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I absolutely cannot wait to find out what gender this baby is tomorrow. This week has absolutely crawled. I’ve been feeling kicks and punches for the past few days, and I’m ready to call this baby by name and ask him/her what is going on in there.  

I don’t have a clear vision for what I want the nursery to look like yet, and I’m sure that will change once I know if the baby is a boy or a girl, but I gathered a few of my favorite things that I’ve collected on my private pinterest board. 

I’m leaning towards soft pastel colors. That’s all I’m gravitating to at the moment. And I’m sure that you are not surprised that there are cats involved. I almost ordered one of those BlaBla cats immediately, but I restrained myself to wait until friday. They are so cute! 

I’ve already picked up a glider very similar to the one I included in this collage. I couldn’t find an exact replica online, nor at, so that one is as close as I can get. My mom and I are going to look for a “pouf” or some sort of ottoman to go with it while she helps me decorate.

I’ve been slightly intimidated by the sheer length of registry lists that I’m coming across online. However, I’m very thankful I have friends to help me go through them and weed out what I don’t need.

In other news, I watched a video of how a breast pump works while I was wide awake at 4:00am. Thanks baby.



I hope to breastfeed. I plan on it. I’m truly grateful to be well informed by my friends that breastfeeding is not always a guarantee. And sometimes it’s more challenging than you can even imagine. I’m glad to be disillusioned by the dreamy idea that it “will surely be an absolute breeze to breastfeed“. I think that will help me be better prepared for what to expect, although I’m sure, no matter how much I mentally prepare, it will still feel like a brand new obstacle. And all that to say, there’s a chance it may be easier than I think as well. It will depend on the baby, me, and whatever the heck is going on. Lots of new ground to cover. Lots to learn. 
As the nursery comes together at our new house, I’m sure I’ll share photos of the progress. I’m also sure I’ll leave the rest of the house in shambles and work on the nursery first. I’m way too excited about it.

I plan to share the gender of our baby here on the blog next week! But for now, I’d love to hear your guesses on it! Use the poll below to vote!

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    We must be on the SAME schedule with the baby thing…I find out tomorrow too what we will be having! Looking forward to it! Enjoy your ultrasound!

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    Breastfeeding is hard!
    I spent $400 on a pump and barely get an ounce per pumping session.
    It’s so easy to get discouraged with it.
    Obviously, my advice is to breast feed. But if it doesn’t work out for you and baby, it’s okay. People may make you feel about *this small* about it, but it’s okay.

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    Keep the positive thoughts about breastfeeding going! I was absolutely determined to do it, had a pump, brought it to the hospital and everything and my baby just wanted no parts of it whatsoever. I pumped for a week or so after he was born, but never got a good milk supply and had to give up (even our pediatrician told me to allow myself to stop at that point). I was devastated. Everyone will tell you to have a good support system in place for breastfeeding, and its very true. but also have one for if it doesn’t work, because you need that also.

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    Breastfeeding my son for 13 months was the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I am so proud of both if us for hanging in there. It was not easy by any means, but it was amazing to bond with my baby that way. I am so thankful I hung in there and got to experience it. I hope you will do the same. Find a great lactation consultant, mine was a huge help. I laughed out loud about the breast pump…it is VERY weird at first! Ha! I would suggest Medela products, they are the best.
    Good luck tomorrow…I’m voting BOY! There’s nothing like a Mama’s boy! I love mine to pieces!

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    If you are looking for inspiration check out the blog Honey & Fitz! She always has the most adorable nursery inspirations on there. Plus, she just has a beautiful design eye.

    Also, what most breastfeeding troopers will say is to get plenty of help (have lactation nurses come to your house or go see them) and push past 6 weeks. Most say if you can push past 6 weeks it gets much easier after that. There are tons of natural things to do to increase milk supply (Mother’s milk tea, oats, half of a wheat beer) and things to make your Breastmilk easier for baby to digest (cut out dairy) that really the only thing you need to worry about in the beginning is latching. Make sure you have a good lactation specialist help you with that, and often, you may think this is crazy, but a chiropractic adjustment for the baby can make a world of a difference! Think about how their bodies have to contort to escape your body (wether by c-section or natural birth).

    I was only able to Breast feed for 2 weeks because NO ONE (not doctors or nurses) noticed that the little part underneath my sons tongue was attached to the tip of his tongue. Basically when he tried to stick his tongue out (which he couldn’t do at all)it looked like a snake tongue. By the time they caught it (2 weeks old) he had become accustomed to bottles and my milk supply had depleated bc I didn’t realize I should be pumping more and also didn’t realize I could do so many natural things to increase my supply. I’m 11 weeks now and I WILL be breastfeeding next time (it’s all about a can-do attitude). :)

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      Ugh, I’m so sorry that happened to you. Checking for tongue tie should be routine right after birth that was really incompetence on the hospital’s part.

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    When I was pregnant, all I heard were breastfeeding horror stories. I figured I’d try it, knowing that it probably wouldn’t work out. I wish I had heard more positive stories! Yes, it can be hard, but it’s not always! I was blessed to have an extremely easy time with breastfeeding. My baby girl latched on perfectly the first time, and we never had any real problems (nipple tenderness at first, sure, but that’s to be expected). I have now been happily breastfeeding her for 31 months (2.5 years) and it has become my passion to help promote it and do what I can to make it normal again! Late, get a copy of “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding,” it’s a great book!! Oh and I vote you’re having a boy! Only cause every single pregnant person I know right now is having a boy, must be the year for it!

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    It’s so exciting finding out the gender – we were convinced we were having a boy, and we were right. It was just so exciting, nothing compares to it. I’m very pro-breastfeeding and still breastfeeding my 22-month-old. What I will say is keep trying. It’s so worth it. Yes it’s painful at the beginning, but nothing is better for both you and your baby. Find a good support system that is positive about breastfeeding. It’s an incredible gift to give to your baby if you can continue for as long as possible.
    And yay for having friends who can tell you what you don’t need! Babies need very little – invest in good muslin cloths for burping, some little outfits and keep things simple. It’s us mothers who sometimes get carried away with having gadgets etc. Really all the baby wants is to be clean and loved and fed.
    I voted for a girl! It’s just a feeling but boys are such a joy if you are blessed with one :) x

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    The beginning of breast feeding is hard for everyone. But more often than not, it DOES get easier. I have a great book on the how-tos of it all, but I hate to recommend it to people because the first few chapters are what I like to call breast-feeding propaganda because they tell you all this great stuff about breast milk and how formula is evil, which IT IS NOT. (It made me feel so guilty at one point, I cried through giving my daughter a bottle even though due to a slight complication, if I hadn’t given her that bottle(s) of formula she would have not been able to eat for 36 hours.) My biggest advice to you (give to me when my oldest was less than 6 mos old) was “never be ashamed of feeding your baby.” This means, whichever method is best for you both, wherever is needed, etc. There is no shame in taking care of your baby. :)

    I vote girl because I just found out I’m having a girl and I want to see how your nursery comes together. :) But I LOVE all the elephants in your boy inspiration. I was obsessed w/ blue and elephants when I was pregnant w/ my son. (hence why his lullaby is from Dumbo).

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    We used the three drawer Hemnes chest from ikea in our nursery. It’s wide enough to accommodate a changing pad, but its more useful than a regular changing table. Good choice!

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    Breastfeeding is pretty challenging at first but it’s worth it and gets so much easier. Milk at hand any time of day. You can nurse while sleeping which is great. Not to mention the fact that you’re giving your little one the best you can.
    I pumped but I worked full time. Most don’t ha e a problem with it. But if yyou continue to work the toll definitely need one otherwise a good manual one will work. But they are pretty expensive. When I bought mine brand new are ago it was 200 but so worth it!

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    I am a long-time reader, but first-time commenter. If you have any troubles breastfeeding at all, have a LC check the baby’s latch. So many problems stem from an improper latch. My daughter was 5 weeks when I had a LC come to our house. All the problems I was having stemmed from her not having a great latch. I thought she was latched well enough, but she was way too shallow. I ended up nursing for 13 months and never had to supplement with formula. That one visit with the LC made all the difference in the world! Don’t be afraid to reach out.

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    I decorated the nursery in soft grey with accents of pale blue and shots of red last year. I didn’t know what I was having. I did have a boy, but the nursery was unisex. It’s a lot of fun looking for things.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

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    Give it 6 weeks and don’t give up! My problem was too much milk! My babies had a hard time latching on because of that. You just never know. Everyone is different. Just don’t give up…it’s the best thing for baby and you! You’re adorable!

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    Give it 6 weeks and don’t give up! My problem was too much milk! My babies had a hard time latching on because of that. You just never know. Everyone is different. Just don’t give up…it’s the best thing for baby and you! You’re adorable!

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    Kate, I recommend buying and at least skimming through a copy of The Nursing Mother’s Companion, especially the parts on positioning and latch. Though breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world to do, there are definitely some techniques to learn and you in turn have to teach baby. Also, if you haven’t stumbled across, check it out. As a FTM, I found it incredibly helpful with her real world product reviews and her registry “cheat sheet” that really helped me stick with the basics and not go overboard.

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    I am still breast feeding my son and I am 11 months postpartum. It is such a rewarding thing and a wonderful bonding experience. Just stay positive and strong! I have a couple videos about breast feeding on my YouTube channel. Check them out at Chrary Love. :)

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    I’m still breastfeeding my 18 mo daughter, but wasn’t able to with my son. He had trouble latching on and was very collicky. The pump I had with him hurt incredibly so I only used it once! I rented a hospital pump with my daughter and it didn’t hurt at all. I didn’t want to invest $300 on a pump if breastfeeding didn’t work out again…but it did! Good luck! :-)

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    I have read your blog for a long time and never comment, but I just love you to pieces :) If I lived in Raleigh I’d scrape together my pennies and have you do my hair. I’ve been so happy to read about your baby news. My little girl is 21 months old and it has been such a fun adventure! I breastfed her until two months ago. It came easy for me but I was convinced it would be terrible because of stories I had heard. I kept thinking something MUST be wrong because it was going well- so don’t psych yourself out too much. It hurts for the first few weeks but for me got better and didn’t hurt at all later. And pumping, while it looks terrible, also didn’t hurt me at all. I also work full time, so I would pump at work and breastfeed while we were together. No matter what you feed your baby, being a mama is THE BEST thing I’ve ever done. The hardest too but I’ve never been filled with such joy and it’s so wonderful to notice the little things with her. And my hubby and I have had some big stress/sleep deprived fights, but our bond is better than ever. I love our little team, our little family. It’s awesome. Congrats mama!

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    I thought you might already have lots of comments about breast feeding and I’m right – lots of encouragement and that’s good. Turns out it was one of the two most important things for me last November, when we had our baby girl. (The other was her sleep – no brainer there!). Anyhow, we had two big struggles with nursing and my saving grace was my friend, Bunny, who is a certified lactation consultant. I thank God for her each day and she has gone on to help four other mothers that I referred to her in the last 8 months. The hospital consultants were sweet but she was incredible. She is a blessing in our community and if you can find out if you have a gal like this in your community, it might make you relieved a few months from now, just in case you need her. :) Blessings!

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    we did all sorts of planning for our first son’s nursery and then….he didn’t sleep in it for the first year of his life. i get up at 5am for work and it was easier on all of us for him to sleep in our bed so i could nurse him during the night without any hullabaloo. it turns out i had a LOT longer to get his nursery ready than i thought!

    regarding breast pumps, it seems that comfort is directly related to quality; the better the pump, the more comfort/less discomfort you’ll experience. it looks stretchy and painful when you watch a demonstration (and it’s not always a walk in the park!), but it’s really not that bad at all.

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    Don’t be to worried about breast feeding!! Yes, it’s hard but keep a few tings in mind.. your body is MADE to bear and feed children. That’s it’d 2 jobs. Women have been breast feeding since the start of time, it is *somewhat* a natural instinct. Every problem that you’ll run into, someone else has been there.. you just need to reach out for the right support to work through it. If you commit to it, and have the mind set of breast feeding or bust.. you’ll have a harder time failing. It is sometimes pretty painful in the beginning, but if that pain stuck around forever.. no one would breast feed. Most women quit breast feeding because they lack the knowledge and support to keep going. Women run into this mindset of “what I’m going through CANNOT be normal, something is wrong” when in reality, all babies go through that. Pumping is more painful than nursing but it’s not as painful as it look, I promise. Ask a million questions in the hospital, bug the lactation consultant like crazy. Better to ask your questions then go home confused and regret it later (I speak from personal experience on that)

    My vote was for a boy! Good luck tomorrow! Drink something sugary about an hour or so before you go so babe isn’t sleeping with his/her legs crossed 😉

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    Breastfeeding was one of my favorite things and I’m looking forward to it again with the next baby due in November. That said, the hardest part of breastfeeding is reading all about it and trying to arm yourself with knowledge but not really knowing how it’s going to go until you are actually doing it! I can feel so overwhelming to read books, talk to friends and watch videos until you’re actually in the thick of it. SO, do read up and get some understand of what’s going on but more importantly have those friends that you are comfortable enough with or a lactation consultant on stand by so when you are actually doing it you can have the resources when you need it!
    Also, will be your lifesaver after the baby is born and you have questions at three in the morning – because you will :)

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    My son was a preemie and was too small to latch in the beginning. I pumped and bottle fed for the first 8 weeks, until he was bigger and strong enough. I ended up nursing for a year and a half. The first 2 or 3 weeks can be the hardest but you will be giving her/him a lifetime of benefits so it’s totally worth it! Good luck tomorrow!!

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    I just had my third little girl a week ago and am back into nursing mode. As others have said, nursing is not easy at first. You and baby are both learning an invaluable skill and it my take time to master it. With my first daughter I cried a lot while figuring out how to nurse properly. My nipples were crazy sore and I wondered if it would ever improve. It took about two weeks before I felt like she and I totally had it down and then the soreness (and cracking) went away quickly. The latch is key! If your baby is latched on properly NURSING SHOULD NOT HURT. If having your baby in the hospital, make sure to call on the lactation consultant as much as you need to ensure that you are positioning the baby properly and that he/she is latching on correctly, This is really important. For me, nursing is a joy. The bond you feel with your baby while nursing is amazing; there’s nothing like it. The bit of discomfort at the beginning is well worth the effort. Give it time. Also, when you start pumping, make sure the breast shield fits your nipple properly. I had a fancy Medela pump that would hardly expel my milk but once I discovered the shield was too big and got the right size it worked great. Blessings to you!

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    My son was a preemie and was too small to latch in the beginning. I pumped and bottle fed for the first 8 weeks, until he was bigger and strong enough. I ended up nursing for a year and a half. The first 2 or 3 weeks can be the hardest but you will be giving her/him a lifetime of benefits so it’s totally worth it! Good luck tomorrow!!

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    I also say to check out kellymom! I am breastfeeding my 8 month-old son right now, and I still find myself with questions. (A this stage of the game it is distracted nursing and how to not give too much solids so breastfeeding isn’t affected.)
    I couldn’t breastfeed my first due to her cleft lip and palate, so with my second, nothing was going to stop me! She had a 4 week NICU stay and we battled to continue nursing through that. With the help of an awesome lactation consultant, we made it a whole year. My current baby was a breastfeeding walk in the park – easy from the from first feeding.

    I think it’s very smart of you to prepare for it to be hard, that way you aren’t shocked if it doesn’t go perfectly right off the bat. And in my opinion, I would wait to buy a pump because you might not use one that much, or you can rent a hospital grade one for a few months and see.

    Oh, and nipple cream. Lots of nipple cream, sister!

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    Breastfeeding definitely takes determination. I know it always does work for everyone but it really is an incredible bonding experience once you get over the (sometimes huge – like in my case) hump. I’m BF our first child 18 months and am 6 months in with our second baby now. Its definitely easier the second time around (in my case) – learning the tips and tricks that work and don’t work. Just because our body does it naturally doesn’t mean it comes “naturally” – love the bla bla dolls. They are precious! Enjoy this special season.

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    I know what you mean about being overwhelmed by registry options! I did my registry mostly online and only recently ventured into a store to pick out some items. I am so indecisive, it was tough! The online option helped because I could see right away reviews from other parents and people who could say “yes this was worth the money” or “i didn’t end up using it,” etc. Granted, reviews aren’t 100% perfect statistics, but it certainly helped me narrow it down to know what was worth it & what wasn’t. Of course, if you have a smartphone (I’m one of the last who don’t), you could probably do that pretty easily while you are in the store.

    Meanwhile, I’m going to try and not get too envious of the gorgeous nursery you’re going to create. I just don’t have that gift. LOL Good luck at the ultrasound tomorrow! It’s amazing!

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    I’m so excited for you! It’s an amazing sight to watch your unborn baby move inside of you! God is such a wonderful Creator of life. As for breastfeeding, I read the “Breastfeeding for Dummies” book (HA!) and it helped tremendously!

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    Very cute nursery ideas!! I definitely hear what you’re saying about breastfeeding. I nursed & pumped with my first two and had many challenges. You would think with my third (3 1/2 months now) I would have it down — NOPE! More obstacles and challenges, but it really is worth it.

    Determination is key and a few basic concepts that my logical husband reminds me of a lot, 1) It’s really about supply & demand. Feed that baby as much as possible those first few weeks/months. This will really build your supply up and help with pumping enough later. 2) Your boobs are like factories; not warehouses. The milk doesn’t just go away if your baby eats one hour & seems hungry 30 minutes later — put them to the breast again. The stimulation will “make the factory keep going”, does that makes sense? I didn’t really get this until my third child.

    Lastly, pumping has it’s challenges too. This is an awesome write-up of how to get the most out of your pumping sessions — I highly recommend the coconut oil tip too. I’m doing that this time around and it has made a WORLD of difference with uncomfortable pumping.

    Good luck with everything! I’d be happy to help if you ever have questions. I recommend joining the Breastfeeding Mamas FB group too.

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    Breastfeeding was definitely NOT a picnic for me. The first few weeks with both my babies were difficult. I’m an overproducer, which you would think would be an awesome problem to have, except for one little word: engorgement. Ugh. I was better prepared for it with my second baby so while the first couple of weeks were not easy, I knew they would end and things would normalize. That’s the key thing to remember – there are lots of little unexpected unpleasant things right after having a baby, but they DO end. :-)

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    I don’t have any children, but, I look to you for hair and style advice/inspiration, so I know that I’ll look to you for baby advice/inspiration too! Congratulations to you and your husband, and to both of your families as well! PS: I think boy :)

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    I had a hard time breastfeeding at first because I had a low milk supply and my son had some trouble latching on. We used a nipple shield (just a little silicon piece that gives the baby more to latch to) which helped. Also, I found Milkin’ Cookies which really helped increase my milk supply. I don’t think I would have been able to produce enough milk without them, and they taste good too! Also, I had to try to pump on a regular schedule when he wasn’t nursing much to keep up the supply. It was very difficult and I thought about giving up almost daily, but one day it all came together and I nursed my son until he was 14 months old. I felt so proud of myself for sticking with it, and it was so worth it. Good luck and I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

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    Please contact your local LLL for the best info on breastfeeding. Yes, it is true can be both hard and “dreamy” I have had both expereinces. If you are determined you can pull through! Pumping dosen’t work for everyone either so just know that. I do encourage you to know what is in formula before you chose that route… and no matter how much you know, have read and how much help you receive it’s about what you and baby find works best.

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    Breastfeeding boils down to this . . . Supply and demand. If you “supplement” feeds here and there, your supply will diminish because your body only makes what is demanded of it. Find a good lactation consultant and work at it. VERY few people truly “can’t” breastfeed– more often they simply give up. I breastfed both of my boys over over a year each– they never had a drop of formula. I struggled to get started with both of them, but my body knew what to do and I was patient. Work at it– it os SO worth it for too many reasons to list.

    Blessings to you,

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    Breastfeeding is hard. Make sure you have a support system for the times you may want to give up. When it was hard and emotional for me, my husband would sit with me and help me calm down and stick with it. I have now breastfed my 3 children and plan to breastfeed my fourth that’s due in the next few weeks. Support is what got me through with my first.

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    absolutely go to breast feeding classes, and find a consultant close to you and visit with her. I wish I had done that with mine. I had a great supply but it was hard for him to latch due to my size and it was too late by the time I found a consultant. cant wait to hear what your having! I luv all the decor

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    If you haven’t found the Garvin blog yet you should start reading it. it’s very informative as far as registry items, diaper bag essentials, etc. Also, her nursery looks so similar to your inspiration. I think you both have very similar taste when it comes to baby stuff…excited to keep reading about your journey.

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    I am currently breastfeeding my 2nd daughter. I pumped for 6 months with my 1st and now going on 10 months with my 2nd. I’m not gonna lie, pumping SUCKS (pun intended). I did find special breast shields that have helped a ton in comfort – I no longer want to take my pump out to a field and beat it with a baseball bat (a la Office Space). Like everyone else has said, breastfeeding is hard, but definitely rewarding. My 2 favorite parts about nursing are (1) watching my little one fall asleep into a milk coma and (2) when she smiles/giggles while nursing. It’s the best! But, remember, whether it’s breastmilk or formula, you’ll be an awesome mom!

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    gear: Highly recommend the book: Baby Bargain

    pump: check with your hospital. mine rented. also check ebay. granted you will need to buy new/sanitary guts (tubes, cups, etc)

    I think it’s a girl!!

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    Pumping killed my boobs, maybe it was my pump, but, i didn’t like it. I did breastfeed all three of my boys. It is hard the first few weeks. Hurt like …. But, after that its a breeze and a joy and so much easier than bottles in my opinion. Good luck! I am now trying to wean my almost 2yr old…he is putting up a good fight and I want my boobs back. :)

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    I am so glad that you are keeping a positive AND realistic approach to breastfeeding. I absolutely agree with the person who said to “never be ashamed of feeding your baby” – because whether babies get the bottle or the breast is so NOT the most important thing to dwell on!

    I was only able to breastfeed my daughter for three weeks in spite of countless lactation appointments, great support from my husband and mom, endless research, and hour and hours of trying every single technique and position I could. In the end, I was so damaged and in so much pain (even though I’d been switching to pumping) that what was best for us was to switch to formula. I was crushed. But, my daughter is absolutely thriving! Sure, I have to deal with the criticism and judgment of hardcore breastfeeding advocates, but no matter what you do as a parent, people are going to disagree with you on something. I remain hopeful that with future babies breastfeeding with be more successful. But I’m not going to obsess about it – like I said, my daughter is healthy, happy, and blazing through all the first-year milestones at record speed!

    The most important thing is that you are providing your baby with LOVE and a safe, healthy family. Those are the things that will really shape your child’s future, not how they receive their nutrition in their infancy.

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    As soon as I told people I was pregnant, everyone started to tell me why I should wait (too late!!) or why having this babe was going to ruin our life! So I just wanted to tell you that it is not always like that! Same with breastfeeding! I was terrified after hearing horror story after horror story. For us, there was a bit of a learning curve at the beginning, and a little bit of pain at first, but by 2 weeks, none of that was an issue anymore and breastfeeding was a breeze!

    I am sorry for those that struggle with breastfeeding, either babe or mom, and I ache for those that want to breastfeed but cant. But I want to give you hope, in my experience, most of the moms I know fell into my category!

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    babies really don’t need much at first. registries are so misleading. you don’t need half that stuff =) also, get an electric breast pump. the manual ones do not work well (pain, frustration, takes too long, dont get any milk out etc). and breastfeeding is hard (and painful) at first, but gets better. dont give up. i’d say it takes a few weeks… maybe a month at most to feel totally comfortable/pain free.

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    Love the things you’ve chosen so far! Didn’t doubt that I would. I exclusively pump…tried breastfeeding but my daughter couldn’t latch properly and was losing weight. It worked great for me, bc as I went back to work, it was a smooth transition. It’s a huge commitment either way, but obviously so worth it. I love reading your updates and I am so happy for your cute little family!

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    My favorite thing for before and after baby was It is a fun flash sale sight for moms and babies. They have a sale on everything from maternity clothes to cloth diapers to clothes for kids of all ages. Really fun to stock the nursery with cutie things!

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    If you are really wanting to breastfeed, please surround yourself with a support system to help you push through the hard times (if you have any). Find a lactation consultant that you like. I am nursing number 2 and I can tell you it is wonderful but I went through hell and back with my first. If it wasn’t for the support system around me to encourage to keep trying, i would have given up after that first month. I made it 6 more months after that. So glad I did. I stopped bc, honestly, I don’t do teeth. :)

    Can’t wait to hear what the little bundle is. So excited for you.

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    So glad you have friends to talk to you about breastfeeding. I’m a new mom myself (my daughter is 1 month old) and I am finding there are definitely challenges to breast feeding. But so many of my friends are supportive and told me to keep at it, give it 6 weeks before I decide to do something else. Just a tip, when selecting a pediatrician, make sure they have lactation consultants there, that is helping me a lot!!! So excited to learn if you are having a boy or girl. No matter what, I know your child will be loved unconditionally. Congrats lady!

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    At the beginning of my pregnancy, I happened to pick up the the most amazing (and hilarious) book at a used book store, “So That’s What They’re For” by Janet Tamaro. It was the best $1.00 I’ve EVER spent and I totally chalk it up to a God Thing. It was the pep talk I needed to convince me that not only SHOULD I breastfeed, I absolutely COULD do it.

    I am still nursing our 9 month old daughter and pumping at work 2x a day. Believe me, I never imagined myself at this point. While pregnant, I worried that it would all feel so weird. In the beginning, it was tough (I’m not gonna lie). Going back to work was stressful. But it is SO worth it.

    I wish you luck! Congrats and God Bless You!!!

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    Breastfeeding did not go well for me with our first little one, but I was not in the mindset to actually stick it out when I had her. Our second daughter and I had more success with nursing and actually did it for 8 months! During which I went through MANY ups and downs… I even blogged a 3 part series about Breastfeeding is Hard.

    I can’t wait to read whether you’ll be choosing a pink or blue BlaBla cat… too cute!!

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    I’m 33wks pregnant… I loved finding out the gender so I could start talking to her less vague-like AND pray for my daughter by name! I have prayed over this pregnancy during our trek thru infertility but my prayers could be specific for our daughter- by her name.

  52. says

    Check out that is where I did my registry and it was really awesome. I could pull in items from small boutiques and etsy rather than just being strapped to “Target” or “Babies R Us”.

    Also, the great thing about it (that many people don’t know) is they have a “surprise gift” feature. So if you have two items that you just can’t decide between (for me I have two diaper bags I love) then register for them both. Then you can put them in a “surprise group”. When someone buys one item in that group, the others disappear. Basically your guests help you “choose”. Its awesome. :)

  53. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for about a year and a half now and absolutely love it. I’m also pregnant with my first and I love that we are pregnant at the same time because I can still go to my favorite blog for baby info/ideas! Good luck tomorrow!

  54. says

    I hope it’s a boy, I looooooovvvvveee my 3 boys. On the other hand, I still want a girl. (My oldest boy is 17!) My only advice about breastfeeding is do NOT supplement, and only have other people give a bottle of your milk if you’re at work or something, and that’s only after you’ve gotten really good at nursing. Even a cup would be better, little babies can use a cup too. And every two hours starts at the beginning of the 2 hours. If you nurse starting at 2, then even if the baby nurses for 45 min. feed again at 4. It will give you a great start. If it hurts, make the baby re-latch on. If it continues to hurt, start over, re-latch. For sure meet with someone from La Leche League. Very worth it, overall. You’ll be a great mom.

  55. says

    Everything you picked is adorable– and I think my little one needs that “Baby Love” onesie! As for breastfeeding, it is pretty much the coolest thing my body has done, other than, you know, growing a baby. It can be challenging at first, and it really helps to have other mommas that you can call up with questions. (And, as others have mentioned, go ahead and bookmark KellyMom, because there is so much good stuff on that site!)

  56. says

    One thing I’ve seen that is SO SIMPLE but still such a good idea- a door silencer! You can find them on etsy but if you can sew, they are super easy to make too! It holds the latch for the nursery door so once you finally get the baby asleep, you won’t wake him/her up closing the door!

  57. says

    How exciting that you get to find out tomorrow! We found out with our first what we were having, however, our second wouldn’t cooperate, so he ended up a surprise in the end. Hopefully your little one will cooperate for you!

    A note on breastfeeding (which I’m sure you have and will continue to get more of), it is both challenging and rewarding. Take your time and make sure you ask for help! I know it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world to ask someone to help you when your chest is bare to the world, but it sure beats trying to do it on your own when you haven’t the slightest clue what you’re doing. I was unable to breastfeed my daughter (my first), partly because I didn’t ask for help, but with my son I made sure to do all my research and asked the nurses at the hospital for help and I breastfed him for 12 months. Also, a breast pump won’t hurt you. It looks – and feels – funny, but it doesn’t hurt. 😉

  58. says

    I think it is a boy. There is scientific reasoning behind this. Couples who are trying to get pregnant, more commonly have boys. (think honeymoon babies too!) Accidental pregnancies tend to have a higher chance of being girls. I have two daughters and a son and this was very true for me. Read this:
    Whatever you are having, I pray for a healthy child. Also, I loved breastfeeding all three of my children. Hope it works out for you. Blessings

  59. says

    hello friends baby accessories here. your job very hard your looking great job here. Keep it up….! it’s provide a beach hand bags and fashion accessories.

  60. says

    When I had my first they kept telling me at the hospital that if it hurt to breastfeed then we were doing it wrong. Don’t let anyone tell you that! I drive myself crazy for 8wks with bleeding nips thinking I was a failure. Turns out she had a tied tongue and it didn’t have anything to do with me. Luckily my son doesn’t have it so I was only sore for about 2wks. this time since I knew it would hurt for a bit I didn’t feel so crazy. Definitely check out it is so helpful!

  61. says

    Don’t fret! The breast pump doesn’t hurt! My daughter is 7 months old now, and I’m still breastfeeding and pump while I’m at work. It hasn’t been horrendous. Good luck with everything!!

  62. says

    Congrats on having a boy! I do not have any children but I can relate to your desire to breast feed. I am also wondering if you have decided whether to use disposable or cloth diapers. Cloth diapers have come along way in the last 20 years and they are cost effective and more environmentally friendly. I am definitely interested in cloth diapers and wondering what you think. Thanks!

  63. says

    I’m sure there are sooo many horror stories about breastfeeding but you just have to remember that we have been doing it for forever and don’t get discouraged about a bad latch, or that he’s not getting enough milk, etc. My on who is now 6 latch on very well from the beginning and always seemed to have his fill and I never had any issues even though the nursing consultant kept trying to “help” me get him to latch which didn’t help AT ALL but oh well!! Breast feeding is one of those things that we’re made to do :) It’s also so very relaxing that my husband would find both of us conked out on the couch or glider!! I wish you the best of luck through it all and I am so happy for you and daddy to be! Being a mommy is the BEST thing ever!!!

  64. says

    First, Congrats!! And I have that crib, the old version that was closed on the ends. But I love it, though get a regular mattress for it and not the IKEA one. The one from IKEA is super thin. It’s very sturdy and easy to put together. Also breastfeeding is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It can take up to 3-4 days after birth for milk to come in, but baby needs to nurse all the time to get it to come in. The first 6 weeks will have you feeling like giving up, but seriously after that hump it’s so easy and just natural. Seeing my daughter reach out for the girls to eat like a bottle is so funny and awesome. And if things don’t work out then don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing wrong. I had to take reglan the first 6 weeks to keep my body supplying. Fenugreek, milk thistle, and fennel seed are your best friends for supply. Make sure you husband is on board 100% with your ideas of breastfeeding and how long you’d like to do it. I really wish you all the best, I am so happy you have so many people surrounding you telling you exactly how it will go but being supportive.

  65. says

    Do not be intimidated by the registry lists! You only really need about half of that stuff. Basic baby gear- a crib and bedding, a stroller and carseat, a high chair, diapers, breastpump (if you so choose, feeding essentials (spoons, bottles) and, of course, clothing!
    Things you don’t NEED: a wipes warmer (seriously), even a changing table (soooo many times on the floor), monitors (like you won’t hear a crying baby in a quiet house).
    Things you might not think about: a hand pump (for a quick trip when you don’t want to lug around the big pump, just stick in your diaper bag), don’t even think about getting a high chair with a cloth seat (waaaaaaay too many messes), a bath seat that the baby sits in (early on you probably won’t even use the small baby sling type bathers, it’s just easier to hold the baby. When they are bigger and can sit up, the bath seat is a miracle. They can play and you can wash. Wonderful!
    Best of luck to you! Gives me baby fever!
    -Style from the Sticks

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