Building Your Makeup Collection: Part 2

This is part 2 of a 3 part series about Building a Makeup Collection. Read part 1 here

5. I would argue that concealer is a very, very important part of any makeup collection. Either for under the eyes, blemishes or any other hyper pigmentation, concealer will help even out your skin tone in difficult places. When shopping for an under-eye concealer, look for creamy, hydrating products that are specifically made for the eye area. Sometimes drier formulas can look cake-y under the eyes. My favorite under-eye concealer is Bobbi Brown’s Corrector (post about it coming soon). It corrects dark circles, and provides great coverage. Some makeup artists would argue that you need a concealer on top of the Corrector, but I think that’s up for negotiation. My favorite concealer, for both under-eyes and blemishes is Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer. And my second favorite concealer is Mac’s Pro Longwear Concealer.

6. Eyeliner can be a huge hit or a HUGE miss. If you are nervous or unfamiliar with eyeliner, it’s worth the time investment to talk to a professional about what formula and application method will work for you. Eyeliner can dramatically change the shape of your eye, either for the better or worse. 
You can’t go wrong with a kohl pencil liner to start with. Kohl is a softer, smoother formula than just a pencil, and will glide across your eye. Then, as you get more comfortable, expand into the gel and liquid categories. I wrote a short post about eyeliner’s here and broke down the different between them here!

7. Invest in a few good neutral shadows. I think every woman should own at least 1 flattering eyelid color, 1 crease color, and 1 highlight/brow bone color. Usually, sticking with cool tones is safest, but experiment with a few different shades to see what works for you. And always use an eyelid primer before applying eyeshadow. It will completely transform how well your makeup applies AND how long it lasts! 
I love the Naked 2 Palette for a handful of semi-dark neutrals. Urban Decay also makes the Naked Basics palette for lighter neutrals (good for those new to the makeup world). I also like the mini palettes sold by CoverGirl! They put really beautiful shades together that work on a lot of skin tones. 
It doesn’t matter whether you start with cream or powder eyeshadows. It’s simply a matter of preference. I didn’t venture into the cream eyeshadow world until about 6-8 months ago. I use powder eyeshadows much more often, but love my cream shadows for a base.

8. My friend Kacia would agree that I’m a big proponent of lipstick. Lipstick completes your look and makes you look pulled together. And it doesn’t have to be a heavy, dark red color. Finding the “Your Lips but Better” shade is all I’m suggesting to start with. And then grow from there. If you hate lipstick, look for a balm with a little bit of color pigment. If you love lipstick, like me, find that perfect pink-y peach shade that you can wear with every single item in your wardrobe. 
A lip gloss is also a great option for a hint of color. And the more sheer the gloss, the more often you can just pop it over any base lip color!

Part 3 will come next week! 


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    I’ve been eyeing the bobbi brown corrector for a while now, can’t wait to read your post about it! And I never understood the importance of lipstick until I looked back in some photos and realized the entire bottom of my face was kind of lost!

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      Kate, while I can’t speak to most of her products listed, I personally love urban decays eyeshadow pallets! I have naked, and can’t wait to get naked 2. I use MAC foundation and it really makes for a flawless look. I have an olive skin tone, I forgot to mention that! :)

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    Years ago a friend of mine told me I was washed out without lipstick. That started my lipstick addiction! Nothing can brighten my face like a new lipstick!

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    Great post, Kate! I have never used concealers before and now I may just have to look into them. Also, one random question… what is the font you used in your graphics? I love it!

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    Concealer is fundamental for me. After using Mac´s for some years I recently tried Make Up forever camouflage concelear (in Europe you can get one single color instead of the full palette). I found Make Up forever provides much more coverage. I am yet to find one product that doesn´t crease into my wrinkles…so i will be looking forward to any suggestion you may have on this thorny topic!

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    Thank-you so much for your blog! I found you a couple days ago via a common person on instagram. I then came to your blog and it has been a Godsend. I have such a hard time with hair and have only recently started taking makeup more seriously as I’m getting into a more people-oriented job (social work) than I used to have (scientist). I love that you are also a Christian, so I don’t have to worry about someone who’s totally obsessed with products, but rather uses them as tools (not idols). I also don’t have to worry about (how do I put this nicely) trashiness? THANK YOU! Your hair tutorials are awesome (at least the 3 I’ve watched so far). It helps so much with my daughter’s hair too. I was stuck with pony tail, two pony tails (not so attractive), and some braids. All very sleek and severe. I like the softer look you do here. I’m off to find out how you put on your eye shadow somewhere on here. You have blessed me.

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    Can you share what shade you use in the Makeup Forever concealer? I’m interested in trying it, and I think you and I have similarly fair skin tones.

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    I have a question about eye liner/mascara. Every time I wear the product of ANY brand it literally starts melting off my eyes within an hour or two. I have even worn waterproof mascara on only the top lash and that too comes off. I tried using powder, but it only left a caking appearance on my lid and my lashes look clumpy. I would love to wear liner, I get a lot of compliments when I do, but the short lived results look horrible in the end.


    Melting mama

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    Really handy. I’m trying to sort my make-up collection. Nearly there, but need a good eyeshadow palette. Totally agree about lipstick, I’m never without it.

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    Great picks! I really want to try that MUFE concealer because this is the 1000th time I’ve read a great review on it. I also love all of the Naked palettes because there’s something in it for everyone young and old. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters are one of my top lip products to wear all year round :)

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    One question: how do you choose which shadow, lip color, etc. to wear for that day? I have heard make up artists say never match your make up to your outfit so what else is there to go on? Lol

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