Fix a Hair Emergency : Fake a Ponytail

I’m always stashing a few bobby pins and clear elastics in my purse in case of a “hair emergency”.  But sometimes I’m caught without a functioning hair elastic, or it snaps when I go to use it. With just a few bobby pins, you can “fake” a ponytail in case your hair is simply not cooperating! 

lipstick: Mac LoveLorn
Earrings: Loft (out of stock)
Top: Target Maternity


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      Bobby pins did not work for me so I took the twist and used a clear elastic to attach it to about 1/4 of the ‘ponytail’ underneath. Worked a treat, the elastic secured the twist, the twist still held all the other hair together.

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    Hey, I love reading your blogs Kate! I look forward to every new post. I can’t believe I haven’t read your blog until this summer. It is awesome! I got some great makeup from Sephora and got some stuff thanks to your suggestions and reviews on products. I got approved to get a Birch Box too! I would never have known about them if it hadn’t been for your reviews. Thanks!

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    Did this today!! This just might be my “go to” style :) And, I have thick, curly hair – just had to use extra bobby pins, but it worked! Thanks!!!

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    I haven’t been here in a while, because my hair is short (would totally utilize this tutorial if it wasn’t), but I wanted to say I love the bobby pin in your header. :)

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    I have very thick hair and have no luck with bobby pins staying in, even with small twist of my bangs. Am I doing something wrong? I over lap the pins, is this correct?

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