June Q&A Video

Grits makes several cameos in this video. But the finale he shows us at the end will never happen again. Can’t believe I caught that on video at the perfect timing.

In this video I’ll answer the following questions and chat a little bit about baby stuff at the end! 

1. How come my hair never feels the same when a stylist washes it versus when I wash it? Even if we use the same exactly products, it’s not as smooth and shiny when I wash it.

2. What is your opinion on beach wave perms?

3. How can I get my hair to not flip at the back when I’m styling it straight?

4. What are some products I can use to keep my hair healthy and stylable with well water?
+ pool/beach hair care

Extra baby/pregnancy questions:
Do you have a name picked out?
Will you find out the gender?
Has your hair been different?

Questions about my makeup? I used my standard routine, but opted for Urban Decay Laced and Tease for my eyeshadow
I don’t know my paint color in my room (we rent). My cat is a flame point siamese mix. My shirt is 3 years old from J.Crew Factory. My lip color is Bobbi Brown Bright Pink gloss.

Look at me, being all proactive and on top of things. Nice, huh? 
I try to provide as many answers as I can. :)


  1. says

    These videos are great!
    On the gender issue… I’ve always known my first baby would be a boy. Don’t know how or why… I just did. Even before marriage. When we discovered we were pregnant we chose some girl names but we always knew it was a boy… 3 people in our life thought it was a girl. :) We didn’t even have a horray moment at the ultrasound, it was like:
    – you’re having a boy!!!
    and we were all:
    – yeah, we know 😀

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    You have such a good sense of humor. FYI often times lack of hair growth is attributed to girls in the womb… It was true for me 😉 something to do with extra estrogen… Like less need to shave, less hairs on my chin. Brace yourself!!! Love your FAQ videos. They show even more of your awesome personality. (Aaaand they’re really informative)

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    Oh that was hilarious at the end…I was already laughing when you said you could not stop talking & then your cat just took it to a whole other level…too funny!!

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    You crack me up! And I love that you are a cat person. :) I am expecting a boy in October, and it seems like everyone else I know/heard about being pregnant lately is having a boy, so it may be the year of the boy! Good to know about that first question re: conditioning. I have a hard time not doing a complete rinse, so I need to just start counting very firmly and not going beyond that for rinsing.

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    hello there! i love reading your blog, but i really wish your videos were subtitled because im deaf. hopefully, thats something you’d not mind doing when making future videos! congrats on the pregnancy, by the way! (: (: (:

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    We were convinced that we were having a boy too. My Mom was also the only one who thought it was a girl…we were SHOCKED when we found out our baby was a girl! Enjoy this exciting time :)

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    I love Grits. He’s so cute. I looked at your baby stuff on pinterest last night. I can’t wait to see what ya’ll do with the nursury. Thanks for the video!

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    what?! I feel like you are always answering perm questions…who are these people? my 80 year old grandma gets a perm like on the weekly…(that I will never understand) and my old room mate who was african american would get a hair perm to straighten her hair…those are the only people I can understand getting persms..everyone else…no. use a curling iron..or curlers but perms?! do they enjoy smelling like rotten eggs? great video Kate…They are always enjoyed.

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    Loved this video!!
    I was just like you, I just KNEW I was having a boy. I dreamed about him, knew what his name would be, saw a clear picture of him in my head, etc. And then the ultrasound tech said “its a girl!” I was shocked! I couldn’t believe I was wrong all those weeks. But I was overjoyed and having a girl has been so much FUN!!

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    Your cat has flawless comedic timing! I always like seeing other peoples’ cat’s behavior….makes my Russian Blue not seem so weird. Like the bedroom door opening, mine cannot simply paw open the door a crack and slip through. When he decides to come in at night after we are in bed, the door FLIES open and he ambles in as though we are guests in his bedroom. Which we basically are

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    Thanks for another great video! Just this morning I accidentally did not wash out all of my conditioner and thought, “Wow, my hair feels great!” But then I wondered if I should do that on a regular basis, and you just confirmed it. Thanks Kate!

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    So my awesome volumious hair didn’t happen till about 8 months after both my girls were born. At exactly 3 months postpartum I started losing hair. We’re talking like the Isrealites leaving Egypt. It was a mass exodus of hair off my head. I had spots where my stylist was like… um, I’d consider this a bald spot. It was bad. That lasted a few weeks. A few months after when all that hair started growing back, I had crazy awesome volume because the short hairs weren’t heavy at all. And what was left was so stinking thin! So, be warned! I’m sure as a stylist you probably know about this, but I had no idea. A friend warned me. My youngest just turned 2 and I still have sections of hair that are just now grown out enough to be cut into my layers. Especially around my face.

  13. says

    While pregnant, hair falls out less than normal. So after the bay is born, it seems like we lose a lot of hair when it is really just trying to get back to a normal amount. My baby is 3 months and my hair is still shedding the extras… just keep that in mind when you feel like all our hair is falling out!

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    I had what was called Postpartum Alopecia. It was way more than slightly excessive shedding of hair. I had bald spots around my hair line at my temples at my part at the top of my head and along the back.

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    Is there a clarifying shampoo that you recommend? I used to be able to find them all of the time at the drugstore but can’t anymore.

    Grits’ flying act at the end literally made my day. 😀

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    Hey, I’ve been reading your blog now for about two months, and your blog is just wonderful! I have received a lot of tips from your blog, as well as hair-styling tips related to new hair products that I have not heard before.

    I have a question, whether your hair naturally straight? It would be nice to see them “fresh image”, where they are straight and open. Curled in fact they look so awesome and I am thinking about (and view pictures) whether they are cut in layers?

    Thank you for your wonderful blog and just amazing tutorial videos :)

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    you are so fun to watch and your advice is really appreciated!! I think you have that pregnancy glow already!!! its the first thing I noticed!

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    I am at work trying to stifle laughter because Grits’ jump is killing me! haha I hope no one is staring at me right now.

  19. says

    I am due December 17th!!! Congratulations! I’m sure, like me, you are hopefully starting to feel better and a little more energetic (who knew one could get that tired??) What kind of prenatal vitamins are you taking? Did you find that diaper bag yet? I ordered mine off of Etsy and I can’t wait to get it!! :)

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    My fiance’s parents have well water and he bought them a shower head with a built-in filter for Christmas last year. It was only about $25 on Amazon and I’ve noticed a definite improvement in the water quality! My hair doesn’t feel so heavy and limp now when we’re visiting them. Definitely easier than rinsing with bottled water. :)

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    We didn’t find out the sex of either child and loved it! BUT, this could work if you find out too…we had all of our close friends and family write down on pink and blue paper their guesses: Sex, weight, length, hair color, etc plus a favorite name! We took those to the hospital with us and it was just really fun to see who was closest! You could do that before you find out! My daughter is now almost 12 and still LOVES to look at what her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins all thought she’d be like and suggested names! Just an idea!?

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    I’m really curious as to how you keep your hair so healthy. Obviously you do a lot of heat styling in addition to coloring it… but it always looks so incredibly shiny and healthy.

  23. says

    hahaha I loved this video! I enjoyed your rambling, ha! I was also due 12/18 with my son – which is coincidentally also my birthday! – but we wound up having him 12/14. Seems like you’re feeling well, that’s great!

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    I rarely comment, but I just had to pop in to say, I LOVE these FAQ videos – you always answer at least one question that has been rattling around in my brain. Thank you! Especially for answering question number one!

    Congrats on the baby!

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    You helped me realize that I was wearing my bobby pins upside down. Thank you for that! I have passed that information on to fellow ladies that did not know! I always wore the flat side down.

  26. says

    I would say my eyelashes have always been pretty average, but I bought Covergirl Grow Luscious mascara just because it was on sale, and I have noticed a serious difference!! It’s pretty great quality too… I would compare it to Too Faced Queen Sized as far as consistency.

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    I love your cat..and Im not even a cat person. Its a bird…its a plane…It’s GRITS!! Haha. Also, Congratulations on your pregnancy. I really think it is so precious that you pray for him/her by name. That little baby is going to be so blessed to have you as his/her mommy! :)

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    Kate, LOVE you and your blog… I’ve been a reader for years. Just wanted to let know that I was watching, “What to Except When You’re Expecting” the other day (super cute movie btw) and I decided that you remind me so much of Elizabeth Banks. I think she’s gorgeous and a great actress so that is definitely a compliment! Congrats on your pregnancy and can’t wait to see even more exciting posts from you soon! <3

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    Hey Kate! Your personality is really coming out in this video! Maybe it’s the “pregnancy brain” that everyone talks about! So happy for you and the Hubby (and Grits and Gravy too of course…they aren’t going to know what to do!) Thanks for all the videos and tutorials. I’m looking forward to seeing/reading about this next chapter in your life and seeing how your blog evolves from it! <3

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    Wow, Grits: where’d ya end up, buddy?

    Thank you for answering these questions this month – they were great and you were equally funny and cute all the way thru. BTW: everytime you do a video blog, My HUSBAND has to listen. Not watch: I say, “I’m going to listen to a Kate video – shall I put my headphones on?” and he goes, “Oh no no – I like listening to her!!”. So there ya go. Your dulcet tones are appreciated :)

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    Hi Kate, I’ve been reading your blog for more than a year now and I love love love all of your great tips but I must call you out on the perm statement! I am a 50 years old…which I know may sound ancient but believe me, it’s not…and yes,I lived through the whole 80’s big hair thing and yes, I do wish it would return. But that’s not the point! I have very very thin fine hair. I recently started perming it (using black and blue rods…big) so that I get a soft wave and even that is not the point as I still straighten it. And once in a while I curl it with a curling iron. The perm has given me volume that I’ve never had before (no matter what styling products I use). So, there may be others like me out there with horrible hair that need the extra boost of a perm. I had no delusions that I would have beautiful “beach waves” but it does hold my syle once I put the work into it and even allows me to skip a day of washing every now and then. The perms are a godsend for me!

  32. says

    I loved the tip about not washing your conditioner out all the way. I tried it this morning and was amazed at how much softer and manageable my hair felt! Also, Grits just made my day :)

  33. says

    I’ve always had great eyelashes. Pregnancy didn’t affect them. My eyebrows, however?!?! Oh my goodness during my second pregnancy they were shedding like crazy! And they would shed in the most odd patterns so my eyebrows would be totally different shapes, too short, and with almost bald patches. That was when I finally had to start using brow products. Up until then I affectionately referred to my eyebrows as The Two Caterpillars Who Dwell on My Forehead. They’ve filled back in some now but are still not as thick as they used to be. I use the e.l.f. eyebrow kit and I love it. And it’s only three bucks. Score!

  34. says


    Can you please put transcript based on what you just said? I’m deaf and I would like to know the answers from the question above as well. And… I tried to use captions but it’s not 100% effectively. :(

  35. says

    I’m a fellow cosmetologist and I have to say that I have NEVER heard of anyone not completely rinsing out the conditioner at the salon. I most frequently hear that most of my stylist friends and co-workers only condition the tips. So, I would disagree about that contributing to the softness and smoothness you get when you’re at the salon vs. when you style yourself at home. I would say that if you’re using the same products that they’re using on you at the salon, try shampooing twice to achieve more softness but I think it mainly has to do with the tools a stylist uses and how they use them vs. how you use them yourself. Chances are the stylist knows better how to use a round brush and the direction in which to blow dry your hair. Also, they are typically using a comb to comb the hair right before the flat iron goes through it, which helps to add smoothness.

  36. says

    I’m betting girl, because you dreamed it was a boy lol. Google “old wives tale baby gender dream”. :) it was true for me with all 3 of my boys I dreamed they were girls! But either way you’ll be thrilled I’m sure!

  37. says

    Thanks for the tips on how to rinse your hair like a stylist. Tried it this morning. What I ended up doing was using a wide tooth comb to distribute the conditioner through the my hair. I didn’t rinse the comb. Then, I used it again to comb my hair before drying it. I thought that any residual condition on the comb would be just the right amount to leave in my hair before drying.

    It’s definitely an improvement – my hair is definitely less frizzy and prettier. I think I could leave just a wee bit more (I’l rinse less next time AND use the comb) to see how that works. I’m liking my comb trick, though, and wanted to share in case it helps anyone else.

  38. says

    This video cracked me up with Grits distracting you. Then his jump right at the end was just perfection. And so was your reaction to it. So neat to see what a real person you are.

  39. says

    Just about everyone told me we were having a boy, so I got it in my head that it was a boy…and then we found out it was a girl. :) A happy surprise for sure! We also have a name picked out and, like you, found it to be quite easy!

    Your cat is hilarious.

  40. says

    Thanks for another great video. You have helped a closer-to-40-than-30 stay at home mom realize that looking good is easier than it looks.
    Congrats on the sweet baby. My birthday is December 18th. And my husband’s is December 13th. So, coming from two December babies, please, please, please do not do “the birthday/Christmas combo gift”. Ever. Please. You will receive a ton of parenting advice. Take this advice. Your child & December babies everywhere will thank you.

  41. says

    I finally got to watch the video and perked up about the flipping out hair. My hair is, of course, at my shoulders and I hate the flip! I just had it cut yesterday and she told me she was cutting it to turn under but darn if it isn’t still flipping. Hopefully your flat iron trick will work and my hair will hurry and grow longer. You are just darling and I’m so excited for your new life chapter to come. xoxo

  42. says

    We didn’t find out the gender of my first, I wanted a girl but really felt he was a boy and he was! But I surprised myself the second time by REALLY wanting my second to be a boy too! I was terrified to find out the gender because I didn’t want to be disappointed if they said it was a girl. It was a boy! So, don’t be surprised if you have a second one that you want the opposite gender!

  43. says

    Kate, I just love your helpful videos, I have you to thank for sprucing up my otherwise boring hair reporte’.
    Also, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you and your husband on your baby, I’m so excited for you!
    Ironically, I am due with my first baby about 1 week before you! I was so suspicious when you wrote about how ill and tired you felt, as I was experiencing the same symptoms!

    I will be posting safe prenatal pilates and ballet barre workouts throughout my pregnancy at
    feel free to check them out, and perhaps you will get as much out of them as I do of yours!
    Keep up the great work!

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