Major Under-Eye Concealing + a Minimal Makeup Tutorial

Last week I woke up on Monday morning with an incredible pain in my neck. I think I pinched a nerve or something. 

After about an hour of thinking I wouldn’t be able to lift David or do any of the necessary tasks for the day, I found that the pain subsided a bit and I was able to get through the day. My mother-in-law was “on call” if I needed her, which was so kind of her. 

While David was napping, I wanted to throw myself together a little bit since I knew I wasn’t going to shower or style my hair. So I thought, I’ll film a little tutorial showing how I do my “I’m not really doing anything today/minimal makeup”. 

Be prepared, I’m fresh out of bed, with bed head nonetheless, in the first clip. My under-eye circles are glaring and my uneven complexion is quite a sight. 

Here is a list of products I use, in the order they appear in the video:

fresh Lotus Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex – A favorite face cream. I seriously love this stuff. Hydrating, not greasy or heavy, and smells like cucumbers!

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Porcelain Peach – Trust me, once you start using this you will never go back.

Sonia Kashuk Core Tools Concealer Brush – A great, basic concealer brush for a great price.

L’Oreal Visible Lift Serum Concealer in Light – Very brightening, not the best coverage but can be layered for more coverage.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar Foundation in #4 – A beautiful light coverage foundation from one of my favorite brands.

Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Face Powder in Nude – A basic powder. Light coverage, stays true to tone (doesn’t orange out like some powders/foundations).

Sigma F30 brush – A large powder brush. Kind of on the fence about the quality of the brushes now that I’ve used them for a few months. One already broke. This one seems fine but I think I may prefer my Sonia Kashuk or Real Techniques brushes to Sigma.

Hourglass Ambient Light Luminous Flush – An absolutely stunning blush that brightens up your face.

Sigma F10 brush – This is the brush that broke. I hot glued it back together. I was told that Sigma would send me a new brush if I sent it in, but “ain’t nobody got time for dat”. SO, while I do think that’s a nice option (and I believe they back up their product), none of my other brushes have ever done that. . . so I may not buy Sigma brushes in the future.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Stingray – Jet black liner that twists up so no need for sharpening.

CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara in Black – Several coats of this!

Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in Cool Taupe – A good brow pencil. Nothing particularly to write home about. Lasts all day, comes with a spoolie to smudge out the pencil.

So that’s it. The list looks long when written out, but the entire process takes only a few minutes when I’m not explaining each step. And on any days where I’m just getting things done around the house, or running boring errands, this is my go-to routine.


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    This gives me some ideas, thanks! I’m also a new mama, and I’ve started to think about adding an under-eye routine to my face. Might have to get some of that Bobbi Brown corrector!

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    Thank you for explaining the Bobbi corrector better than any Bobbi consultant has! I have one at the bottom of my make up bag and need to try it again!

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    keep going with those sigma brushes! I absolutely love them I have gotten quite the collection. The F88 flat angled kabuki is my favorite. P86 precision tapered for blending out concealer. F40 large angled counter for blush. My favorite eye shadow brushes are E20, E30, E44, E59, and E60. Next time you go to Chicago take a quick 6 hour drive to MN and go to the Sigma Store at the Mall of America (P.S. no tax on clothes or shoes!!)

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    This is perfect. Love love loved it. So great to see why you look SO AMAZING every single time. But waaaah I want to see how you threw your hair up! Maybe next time? Would love to see what you do on the no shower days for your hair. But this was one of my favorite videos by far, regardless.

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    Question: Do you not feel like you need a moisturize with sunscreen for everyday use? Since being pregnant, my skin has been very dry and I upgraded from my normal drug store moisture to Lancôme Bienfiat Aqua Vital Cream which I’ve been happily using as a daily moisturizer since December. I needed to buy more and worried that since warmer weather is approaching and I have fair skin that I should switch to their moisturizer with sunscreen. Unfortunately I’m not loving it as a daily moisturizer. I noticed the first product that you used in this video did not have SPF, so I wondered your take on that.

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    Great video!! I am always curious what products and brushes you use! Have you tried the Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener? Love this stuff.

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    That stinks about your Sigma brushes. I have been using the F80 Flat Kabuki foundation brush for a few months and love it. I also recently purchased the F86 Tapered Kabuki for my under-eye concealer (I tend to have oily skin in the t-zone and don’t like using my fingers to apply…I feel like it adds more oil and doesn’t blend as well). It’s been fantastic so far. They both feel sturdy and well made, but there are always exceptions! :) Have you used any of the Sigma eye brushes? I’ve been so tempted to purchase one but just don’t know if it would make a big enough difference!!

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    Umm… The bed head hair is still gorgeous! I wish my hair looked like that when I get up. My husband calls me an angry lion!

    I wanted to add that you want to be careful with your neck. When my son was a baby I tended to carry him on the same side and nurse him mainly on the same side. Long story short, I ended up with 2 ribs that were shifted and a pinched nerve in my neck. Just a word of caution :)

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    Your bed head isn’t too bad. :-) You could toss that into a ponytail and look totally fine. My bedhead tends to get a major cowlick and one side will go flat and flip out while the other side stays voluminous and curled under. So adorable! 😛

    Do you use an eye creme? I remember you’ve used the Benefit one in the past. I’ve found a good eye creme used morning and night really keeps the dark circles and puffiness at bay.

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      I have been searching and searching for a good eye cream to not only combat my fine lines but puffiness (which I have a lot of in the morning). Any recommendations Melissa? Thanks!

      • Lauren says

        Love all your tutorials Kate! Have you thought about an eye cream to prevent the dark circles instead of just covering them? I love my Rodan+Fields Multifunction eye cream!

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    Hi! I am a new reader and a new mom as well! I have a 13 month old little boy who keeps me on my toes! I am loving all your tips! I will admit I haven’t been as put together as I used to be so I am glad I found your blog! thank you! :)

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    I love this because I have MAJOR issues with dark circles as well. However, I also have the added problem of under-eye bags (they run in my family – thanks for that, mom!). Do you have any recommendations for a product that will either fill in to smooth out, or not settle into the lines? The combo of bags and circles makes me look tired, but sometimes product makes it seem more obvious because it settles in the lines and amplifies them. Help!

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    Thank you for posting this tutorial. I have about the same complexion as you, and I just haven’t quite figured out how to get ride of the dark circles! I hate when people ask me if I’m tired, or say “you look really tired!” I already have a couple of the products you mentioned in your tutorial, so looks like I just need to work on technique. Thanks again! :)

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    Do you feel like the Bobbi Brown Corrector works well on sensitive skin? I have really dark under eye circles, but I’ve always had issues with my skin becoming dry and itchy if I use an under eye product more than once or twice a week.

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      The skin around my eyes is super-sensitive but I don’t have any problem using the Bobbi Brown corrector (I think I have the “correct and conceal” version, which comes in a palette with a little setting powder) – it’s a very creamy product. The nice lady at Nordstrom gave me a sample to try before I purchased, so I could be sure it wouldn’t irritate my skin.

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    Cute! You just reminded me that I own the Sephora Powder and completely forgot about it! I will be digging that out today, as I was just ready to dish the cash on the MAC MSF! Thanks! -Leslie

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    This video is fantastic! But I feel like I’m the only person who can’t figure out how to do this properly: concealer BEFORE liquid foundation? When I go in that order, I feel like the foundation “wipes off” any concealer I’ve put on blemishes or uneven spots. What am I doing wrong?

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    BY FAR my favorite makeup tutorial. So refreshing to see you start with “I just woke up!” face with your “I just woke up!” humor, because that’s what we’re all doing when we roll out of bed! And, for the record, I think your au natural face is a pretty beautiful look too. :)

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    Well my under eye circles are probably twice as dark as what you have- I look like a zombie in the morning! I’ve been using Mac concealer, and it’s doing pretty well, not fantastic. But I found it kind of fascinating that you didn’t rub your concealer in completely, that might be my problem- I think I rub it in so much that it tends to disappear. And I might need to layer more :)

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    Cute video! I’ve been wondering how you liked the Perfect Hair Day samples? I received the same ones and really liked it but it is SO expensive! (to me at least) Do you know of any other shampoos that have the same effect but for a lower price? I really did like it. Thank you!

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    Love this! I have the worst dark circles but I would have no idea how to even choose the right color concealer. I also have freckles which just makes face makeup hard altogether. Anything that provides any coverage makes me look like I’m sickly. =)

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    I love this video because of your willingness to expose yourself with your “morning look”. Your humor had me cracking up, too. I have the problem of bags and wrinkles under my eyes along with dark circles and like someone mentioned above, when I’ve used product there it just seems to magnify the lines & circles. Any tips? Thank you!

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    As a stay at home mom, if I am not going anywhere I do not put on makeup. Kate, do you put on makeup even if you are not going anywhere?

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    PS- Has anyone heard of Lemonaid by Benefit? Best color corrector EVERRRRR for eyelids and underneath. Serves as a great primer, too.

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    You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself! You’re not a nightmare. Not even close :)

    I just realized you don’t use eye liner or mascara on your bottom lids! I’ve always done so. I have blonde lashes (I’m a red head..) so I feel naked without. I do feel like my eyeliner gets a little carried away at times. Is this a rule to go by or just a style preference? Very curious :)

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    Ok…I’m a bit confused. Why did you use the Bobbi brown corrector AND the Loreal concealer? I would have assumed they were kinda the same. Is the corrector more of a tinted eye cream vs actual make-up?

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    Aww Miss Kate, you are fun to watch! My husband was actually next to me as I viewed your video. He said, “You know, both of you look great without any makeup at all!” How sweet is that? Keep it up – love your blog!

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    If anyone is looking for a bobbi brown “dupe” Pixi makes a great corrector and you can get it for about $10 at target. It comes in a little pot like the BB one in the video!

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    Ran right out to Belk, Sephora and Ulta last night to get everything on your list for the dark circles. Love your tutorials and all that you share with us! This was on my top videos for you, because it was the natural face to the finished face. I like seeing every step it takes to get there. Thank you my friend.

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    You dont use any eye cream? Also, for sometime now, (since I had my second child) I developed some ugly bags under my eyes.. Do you recommend any products that actually work for this problem? Thank you! BTW, I enjoy every single video of yours! :-)

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    Oh my stars ! LOL if you think those are bad under eye dark circles…. you do not want to see mine!! Mine are way worse. I am definitely going to run out and get the Bobbi Brown corrector though and see how that works. Love your tutorial!

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    After reading your review of the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve face lotion, I thought I would give it a try. I have loved it all winter! It does not make my face greasy (which is the problem I was having with other lotions). I don’t believe it has SPF in it – do you use something else on your face with spf?

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    Well I’m kinda wondering why you would go through all that if you’re not even leaving the house! If I’m not going anywhere, then no makeup for this girl (& might I add I’m no “girl” – I’m 46!!). I figure I wear make up to work every day so weekends, if I’m staying home, I take a shower & moisturize & that is all. Besides, you’re gorgeous au naturel!

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    Thanks for this! I ordered both of your concealers to use, and I love them! I had been searching for new product ideas for under eye concealing, and both are working great for me! The Bobbi Brown price tag is a bit steep, but it appears that it will last forever and it’s totallly worth it!

  33. Megan says

    I’ve always had horrible dark circles and nothing has seemed to cover them up. I’ve gone to ulta and they tried so many products but none covered well. I apparently have genetic dark circles which have a red undertone so they’re super hard to cover up. Any tips? And do you pick a lighter concealer shade then your foundation or match them?

  34. Amanda says

    I just recently found your blog, and I love, love, love it! I have probably watched almost all of your videos in the past 3 days (not a stalker, I swear!). :) Thanks for the great tips!

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    I just bought the Bobbie Brown Corrector and I am in love! I don’t have horrible dark circles, but it defiantly helps me feel waaay more confident and put together. Thanks for the recommendation.

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