Mothers (or mother-figure) Gift Guide

While I was certainly blessed with a wonderful mother, there have been several other women in my life that have been particularly meaningful to me as well. And as this day approaches where we “honor” our mothers with a gift or sentiment, I think it’s also important to be sensitive to those who don’t look forward to this day–for whatever reason.

I know so many women who have lost their mothers, who are longing to become mothers themselves, or never had a relationship with their mother. 

So for the women in your life, who have had some sort of “motherly” affect on you–I think we should thank them too. And yes, their birthday is a good time to do that –but I imagine a “thank you” card, or small sentiment, on Mother’s Day would be particularly meaningful as well.

Here are a few of my top gift picks for that person in your life.

1. Who doesn’t love a gift box full of bath items?
3. A pretty catch-all bowl.
4. Lovely hand creme.
5. Very decadent body products.
6. One of those beauty items that is nice to have that you wouldn’t often think to buy for yourself.
7. Cute little animals that could live on a side table.
8. A magazine subscription–the gift that keeps on giving! 
9. Such a cute, and useful, salt pig. I’d love to own this–I’m a big salt fan!


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    Kate, thanks for this great list! I am forwarding a link to my hubby right now…(BTW, Thanks for this great blog too! My ten year old daughter was watching your videos with a friend the other night at a sleepover! You really made an impression! LOL)

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    What a great collection of gifts! I know my mom would be happy to receive any and all of these! Can’t wait to go out shopping for her. She deserves the best, as do all the fantastic moms out there!

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    Thank you for the reminder to be sensitive to those who don’t look forward to Mother’s Day. A dear friend lost her 3-month old baby in December and this would have been (or rather, IS) her first Mother’s Day. I’m struggling with how to wish her a “happy” day because she is a mother even if her baby isn’t here…

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    I got my mom a 6 month subscription to Birch Box! She was so excited! I’m excited to share and compare our boxes each month. She’s already received her first one. Ironically, she received a product called Mary Lou Manizer… Her name is Mary Lou!

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    Thank you – as a non-mom – it is always hard when “mothers” are asked to stand up and be recognized, and I sit feeling gutted as a woman. Yet I have been a group home Mom, counseled pregnant and parenting teens, spent countless hours watching my friends and family kids and been a mentor mom … not to be acknowledged. I am grateful for your words and the wonderful gift ideas. God Bless you Kate!

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