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I’m a repeat-er. A boring, predictable, comfort-zone shopper. I go to the same places over and over and over, and I’m perfectly happy with it.

I rounded up my favorite places, and thought I’d share them with you.

I’m assuming you’ve heard of all of these places, other than Jeweliq. I discovered Jeweliq in Lucky Magazine a few months ago and it has become my favorite place for statement jewelry. 

Are you a repeat-er? Or do you like to spice it up every once in awhile?


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    ha! we shop at the same places. great minds… i’m a total loft girl and i can’t leave target without spending at least $50. i think i have a problem.

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      I’d throw Charming Charlie in on that same line of thinking – one at Triangle Towne Center and one in Holly Springs! Great stuff – a little more delicate that Versona, but still statement :)

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    With the exception of Jcrew, I shop the same! P.S. you should check out Sam Moon jewelry. They are awesome and EXTREMELY cheap. I find alot of Francesca’s stuff there for half the price.

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    I’m a comfort zone shopper too. :-) I don’t like wandering around new stores figuring out where everything is. The places I shop at the most are pretty much just what happens to be nearby – Target, Kohl’s, Ross, TJ Maxx, and JC Penny. I don’t have a lot of call for “fancy” clothes in my life so those stores serve me pretty well. Once in a while I hit the consignment stores with my mother-in-law too. She’s my good luck charm – she always finds the best deals! I got the most awesome Banana Republic dress at a little consignment boutique while I was with her for less than twenty bucks. I do enjoy quality name-brand clothing but Mister Budget doesn’t for now so I make do.

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    Oooh, I wish I hadn’t clicked on the Jeweliq link, and then clicked again to discover their shipping to the UK is pretty reasonable! They’ve got some totally gorgeous statement necklaces!

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    I love J. Crew Factory online; since it launched, it has been a serious addiction for me. Seriously! So dangerous. I love it. My husband calls it ‘the place where all of our money goes to die.’ Probably not a good thing! HA!

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    Would you believe that I had never heard of Francesca’s until a couple months ago?!? Now 2 have popped up in my area and I am HOOKED! I also love getting jewelry at Forever 21 as well; I am currently waiting on a delivery from an online jewelry shopping spree. Inexpensive, pretty jewelry- you should definitely check it out.
    Alas, there are still NO World Markets near me :( Although I am contemplating a road trip just to shop there.
    Love your style so it’s no surprise many of your favorite stores are faves of mine as well! And yes, I am definitely a repeat-er!!

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    I love Loft, have for years…then I watched “This is 40” over the weekend and they bash the Loft for being a place old people shop! Whatever! Call me old, their clothes are great:)

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    I am definitely a repeater!! Old Navy and Maurice’s! I don’t branch out much from there! I say if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it! Ha 😉

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    I LOVE wold market, and there are none anywhere near me :( so jealous. My favorite home store, and I’m moving to a new house in a week, wish I had it to help me decorate!!!

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    Would love to know your fav for shoes. i have seriously been having a hard time finding shoes lately. My regulars like target, DSW and TJ Maxx have not been cutting it. Maybe I am off trend since I prefer flats for the most part.

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    Repeat shopper here too :) Gap, Old Navy, Forever 21 and Loft are my faves. I feel like Loft is hit or miss sometimes but I just got a bunch of stuff there the other day that was cute. I ALWAYS find stuff at Gap and Old Navy, and my fave splurge is Nordstrom. :) I agree with the others–you need to check out the jewelry at Forever 21…..it’s so cute and way cheap. I always get compliments when I wear it!

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    Mostly a repeater — Express, recently LOFT, GAP’s sale section with a little Forever 21, H&M and Target thrown in. But when I have time in the mall or am shopping out of my usual geographic location I’ll check out any store. It’s fun to browse!
    grey et al

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    I love TJmaxx, Target, and more recently… KOHL’S. I know, KOHL’S. But seriously, I have found so many cute basic t-shirts that average to about $8-$10 each (because there are always coupons of course). Laure Conrad also has a great line! I’m also ADDICTED to Etsy!

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    We pretty much have exactly the same taste :) I went to j.crew factory yesterday for the first time and bought some bermuda shorts I’m totally LOVING! I also believe that if Target carries it, it’s gold…no matter what. I can get into real trouble there!

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    I am for sure a repeater, but I certainly wont turn down a good sale and good quality. Lately I’ve been hitting up Crossroads Trading Co. and Ebay for good finds- would highly recommend if you have a CTC location near you! :)

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    In the mall where I shop the Gap, J Crew and Banana Republic are all fairly close to one another. If I time it just right, they have sales where everything is 30 or even sometimes 40% off….even of sale items! I once spent $11 for a pair of pants and two shirts at Banana. Even the sales guy was impressed!
    I wish I knew the secret to when these things happen (I haven’t really tried to figure it out) but it’s fun being surprised when I show up to just “look around” at the mall and it’s the sale day!
    Ashley Rane Sparks

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    I know Gap gets a bad rep, but I love that place. I would describe my style as classic, nautical-influenced,Kate Middleton-esque. If it’s navy and white striped, I must own it! Banana Republic Outlet is another mentionable!

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    Oh my gosh YES!!!!!!!!!!! I can shop at some stores without trying them on because I know their sizes so well. :/ I used to shop at Ann Taylor a lot (for work clothes), but their possibly new designers think the normal size woman is 5’10”, their pants are so long, I have to buy petite pants now (I am 5’5′) or have all of them hemmed. But I digress… J. Crew, Banana Republic are my favs, but I LOVE me some outlet shopping.

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    thenorthernsea.com has some amazing statement jewelry pieces for great prices :)

    I love TJ Maxx (homegoods?) for decor.. and also clothing once in a while. I feel like I can’t find something there *all* the time, but when I do it’s totally worth it.

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