Tailor and Stylist Giveaway

Red Necklace: c/o Caroline G shop (use discount code: kate50 for 50% off!)
Maternity Jeans: Gap

With clothes these days, it’s all about strategy. I’m looking for things I can grow into. Pieces that are versatile and can be worn in a few different ways.
There is plenty of room for growth in this shirt from Tailor and Stylist. And I think it would look adorable with a pencil skirt in the fall!

Today, Tailor and Stylist is giving away a $100.00 gift certificate to their store! If you would like to enter, use the giveaway tool below! 

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    Love that top! I love the versatility of button-ups. With jeans, with a skirt, over a dress, unbuttoned over a tank, under a vest, under a jacket. They just add a nice bit of structure to any outfit!

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    I really like the maxi with a swirl dress. I’m pregnant right now and due in just over a month. I’m looking forward to wearing normal clothes again. Maxi dresses are definitely flattering for all stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

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    I just have a quick question. Is the necklace you are wearing the “coral” or “red”color? I just ordered it in the red, but on closer inspection of your photo, you might be wearing the coral? Thanks!

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    Because of your first post about them, I purchased the mermaid maxi and later a top. And I’m pretty sure I had my eye on that blouse you’re wearing also!

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    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! And I’ve read your blog for a while, but never commented until now– congratulations on your pregnancy! My husband and I just started trying two months ago… I’m anxious, and trying NOT to be anxious. :) All in God’s time! (I just have to keep telling myself that!)

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    I love the Hamilton Classic Shirt in grey. I’m starting a new job next month and trying to buy create more of a professional wardrobe and this shirt would fit in nicely! :)

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    I absolutely love that necklace! Such a cool design that I imagine I could pair with a lot of pieces! Also Taylor and Stylist is such a cool site, right now they have a pair of Sailing Linen Shorts that I totally want for my upcoming vacation!

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    I like it all…being born on the east coast AND a Coast Guard brat, nautical is always “in” in my opinion :) But….with that being said…I LOVE the Grace Kelly Dress. What a beaut!

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    I love the swirl maxi dress (navy and white), the emerald bikini, and the gold bracelet with the starfish/mermaid/turquoise charms…all super stylish and classy. :)

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    I like the maxi with a swirl dress! Thanks for the giveaway :)

    ps-I’ve found that if you shop carefully, you don’t have to go the maternity clothing route. There are a lot of regular tops and dresses (empire waists or no waists); shorts that have an elastic or tie waist, etc. that fit my bump but didn’t come with the maternity price tag. It has definitely helped our budget! :)

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    Cute outfit! I loved using versatile pieces when I was expecting as well. It beats buying a new wardrobe every few weeks of pregnancy! :)

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    I love the prep and plaid shoes and the french linen dress… they have some really nice pieces! I also love how you paired the bright coral with the blues…very nice!

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    I’ve never heard of them but the Lookbook is gorgeous! I love the Coronado Cordage Tank Top…and a lot of other things too!

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    Wow! So. Many. Comments!

    This necklace is awesome! Believe me, you will appreciate this shirt post-baby. Easy nursing access and it looks quite forgiving around the waist!

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    Since I’m throwing a nautical themed baby shower this weekend – I’m in love with their stuff! I also love a stripe and polka dot!

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    The entire collection is beautiful (nautical is my favourite!) so it’s hard to pick one item. The grace kelly dress is stunning, as is the halter top, but i’m also loving the little anchor bracelets

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    The Grace Kelly dress in black is practically perfect in every way. Styled elegance that can be structurally dressed down or up! Endless possibilities…all included so many fabulous accessories and fun pops of color.

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    This may be weird but.. I admire that you don’t have a dark tan. Everyone makes it seem like you aren’t beautiful unless you have a dark summer glow (is glow even the right word?) and you’re proof that you don’t need to bake away all day to have gorgeous skin! Way to go Kate! Your whole look is adorable!

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    Hi, I’m Lesley! Your blog is my absolute favorite! I came across it because of BlogLovin’s most popular beauty posts, and I fell in love instantly and went WAY back and read a lot of your past posts. The one about how you told your husband you were pregnant made me cry tears of joy! Congratulations!! Can’t wait to continue reading your blog.


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    There were so many tremendous pieces. I think my absolute favorite was the Grace Kelly dress. However, a very close second was the Seine Linen Dress and Sailing Linen Shorts!! Drool! xoxoxo

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    That canary yellow striped dress is SO pretty. And I love the shirt you’re wearing, Kate. I have 50 shirts that look exactly like that (I wish that was an exaggeration), and I think I could definitely use another!

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    I love the Mermaid Treasures Bangle Trio Sets! They are so cute and perfect for summer. I also need clothes I can grow into!

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    This is SO cute!! I read your blog all the time so I don’t know how I missed that you are expecting. I’m 20 weeks myself, and this is my problem right now. It’s so hard sometimes to find things that don’t look awkward or just make me look fat instead of pregnant. You look great! Thanks for the tips! :)

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    This is SO cute!! I love that necklace! I read your blog all the time so I don’t know how I missed that you are expecting. I’m 20 weeks myself and have had trouble finding clothes that don’t just make me look fat lol. You look great! Thanks for the tips!

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    The lookbook is speaking my love language…I am in love with all the nautical/water inspiration! Swoon! I love so many things, but one of my favorites is the Cardiff by the sea maxi…Cute and fun!

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