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We are thrilled to announce we found out that we are having a boy in December! Everything looked fantastic during the anatomy scan, and he even opened his mouth up a few times as if to say hello!

We feel immensely grateful for this gift already, and are very thankful that he’s healthy!


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    Your feelings were right. I had those feelings with both of my babies. Thought my first would be a girl and second was a boy and I was right. Congrats. Baby Boys are so much fun

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Being a Mommy is the most amazing thing I have ever done…No one can explain it! So happy you will get to experience it all with this little BOY!!

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    Congratulations!! Our baby boy was born December 14th – though our original due date was 12/18 – same as yours! So happy for you. Boys are very special to their mommies :) Looks like your gut feeling was right!

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    Congratulations on your baby boy! Glad to hear that he is healthy! Can’t wait to hear what you name him…my baby (Drew) will be 19 (years) next month. Hate to sound cliche but time really does fly!

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    Congratulations! Your intuitions were right! We find out in 2 weeks from today what we are having and I’m pretty sure it’s a girl. My mom swears it’s a boy… but I guess we will see! We struggled with getting pregnant, too, and either one will be the greatest blessing. God has truly blessed us!

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    Congratulations! As the mom of 2 boys (3 and 18 mos), I can tell you that you’re in for the best times of your life!! Being a mom is so great..I can’t wait for you to experience it!

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    I’m due December 6 and we found out last Friday we are having a boy as well! Looking forward to continuing to read your blog with our pregnancies so close together! Congrats!

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    So happy for you…My first (and only) was a boy and he was born in December. Get ready for your heart to be stolen. Nothing like a precious little boy.

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    I knew it!! Congrats!! I have two sons myself and love the fact that I had boys. Less drama with boys and they tend to be more laid back and more maintenance free…which is a good thing when you’re a first time mom. Congrats!!

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    I knew it!! Congrats!! I have two sons myself and love the fact that I had boys. Less drama with boys and they tend to be more laid back and more maintenance free…which is a good thing when you’re a first time mom. Congrats!!

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    Congratulations, hope you and your baby body enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy and future together xxx not forgetting daddy too xx

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    Congratulations! Little boys are so sweet and so fun. All 3 of my kids are boys, and they bring so many smiles and so much laughter into our home. So happy for you guys. :)

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    Congrats, Kate and Justin! I’m 30 weeks with our first, also a boy, and I love, love, love that there will be a little mister in our house come late September/early October. I always thought it was a boy and I’m glad to see your mother’s intuition was right the money. No go order that blue cat stuffed animal and enjoy your weekend :)

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    Congratulations! I KNEW it! I don’t know a single pregnant woman right now who is having a girl. Its the year of the boy! ( :

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    Congratulations! Wasn’t that ultrasound the best?!? Our doctor’s office gave us a “rules” sheet the appointment before the big ultrasound to explain you couldn’t have more than two people in there with you, you couldn’t switch out people, etc. My husband and I were thinking, what’s the big deal… but then we had the appointment (just the two of us) and we got it! TOTALLY AMAZING!

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    Congratulations!! Praying the remaining weeks of your pregnancy go smoothly :) Can’t wait to see pictures of his nursery! Your mom does such a beautiful job I know it’ll be fantastic!!

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    Congratulations! Fantastic news and so exciting! Isn’t it great to start imagining what it will be like now that you know the sex? It changes everything :)

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    Congratulations! Being a Mama to a little boy is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life ; ) Lots of well wishes to you, your hubby & your new little man!

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    Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you both. I know it has been a long hard journey to get to this point. Every time I see your posts pop up in my email, I always say a little prayer for you and your little one. Yay for boys!

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    Congrats! So funny how you both had that “feeling”. I have my ultrasound appt on 8/5 and I can’t wait! Of course I ill be happy either way, but I have been catching myself referring to the baby as “her” or “she” not on purpose it just kinda happens.

    So excited for you both, now you can really start shopping/planning! Woo hoo


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    That’s fantastic! I’m due mid-October with my second boy and am also very excited. I’m happy to hear that you’ll also be posting about being a mom/decorating for boys! More inspiration…

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    So thrilled for you guys. I am due with a boy on Dec 1 so I am looking forward to “playing along” as you pick everything for your little guy.


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    Congratulations!!!! I just had a feeling it was a boy…glad to know I was right!

    So happy for you and your husband! Such a blessing for the two of you…wishing you a healthy, enjoyable rest of your pregnancy and a happy, healthy, sweet baby boy in December!

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    That is so wonderful. I always just knew about my babies’ genders from the beginning too! Gotta love a momma’s intuition.
    God is great!

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    Congratulations! I was totally terrified of having a boy before my son was born (having not grown up around too many boys myself) but I just fell madly in love with him when he was born. Love my Little Man.

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    I’m due with baby #3 in December who is also a boy! Congratulations to you! I’ve got one already and they are so dang sweet! :)

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    Congrats Kate! Boys are wonderful fun, my “baby” boy is now 20 years old and 6’2″ and we are fortunate to have the best of relationships. May The Lord bless you all with joy and laughter.

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    I never comment but I just have to say congratulations! I had a baby boy 6 months ago it’s been the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me! Nothing can prepare you for the love you will have for this child!!

    PS- love your blog!

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    A big brother to a someday little sister will be so perfect!!!!

    Every day from here on out is so exciting – feeling him move and being able to identify with him as YOUR LITTLE BOY is just the best thing ever!!!!!!

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    I’m 0/2 in my last two baby guessings: I guessed “girl” for both your’s and Kate Middleton’s : )
    Anyway…congratulations…little boys are so cute and grow up to be handsome gentlemen!
    Blessings on you and your little family-to-be!

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    I could tell you were having a boy because you look fantastic.

    I knew you thought you were having a boy when you posted the baby stuff for a boy and a girl and your girls toy was kinda boyish – a sock monkey.

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    Oh how wonderful, boys are a joy!! I have three of them and one girl, she’s my oldest :) Thank you for sharing this great news. Your blog and youtube hair tutorials are a delight to this 48 yo homeschooling mom and author. God bless you and your little blessing, I wish you many more :)

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    Baby boys are so sweet on their mama’s. I had a little boy in December almost 2 years ago. It was the best Christmas present I could have ever asked for. Congratulations! You have that pregnant glow!

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    Congratulations! Just found you’re blog and what a coincidence… we’re having a boy in December, too! Looking forward to following your blog over the next several months. :)

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    I have two boys… and the journey is amazing. Enjoy pregnancy and all that new mommyhood has to offer. My best note of advise, everyone is going to offer you advise…go with your gut. You will have immediate and strong mommy instincts that kick in and you will be more right than you know for your baby and your situation. Ohhh…and don’t get sucked into the huge list of “must have” or “needed” items to be a mom. I ended up with so much stuff I was convinced I needed to be a mom and found that really only about 1/3 of it really made a difference:)

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    I am thrilled for you – there is nothing better than a mother/son bond. My precious blue bundle arrived 26 years ago (8/13) and he married his high school sweetheart last weekend, let me tell you – – I blinked. Enjoy every second of everything!

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