Soft and Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial

Every once in awhile I like to lighten up my eye makeup and experiment more with fun lip colors (think coral, pink, etc). I’ve found a great mix of shadows that add definition and color to my eyes, without being to dark.
This is the first time I’ve purchased Urban Decay eyeshadows, and I have to say I’m quite impressed. There is absolutely no fall out during the application, and the colors are blend-able and smooth. Plus, the brand itself is cruelty-free (no animal testing), and a handful of their products are vegan (including both of the eyeshadows used in this tutorial), so I enjoy supporting a company that focuses on those things. 

I used Maybelline’s color tattoo as my lid primer. I’ve heard great things about it so I wanted to try it out. It’s fantastic either worn alone as a shadow, or used as a primer. 
*I have residual liner + mascara on since I had to squeeze this tutorial in after I had already done my makeup. So, if you are starting from the beginning, as you should, just follow the same steps but save liner + mascara for last.

Use your finger to apply lid primer/color tattoo.
Grab a fluffy eyeshadow brush and sweep Laced all over the lid.

Pick up an angled eyeshadow brush, or a less-fluffy brush, and press Tease into the outer corners and crease.

Grab a clean fluffy brush and sweep Alabaster across your brow bone, blending down towards your eyelid to soften the darker brown.

I like the tiny little brush that comes with Revlon’s Gel Liner since you hold it so close to you eye. Use that, or whatever brush you prefer, and line your upper lashes.

Swipe mascara on both the top and bottom lashes and you are finished!

questions about brushes? see this post 
questions about my daily makeup routine? see this post
Another nice thing about starting the day with lighter shadow is that it’s build-able if you are going out later that evening. All I would do to switch this look from day to night is add a little bit more liner to my lower lash line and swipe a darker charcoal shade across the lid (except for the inner corner). 


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    I am so going out and buying that primer! I have wanted a good eye primer for forever, but I never wanted to spend a ton on the MAC pots – which I know are fab! So glad you reviewed this Maybelline brand real quick! Must go get some!

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    Urban Decay shadows are new to me, where can they be purchased & will these shades work well with more of a chestnut hair color with hazel eyes?

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    Lovely post, it’s nice to see someone who isn’t overly tanned (and I mean that as a complement). I am pale as well and I often find I look harsh when I try to recreate some of the make up looks I see. This looks soft and pretty :)

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    I have a naked 2 palette and being on a college budget I was super hesitant to spend the money, but it was worth every penny! The colors last forever and there is a ton of variety! I will be saving for the orginal naked palette!

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    If anyone’s looking for another great lid primer, I use Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It comes in 4 colors, but I use original, as it is “color-less.” It’s $20, but it’s a decent-sized tube that will last a long time. (You only need a tiny bit for each lid.) I think they have travel size for $12. This stuff really works! My shadow stays all day and doesn’t crease.

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    I noticed that you’ve used Maybelline gel liner and the Revlon gel liner. Which one would you recommend? I’m in the market for a new liner… :) Thanks!

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    I really like this look! Would you recommend this neutral palette on someone with darker features (i.e. dark hair & eyes, darker complexion)?

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    Ok….this may be a stupid question, but here it anyway. By fall out do you mean flaking when you apply it to yours lids? I really have that problem with my shadows (Covergirl which I really like, but not flaking.). It really irritates my contacts sometimes. Thanks!

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    I love the tutorial!!! What nail polish are you wearing? I am looking for a pale opaque polish that doesn’t streak or have to use a gazillion coats. Thanks.

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    I love UD shadows, especially the Naked Basics palette. Does the Color Tattoo work as primer beneath matte shadows, or does it look odd?

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    I have never tried Urban Decay shadows, but I am also pale with dark circles so I gave this look a try without the alabaster. I love it! I never thought to do the cool shades with dark circles under my eyes, but warm ones do make me look sickly. I just went without eyeshadow or used the taupe tapestry by covergirl. Thank you for your tutorial! Will you be doing some tutorials with your Naked Palette you received for your birthday? All of your tutorials are actually achievable and I really appreciate that.

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