Naked 2 Palette : Easy Eyes Look

I have had way too much fun with the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay. I have wanted to try this for so many months, and was thrilled that my sister gave it to me as a birthday gift!

I’ve recently really been loving Urban Decay eyeshadows, so this palette came right on time.
I went on vacation and only brought this eyeshadow palette in order to force me to experiment. I oftentimes stick with a familiar base eyeshadow, and only experiment with one color beyond that. Since I only had this palette as my option for eyeshadow, I had to dive in and try out the new shades.
And it was pretty painless. 

My favorite “daily go-to” look features Suspect all over the lid, Busted in the corners and Foxy on the brow bone. I’ve also tried Bootycall on the browbone and that looks fantastic as well.

Suspect reminds me a lot of Era by MAC. The quality is pretty similar, and so is the price if you were buying individually.

I’ve played around with Pistol, Snakebite and Half Baked, and hope to share another look here on the blog soon! 

If you are on the fence about this palette, I cannot encourage you enough to buy it. It really lives up to the hype. If you aren’t ready to invest $50.00 in an eyeshadow palette, look into the Naked Basics. You won’t have as many options, but it’s only $27.00. 


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    I recently bought the Naked palette, too. I was debating between the one I bought and Naked2. Both have beautiful shades in their palettes. My favorite shadow though is half-baked. So incredibly vibrant for a day shadow!

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    I just bought this palette the other night and was hoping you would do a tutorial so thank you :) I can’t wait to open it up and try it!

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    I think this is the one product that has fabulous reviews that I’m not a huge fan of. I’m from Canada and the price here is $60 for it. Although the colours in it look great and I was stocked to get it, it didn’t impress me as much as the reviews. I found the shimmer in the frosted ones a little too sparkly or flaky and not as fine as I would have thought. But the biggest thing for me was that it didn’t last. I found that if I did my eyes in the morning by mid afternoon it was all off or melted in the crease and for me that’s a huge factor! I’m a make up artist as well so I’ve tried many different products but this one just didn’t live up for me, especially for the price:( The one thing I did love was the plumping gloss that came with it. Gorgeous natural colour and very comfortable to wear. Love your blog and product reviews, keep up the awesome work:)

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    I bought the Naked 2 Palette this past Christmas and reach for it often, if not daily! THEN, I got married in May and the makeup artist used colors from both the Naked 1 and Naked 2 Palettes. She used Sin (SIN! For a wedding!) from Naked 1 and Tease from Naked 2. I always thought the Naked 1 colors were too warm which usually translates to orange on my skintone but they are…DELICIOUS. I bet you’ll want the original too! :)

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      I use Benefit’s stay dont stray all in one concealer & primer with my Naked 2 and it definitely helps! The color lasts all day even with the ridiculous humidty that we have right now. Stay dont stray is perfect b/c it covers up my under eye circles and is a nice sturdy primer all in one and makes your eyes nice and smooth and consistent in color for applying the shadow and getting the shadow to look true to color on the eye if that makes sense?

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    Thanks for showing us this look! I recently bought this palette too, and I have been playing with it a lot. I am a newbie (relatively) to the art of applying make up, so I need all the help I can get! Feel free to show more ways to use this palette, I’d love it! :)

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    OOh, I love both of the naked pallets. I haven’t bought one yet because I can’t decide between the original Naked pallet or the second Naked pallet. I do have the Stila – In The Light Pallet, which I really love. I really like the look you’ve created here though!

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    I have always loved this pallet but never wanted to pay the price but now I am thinking it might be worth it. My complexion is pretty close to yours and I was always afraid the colors would be too dark! Thanks for a great tutorial! I am excited to see more!

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    I love this palette! Normally I wouldn’t spend this much for eye shadow, but it had great reviews on Sephora and I told myself I deserved a “treat”. OMG – so happy I bought it…absolutely love it, but I’m horrible at using more than one color at a time because I do not know what I’m doing! So thank you for the tutorial and keep ’em coming!

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    Have you tried any products from theBalm? I have the Nude Tude eyeshadow palette, which was recommended to me instead of this one. It also consists of 12 shades for about $36, but I think the portions? eye shadow thingies? are a lot smaller, so I’m not sure how much you actually save. Plus, there are a few “questionable” neutral shades in it that I won’t ever use.

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    I’ve been back and forth between Naked 1 and Naked 2 but I have a sephora palette with warmer colors (like more golds) so I feel like I could get more use out of Naked 2. It is a hefty price so I’ve got to save up a bit. I own the basics palette which is great; I even bought it for a birthday present for a friend because I think it’s the perfect “starting” palette! I love the quality of Urban Decay eyeshadow so I hope I can get my hands on the palette soon!
    Lovely Notions

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    I have Naked2 and I love it. I was paying for the Bare Minerals eye club thing and had 100 eye shadows I never used. I love this palette, but I still want the original Naked palette. I’ve heard Naked2 is more “greige” colors than the first. Sometimes that’s good but sometimes I want a tad bit warmer color.

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    Could you do a post for a terrible make up person like me about how to apply eye shadow (or everything!)? I have no idea what primer is! You’ve inspired me to get a lot more creative with my hair and this mom of two busy little boys loves spending a little more time on myself.

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    Kate – did you use the brush the palette came with or your own? I have yet to discover the right brush to properly apply my eye shadow.

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    I totally bought this the other day and boom! You posted this. I’m doing make up for a friends wedding and I love this simple look. Thank you and I hope you post more tutorials!

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    I have very similar coloring to you and I do the exact same color combo for my everyday eye! I sometimes will do suspect on the inner part of the eyelid and ydk on the middle and then busted in the corner. YDK is probably my favorite shade b/c it really makes blue eyes pop! I’ve gotten lots of compliments when I wear that shade :-) Love love love the Naked 2!

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    I was very skeptical about spending $50 on this but I am SOOO glad I did. I use it every day regardless of where I’m going or what I’m doing. I just tailor the look to fit the circumstance. Absolutely ADORE it! I use Tease above the crease, YDK on the outer half of my lid, Verve on the inner half of my lid, Busted in the corners up into the crease, and if I need to take it up a notch, Blackout in the corners as well. I use Bootycall on my brow bone. Sounds complicated but it looks fantastic and I get compliments all the time. So glad you liked it too!

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    I’ve been considering buy this palette for awhile now, but wasn’t convinced it would be worth the price. Thank you for helping me to decide to go for it.

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    I’ve been considering buy this palette for awhile now, but wasn’t convinced it would be worth the price. Thank you for helping me to decide to go for it.

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    I have been thinking of going with a lighter color for my hair and I LOVE your hair color… are you a natural blonde or do you color as well and if so what do you use?!?!

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    I have been thinking of going with a lighter color for my hair and I LOVE your hair color… are you a natural blonde or do you color as well and if so what do you use?!?!

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    I usually use “bootycall” as the all over color, “foxy” on the browbone, “suspect” from the middle to the end of the eye and “busted” as a sideways V to do a smoky effect.

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    Just wanted to let you know that your blog encouraged me to dump and start over on my GooHoarding. I invested (right word to use?) in this Naked2 palate, the benefit’s sticky primer & potent pot this morning.

    Not sure if I’m your target audience (mid-30s, two small children/boys, SAHM – looking for quality products that are SO SO easy to use (read:time limited, with short people who only care if my teeth are brushed and my shoes match as I take them to school/sports), but your blog has encouraged me to be a girl (again) in a houseful of guys.

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    I just went on your blog to show my tween girl how you do your eye shadow. I had come across your blog a few years ago and loved that you were quick to share your faith. I too love hair and make up so I was sure to pin your site. Just wanted you to know that an inappropriate advertisement popped up while we were looking at this post. I thought you wanted to know. It is so hard to find a place where you would feel safe to let your teens wander. :(

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