer. Yay for color!

  137. Mandy S. says

    I already love the Sonia Kashuk brushes and need to pick up a couple more! I am so glad you posted this palette! I am going to pick that up!

    I’ve also been wanting to try the fragrance since you posted it a few weeks ago, so now’s as good a time as any!

  138. Melissa says

    I always love the new spring nail polish colors that come out every year – my toes need brightness after being confined to shoes all winter!

  139. Denise Carpenter says

    Those are beautiful. I have been looking at her line of brushes for a while. I will definitely check out her eye palette.

  140. Jessica says

    I’m excited to try to eye palett! I may NEED to check out her brushes too!! :)
    Thanks for a chance to win!!

  141. Miranda says

    I am in need of some new colors! Would love to try the new eye palette and need a new lip color, too.

  142. says

    I could probably live at Target, but have to refrain myself on a daily basis. This summer I definitely want to try to find a bronzer and a great mascara. Also (non-make up related) can we talk about the summer clothes that are coming out now? I have a long list of summer dresses that have been added to my next shopping trip!

  143. Megan says

    I love the Sonia Kashuk line! One of my favorite perfumes was hers but they discontinued it a few years ago. I’m looking forward to trying your recommendation!

  144. Jamie Preston says

    I love neutral eye shadows as well so I’m excited to try this one out. I also want to try out her brushes! Thanks for doing an awesome giveaway!

  145. Dana B. says

    I would love to try the bronzer/blush! I am just now getting into really good makeup and noticing the huge difference it has made for me.

  146. says

    I am looking forward to trying the Tarte amazonian clay eyebrow mousse. I just ordered it and can’t wait to see results on my ultra thin eyebrows!

  147. Karen Glatt says

    I like the Chic Luminosity Blush/Bronzer Duo in Glimmer! Looks great for summer!
    karenglatt1956 (at) gmail dot com

  148. Kate B says

    Where do I begin? I always have an ongoing list of beauty products on my wish list. I have a matte bronzer that I love, but I’ve never really used highlighter and would love to try that in spring. Thanks for the giveaway, hope to win :)

  149. Jill says

    I want to get a CC cream for summer with a good SPF in it. I want to simplify my make-up routine this summer.

    Thank you.

  150. Laura says

    Love the bronzer/blush duo, but really all of it is so enticing, I would have a hard time choosing!

  151. KerriM says

    I’m so excited that you blogged about products from Target – I have actually been searching your archives for less expensive products that you enjoy and this fits the bill! I’m excited to check out this line at Target!

  152. Tracy says

    I am excited to give my new Jouer bronzer a shot. I like the look of bronzer on other people but have been a little intimidated to try it on myself.

  153. Carrie says

    I am excited to try the tarte lipsurgence and tarte’s Amazonian clay airbrush foundation! Just discovered tarte and I’m hooked.

  154. Jessica says

    I am in dire need of a Target run to pick up some method cleaners….and these Sonia Kashuk brushes that you keep raving about!

  155. Ashley M. says

    I am in dire need of some new eye shadow pallets. I tend to stick to the same ones and need to change it up!

  156. Emily M says

    I am excited to try some new blush colors this spring. I always go for the same thing, but I think I am ready to branch out!

  157. Kirsten G says

    Can’t wait to try the Sonia Kashuk brushes! I’ve been needing some new eyeshadow brushes. Also love the Sonia Kashuk Pink Innocenia fragrance as well! I have the Body Wash and Lotion, but would love to try the Eau de Toilette!

  158. Megan says

    You have made me curious about Sonya Kashuk! I also get headaches from perfumes, but I really want to be one of those women with a signature scent. So if I won the gift card, I would absolutely go to the Sonya Kashuk fragrance section first!

  159. Jeannie says

    I would love to try these items. They look really great and I trust your recommendations, you have never steered me wrong!

  160. Kristie Passage says

    I’m so excited to try the Eau de Toilette! I don’t usually wear perfume because I have kids hanging on my neck all day but the light scent you described sounds perfect!

  161. Jen Williams says

    Now I want to go to Target and smell that perfume! And I could use some new makeup brushes…

  162. Tiffany says

    I love Target, but have never tried any Sonia Kashuk products. I am excited to give a try to some of her beauty products.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  163. Brandi Wolfskill says

    Good Morning Kate!

    I would def be trying the perfume spray. I have noticed both you and your sister speaking highly of it.


  164. steven weber says

    I’m a guy so I don’t use these.. but my girlfriend likes this the best:

    Sonia Kashuk Tools Dense Blush/Powder Brush No. 24 & Chic Luminosity Blush/Bronzer Duo in Glimmer

  165. deanna says

    I’m looking forward to trying one of those beauty blender sponges for foundation – they seem too good to be true!

    PS – thanks for going back to full feeds!

  166. says

    I think that I would love that eye shadow pallet – it looks like it is versatile and flexible for daily use or for more dressy events. I also and looking for a new bronzer for summer, so I will have to check out the one you mentioned!

  167. Renea B says

    the bronze/blush looks amazing. the eye shadows don’t look bad either. I would love to try either.

  168. Krista says

    I’m looking forward to trying the L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara as well as that Sonia Kashuk blush/bronzer duo, it looks gorgeous!

  169. Trudy McKeag says

    I have never tried any Sonia Kashuk products, but think I will check out the perfume! The way you describe it sounds like it is right up my alley!

  170. Kristen says

    Target is definitely my favorite store! There are so many new beauty items I would like to try, but probably at the top of my list would be some new lipstick.

  171. says

    I love the Pink Innocencia fragrance. I ran out and got it when you recommended it, and it’s just lovely. It’s subtle enough I don’t mind wearing it around the baby, but it still smells great at the end of the day.

  172. Anna Davis says

    I love Sonia Kashuk brushes and would love to purchase more and try the blush/bronzer duo!

  173. says

    Hi Kate! I just got the Tarte loose powder you reviewed recently & I’m loving it!! I’ve also been looking for some different eyeshadow so now I’m thinking I will try out this Sonia Kashuk palate! :)

  174. Lindsay says

    i love the blush/bronzer compact! i need to replace one i’ve had for months and is falling apart.

  175. Nicole says

    I would love to try a few new items to mix up my spring and summer look! Target shopping is the best. I could spend all day browsing the beauty sections!

  176. Jessica says

    I love Sonia’s products, especially her contouring brush! I’d love to give her new fragrance a try.

  177. Ashley R says

    I’m excited to try the Sonia Kashuk brushes! I’ve heard many good things! I would also like to try some more of the eyeshadows – I really like the Sonia Kashuk ones I have!

  178. Kristine says

    I also love the Pink Innocencia Bath & Body Collection. It has a wonderful subtle scent. Thank you for recommending the eyeshadow palette; I’ll definitely have to try that too!

  179. Amber says

    I’ve wondered about her line of makeup, so I am very excited to hear good reviews on it! Plus I’ve been looking for a bronzer for a couple of years but was afraid to commit to one, so this looks perfect. I’m a fan of neutral eyes too, they go great with bold lips :) You’ve peeked my interest, and I love that it’s something I can try without breaking the bank! Thanks!

  180. says

    I have that blush and bronzer duo and I love it! I keep it in my purse and refresh when I’m feeling a little worn down. I’m excited to try perfumes actually. I stopped wearing them because they aggravated my allergies but my allergies aren’t horrible anymore so I’m thinking perfume might be safe again!

  181. Stacie S. says

    I’ve been searching for a new blush and am excited to go and find this one here and give it a try! I also love neutral eyeshadow palettes and am a sucker when I find a really good one!! Can’t pass them up!

  182. Dawn says

    I have never tried her products before but, after reading your review, I will be checking them out!

  183. Amy says

    For my aging skin, the Innocencia Body Butter is the best…it’s just a little heavier, but NOT greasy…love it!

  184. Samantha Bowman says

    I would love to pick up the neutral eye shadow pallet. I have been looking for something new and affordable. Thanks for the recommendation!

  185. Susan says

    I am really looking forward to trying some new eyeshadow shades. I like the one you wrote about in neutral. I love the colors and the shimmer aspect. Thanks for posting!

  186. Hillary says

    I love SK and am excited about her new fragrance line! I would love the chance to sample all those goodies!

  187. Megan Brk says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to try the blush bronzer duo because I’m in desperate need of a little bit of color and brightness for spring!

  188. Jen says

    In the past I’ve been weary of trying a bronzer because I am so fair skinned and I don’t tan well but I like this Sonia Kashuk duo bronzer/blush and I’d be interested in trying that :)

  189. Dorian says

    I’d love to try the new shimmer palette by Sonia Kashuk. I’ve always loved her brand and shopping at Target is a bouns!

  190. Kristin says

    I love the look of that blush. I’ve been really getting into face products and really think it’s beautiful!

  191. Debra says

    I would love to try the bronzer/blush. I have never tried bronzer before and this one dies not look to intimidating.

  192. Brittany says

    That Eye Couture Palette in Neutral Shimmer looks fantastic! I also can not get enough of the Sonia Kashuk brushes… they will probably make up my entire brush collection eventually!

  193. Missy says

    I’ve heard great things about Sonia Kashuk’s eye shadows so I’m excited to try them this season!! Thanks for the giveaway :-)

  194. Hannah says

    Would love to try all three of the products you mentioned! I am in need if a new bronzed so I’d for sure get the blush/bronzer!

  195. Bridget Purdy says

    I absolutely love reading your posts every week! You have such a fresh, new outlook on beauty, and I thank you for being so honest and bold enough to try new things! I would love to try some of these newest products on your ‘it list’. (Especially the brushes and the Chic Luminosity Blush/Bronzer duo in Glimmer!) Thanks so much!

  196. BG says

    I have been looking for more of a “grown-up” fragrance (since I suspect my favs are also the ones high school girls use). I would love to try some of Sonia’s!

  197. Becca says

    I am a huge fan of the Sonia Kashuk products! I recently started using the tinted moisturizer and it provides just the right amount of coverage and is gentle enough to use on my skin. I also love the new body lotion and sprays!

  198. Melissa Sullivan says

    I have always heard that Sonia Kashuk’s brushes are wonderful but I have never tried them. I will have to check them out next time I am at target. I love the eyeshadow palette…great colors that would be perfect for everyday wear.

  199. Emily H says

    Love the blush! Mine current bare minerals blush is almost out.. this might have to be hte replacement!

  200. Brittany says

    I really want to get some new spring Essie colors, along with some new Sonia Kashuk brushes (I’m in desperate need of some new brushes)!

  201. Holly H. says

    I would love to try that eyeshadow pallet – I’m currently using Naked2 and it keeps crumbling and breaking. Kind of unfortunate due to the expense. Sonia Kashuk brushes are the best!

  202. Breahna says

    I love the Sonia Kashuk Yellow Alluriana Eau de Toilet spray. Refreshing grapefruit scent, perfect for warmer weather! Agree that it’s awesomely easy to pick up these great finds while I’m already out on my Target run. The shower cap from her body line is great as well. Terry lined to preserve my blowout and large enough to accommodate my thick hair. Highly recommend.

  203. Heather M says

    I love this eyeshadow palette! I’ve been looking for something w/ different shades of brown and this would be perfect!

  204. Rachelle says

    Sonia Kashuk’s makup remover is my absolute favorite! I definitely need to try out the eyeshadow now.

  205. Anna says

    I LOVE the Sonia brushes as well! I am a huge fan. I would like to try her blushes this summer. You can never have too many blushes!!

  206. says

    Started buying Sonia Kashuk products after reading!! Love the brushes and excited to try out the new blush/bronzer. Heading to Target tomorrow to buy the Chic Luminosity Blush/Bronzer duo in Glimmer and obviously I also need the Sonia Kashuk Tools Dense Blush/Powder Brush No. 24 (shhh don’t tell my husband!!) Twitter: Check out my blog where I posted as well:

  207. Magan says

    I am very excited to try the Pink Innocencia Eau de Toilette. I’ve been in need of a soft scent for the spring/summer because too much scent in the heat of Texas summer is dreadful. Also, I noticed this morning that I needed some new brushes for my powder and blush. I always know that if I need some beauty product advice that you will have it. Thanks for being there in my time of need, Kate! :)

  208. Denise says

    I would love yo give the subtle perfume line a try. I love smelling sweet and feminine, but I usually have a headache or sneezing when wearing perfumes. Can’t wait to check it out on my next Target visit! :)

  209. Janna says

    The Sonia Kashuk brush sets make the best gifts! Need to buy a gift for myself or better yet win one!

  210. Becca K. says

    Looking forward to trying out that new eye shadow palette!! I’ve used one in other neutrals for the last 2 years and have LOVED it – but it’s almost empty finally! Thank you for always showing new products that are affordable and wearable for the average gal!! :)

  211. Katie Sumner says

    I can’t wait to try Eye Couture – Eye on Neutral Shimmer 3 and actually I’ve never paid attention to these at Target so I’m looking forward to checking out the entire line!

  212. Eva says

    I’ve used Sonia Kashuk brushes in the past, would love a chance to try out some of the make up as well.

  213. Ana says

    That line looks impressive. Fingers crossed that I get to try it!

    P.S. I’m a new fan and love this site!

  214. Adriana says

    I’d love to try these products! Especially the perfume… I have been looking for a new one!

  215. Lisa Berggren says

    I am very excited to try the new Tarte foundation powder that you wrote about last week, as well as the brush to go along with it! I am finally to a point where I want/need to find products that actually work well with my skin and complete my makeup look.

  216. Anne says

    Kate, I can’t wait to try the ELF High Definition blush and the Loreal Butterfly Effect mascara. They’re next on my list!! Target is the ONLY place I shop for makeup – great for my budget and still fun!

  217. Allyson Ricker says

    I love, love, love her eye shadow quad in fair & square so I would love to test out this new eye couture palette!

  218. Faith says

    I’d love to try that blush, and I’m looking for a good creamy blush that would look more “glowing” than powdery!

  219. suzanne tornvall-sager says

    I love getting some new makeup for the spring! The blush/bronzer looks like a beautiful combination for a fair, blue eyed blonde like myself! Also love her brushes!

  220. Victoria says

    I have never used Sonia Kashuk products but I would LOVE to win this and try it out for the first time! :)

  221. Molly says

    I would love to try the eyeshadows and the perfume. I too, get bad headaches from strong perfumes so always looking for a light one. I love Target too. :-) I have never tried Sonia’s line before but now I am curious.

  222. elizabeth k says

    I’m excited to try the new Bare Minerals liquid foundation! Also I love experimenting with eye shadows and nail polishes, which I often get a Target :-)

  223. Stephanie T says

    Thanks for the tip (as usual)! I just ran out of bronzer this weekend and was thinking of what new product to try! Will have to head over to target now!

  224. Valerie says

    I love that eye couture palette – and in the same shades. I haven’t been able to find the PERFECT neutral palette, but this looks like quite a contender! Oh, and love the new blog design!

  225. Loren Edwards says

    I really love that bronzer + blush duo. I am always caught on what to use for the summer time. I don’t like to wear my everyday makeup because it can be too heavy for the heat, but this bronzer/blush duo may be my ticket for the summer! Thanks for sharing Kate!

  226. Sherry Huneycutt says

    I am looking forward to trying the everyday fragrance you mentioned, Pink Innocencia Eau de Toilette.

  227. Melissa Crosby says

    Although it is technically spring, in AZ the weather is warm enough to constitute summer attire and less makeup. I’m anxious to try Bare Minerals for the first time. Using a powder foundation seems much more appealing than a liquid during our hot, HOT days.

  228. Kylee says

    I am addicted to Target! The neutral eyeshadow palette looks nice. I would be interested in trying that and I am also in need of new brushes!

  229. says

    Those products look amazing! I’ve never tried anything from this brand but I’ve always wanted to.

  230. Ginessa says

    I love that you posted about the Sonia Kashuk palette. I have been looking for some new shadows suitable for everyday wear. Thank you!

  231. Anna Creecy says

    I’m a fan of the Sonia Kashuk tinted moisturizer. It has good coverage for being so sheer. Her I love all her eye pallets. I need the neutral one you wrote about.

  232. Stephanie says

    I have never used this makeup line before. I would love to try some maybe blush, eyeshadow or lipstick.

  233. Emily says

    I’m in need of some great, new eyeshadow brushes. I also love all things skincare so the GC would go great towards some of Burt’s Bees new products.

  234. Elizabeth G says

    I am excited to try the Chic Luminosity Bronzer/Blush Duo as well as the All Covered Up Concealer. I am always in the market for good products that don’t cost a fortune!

  235. Elizabeth V says

    I appreciate that you mention places like Target on your blog for those of us who don’t always love shopping in large cosmetic stores. I would love to try this bronzer/blush combo for summer!

  236. Lindsay says

    Target in Canada is sad compared to the great scores you share, but, this all looks phenomenol. (I am curious as all get out to know what the Pink Innocencia smells like!) Thanks for spreading the goodness you score at Target! :) Much love from your neighbors to the North!

  237. Misty Friedrichs says

    I can’t wait to try the eye palette – I have been looking for a nice natural set of shadows that aren’t too “shimmery” for my age. I think I may also try the blush/bronzer duo. Love the idea of good product for an inexpensive price!

  238. Joyce T says

    I can’t wait to try the Pink Innocencia Eau de Toilette. I bought the body wash yesterday and it smells so good.

  239. Rachel says

    I can’t wait to try the fragrance line and eye shadow. I also want the concealer brush as well. I, like you, use neutrals daily and dislike the strong smell of most perfumes. Can’t wait to go shopping at Target!

  240. Anu says

    Really looking forward to using the more natural colors and a fresher look in eyeshadows, blush, and lip color!

  241. Kim says

    I bought the Pink Innocencia for my daughter for her wedding day June 14th per your suggestion. I think she will love it :)

  242. MaryEllen says

    I have horribly pale skin, and then reddish undertones. I am looking forward to trying some “neutralizing” products, and some bronzer that looks natural!

  243. Nicole Rodgers says

    I have a few of her brushes and I agree, they’re are great!!! I’d love to try these beauty products as well. :)

  244. Lynne says

    I’ve heard such wonderful things about the pink innocencia fragrance. I can’t wait to try it!

  245. Brenda says

    I have had the fragrance you mentioned on my list for quite a while, so that would be my pick. Thanks for the chance to win!

  246. CARY says

    Guess I have to head back to Target 😉 I’m looking forward to summer nail polish colors and finding new brushes!

  247. Brieanne says

    I am excited to try some new bronzers this summer since I don’t tan. I still haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for, but the search is on.