Summer Travel Essentials

I’ve been traveling a bit this week and thought I would do a quick round up of essentials for airplane travel (just slightly different and updated from my last “travel essentials” post)
The biggest annoyance for me, while flying, is being cold. It’s never “oh I’m a little bit chilled”. It’s either I’m fine or I’m freezing. So packing a sweater and a scarf are absolute essentials no matter how long I’ll be up in the air. 
I typically try to charge my phone when I’m waiting at the gate area to board. Because it’s an iPhone. And the battery life is a joke. 
My in-flight beauty needs are minimal. Hand cream and the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. The elixir keeps my skin hydrated and looking fresh and the hand cream does the same for my hands. 
I’ve never regretted packing a few extra small bags to throw in my carry on just to keep things together. 
Lastly, a good book to occupy my time. I trudging through Gone Girl right now. Hoping to make a huge dent in it this week while I’m at my parents lake house. 

1. J.Crew
2. Modcloth
3. Modcloth
4. Orgins Hand Cream
5. Modcloth
6. Caudalie Beauty Elixir
7. Gone Girl
8. Similar @ J.Crew
9. Etsy
10. phone charger


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    I absolutely loved Gone Girl. I think you will enjoy it too! I really loved Gyllian Flynn’s other books, and recommend those when you are finished with Gone Girl. Happy travels!

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    I hate being cold! I always try to pack a scarf or a light blanket when I’m flying. I haven’t read Gone Girl, it’s on my list! Safe travels! :)

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    I think the only thing you are missing is FOOD! I never get on a flight without food because I never know how long I’m going to be on that plane.

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    Great list! I read Gone Girl last summer and loved it- you will definitely finish it this week! It was a fun read.

    I also will not travel without a scarf. I forgot one on a flight a few months ago and felt lost! I have a few scarves from Gap that are practically blankets, and don’t leave for the airport without one of them.

    And lastly, what is with the iPhone battery life? I know I have a Candy Crush and Instagram issue, but I swear my phone dies within a few hours… always a bummer when a charger is not near by!

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    gah! I don;t know if you’ll want to read Gone Girl right now while pregnant! Honestly, maybe put it aside for something else for now…it’s kinda disturbing on its own, let alone while pregnant…just my honest opinion!

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    Gone Girl…ugh! I usually read a book a week (chic lit, nothing to heavy btw) this book took me 2+, just didn’t like it! Have a good vacation!

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    I recently finished Gone Girl! It took a little while for it to pick up, but then I couldn’t put it down and flew through the last 2/3 of it!

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    I’m in the middle of Gone Girl right now, and I honestly don’t know what to think of it! It’s so strange to where I can’t put it down. I have NO clue how it’s going to end!!! I feel like the author is wanting us to think a certain way, when really it’s going to be something completely different!


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    The beauty elixir has been a favorite of mine since it was suggested for my wedding day to stay refreshed during all of the events and photos. Now I’ve switched over to a natural line in San Diego that is just lovely! It always does an amazing job at keeping my skin hydrated without looking oily. Read Gone Girl last summer, and just wait till you get to the middle-amazing!

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    I love this collection! I’ve been traveling lately with my husband for work and have been promising myself a new pair of sunglasses! This might have just inspired me to do a little shopping while out of town!

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    Loved Gone Girl, Flynn’s characters are so complex and it really leaves you thinking about how you were duped into rooting for the wrong character :)

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    Being cold (and consequently, uncomfortable) on a plane is one of the worst feelings ever. I carry a sweater with me in my purse, that’s how much I hate being uncomfortably cold.


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    So many people recommend Caudalie! I’m a bit skeptical because it’s so heavily fragranced (from what I’ve heard) and it may break out my sensitive skin. also its quite expensive. If you could give me a reply, anyone with sensitive who has tried this, it would be muchly appreciated!
    Emily xo

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    If you are looking to get back into reading, I highly suggest The Hunger Games trilogy. I am 27 and even though they are teen-directed they are very good reads. They are actually more about real world political issues with leadership (within a very entertaining read). A completely different series i HIGHLY suggest is Something Borrowed and its sequel Something Blue by Emily Giffin.. just really great reads that will make you love to read all over again.

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    I am ALWAYS cold on planes so I bring my own blanket and neck pillow. The blanket happens to be pink with polka dots and a pilot one time asked me why I bring my “blankie.” Haha!
    I didn’t know this for a long time so maybe it will help, I usually run out of battery with my iphone because I have too many apps open, and using the internet drains the battery as well. Of course that doesn’t stop me from forgetting and doing both all the time!
    I’m also getting obsessed with ModCloth,!

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    Hi! Stumbled upon your site and wanted to drop you a line. Loved this post in particular. You’re an awesome writer. I’m working on my own music festival blog that centers around travel and thought your blog would be great to reference for future posts.

    Should also mention I started following you, drop me a link and follow back if you can! Cheers :)

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    Do you have any suggestions on “flight hair styles”? I’ll be traveling soon and am trying to get the best idea of hair for the plane. Thanks!

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    I’m also a big fan of the Gone Girl story. Have read a lot about the movie and must say it sound pretty amazing. Has anyone read the book and watch the movie? How do they compare?

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