Double Knotted Twist

double knot twist
Today’s hair tutorial will teach you a quick and simple way to get your hair off your neck this summer. It’s a bit more “done” than just a ponytail, without taking too many steps!
You can absolutely do this style w/ straight, curly, or wavy hair, but I’d recommend having hair that reaches your collarbone at the very least.
All you need are a few bobby pins, these are my favorite, and some hairspray!


dress: Target
necklace: Jeweliq


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    Love it! I was wondering if you have suggestions for good “2nd day hair” styles. My hair is fairly fine, but I have quite a bit of it. The problem is that most of the time my 2nd day hair looks greasy without some help.

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    Super cute! I love how “messy” it is!
    Kate, have you ever considered doing a hair tutorial styling wet hair?
    I know it’s outside your norm, but I rarely blow-dry my hair, and I always wear it up. It would be nice to get some new ideas on how to style my hair without drying it first.
    And I also have to say, I’m a total plain jane when it comes to hair, make-up, and clothes, but your blog has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone a little and do something a little different! So thanks!

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      She answered that in a video Q&A a few months ago…she doesn’t “do” wet hair…ever. She was pretty emphatic and snarky about it, too. J

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      Sorry you got that impression Becky–it was not my intention to come off like that. I was trying to joke about it a bit.

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      Okay, cool. I consider wet hairstyles a must throughout most of summer. Maybe it’s your hair texture, but mine is WAY easier to work with when wet, but I have a TON of medium texture hair.

      Michelle, you should google “twist and pin” hair styles…I have had a lot of fun messing with them. I can’t braid on myself…it looks like my 5 year old did it. But I can twist back my own hair, so my favorite style in the summer is a french style (add hair as you go) twist back to a messy bun off to one side.

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    Just wondering how you would suggest to do this with thick hair?

    For example, once you were done with the knots and doing the upper section, if I were to try to copy that, I would need large alligator clips instead of bobby pins!! Should I add an extra row of knots above the bottom section?

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    My hair is just above my shoulder, rather thick, and plentiful. It’s natural texture is confused (some pieces are wavy, some are straight. One side flips under, the other flips out) Do you have any suggestions for cute hairstyles for my length?

    I sometimes curl it, but if there’s any type of moisture in the air or I’m due for a cut, the curls fall out. I can pull it in a ponytail, but I look like a child.

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    Love this! I have naturally really, really curly hair so I can’t always do your tutorials.

    However, I am rocking the double knot today! I love it!

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    Love all your hair tutorials. However I have darker hair with not a lot of highlights and feel some of the styles lose their “cuteness” because the hair style tends, to me, blend in.

    Do you have any recommendations for this other than getting highlights?


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    Tried this yesterday. Started off with the knots in the lower section, all good. Pinned and looped the pieces from the knots, also good. Struggled on the top sections, especially the very top/middle section. I couldn’t get it to blend with the knots. It looked like its own giant loop between the two knots, not part of the overall look. Perhaps I should knot it as well?

    Love all of the tutorials btw – it has changed the way I do my hair! :)

  8. Gloria says

    uao, you look beautiful. and this look is beautiful. But i have a long long LONG hair, and i can’t do it, my hair are too weight and it doesen’t stand up :(

  9. Laura says

    I am sooooo glad I found this site! Your hair tutorials are fabulous! Finally easy and gorgeous ways to put my hair up. They work wonderfully. Thank you so very much!!

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