I had a wonderful birthday. Thank you for all the birthday wishes on facebook & twitter

I started the day off without any morning sickness, which was an absolute delight, and accompanied my husband to the gym. 

In the early afternoon, my sister and I headed to the mall. I wanted to check out the Gap Maternity section and possibly pop in to Destination Maternity (my mother-in-law gave me a giftcard to Destination Maternity for my birthday!). I also had this idea of picking out a new lip color from MAC as a “birthday treat”. 

I’m at this awkward part of my pregnancy (15 weeks) where my bump is still pretty small, but it’s big enough that my regular pants are getting uncomfortable. By the end of the day I was unbuttoned and unzipped. So instead of buying “tweener” pants, pants that will fit in the “in-between” time, I decided to hunt for some stretch maternity pants that I can grow with.

As I walked into the tiny maternity corner of Gap, I was less than impressed. A few collared shirts, a few t-shirts that I’m not quite big enough for, and some jean shorts. Then I spotted the jeans on the back wall. I grabbed a pair of Sexy Boot jeans and a pair of Ankle Skinny Jeans. The Sexy Boot had a full panel, and the Skinny Jeans had a smaller panel. Both were a size 6, which is a pretty regular size for me. I typically very between 4 and 6 from store to store, and found that the 6’s at Gap fit well and left a little room for growth. 

I was very, very happy to finally have some comfortable jeans! 

We continued to shop around a bit, had lunch at Chipotle, and then I had Lauren help me pick out my new lipstick! We decided on LoveLorn by MAC. 

Here is an awkward car selfie that I took to show you the color:

We popped in Destination Maternity before we headed home just so I could browse around. I really didn’t know what to expect as I have never been in that store before, but my mother-in-law bought me a gift card and I’ve been known to spend those as if they have an expiration date of 1 week.

I found several things that I loved. My sister was my personal shopper, and kept bringing cute tops into my dressing room. I ended up leaving with 3 tops that I love, including this lace one below. It fits true to size (I’m wearing a small).  
I picked up my sis and we headed to meet Dorothy and Carrie for dinner + bowling at Sparians! Our friend Sam met us later for bowling. 
Sparians was really cool. The food prices were a little high, but the service was great and it was nice to just be in one place all evening. Especially since we were having terrible weather. 

After dinner, I opened my gifts. Each gift was so thoughtful and fun! My sister bought me the Naked2 Palette that I have been dying for. I cannot wait to try out the shades. Carrie gave me a beautiful necklace from her shop, nail polish and some other goodies and Dorothy gave me really cute baby onesies and a maternity top from Target! I truly felt loved by these girls. 

Dorothy also whipped up some cupcakes for us after I pseudo-pressured her to:

Our socks were glowing in the black light. You can’t really tell in these photos but you are just going to have to trust me on this one.

So I completely lost at bowling. As in, came in dead last. Carrie actually was pretty terrible during the first round but made an incredible comeback in the second game and doubled my total score. She’s a shiesty one I tell you.
Dorothy had fancy footwork, Sam had her signature throw (the Sam Slam) and Lauren was the throwing them on the edge but managed a handful of spares along the way.

I just suffered. It was a true depiction of one that should never bowl. But I happen to really enjoy bowling and I’m sure I’ll be back for more. 

 To wrap up, I’ll end with with shot of Grits photobombing my attempt at a bump shot.

He’s used to my attention 100% of the time, so we are in for quite the roller coaster come December. 

I’ve got much in store for my 27th year, and I’m very thankful and excited for all of it. 


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    Get ready! Here in a few weeks, you’re going to pop! :) Also…re: full panel vs Demi panel. I carried SUPER low with my son, so I hated Demi and LOVED my full panels. (Also great for making your bump look smooth and perfectly round). But if you carry higher you may prefer a Demi panel. And after 30 weeks…all bets are off. Lol.

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    Looks like you enjoyed your day!
    Good you deserved it, you had quite a year. With another one to come :)
    You will find with more comfortable clothes you will feel better. Remember don’t let yourself get real hungry. That’s why its good to munch on saltines (better yet small oyster crackers. Easy to keep in baggie in a container in your purse). It got me through all 4 pregnancy’s.
    Happy Birthday Pretty Lady!

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    You look lovely in the lace top. I struggled to find maternity clothes that I loved so went for larger sizes of “normal” clothes often instead – apart from when I got soooo big only a sack would fit :( X

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    Love that top! It totally does not look maternity and is every season appropriate. Good pick! I can see that in the winter post-baby with a blazer for date night 😉 Happy Birthday!

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    I’m 14 weeks, and I bought 2 “belly bands” at Motherhood Maternity. They work really well because I’m in that inbetween stage like you, and I can wear my regular pants unbuttoned with a belly band at my waist to hold them up and give me a little extra support. They’ve been lifesavers over the last month! I’ve heard they’re great for post-partum, too. I think they were $25 for 2…(not that I’m telling you what you should do :) I’m sure you’re getting a lot of that already!)

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    I am so so glad you shared this because I’m at the point where my normal clothes are still fitting, but the higher waisted stuff is uncomfortable. I’m almost 12 weeks. I am also between a size 4 and 6 so I’m going to head to Gap and check out those jeans! Also, where is Destination Maternity? I know Raleigh, but I’m wondering which mall. Thanks!

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    Congrats again! Old Navy (especially online) has pretty & surprisingly well made maternity clothes – I am still wearing a couple pieces & Desmond will be a year old next week! Target online also has some great pieces…I bought a chiffon dress to wear to a charity auction that was only $30 & I got SO many compliments on it!
    Once you decide what style of panel works for you, ordering online will be a cinch.

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    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Sounds like a great one. I love to follow your blog. I can tell you are an amazing wife, daughter, and friend.

    I’m 5 weeks behind you, I was so excited when you announced you were pregnant because I knew I could look forward to your updates on what to do “baby style”.

    I’ll be 27 weeks on my 27th birthday on October 27th. Sounds like a pretty golden birthday to me :)I can’t wait!

    Keep doing your thing. You do a great job at being creative in your posts and never getting mundane.

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    Another wardrobe extender is the Belly Band (Target has a version as well). It can go over your regular pants and allows you to unbutton or unzip without others knowing and it looks like a layered shirt. Good luck!

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    I love that lace shirt!! I am scared to go into a full fledged maternity store, I don’t know why but the thought overwhelms me. I need to check out Gap, this ‘tweener” stage is killing me!

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    It may be in the comments above, but I wanted to recommend a belly band to extend your “regular pants” until you really need maternity ones. You can get them at Target. I think they are called “Bella Bands” and they are life savers. I wore mine after the baby was born, too. Also, you can do a rubber band through your button hole and loop around the button – works especially well to give jeans a little more stretch. :)

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    That outfit is so cute! I’m sure you’ve heard of some of the tricks but I used a small rubber band on some of my stretchier jeans and pants with long tops throughout my pregnancy because maternity pants never worked well for me. The best leggings I found were the Be Maternity leggings from target. They grow with you really well and they also make a long tank that I got in every color just for basic under shirts. These are also great for after you deliver. Good luck! Your bump is so cute already!

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    Happy birthday! That top is absolutely adorable! Just a tip on the Gap maternity clothing (Sorry if this is completely obvious and you already know this): They have way, way more selection online. Not to mention, they usually have extra savings online (esp if you sign up for their emails). When I was pregnant I would go in store and shop to get a better feel for what I liked and what was flattering and then I would make the purchase online.

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    Another maternity suggestion–H&M. They stock trendy maternity pieces. Last summer I had mint jeans that fit my pregnant body. It’s so nice when there are options to be cute rather than rock leggings all the time. And time will tell on panels. I started out with a mid rise band on jeans but by the end, they cut off the bottom of my belly so I could only wear full panel. Every body is different though!

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    Yay a bump shot! I hope you keep them coming because they are just so fun to look at and we are all just so excited for you. Happy Birthday!

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    Happy Be-lated! I just had my first baby, a boy on May 10 and you are so taking me back to the early days of my pregnancy, ha! Gap has cute clothes, H&M does too if you can find one with a maternity section. Old Navy was where I went most of the time I needed something. Their leggings are the best! I will say, the semi-panel pants really only work for the beginning stages and post-partum. When you’re really starting to show, the semi-panel pants don’t stay up as well in my experience. Full-panel leggings from Old Navy, that’s where it’s at :) Congratulations!

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    Happy Birthday! They make a panel that you can purchase, and it makes your old clothes fit your growing bump. For jeans it just attaches to the button and the button hole, giving you the extra stretch room you need. I believe we got my sister’s at Motherhood, but you should be able to find it online! Congrats!

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    Happy Birthday! At the risk of sounding crazy, my husband and I were having a lunch date at Chipotle yesterday and I saw you as we were walking in. We struggled to have a child and so I told my husband about what you had shared on your blog. After seven years of trying and some fertility treatments, we were blessed with a baby boy about a year ago! I appreciated hearing your story and feel like I can completely relate to the joy you must be feeling each day. He kept saying I should go up and meet you, but I didn’t want to interrupt your lunch. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for sharing.

    On another note, there are several great consignment stores in the are that carry maternity clothing. I found these locations to be very helpful during my pregnancy. The Red Hen in Chapel Hill and Kid to Kid in Durham.

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    Sounds like you had a great birthday! Enjoy bowling while you can. Once your center of gravity gets off due to a that bump…it’s “fall over city”!

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    I had to comment because I went through my first pregnancy without one…I have had three now so trust me….you NEED the Bella Band! It is so awesome for this time in your pregnancy and afterwards when, trust me, you will wonder why you hurried yourself into maternity gear! :)

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    Happy Birthday Kate – you look adorable in your new maternity clothes! There’s something magical about shopping for those things with your sister – Auntie-to-be!

    I’ve been thinking a lot about your hairstyles lately (wearing a messy bun as we speak) and am wondering if you’ve started experimenting – or have any in mind already – with hairstyles you’ll turn to when the baby arrives. A scrunchy seems to be a new mommy’s best friend (if you even have time for THAT!).

  22. says

    Happy Birthday Kate! I especially love your last picture of your cat showing you some kitty love. The colors in this room caught my attention. Do you remember the name of the paint paint & carpet color you used? I think these colors would brighten up my dining & living rooms. Again happy birthday & congrats on your pregnancy. Donna

  23. says

    So happy for you! My sister carried around a teddy bear like it was a baby for the last several months of her pregnancy to get their dog used to something else getting attention. Maybe that will work for your kitties! :)

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    I loved gap maternity clothes. I had my first baby in September and fit into the same clothes from week 12 to week 41 (and I was HUGE at the end). Online has more choices and it’s easy to return in store! Congratulations! I LOVED being pregnant and enjoyed every growing minute. Such a fun time in a woman’s life!

  25. says

    I seriously miss some of my maternity clothes too! Haha! Check out Gap online…now that you know what sizes work for you you can shop online. They often have sales too:) And ask any friends who have had babies…most will be happy to share their maternity clothes! I’ve lent mine to several friends and have been happy they are getting used. Happy birthday:)

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    Kate – Love your blog and love your posts about maternity. I am expecting as well and just a few weeks behind you. Love your style so it helps me where to shop! :) keep em coming!!

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    LOVE the new blog heading! haha it’s perfect for you!
    Nice choice with the MAC! it’s a great “i’m not trying, but let’s face it – this is my color” pink
    Okay. Do not feel bad, i’ve never bowled over 80 before Ha!

  28. says

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday beautiful Kate…..happy birthday to you!!

    First off, sounds like a pretty wonderful day!!

    Second….I am in love with the new lipstick – it’s gorgeous on you!! The lace top is perfect – you look absolutely amazing!

    (Side note – Zofran was my zofriend too! I wouldn’t have survived either of my two pregnancies without it!!)


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    Happy Birthday! I know exactly what you mean about the Gap Maternity jeans! I walked into the store at 16 weeks in my regular jeans and left wearing a pair of their maternity jeans! So comfy! It was my first stop with my second pregnancy also! And they are great after you have the baby!!

  31. says

    What a great year you have ahead of you. I was small with my first pregnancy. Motherhood maternity best store ever for clothes. With both pregnancies I bought jeans there and tops and Pjs and even a cute dress for a wedding. Miss being able to wear the full panel stuff from there it was SO comfy. Smoothed things out too. I wore small tops from there and medium-large bottoms depending on what I bough. You will get larger towards the 7th month, That is what happened to me, I was like where is the baby bump, then boom. With my son, I never looked pregnant from behind, but in front I was a bowling ball. Enjoy every stage it goes so fast, then you will have a kindergartener. I have a soon to be kindergartener and almost 3 year old. miss having a baby in the house, but am happy with the 2 I have. Get the baby fixes from friends having more babies.

  32. says

    OH my word, you are just the cutest! This pregnancy looks so well on you. :) And full-panel pants should seriously be in a woman’s everyday closet. Hello most comfy thing in the whole world!

    As far as bowling? I’m horrible but love it too! And I feel like I really wanna go bowling now..thanks for passing the bug on.

    Happy Weekend!

  33. says

    Grits is so cute! You kind of match him with your top, haha! I love bowling too, sometimes way more than who I’m playing with so I just try to beat myself. Glad you had a good day celebrating.

  34. says

    I recently received the Naked2 palette also. Isn’t it gorgeous?! My favorite combination so far is: Suspect on the lid, Snakebite and Busted blended in the crease and outer edge of lid, and Bootycall under the brow for a highlighter. Hope you enjoy as much as I have!

  35. says

    Try Old Navy Maternity jeans. These were my go to jeans when I was pregnant 17 months ago. I got a pair of skinny jeans and the panel was one of those under the tummy (not my favorite while I was pregnant, full panels worked so much better for me), but after when I was still toting around the baby weight they were great. Their full panels are amazing!!!

  36. says

    I wore the belly bands ALL the time…those and dresses with an empire waist. I had belly bands in white, black & nude, so it just looked like a tank sticking out from under my shirt. You can find them at Target!

  37. says

    Kate, congrats on the pregnancy first of all. I live in a small town with one maternity store…so I’ve opted for online options…just wanted to let you know about pink blush. They are featured on zulily a lot but have theirmown site and its pretty adorable stuff!!!

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