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It doesn’t take a lot of humidity to ruin a hairstyle. And hair can do many different things in humid climates. Most women struggle with frizz and unruly curls, while others (like me) struggle with limp and lifeless locks. 

These are some top humidity fighters that will help keep your style looking as good as possible. 

1. KMS Hair Stay. Completely weightless, it’s an aeorosol spray that creates a “shield” from humidity. I spray this on after I finish setting my style. In other words, it’s the last product I use.

2. Redken Real Control Slim Supreme. Also weightless, apply this product on damp hair, before blowdrying, and then glide a pump through dry, styled hair. It’s great for providing a smooth finish and cutting down on frizziness.

3. Garnier Fructis Silk and Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray. While I haven’t used this personally, it received great reviews for a humidity-blocking hairspray. Use sparingly! Hairspray, in any form, plus humidity is never a great combo.

4. Redken Outshine. A smooth, thick creamy product that will tame dry, frizzy hair. Apply it midshaft to ends, and make sure to work it through evenly. Not great for fine hair.

5. Redken Sheer Straight. A great alternative to Outshine for fine hair. I love using this product on any texture of hair. It helps straighten your locks as your blow dry.

6. Aquage Finishing Spray. I reach for a lighter hold hairspray on humid days since I know my hair is going to “melt”. The least amount possible will keep my hair from getting sticky.

7. Pureology Super Smooth Smoothing Cream. For exceptionally dry or unruly hair, grab this product. It’s thick, and will really help smooth out even the coarsest texture. 


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    I am Netherlands and i can’t speak English… But i have a question. How do you do your hair every day with a curling iron and your hair is beautiful? My hair is going dead with a curling iron. What can i do? How do you keep your curling iron and your hair is not dead. I hope you understand me!!! And i hope you tell me how!
    Thank you!

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    Do you think these products will work on wavy hair?

    For me I can never figure out what to buy for my hair. It is mostly wavy, but I have some straight pieces, some wavy. Do I buy products geared towards curly or straight? (Questions I never can seem to think to ask while sitting at the hair dresser!)

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      I have a very oily t-zone, therefore I can not live without a mattifyer. I like the ones by Urban Decay. They have a gel for under makeup and a powder for touchups. None of these, however, contain sunscreen (I’ve tried several). I’ve recently discovered Brush-on Block. Its a powder sunscreen for your face. I apply my regular sunscreen moisturizer on cheeks, neck, etc and use Brush-on on my t-zone. Its been like a miracle.

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    I used the Garnier product when I lived on an island in south Louisiana for a summer. It worked fairly well. My hair is naturally wavy, but I love to straighten it. With that product, it stayed fairly straight and under control.

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    My favorite product for my hair is Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. It really helps with the humidity here in Nebraska. I have very think, naturally wavy hair and my favorite thing about this product is that it is really light, and I can use it multiple times (if necessary) between washes and it never weighs my hair down. It also gives my hair a nice shine.

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    I tweeted you last week asking what you use to fight humidity! I’m going to try the KMS Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Seal, it got great reviews! Thank you so much!

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    Hey Laura here from the Suzie Lou Blog! I live in Hickory, NC so I am very familiar with the southern humidity. Thanks for the product ideas! Today my hair looks like a bale of hay shot out of a cannon lol! Going to try some of these out!


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    I live in a very dry climate so humidity isn’t usually a problem, but I’ll be vacationing in a humid place this summer and will have to try some of those! My hair is wavy/curly and you would think it would curl like crazy in humidity, but it goes limp and stringy.

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    Awesome Tips! My hair is super fine and thin. When humidity hits it… it looks like hay. I want it to have volume so I don’t want anything to weight it down. Do you think the Redken product would be best? Thanks in advance!

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      Hi Kate,
      I have shoulder length, thick course hair. I also live in Greensboro so as you know the humidity is the same as Raleigh! I have been using Aquage Finishing spray for how it smells..but I never have thought it gave good hold on my bangs and humidity. I tried using the Kenra 25 that you use but I think it makes my hair too crunchy and stiff. What would you recommend?

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    Darby, try joico power sprayer, it has a hold of 8-10 (build-able which is awesome!) but without the stiff crunchy-ness! It’s been my go to hair spray for the last few months!

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    Your timing is so perfect for this post. I woke up to 90% humidity today in DC and so wanted to give up on my hair. I still went through my daily routine of washing, drying, flat ironing… but was wondering if you had any suggestions on keeping BANGS looking great throughout the day. I have very thin hair and full bangs, but the humidity makes them look terrible!

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    Dear Kate, I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I’m the oldest of 6 kids (5 girls, 1 boy) and I always longed for an older sister growing up to teach me the things you’re teaching here! I do not give my appearance nearly enough attention (I take my identity in Christ so seriously, I don’t bother, hah!)…but your ideas here are truly inspiring me. The same old pony tail and bun are really getting old… Thank you for what you’re doing!

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    This post will definitely come in handy throughout summer as I live in the triangle area as well! I’ve read your earlier reviews for the Redken Real Control Slim Supreme but I can’t seem to find it anywhere! Any ideas?

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    Thank you so much for this!! I am moving from Vegas (as dry as it gets) to Corpus Christi (as humid as it gets) and I have no idea how to handle my hair in humid conditions. I am going to stock up on these products.

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    I have a question, do you use your normal stuff (like Kenra hairspray first) and then this (like the KMS) or do you substitute the KMS for the Kenra. Does that make sense? I’m just a little confused. And I could use all the help I could get with humidity.

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    Hey Kate – I live in Raleigh as well, and I’ve searched many stores and salons for the Redken Real Control Slim Supreme product. I finally talked to a Redken representative, and it seems that product has been discontinued(!!!).

    Do you know how the other Real Control products work and if any of those could be a replacement for Slim Supreme? Thanks!

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    Believe it or not, I actually had a major issue with humidity in my salon. No one notices that more than people who do hair! I personally love Redken’s products- they’re perfect for my clients. As for those of us who worked in the building, I just put money down on a maximum efficiency dehumidification unit, and it’s cleared up the problem!

  17. joyta says

    I have dense, frizzy, and naturally curly (kinky in the humidity) hair. It’s very long and very hard to brush without help. The Shielo Leave in Protectant does the trick and has saved me a lot of pain and discomfort. It tames the frizz and makes it much, much easier to brush when wet. I can even comb it when wet without any problem. Just sayin’….

  18. Crystal says

    Hi Kate. My hair is pretty fine and tends to frizz. Redken Sheet Straight has been a dream come true for my hair but…. It’s been discontinued :( Does any other product come to mind that you would say is comparable to Sheer straight? Something that creates a silky straight look without weighing down or looking oily? I’m rationing the last of my supply and I’m on the hunt for a replacement. :)

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