High-low Summer Dress

lace top: Loft
belt: unsure, very old
shoes: Target

I have to admit, I’m fairly behind on this high-low hem trend. I’ve seen it done really severely, which I’m not a fan of, but the hem on this dress is just right. It adds a little interest and fun to the dress without getting to “out there”. 

A-thread has become one of my favorite places to shop online. Their jewelry collection is amazing, and  I’ve spent plenty of time perusing their dresses and tops as well. 

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    I have not joined the hi-lo trend either. I’m very self-conscious about my legs and I feel like the hi-lo style would just draw attention to them. I have seen some hi-lo style maxis where the ‘high’ part only come to about mid-calf so I might try those. :)

    p.s. You look beautiful. Dresses will become your best friend during pregnancy!

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    That is very cute. I especially like the lace over shirt.

    For me I am going through the change, I couldn’t wear it, but sure wished I could.

    I have a longer Hi-low dress. The low point is just at knee, back hem is down to mid calf. I really like it and have gotten complements. It is sleeveless but I carry a jacket or sweater depending on weather. Here in the deep south is hot, humid & sticky.


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    I love this high-low hem! I’ve been wary of this trend, too. It seems like all they would do is highlight my super pale legs. And many of them are SO long in back that when I walk, I feel like I have a tail. I can’t help but think of them as “mullet dresses.” Thanks for sharing this one!

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    I am a bit over my hi-lo dresses with the exception of a floral maxi that I adore. Typically, I add an edgy crop blazer or statement necklace to spice things up. I really like the lace top addition that you’ve shared today. The best attributes of these dresses are that they are easy to style and great for dressing up or down!

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    I would’ve never thought to layer that top over the dress, but that is a super cute idea! I haven’t found a high-low dress I like either. I’m kind of short so they always seem to hit at the wrong spot.

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    Love the way you styled that. And this hi-low is perfect. I also don’t like the more severe kind. Reminds me of a mullet and I think, redneck. But this is good.

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    I also like to call this type of dress “the mullet” dress. I like that this one is not severe. I have a top that is like this and I prefer the touch of difference.

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    Something in my brain doesn’t seem to like the hi-low dress thing. I think I would constantly feel like I had the front partially tucked in my underware…*blush* However, as others have said, this particular dress is just about right – not too crazy.

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    I wore high/low yesterday on my blog for the first time too! Crazy! I have the same feelings, sometimes it’s just right and others is as offensive as a mullet. :)

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    I don’t care too much for the high/low trend. I’m short, and feel like it’s easier for a taller person to pull off. However, I found a dress recently that was so comfortable, that I didn’t care that it had the high/low hem. I guess it just has to be done right. Love the dress from a thread!

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    I usually don’t like the hi-low style but I agree with you on this skirt. I’m also interested to see how you dress yourself as your little one develops. I’ve always loved your sense of style and I think it will be fun to see how that evolves. I’ve been a long time reader but I rarely ever comment. I just wanted to say Congratulations to you and your husband!

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    Ok, so I have never been a fan of the high-low look, but I only wear skirts and so I am always looking for ways to spice up my wardrobe. I just found two casual skirts yesterday at Wal-Mart (don’t judge me) that are not too sever in their high-low differential. Any ideas on how to sort of dress these up? Anna

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    I had the same reservations about the hi-low hem! I heard it once described as a mullet dress, and so that was a little scary. But, I’v learned not say “I will never wear (whatever fashion statement),” because I usually find something that works for me. Last summer I found the cutest little hi-low dress at Target, in leopard print (which sounds bizarre but I swear it’s great), and I just love wearing it. I like how you layered this one, it really gives you the possibility for a lot of different outfits!

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    I like the dress, but I guess I’m in the minority on the top you chose. I think the pattern on it is distracing from the soft floral print on the dress, and I think it’s too long, which distracts from the interesting hemline. I would prefer to see a) no top, or b) a lightweight cardigan or even a bolero cardigan.

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    Bless your heart! I’m not the only one who likes to wear shirts, not just cardigans over my dresses!! My family thinks I’m crazy for it, but I tell them they just don’t understand fashion, haha!

    I had never heard of a-thread before and just checked them out…I really like it! It’s age appropriate for me. It’s really hard to find beautiful trendy clothes aren’t too teeny-bop or old womanish. Thanks!

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    This is the perfect amount of high to low ratio! I never really got into the high-low trend because I just thought it looked strange. But I really do like this dress and the high-low dress that is blue from a-thread.

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