I had a wonderful birthday. Thank you for all the birthday wishes on facebook & twitter

I started the day off without any morning sickness, which was an absolute delight, and accompanied my husband to the gym. 

In the early afternoon, my sister and I headed to the mall. I wanted to check out the Gap Maternity section and possibly pop in to Destination Maternity (my mother-in-law gave me a giftcard to Destination Maternity for my birthday!). I also had this idea of picking out a new lip color from MAC as a “birthday treat”. 

I’m at this awkward part of my pregnancy (15 weeks) where my bump is still pretty small, but it’s big enough that my regular pants are getting uncomfortable. By the end of the day I was unbuttoned and unzipped. So instead of buying “tweener” pants, pants that will fit in the “in-between” time, I decided to hunt for some stretch maternity pants that I can grow with.

As I walked into the tiny maternity corner of Gap, I was less than impressed. A few collared shirts, a few t-shirts that I’m not quite big enough for, and some jean shorts. Then I spotted the jeans on the back wall. I grabbed a pair of Sexy Boot jeans and a pair of Ankle Skinny Jeans. The Sexy Boot had a full panel, and the Skinny Jeans had a smaller panel. Both were a size 6, which is a pretty regular size for me. I typically very between 4 and 6 from store to store, and found that the 6’s at Gap fit well and left a little room for growth. 

I was very, very happy to finally have some comfortable jeans! 

We continued to shop around a bit, had lunch at Chipotle, and then I had Lauren help me pick out my new lipstick! We decided on LoveLorn by MAC. 

Here is an awkward car selfie that I took to show you the color:

We popped in Destination Maternity before we headed home just so I could browse around. I really didn’t know what to expect as I have never been in that store before, but my mother-in-law bought me a gift card and I’ve been known to spend those as if they have an expiration date of 1 week.

I found several things that I loved. My sister was my personal shopper, and kept bringing cute tops into my dressing room. I ended up leaving with 3 tops that I love, including this lace one below. It fits true to size (I’m wearing a small).  
I picked up my sis and we headed to meet Dorothy and Carrie for dinner + bowling at Sparians! Our friend Sam met us later for bowling. 
Sparians was really cool. The food prices were a little high, but the service was great and it was nice to just be in one place all evening. Especially since we were having terrible weather. 

After dinner, I opened my gifts. Each gift was so thoughtful and fun! My sister bought me the Naked2 Palette that I have been dying for. I cannot wait to try out the shades. Carrie gave me a beautiful necklace from her shop, nail polish and some other goodies and Dorothy gave me really cute baby onesies and a maternity top from Target! I truly felt loved by these girls. 

Dorothy also whipped up some cupcakes for us after I pseudo-pressured her to:

Our socks were glowing in the black light. You can’t really tell in these photos but you are just going to have to trust me on this one.

So I completely lost at bowling. As in, came in dead last. Carrie actually was pretty terrible during the first round but made an incredible comeback in the second game and doubled my total score. She’s a shiesty one I tell you.
Dorothy had fancy footwork, Sam had her signature throw (the Sam Slam) and Lauren was the throwing them on the edge but managed a handful of spares along the way.

I just suffered. It was a true depiction of one that should never bowl. But I happen to really enjoy bowling and I’m sure I’ll be back for more. 

 To wrap up, I’ll end with with shot of Grits photobombing my attempt at a bump shot.

He’s used to my attention 100% of the time, so we are in for quite the roller coaster come December. 

I’ve got much in store for my 27th year, and I’m very thankful and excited for all of it.