Pregnancy Notes : 18 weeks

I did not know what kind of “pregnant gal” I’d be. I would have assumed that I would be crazy research lady who wouldn’t take a step before researching it.

Turns out, I’m much more chill than I thought I would be. And for that, I am grateful.  (I wrote a little about why in this post)

I also thought I would feel compelled to blog more about this little baby but I simply haven’t. I don’t really know why. It could be because I talk about it with my clients and friends during the day. . .who knows.

But, in an effort to write a bit more about this joyous chapter of my life, I shall embark on a post about this pregnancy. I’m not going to commit to anything weekly or monthly quite yet, but let’s just say I’ll share a little bit more about what’s going on here on the small things blog. AFTER ALL, this is the smallest thing I’ve had yet so. . . it’s only fitting.

18 weeks

Let’s reflect on the first trimester, shall we?

That was a rough one. I did not anticipate it to be as hard as it was. I was knocked flat out for a few weeks. Scrounging on crackers, grapes and ginger ale. It was a tough chapter. I also think my hormones took quite a drastic turn and I found myself feeling quite blue. It was weird. But, after the 8 week appointment, and the prescription for Zofran, I began to perk up again.

Frequent vomiting didn’t hit until about week 12/13. And didn’t end until week 16. The nausea was more annoying than anything. And I’m glad I’ve passed that phase.

I began to feel even more like myself during week 17. And last thursday (17.5 weeks-ish), I felt the baby move.

I was sitting at the salon, between clients, and I felt this little movement in my belly. It did not feel like a butterfly at all. I had been waiting for the butterfly feeling that everyone told me I would feel. . .and this felt like a tiny worm wiggling against the inside of my belly. 

“Was that it?” I thought to myself. I held my hand on my stomach just hoping it would happen again. It didn’t immediately, so I carried on with my day, constantly wondering if tht was it. 

I had similar little feelings on friday, and by friday night I decided that had to be the baby. It was a new feeling, and while it was maybe a tiny bit early for a first pregnancy, I knew it could be nothing else. 

Then yesterday (18 weeks) I continued to feel the baby move occasionally, and at one point in the afternoon there was a strong wiggle that tickled me. It was the coolest feeling. 

I find myself sitting patiently between clients, without the distraction of the phone or computer, to just wait and see if the baby is moving around. I love feeling him/her move.

I cannot wait for my husband, my sister and my family to be able to feel the kicks from the outside. 

I’m experiencing mild back pain after a long day at the salon. And I find that if I sit for too long, I have subtle pain in my diaphragm area. I googled both of these things, and am not concerned about either. I think both are pretty darn normal. There is a lot of changing going on inside me, so things a bound to get pushed around.
I swear this baby is going through a growth spurt or something. So far this week I’ve woken up at 4am on Monday and Tuesday morning with ripping starvation. I trudge downstairs, eat a bowl of cereal and drink a huge glass of chocolate milk, and then go back to bed. Thursday morning I didn’t even make it to 2am before I was awoken with starvation pains. Notice these are not hunger pains. These are starving pains. 

I eat all day, I’m getting plenty of protein, eating snacks (fruit, protein bars, yogurt) between clients. But apparently I need to be eating even more.

I’m very curious about my weight gain ( I don’t own a scale, never have). At my last appointment (14 weeks) I hadn’t gained a pound since my previous appointment (11 weeks), but I was still quite nauseous during those weeks. I hope I’ve gained at least a pound or two! 
We find out the sex next week! For the most part, Justin and I have both felt that it’s a boy (for no reason, just simply a feeling/guess), so I’m anxious to see if we were right or if we were way off! 

What do I hope it is? Either. I feel for the first baby, either gender is exciting. And for the second, if God gives us this gift again, I think there will be stronger feelings of hope for the opposite gender than the first. But on that same note, I loved having a sister, so siblings of the same gender are fine too! 

I feel pretty settled on the names we picked out. We have 1 boy name (first and middle) and 1 girl name (unsure of middle). I haven’t decided if I’ll share the name we choose here or not. . .but I think we probably will. 

I have not bought a single thing for the baby yet. Though I’ve been overwhelmingly blessed  with sweet gifts from friends and clients. I have this little pile in the guest room of baby things. It’s surreal to walk past that room and see the stuff sitting there. I have to remind myself that we’ll have a baby in December that will actually be using those gifts! 

I’m getting very excited about the nursery in the new house. I’m so glad that we are going to own the home that the baby will come home to, only because I can feel really settled and permanent with the nursery. I can hang shelving and paint, without the thought of “well, we may move in a few months so this may have to be packed up. . .”.

I’ve mentioned before that my mom is an incredible interior decorator, so I’m handing practically all the reigns over to her for this new house + the nursery. I’m so grateful that she’s able to help (read: do all the designing/decorating) for her first grandchild! 
That’s all the baby news I have for now! I can’t wait to share our news next week of whether it’s a boy or girl!  


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    Zofran was a life saver during all 3 pregancies! I would be working behind the chair and have to run to the bathroom. I hated having to come back and finish someone’s hair after vomiting! I stayed on it until the end but what a difference it made. You look beautiful and I’m glad you are feeling more “Kate-like”!!

    Hailey | Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  2. says

    Can you do a blog post on your daily diet routine before pregnancy? I have been following you since the beginning and i don’t think you ever talk about what you do to stay so thin. Also, are you going to do more series on blogging or pinterest?

  3. says

    This almost made me tear up… when you said “if God gives us this gift again”! LOVE your outlook! So glad you are feeling better. I had a rough time at first too with both mine.

  4. says

    AH! i couldn’t stop smiling – and I laughed out loud when “I googled both and i’m not concerned” – crazy to think that our mommas didn’t even have that option. haha – anyways! Can’t wait until next week! WOOT WOOT!

  5. says

    I’ve heard feeling the baby movement described as a bag of snakes, which sounds really strange but that’s what it feels like for me. The movement and rolling sometimes feels very odd but very exciting at the same time. One of my favorite moments was when I was traveling for work and woke up early and started talking to the baby and it responded by moving to the sound of my voice! It was an amazing feeling and still is, I’m due in 2-3 weeks.

    I have a personal blog that I share family stories on and I thought I would blog the hell out of this pregnancy and I haven’t. Its my pregnancy and its very personal to me and I’m just not ready to share everything with everyone else. As a loyal reader, I love getting glimpses into your life but know its also okay to keep some things private for just you.

  6. says

    This is such an exciting time for you and your husband! Have your mom check out for unique baby bedding. It is a nonprofit organization that uses hand stamped fabric from Ghana, Africa. You can also find TwoLittleFish on facebook.

  7. says

    If the back pain continues to get worse or bothers you, go see a chiropractor. Best thing I did during my pregnancy! Also – your shirt is really cute!

  8. says

    Those aches & pains so early on were what surprised me about pregnancy. I expected it when I had an extra 20 pounds I was hefting around, but I didn’t expect it when I was barely 12 weeks! Enjoy those movements. They only get bigger & better!

  9. says

    yay! so exciting!!! the back pain could be sciatica…. i have had that pretty bad throughout the nine months… it’s no fun. :( but it is definitely going to be totally worth it! you look GREAT, kate!

  10. says

    What an exciting time for you! We have a 2 month old baby, and I will tell you, a baby changes everything and is the most amazing gift. As far as the pains go, I remember feeling so sore in the beginning, but my doc said it was because I was so small that I was feeling everything stretch and grow with the baby. Best wishes!! Look forward to seeing more baby news.

  11. says

    Feeling them move for the first time is so cool. And you are right, it is like a little wormy wiggle/tickle. Eventually, it will be kicks and pushes that knock the breath out of you. :) I am not very big and my last one (my sweet boy) went from hip bone to hip bone and pelvis up to my rib cage, but sitting low on top of my bladder the whole time. He sat low. And he was strong! Man, it hurt when he would kick or push. My two girls, I carried high. My bladder appreciates that one. It hasn’t been the same since having my sweet boy 6 yrs ago. LOL

  12. says

    You look so stinkin’ cute with a baby bump!!! I’m super excited for you guys!! As for the back pain, I too had it and recommend a chiropractor, or a prenatal massage. :)

  13. says

    I’m sure you are, but make sure you’re drinking lots of water. I would wake up to severe starving pains too that were actually severe dehydration pains. Passing out repeatedly in the batgrrom floor while pregnant is a scary thing. Stay hydrated!
    Thanks for sharing this post !

  14. says

    You are too too cute. Don’t worry about not buying anything. We didn’t buy a thing until we found out our twins were girls. Then the shopping sprees started! I felt my girls moving around 15 weeks, and I thought that was super early for a first pregnancy!

    If you’re on your feet all day, I’d be getting massages frequently. I get prenatal massages every other week at this point, and it is the BEST thing I have done!

  15. says

    So glad you’re so at peace during your pregnancy. Walking in faith is a wonderful thing – I wish everyone could live this way!

  16. says

    You might want to start tracking your protein, at least loosely. Most women “think” they are getting enough and most def are not. Since you’re growing a little life inside, it would be even more important to know :) It could also help with the waking up starving parts!!

  17. says

    Feeling your baby move around is, without a doubt, the coolest feeling ever! I was early with that, too, and unsure, but my doctor assured me that was what it was. I was around 16 weeks when it felt like there was a fish swimming in my stomach. A couple weeks later, I finally felt kicks on the outside of my stomach and at 20 weeks was when our baby gave my husband a good, swift kick! His face at that moment was priceless! It was “real” to me all along, but it finally became “real” to him at that moment and it was so cool.

    Get ready for tons of aches and pains! I didn’t mind a single one, but they can be alarming. There’s just SO much going on in your body that stuff shifts to weird places and inevitably discomfort follows. But it’s well worth it and I would have loved to have experienced it over and over. Enjoy!!!

    • says

      Hahaha. I’m 10 months postpartum and I STILL feel phantom kicks. It’s so bizarre and makes baby fever all the harder to break.

  18. says

    I have four girls and I wouldn’t have it any other way! They are best friends and I love it! God is so good! I appreciate you giving Him the Glory for this little life! What a great opportunity to “let your light shine”!

  19. says

    I have four girls and I wouldn’t have it any other way! They are best friends and I love it! God is so good! I appreciate you giving Him the Glory for this little life! What a great opportunity to “let your light shine”!

  20. says

    Congratulations! I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and it has been such an adventure. Looking at your little tummy makes me smile knowing all the joy you have to experience over the next few weeks. Those tiny worm movements will become stronger. Then your husband will not only be able to feel them, but also see the movements from across the room. Enjoy this time and don’t worry about documenting every step of the way. It was my intention to do so but instead I have spent my time IN THE MOMENT enjoying it as much as I can. Congratulations again! I’m excited to find out what you are having! It felt so real after we heard the words “You’re having a boy!”

  21. says

    Loved reading this post! I really wish I had blogged about my pregnancy last year but I wasn’t a “blogger” back then (ha)! Good luck with everything. It truly is the most AMAZING experience you’ll ever have! God Bless!

  22. says

    I was having lower back pain and sciatica starting at 12 weeks with this little one, (I’m 27 weeks), and saw a chiropractor for the first time in my life. It was lovely! But she recommended buying a lower back, maternity support belt. It’s cumbersome, but it helps immensely. I wear it when I’m teaching/ standing all day. I got mine from Motherhood Maternity

  23. says

    Hi there, so excited for you. :) I just wanted to share because I had the wake-up in the middle of the night, starvation pains through out my whole first pregnancy and I didn’t find out until after the fact from my doctor that, that was actually heartburn that I was experiencing. I had no idea that you could feel heartburn anywhere but your heart . . go figure! But it was that super sharp, super painful hunger that gave it away (and often, eating didn’t always cure the pain). I had a safe for pregnancy anti-heartburn pill for my second pregnancy, and it was such a relief! Anyhow, yours could simply be hunger, but just thought I’d pass this on just in case. :)

  24. says

    yay!!! I love it. I didn’t really go overboard on the blogging about my pregnancies either…it was weird. I really thought I would but I didn’t. Oh, and I had the sickies too with most of them so I feel ya there. with the first one I didn’t experience any weight gain for awhile because of it and I was sort of, kinda worried but the doctor definitely persuaded me that the baby will be getting all the nutrients it needs and that I’m normal…lol! I just love all the crazy things that happen to your brain and your body when you’re pregnant. Enjoy!!

    oh, and I only gained at the most 20lbs :)

  25. says

    Hi Kate: My guess is BOY. You are carrying exactly as I did with my SON. I carried more low and wide with my GIRL. But only God knows for sure until your ultrasound! Glad you are feeling better and you look beautiful. God Bless you sweet lady.

  26. says

    Congrats again on your pregnancy, my husband and I had a difficult time conceiving and we are so very blessed to finally have our beautiful little boy (he’s almost 7 months old)! We often have moments where we both break out in tears over all the pain we felt during our journey and now with the joy he brings both of us is a feeling I cannot even describe! I know how much you love monthly subscription boxes, there is one for little ones too…it’s called Citrus Lane, we have only been receiving boxes for a few months now but are in love with the surprise element! Check it out in all your “spare” time!

  27. says

    Oh please think about keeping the names for yourself. Unless you are not bothered by what people say. I’ve had so many friends that told the names they picked and had people just start with the horrible stories of people with this name or that name and totally RUIN the name for them. Some didn’t care and that’s great, but some did and it was really sad.

  28. says

    Oh please think about keeping the names for yourself. Unless you are not bothered by what people say. I’ve had so many friends that told the names they picked and had people just start with the horrible stories of people with this name or that name and totally RUIN the name for them. Some didn’t care and that’s great, but some did and it was really sad.

  29. says

    Such a lovely belly and I’m so excited for you to find out the sex!
    When I was pregnant with my daughter we also really really wanted to know if its a boy or girl – I think next time we’ll make it a big surprise for all of us!

  30. says

    Thank you for sharing about your pregnancy! although I love hearing all about your make-up and hair tips, it’s extra exciting to hear about your pregnancy since I just found out I’m 6 weeks pregnant and all sorts of curious about others’ pregnancy experiences!

    Thanks so much for sharing! :)


  31. says

    Im so excited for you. As I said before its such an amazing gift god gives us to be pregnant. Its so wonderful that you have been given this gift. Thank u for being so personal with us. Cant wait to here what it os! I knew all mine as soon as I found out I was pregnant. And I was right on them all. Guess its that intuition thing.

  32. says

    You and I are living very similar lives :) Both a struggle to conceive, now pregnant (I’m a week behind you) and a new home (although ours is being built). Thank you for your posts and sharing your feelings. I’m glad to hear I’m not alone :)

  33. says

    Experienced mama advice here….keep the names to yourselves as the SURPRISE when the baby is born for the family & friends. AND then you get to avoid EVERYONE…and I mean EVERY-ONE, putting in their 2 cents about what THEY think of the name. You might not think you have anything to worry about, but often times people just don’t realize what they are saying. It’s your baby. And naming him/her is a perk you & Justin get to enjoy! Congrats and enjoy every minute of this gift! You are so cute!

  34. says

    So excited to see the “bump.” I use to love to feel & watch the bump move…… & when it wouldn’t, I would always drink a glass of milk and baby would then dance :) for me. Thanks for sharing!!!

  35. says

    Love the bump pic! You look totally adorable and happy. Glad to hear you’re finally feeling better! :) I ordered one of the Caroline G necklaces you had on in your post the other day in coral, thanks to your discount code! Can’t wait to wear it :)

  36. says

    With both of my pregnancies I would go eat cereal in the middle of the night all the time! You’re looking so cute. I think it’s a boy!

  37. says

    I was the exact same way with the nausea… I had it all through my 1st tri, but the actual “throwing up” was most intense weeks 11/12/13. Mine didn’t die down until week 16 either. We really felt like we were having a girl and we found out last week (I am 20 weeks today)… :) sure enough.. girl!

  38. says

    You’re so cute. I love the way you really stopped to express your feelings towards pregnancy not just the facts. I would assume that it’s these things that you’ll want to remember later, anyway :-)

  39. says

    I love reading your blog! And you seriously have such a cute baby bump. :) I have two kids and gained about 30-40 pounds with the first one and she was even 5 weeks early. Yikes. The second one I ended up having gestational diabetes and only gained 17 pounds due to a drastic change in diet. Anyway, I would check on this site every week or two to see how I was doing with my weight gain…

  40. says

    Omg! I used to follow your blog religiously and remember reading about your struggles and frustrations and felt for you. Then, I took almost a half a year break from reading any blogs and just today saw this post- and got sooo excited for you! It’s really happening! Amazing, I’m so happy for you. Congratulations – glad everything is working out for you. You look great and I can’t wait to keep up with all the updates :)


  41. says

    thank you for posting with such honesty and detail – my husband and i just decided to get pregnant, and it’s kind of nice knowing what to expect from someone going through it :) thanks a ton!

  42. says

    You are so adorable!! Just had to say it :). I remember the first time I felt my son move….best feeling in the world, and the ONLY thing I truly miss about being pregnant, that, and the hiccups…wait till you feel those, they will literally wake you up from your sleep. Enjoy your pregnancy, because before you know it, it will be done (I know, hard to believe at this stage).

  43. says

    Congratulations. The starving pains may actually be heartburn. I had it once and the doctor prescribed me some heartburn medicine and it fixed the problem. The only thing that would work before was to eat. I wasn’t pregnant at the time. I started keeping crackers next to the bed even. I think they used Nexium for me but while pregnant I used Zantac. I would take one daily at night or I would be up all night. Good luck!

  44. says

    Haven’t read all the comments so maybe this is duplicate, but I learned with my first that EGGS are the most complete single source of protein and a GREAT pregnancy food! Eggs eggs eggs! (If you like them…I hope! I do, so that was great news to me!) Think about it – an egg is made to nourish a tiny chick – so its high in nutrients :) I ate tons of scrambled eggs in pregnancy, helped so much. Dried fruit was good too. You look great! So exciting. take care!

  45. says

    I woke up so hungry throughout my pregnancy that I eventually just kept a box of Cheerios next to my bed! My husband would wake up to me shoving Cheerios in my face as quickly as possible so I could get back to sleep before my body realized I had to pee too :) I also always had some sort of snack in my purse. I was even known to make my husband stop at a gas station so I could buy a snack while we were ON OUR WAY to a restaurant. Enjoy :)

  46. says

    HA! have been following your Youtube videos since about March. I kept coming back because of a sense that I had met you before( that and love your hair tips!). Just read your “About Kate”. You lived in Illinois! I think we may have worked together for a short period many years ago. Its a small world huh? Congratulations on the baby you look really happy!

  47. says

    I have been following your blog for just a couple of months and was so happy to see you are expecting in December! We are also expecting our first at the end of December and I love any and all of your baby updates. Likely because it’s all I am thinking about lately! :) Congratulations – can’t wait to read more.

  48. says

    Ah I am so excited for you!!! I am at week 16 with our first baby and man, it’s definitely exciting. Let me tell you – I felt soo much better reading this post and reading that your vomiting came around week 12 and ended around week 16. I know that women are normally really sick in the beginning and then start to get better around week 12 so I thought I was working backwards or something! Vomiting is definitely not fun and I just can’t wait for it to be over. I am at week 16 now so hopefully mine will go away about now like yours did! That’s so exciting that you have felt your baby moving!!! I read that it’s normally between 16-18 weeks when you feel it for the first time, and smaller frame people might feel it sooner. I felt a “popcorn popping” feeling the other day but I haven’t felt it since so I don’t know if that was baby or not… anyway, congrats again!


  49. says

    Reading this makes me really miss being pregnant, I am sure 38 week pregnant me would slap me for saying that! I miss the second trimester most, feeling those movements are the best. I remember the wiggle worm, it felt like someone brushing the inside with a paintbrush to me, like a little tickle. Wait until they start rolling, it’s a serious trip. My husband had a hard time not feeling my belly anymore after baby was here. He still does in his sleep sometimes, I still rub my now deflated tummy too just by habit. I am so excited for you both. Also mommy instinct is usually right about the gender, even if the dreams are of the opposite of what you think. I shared my daughters name on my blog too and to the whole world, I am not deterred easily either.

  50. says

    Heartburn is a very common complaint among pregnant women. Usually, heartburn is not dangerous and will go away after the baby is born. More than half of all pregnant women will experience some form of heartburn during their pregnancy. Heartburn is also known as acid indigestion or acid reflux and occurs when stomach contents come up from the stomach. This causes a burning feeling in the esophagus and chest area and can become quite painful. Sometimes you may even experience a sour, acidic taste in your mouth.

    Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD

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  52. Heather B says

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