Disappointing Products

I mentioned in my last favorites video that I would film a little disappointing products video once I had gathered enough things to talk about.

Well I’ve come across 3 products that didn’t blow me away, so the time has come.

What I really want you to know is that I don’t think these products are bad in general, but they simply didn’t work for me like I thought they would. 

Let’s get into it! 

products mentioned:
When you are shopping for beauty products, be sure to ask about the return policy! Oftentimes if I’m really disappointed in something, or it didn’t work well for me, I’ll return it.


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    How funny that you mentioned those lashes– there are several girls at my work who are starting to wear that same kind, but I just think it looks a hot mess!! I’ll take regular mascara over that any day :)

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      I was actually wondering if that product was any good. Does it flake off like other fibre mascaras? I’ve only tried one other fibre mascara, it was one of those ones that you have to apply mascara, then white fibres, then mascara. Did not like.

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      I tried illegal lengths and noticed that it was pretty dry and it did flake. It may be different for some women but wasn’t among my favorites :)

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      Thank you! I’m such a cheapskate and I never want to buy any new products to try until I hear HUGE RAVES about them… Until then, I stick to what I know and love.

    • Christine says

      I know! I have to hold my tongue whenever girls on my FB that are selling it post the before/after pics. They all look clumpy or like a tarantula’s legs or something.

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    I’ve been wanting to try the Younique mascara, but I can’t let myself spend that much money on mascara… $35 is completely ridiculous when I regularly spend $7 on Cover Girl’s LashBlast.

    Thank you for this video, I like knowing what to avoid. That Younique mascara is definitely moved down to the bottom of my mascara wish list.

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    Video was super helpful (and not depressing at all). Mainly “not depressing” because you gave some alternatives products that did a better job of working for you…so that part was great. There are SO many products out there that it is really overwhelming so this just sort of streamlines the process for us. By the way, I totally agree with you about the Redken styling products. I have baby fine hair and I have tried several of their products and have never really been blown away by any of them. Honestly, I’ve never really been blown away by any products I’ve tried for my baby fine locks so…the search continues (which is why I think you should continue to do these kinds of videos). Thanks, Kate!!

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    No, super helpful and not depressing! Molly Stillman has done a few like this and it’s like hanging with a girlfriend who tried something and didn’t love it. Saves the rest of us money. You were honest. You didn’t bash the products at all. Just didn’t work for you.

    Hate that top isn’t comfy or good quality because it’s really pretty on you.

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    This is random but will you do a Derby Party hair tutorial. I have to figure out how to do something cute with my hair while wearing a hat. If you already have something that will work can you tell me which one it is? Thank you!

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    I loved this video! There are so many products that I want try but don’t want to waste my money on products that don’t live up to their claim…I appreciate you wasting your money! Was going to comment that I loved your top so sorry to hear that it isn’t working for you…your hair looks amazing! By the way, Celo’s cat’s name is Purrfect!

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    AHH I can’t watch the video at work, but I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!! I didn’t like the PHD treatment (I got a free blowout using that product at ULTA) but I thought my mom might, so I was going to buy the set on sale right now for her for Mother’s day. I was also about to order the Younique mascara… Thanks in advance for the reviews :)

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    I would love to know what you think of Redken Rootful …. my stylist started using it on me last fall and it’s one of my new favorite products to use before drying my hair.

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    I love your blog and was interested to hear that you’re unimpressed with the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo, Conditioner and styling cream. I have oily at the roots, dry at the ends, coarse and fine, pin straight Asian hair and these products have changed my life. For me, each one does exactly as advertised, allowing me to actually style my hair and keep that style for a few days, something I’ve never been able to do before!

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    I love my 3d fiber lashes. I don’t have flaking issues or anything issues at all with them. I think the trick is to use the right base mascara first

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    I love the PHD 5-in-1… I can tell a significant difference in the volume of my hair, although I know everybody’s hair is different. I remember trying the Body Full you suggested a few years ago, and my hair never felt more like straw. It’s just all on what works for you I suppose.

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    I think that fiber mascaras look spidery (is that a word?) at least for me, yikes! Loved this and it was not depressing at all…super informative :) thanks for taking the time! It’s awesome you gave alternatives to the products. Great vid!:)

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    I just bought the Redken Pillow Proof over the weekend. I purchased the full size because the trial size was half the cost, and you got more than twice as much more with the full price (I went into the Salon Centric by me… so I didn’t pay FULL retail price… I think I would be super disappointed if I did though) Anyway, I’ve been using it since Friday and compared to blow dry sprays I’ve used in past, I will say I do like it… I don’t love it… But I have noticed that my hair dries faster…

    However, I’ve also noticed, the more I’ve used it, the stringier my hair has started to feel… So…. At this point, I’m undecided. I’m the type that likes to wash my hair every day. I can get away with every other day sometimes, I just find my style works better if I do it over each day…

    I too feel that with most of Redken styling products – (except the hair sprays.. I love the hair sprays… the smell, the feel.. the hold… EVERYTHING about them) are missing something… Like they just don’t quite get the job done for me. Absolutely ADORE their color line… Love most of their shampoo and conditioners… but the styling products are just “meh”… So I’m glad to finally have someone that actually agrees with me on that part.

    Getting totally off topic… Have you tried the Herbal Essences cleansing conditioner? Typically, I am a Salon shampoo/conditioner type of girl… With the occasional GUD by Burt’s Bees shampoo here and there… In the past I’ve tried WEN as a cleansing conditioner and while I love it, I do not love the price tag! Anyway, was in my local Target (because when am I not?) and I came across this cleaning conditioner by Herbal Essences. OH MY GOODNESS! The smell… is phenominal…. like.. seriously.. and it lasts like ALL freaking day! For a cleansing conditioner… I feel it really cleanses! My hair doesn’t feel over oily at all… And that’s with using it a few days in a row too! My hair actually feels like I used a great conditioner…. Which is surprising because while I LOVE the scents of Herbal Essences, they always dry my hair out… Anyway… I definitely suggest you try it! I’m REALLY loving that product right now.

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    Loved this blog post/video. It’s great to hear about products we may want to try but have reservations. It’s so helpful to hear opinion from someone who is well versed in the area! I didn’t find the video depressing at all, you’re natural beauty and personality doesn’t allow for that, I personally believe! Would love to see more on products you try and am going to check out the favorites now!! :)

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    I liked this video! Sometimes it’s good to hear from someone you trust about products that are just not worth it. Suggestion: I think you should call these videos “Not my favorite products” that way you don’t have to put a disclaimer about the product, it’s just about your opinion. (Plus it makes me chuckle).

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    I also had thin short lashes and after trying a few different products I bought Neulash. I got it from Nordstrom and it wasn’t cheap ($99), but it will last you 6+ months. I saw a difference in 2 weeks, my husband even commented on them. I have now been using it for 2 months and my lashes are much longer and I get compliments everyday. No side effects like Latisse! I do not represent this company, I am just a satisfied customer. I initially was introduced to this product from Gal Meets Glam. Just wanted to share!

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    Just went to Amazon and ordered KMS free shape blow dry spray and am super excited to try it, based on your recommendation! My hair is super thick and takes a while to blow dry, which in the summer months is torture! Hoping it sheds at least a minute or two off my dry time.

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    Thanks for the review of these products! I’ve always wondered about the eyelash thickening products…or products that make you appear to have thicker eyelashes…but never wanted to spend the money. I have tried the Maybelline Falsies Mascara before…

    It seems to do pretty good but I noticed at toward the end of the day the particles would flake off and get into my eye…so in the end I didn’t buy it again.

    I do have a random question from your video…where did you get the lamp that is showing in your background? I am in the market for a new lamp for my bedroom and that one would fit perfectly!

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    That’s really too bad on the Fiber Lashes. I LOVE them. There’s a bit of a learning curve to them but they’re awesome and so much better than anything I’ve tried! They do have a newer formula that just came out.

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    I was sent the Younique mascara too and omg it was AWFUL! Mine was goey and the mascara actually had a hard time detatching from my lashes to the applicator. I definitely skipped it on my blog. I’m so glad you did this video because i remember when you purchased the ‘perfect hair day’ Living Proof set and i almost got it. Thankfully i didn’t! xo

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    Awww, that’s sad you don’t like the fiber lashes! I just got them recently, and was surprised at how much I love them! I have average lashes I guess, not too short, not long, not thin, but if I don’t wear mascara they disappear. I usually use Revlon mascara which makes my eyelashes look averagely nice, but the Younique 3D stuff really blew me away! I have a pic on my blog of how it came out, actually. Maybe you have an older version of it, since you said you bought it a long time ago? Anyway, everything works differently for different people! You are very gracious with your reviews, even if you don’t like them personally, you’re still respectful about it. Enjoyed the video as always!


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      I was just thinking, maybe if you used a thickening mascara as a base, and then did the 3D fibers? I only do one coat of the fibers because I don’t like that “tarantula” eyes thing.

      (I don’t sell this stuff or anything, just thowing it out there

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    I am jumping up and down right now because I have something for you that will help you in TWO ways!!!!!!!! I am going to send you an email about them, in hopes you get the info (here or email).

    Have you ever heard of ItWorks! Global products!? I am a new distributor and a HUGE believer in their products!! There are two things you referred to in this video that you could use some help with!

    1. That darn POST-BABY midsection. The ItWorks! wraps WILL help to tone/tighten that stubborn area! It is a cloth infused wrap that you wear for 45 minutes and you WILL see results!!!!

    2. ItWorks! hair, skin and nails product. I have seen AMAZING results with this product and I truly believe your eyelashes will grow with this!

    You are a PERFECT candidate to see if these products work. I would really like to talk with you about it.


    I am emailing you right now!

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    I’d love to hear your thought on Nume styling tools. So many beauty blogger talk about them and offer really good discounts. I know you will give an honest review!


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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on what hasn’t worked for you. I love these as much as your favorites videos. 😉 I tried the Living Proof shampoo & conditioner and it did nothing for me. Glad to know that I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t impressed.

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    I have a comment on the 3D Fiber Mascara…In Jan. and February there was a batch that was not standard it was a new formula….That was when I joined the company! The new Hybrid formula that released in April runs circles around what I signed u with in January….Double the results….And for results on spidery…I have tried many different applications there is a learning curve to playing with fiber…I do not use another type of mascara under my 3D I use a good heavy coat of transplanting gel….then fibers just towards the end I apply till it stops sticking so…a good 20-30 sec….Then a very heavy coat of transplanting gel to straiten anything spidery…….and my favorite blog I like to share for example ….she is not affiliated with Younique that I know of https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9VTfQ4BctaY Just incase you didn’t see this one :) …..And for sure not every product is for everyone…It was a great video…..I for sure recommend if your ordered 3D in Dec till April giving it another shot!!!! The new formula is hands down the best!!!!

  26. says

    When I first used the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day products, I was disappointed as well. However, the packaging says to give it 2 weeks. I didn’t notice a change till close to 3 weeks, but I now use it daily. It isn’t my most favorite (my hair tangles more easily), but I noticed I have more volume, more texture (able to style my hair more easily), and can go more days without washing. Did you use the line as directed (2 weeks) for results?

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  28. says

    lol that top is cute…but if it’s uncomfortable than ditch it…ain’t nobody got time for that when you got a baby…nobody…
    I loved this video and I am getting the KMS california spray stat!

  29. Melissa says

    I have short lashes too & I haven’t tried this yet but I was told if you put vasiline on your lashes each night before bed with a qtip that it helps them grow.

  30. Kathryn says

    I never used the Living Proof shampoo and conditioner but i have been using the 5 in 1 styler. I would say at first i would have agreed with you. It didnt seem to do much and didnt feel like it was worth it, but since i bought it i just kept using it. I notice that if you use a very small amount and put in your hair wet and combine through it works completely different (which is different from the instructions on the bottle). I also have very fine hair, but i notice a difference in the fullness when i use and don’t.

  31. Stacey says

    Thank you for mentioning KMS free shape in this video. I have very thick hair and a lot of it, and this has made a noticeable difference in my blow drying time! Not to mention it smells amazing! Thank you!

  32. says

    Hi! I hate that you didn’t like the Younique Fiber Lashes. I don’t know how recently you received the product, but we recently debuted a new “hybrid” formula that I think is sooooo much better than either of the others! The first tended to dry out too soon and the second was a bit too sticky and clumped. But Younique listened and fixed them. If your set was older I would be happy to send you a new set of the hybrid if you are interested in trying them again.

    I love the way your top looks! Hate that it’s uncomfortable, it looks really cute on video!!

    I have my eye on the Pillow Proof :) We may try it and see how it works for us

  33. says

    I hate that you didn’t like the Fiber lash. I love it! Do you know how old the product you had was? I am a rep for Younique and we have recently introduced a new “hybrid” formula. Our first tended to dry a bit too quickly, and the second was a bit too sticky so it clumped but in my opinion, the new one is much better! I’d happily send you a new set if you’d like to try it!

    I love the top you have on! It showed up well on camera, I hate that it was scratchy.

    I have my eye on the Pillow Proof :( We may try it anyway and see what we think about it.

    Have you ever seen the Makeup Eraser? I sell it as well, and I absolutely love it! It removes makeup with just water (yes even waterproof!) Email me and I’ll send you one of those to try out, too :)

  34. Nina says

    Please, do more of these it’s really nice and very helpful getting good reviews on products please keep this up. I believe this helps plus saves a lot of money. 😉

  35. Amanda Schuster says

    Awww, I was sad that you didn’t like the Redken Pillow Proof spray. I love the stuff and use it everyday along with Lanza trauma treatment. I think you didn’t use enough product to get the results you expected. I would like to try the KMS product you mentioned and see what results I get. Everybody’s hair is different and responds differently but I love the way the pillow proof makes my hair feel, like I just left the salon.
    This type of video is really helpful because you give different options for us to try and might even help us not to waste our money!!
    Thanks so much for your opinion and your blog! I love it!

  36. cindy says

    Too bad you didn’t like the Younique mascara. I have no lashes and am amazed at how awesome it is. I’m a super big cheap skate and I hate even spending $8.00 on mascara. But I was happy to dish out the money for it. Highly recommend!!!. I have seen girls make a mess even with regular mascara and looks horrible. Some people just don’t know how to wear their makeup.

  37. Ami says

    I just recently found you while I was on YouTube. Love you hair tutorials. And I love this disappointing products video! I always want honest opinions of products. And the information you give is great! Please do more videos like this!!

  38. Sarah says

    The Redkin pillow proof blow dry spray, alone isn’t spectacular. However, if you use both the blow dry spray AND the two day extender spray (isn’t the typical run of the mill dry shampoo) together can work magic. I have superfine, super thick, straight hair and just stared using these two products together as intended. I no longer HAVE to wash my hair everyday. Just about every other day, maybe more. I have always had no choice but to wash daily, even with dry shampoos, which I have tried them all, my hair still was streaky and lifeless. I suggest you try the combination, blow dry spray before you dry and then the extender after you are all finished.

  39. Mildred says

    OH thanks for the review ,its true, not everything is for everybody ,i have been using 2 months the 3D mascara from Younique because a girl at work uses it and i was so curious about how would mi lashes look with it, so to be honest ,the first time i tried it ,i made little mess , lol, but because i toss the instructions away,I didn’t think needing them, but after applying this product wrong i guess because i didn’t seal them ,So I picked the instructions ,applied gel,fibers ,gel and glam ,yes babe, long and gorgeous, then I thought ,yeah too good but i know in the next couple hours its going to smudge and probably give me the racoon eyes,jaja ,so I noticed my son and my husband looked at me different i guess,and I said its my new mascara , they smiled complementing my eyes , they said they look pretty, and alive,YES”!! my surprise was looking at the mirror after all day and evening and wow all in place ,I washed my face at night as regular, i use makeup wipes, and noticed all this little fibers on this wipe and my eye clean and clear, This stuff is a miracle for me , went couple of times dancing ,my face sweat but my mascara was great, I am glad I found it , I hope it works and saves lives like it saved mine, before I tried any mascara I could ,prices from a dollar to 35, this is far the most complete and hasn’t dissapoint me .have a great day :)

  40. Alli says

    I am so sorry Pillow Proof didn’t work for you- I have baby fine hair, and a LOT of it. It takes me 25-30 minutes when my hair is mid-length to blow dry, just doing the crazy drying every which way, not a blow out with a brush or anything. I currently have shoulder length hair and it takes me 15 minutes to blow dry- I just don’t have that time with three little ones at home. This product- Pillow Proof has changed my daily routine. I can blow dry my hair in under 5 minutes- fastest time was 3 minutes the other day! I shower and have my hair in a towel while I quickly apply lotion, bb cream and mascara, then blow dry. It is amazing for my hair! If anyone else is brave enough to try it, I just figured I’d share my experience with it :) Just shake that bottle a LOT before spraying!

  41. Cbrhodes says

    Thank you for your what didn’t work and for your favorites video blogs. I really like them both!

  42. Cbrhodes says

    I really like your “What didn’t work and your monthly favorites.” Keep posting the videos!

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